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Inner life of a cell

November 24, 2022

I’ve watched it a dozen times and do not tire of it.

Reaction to Madge Waggy in article “Mind Control”, and about John Paul 1’s prophecy, and Jim Jones.

November 22, 2022

Reaction to an otherwise okay article…

Ironic that Madge talks about cults in a way that is MUCH more applicable to everyone that throws around the word like it’s another word for evil plotters.

“Cults” is just a pejorative to use along with “conspiracy theories” to control the minds of people who might otherwise listen to groups who do not go along with the government narrative.

The first semi-famous deprogrammer was Ted Patrick, who took leave from Ronald Reagan’s administration in California to go after “cults”. It came out later (though not in Mockingbird Media) that what set him off was that his son came home one day all excited about some people who spoke to him about Jesus Christ. By the way, Ted Patrick’s house was full of goats’ heads all over. (My son’s ear was turned by an Il*m*ti member, too, father of his best friend while in California, and my son said he had lots of goat’s heads around the house).

JIM JONES was NOT someone in the mold of the popular idea of a “cult”. Sure, he had been a pastor in a Christian denomination. But he moved his “congregation”, those who would follow, to San Francisco, made good buddies with Kamala Harris’ mentor, another Slick Willie. Then he moved them to Guyana, where they were all either murdered or “suicided”.

Jonestown did NOT have anything remotely Christian on those loudspeakers every day. They blasted KARL MARX readings every day there. One video snippet snuck into a documentary about Jonestown that showed a young black mother, koolaid in hand, saying she was “GLAD TO DIE FOR SOCIALISM”.

Governments deserve all the vitriol and mind control accusations they get and then some. But the way the word “cult” has been redefined to suit the purposes of the satanic regimes and their own mind control operations is deceitful and dangerous to new religious movements, including new Christian movements with an evangelical component, is itself falling to the mind control operations themselves. I was one of those who became an outspoken Christian and Bible believer (Genesis to Revelation) during the 1960s. One that was atrociously persecuted by mainstream religionists and governments mercilessly in most cases. The worst were denominations accepted as “not-cults” by characters like this Madge. In fact, the main reason Christianity, including Catholics, has any heat today is from all the souls led to Jesus Christ by Jesus People and Charismatics.

One guy who was talking to his father about one of those “cults”in the 1970s, that I know of personally, was taken to a local archbishop in the 1970s by his more-Catholic-than-the-Pope father, thinking he’d be dissuaded. That archbishop, after hearing about that “cult”, told him in sounded like a prophecy by John Paul 1, that a movement would arise outside “the Church” (meaning the Vatican) that would win souls that The Church could never reach.



Expel all computers from ANY role in vote counting. All eyes that want to watching the counting.

November 12, 2022

Time to yell from the rooftops, No More Computers in Elections!

Ban computers from all places where people vote, and from where the votes are counted.

Each precinct count the votes, and immediately report them.

IN 2013, Honduras had the most transparent elections ever, putting the lie to the communists who were booted from government in 2009 with the arrest of President Manuel Zelaya, based on an order by the highest court in the land listing a big long list of crimes committed by him.

Juan Orlando Hernandez was president for three terms (after changes to the Constitution). Under his administration, the free-market zones, known by acronym ZEDEs, were launched and there were two or three already operating when the commies took over in the last election. Buyers’ remorse is at pandemic proportions now in Honduras. My wife is godmother to a friend’s son. She voted Libre this last election, and now regrets it big time. Quiet, shy lady.

As soon as the Inauguration was done, the federal prosecutors for the New York district, issued a warrant for the arrest of Hernandez and a request for extradition. The judge who presided over the first hearing, rebuked the prosecutors for not presenting any evidence at all. The only “evidence” was from the drug cartel kingpins that Juan Orlando himself had arrested and sent off to the State to the same district. In other words, testimony tainted by interest and incentives for reduced sentencing, so those prosecutors can go after a famous guy who also happens to be the worst nightmare for the CIA-abetted cartels of Latin America.

I haven’t seen any claims of fraud in that election in Honduras, but I’m very suspicious.

Consider that the head of the CIA went to Brazil 6 months before the election that put Lula back in charge, in which he told a lot of “authorities” there to take out Bolsonaro.

The CIA and the commie party (you know who they are) is taking over, they’re not hiding their sin anymore.

After 2020, and some legislation passed to prevent the same kind of steal as in 2020, they still pulled off a save. Despite the polls showing a massive “red wave” coming in the 2022 elections, it was only a squeaker. Rips only got just enough to say it was a surprise. But I beg to differ. Mr. Pillowguy and associates were following the report count totals in real time from the real time feed of a service that publishes them, and it showed most definitely vote steals.


“When the wicket rule, the people mourn.”

Sacred cows

November 9, 2022

There are a great many items and ideas that are treated as sacred idols in the political discourse in the States and in other regimes. Note that when I use the term “the States”, I am referring to the USA, by way of emphasizing the political entities that created the Federation in the first place.

* War is always fought by the States for a good cause.

* The Federal Reserve.

* The Income tax.

* Untouchable “entitlements”.

* At this point, it is explicit: Any criticism of official “Deep State” doctrine is heresy to be treated as insurrection.

* Trusting that government agents have “the public interest” at heart, and their motivation is pure unless approval is given for official media (to include the traditional controlled press and controlled media.

* The “greater good” is better than any individual good, even all added up (Collectivism)

* “Far Right” is bad, there is no “far left”