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Paraguay demands respect from Mercosur, “if not leave us as we are” — MercoPress

May 31, 2013
English: MERCOSUR (orthographic projection)

English: MERCOSUR (orthographic projection) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paraguay recently defended itself from another would-be lifetime dictator when it impeached and ousted a recently elected president who had immediately begun doing the same kind of things that ex-dictator and auto-coup leader Manuel Zelaya did in Honduras, so that they followed their own constitution and removed him from office formally.

Of course when a legislative body of government ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE followed their law and removed a president who did NOT follow their law, Hugo Chavez and his presidential cheerleaders called this a “coup”. When a country defends itself against a dictator’s coup, the “Left” so-called calls it a “coup”. Unless they are getting rid of a “right-wing” president who did the same thing like Fujimori did in Peru, to
the sound of much quiet cheering by Peruvians.

Chavez wanted Mercosur to kick the OAS out of the way so he could take over all Latin America more easily. I don’t know what he’s complaining about, Insulza, the Secretary General at OAS did all his bidding, after all, and always said there was nothing he could do about the Venezuelan government shutting down all voices of opposition (and he never spoke out against it either), and tried to help force Honduras to put the coup leader Zelaya back in power. In other words, he couldn’t interfere in the internal affairs of a fascist/socialist dictatorship but he could interfere with a genuine republic as is Honduras.

Note that Insulza got his start in the dictatorship of Salvador Allende in Chile who set the pattern for this. Allende ran the country like a fiefdom, ignored laws passed by the also elected representatives of the people in Congress, who finally passed a resolution demanding that the military forces intervene to stop him. They had no constitutionally prescribed solution at the time.

Paraguay demands respect from Mercosur, “if not leave us as we are” (meaning leave  us out of your club of dictators, wolves in sheep’s clothing)— MercoPress:

The Argentine ambassador to Uruguay, Dante Dovena, assured that authorities are “working intensely” in preparations for the next Mercosur summit scheduled to take place on June 28th in Montevideo. However news from Paraguay doesn’t indicate the same optimism and are demanding respect for ‘the country’s dignity and rule of the law”.

“Our ministry and Argentine delegation before the Mercosur are giving a boost to the first meeting of the regional bloc in which both Venezuela and Paraguay will be present for the first time,” he said. “We hope there are no inconveniences in order to reinstate Paraguay as a member country after what we went through and that Venezuela can be appointed in the Pro Tempore presidency of the organization without any inconveniences,” he explained.

“I believe these two matters are everybody’s goals,” he said.

Ambassador Dovena was the only Mercosur member representative at that level that attended Paraguay’s national independence day celebration (May 15) in Montevideo. Not even the Uruguayan foreign ministry sent a top ranking official to the reception, President Jose Mujica was represented by the ministry’s head of protocol.

The newly elected leader of Panama:

After Horacio Cartes’ victory in the last Paraguayan presidential elections, diplomats from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay said that “they agree to leave without effect the suspension called on the landlocked nation by Mercosur members after former president Fernando Lugo was impeached in June last year.”

However the Paraguayan government and president-elect Cartes have anticipated that Mercosur members “will have to work out how to find respect for the rule of the law in Paraguay”. Cartes added that “the dignity of Paraguay must come out in absolute integrity. If it is going to be blemished, let it remain as it is”

The message was a strong signal to Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay that last June decided the suspension of Paraguay because of the removal, following political impeachment, of Fernando Lugo by the country’s Senate, and his replacement by President Federico Franco.

“They will have to find a way so that Paraguayan rule of the law is respected”, insisted Cartes.

Mercosur presidents did in effect congratulate president-elect Cartes on his victory and welcomed the return of Paraguay to the block, but the suspension still is pending and apparently, according to Brazilian sources, won’t be lifted until next August 15, when Franco steps down and is replaced by Cartes.

“We’re not going to return because of money. Paraguay will return with its dignity fully respected; forget about condoning or rebates on Venezuelan oil, what matters is the dignity of Paraguay, the country’s rule of the law must come out with absolute integrity”, insisted Cartes.

The president-elect said Venezuela is not the problem: “however let’s not forget that President Nicolas Maduro is persona non grata for our Lower House and the Senate rejected the incorporation of Venezuela to Mercosur”.

Cartes recalled that Paraguay is a founding member of Mercosur, and the charter of Asuncion, and according to those rules the incorporation of any country “must be approved unanimously by the founding members, a decision which in this case did not happen and has injured the dignity and rule of the law in Paraguay”


May 31, 2013
President Nixon meets with China's Communist P...

President Nixon meets with China’s Communist Party Leader, Mao Tse-Tung, 02/29/1972 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


From a libertarian email list:


Quote: An Evil Banker


“Whatever the price of the Chinese revolution [an indirect reference to millions killed] , it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose… The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history,”


David Rockefeller: The New York Times on August 10, 1973

From Trutherator:

Remember that U.S. President Richard Nixon’s Secretary of State Henry Kissinger orchestrated Richard Nixon’s “opening up” to China and the later recognition of Mao’s officially atheist brutal mass murdering dictatorship as the “legitimate” government of China. (It certainly was the “de facto” government of the mainland China territory).

That was the Nixon that I barely remember as a kid, did a trip as Vice President Nixon to the islands of Quemoy and Matsu to show solidarity with the Nationalists that had taken over the island of Taiwan and that claimed those two tiny islands near the mainland.

That was the Nixon that got his political creds denouncing Communists.

In the last couple of decades, Kissinger had also called for the Republican Party to “widen its tents” and welcome members from the left wing, but of course he did not say it that way. He also some time later called for a softening of policy toward Cuba. But that initiative was met head-on by Cubans in Miami, especially one influential guy, Mas Canosa, who apparently used contacts with powerful people in Washington to halt that direction in policy.

(Just reporting here. I might advocate opening up to Cuba. A flood of Americans doing tourism in Cuba just might blow open the political landscape. Nothing like a trading in bunch of goodies to promote trade if people don’t get shot at. Vietnam is a big trading partner today.)



Couple cuffed for lit near Liberty Bell | Indie Register

May 31, 2013

Peacefully handing out “End the Fed” flyers to folks in the line near the Liberty Bell, held on the ground in handcuffs, arrested after they had finished and were leaving, when an officer ran after them and arrested them.

The guy in handcuffs, though, would probably do better doing a little better job sympathizing with the officers being ordered to do stuff they don’t like. They cannot really like doing this.

This is what is called a “no free speech zone”.

You gotta do what I saw a gal do once that was handing out newspapers from the Socialist Workers Party. She talked for a half hour with some policemen sitting in their vehicle. I asked her if she had succeeded in “turning” them. She said, “Well, hopefully they’re at least neutralized”.

Me, I was handing out some Christian literature in the same area.

You don’t win people by yelling at them and confronting them, even if they are police officers. But, the video also makes for a kind of lesson that there is too much censorship already, and gives me a chance to say something about it too.

Here we go again: Another Latin American president wants to be dictator for life

May 31, 2013

Two million Argentines across the country join the biggest anti-government protest in years — MercoPress:

So, here we go again: Another Latin American president wants to be dictator for life. This time, in Argentina, Christina Fernandez. Maybe it shows that female presidents can be just as awful as guys.

Oh, yeah, and of course, getting her strategy from the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, she and her handlers want to get the Constitution changed so she can appear to be legitimate. Next up, presumably would be the kind of referendum/voting fraud that Manuel Zelaya would have had to use for his own coup d’etat by fraud.

This cry of “Democracy” Does. Not. Fool. Us. Anymore. They don’t want “democracy”. They just want to tell us who we voted for whether we voted for them or not. The spectacle the Clueless Media made of the Florida recount in 2000, hey, maybe that was just to prepare the electorate to demand that we did not want to see the counting anymore.

After all, they are still trying to hide the counting behind one of the most transparent counting methods ever, right: Computers! Oh, yeah, that’ll make sure it’s fair! It’s not like a computer has ever been hacked by a Trojan or a virus or a back door code subroutine. Oh, yea, we felt so much better touching a computer to vote and watching it swallow the vote.

Now in Miami-Dade County, Florida, where all the news noise happened in that 2000 election, at least we get a paper receipt that tells us who we voted for and the paper goes into a sealed box.


If you vote by PAPER BALLOT, and the PAPER BALLOT is defined formally as the official ballot with the actual vote, this prevents one legal issue. If there’s a dispute between the bits and bytes, vs. the paper ballots, the paper ballots win.

Don’t need a programmer or computer tech or sys admin to validate the count, anybody and everybody can count the vote. Even having everybody eye-ball each ballot, like in 2000, that’s even better. Video the thing.

Then let anybody watch the counting that wants to. Make it a big felony to interfere with anybody who wants to watch the counting. That will get you cleaner elections.

Black Box Voting dot com has been a good source of information on how electronic voting is open for fraud and rigging and disappearing votes, without even considering the kinds of electronics that buggers computers in general:

On the web site, there is a most recent expose on a proposed “voting rights” constitutional amendment, and they pinpoint the problem. It is the Section 2 wording allowing the federal Congress to “implement” Section 1, which simply states every citizen has a “right to vote”.

Never mind that the Constitution guarantees the vote already and Article 4 Section 4 already says ” The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.”

With a Republican form of government, that means no dictator state governor and all that, but it’s not enough for today’s Central Planners, because a republican form of government means that the state legislature, of representatives of the citizens, itself passed the laws and rules for its government. Interference in this process by the federal government is banned by virtue of the amendment that limits federal powers.

Proverbs 11:14
Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.

“True the Vote” lawyers to IRS, OSHA, ATF, FBI: You harrassed us, now show us your own papers, emails…

May 30, 2013

Rand Paul pointed the finger over the IRS scandal to a group nobody else is talking about. But first:

Lawsuit says: IRS, OSHA, ATF, FBI all probed this tea party group, audited, investigated, harrassed:

What’s going to happen to lawbreakers in federal government?

This is so blatant, especially after so many revelations of unconstitutional and police state measures taken by the current administration, is doesn’t even seem so crazy anymore to wonder whether they have some reason to believe, at the top and at the bottom of the administration, that they were never going to suffer for this?

Can Obama pardon himself?

ActRight Legal Foundation and National Organization for Marriage are also going to sue.

Jay Seculow says his organization, the ACLJ, is now representing about 25 different tea party, conservative, Christian and pro-Israel organizations that are suing. They will depose the most well-known figure, Lerner, and others in this process. They are adding ten more next week, they said.


And of course he’s right. A 3,000 page-plus law passed by Congress that tells the IRS to come up with many more “rules” and tax “regulations”, empowering some 18,000 pages more of detail. Nobody can understand all of it.

So he’s right. These Congressmen getting all mad at IRS officers they have brought for questioning, it is so hypocritical. They passed the law that makes it so easy for this to happen, and it took two years to trickle out into the news cycle.

This is the problem with having an income tax in the first place.

The Chicago Seven told their followers to give up fighting with sticks and stones and “infiltrate” the system instead. Hello, they got billionaires financing them, too.

What revolution? Nothing new under the sun? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

This is equality? Hello?

One student prays, atheist claims “religious bullying”. Poor thing, let me count the ways…

May 29, 2013
English: Isaac Newton Dansk: Sir Isaac Newton ...

Isaac Newton (1642-1727) (Credit: Wikipedia)

KJV Bible

KJV Bible (Credit: knowhimonline)

Here’s the link:

Poor guy, right. The anthropic principle, inverted fossil strata, polystrate fossils, the very long list of quotes from darwinian believer scientists that call evolution a “fairy tale for adults”, a “scam”, that it does not meet the traditional requirements of “the scientific method, these are all robbed from the texts, thrown out with God from inside. Students get failing grades on papers for believing the Bible on origins, for believing the Bible on homosexuality, for believing the Bible on history.

Isaac Newton is even bullied and his reasons for doing science are not allowed in a science class. What he thought about science and what it proved are not allowed. What Isaac Newton thought was his most important work is not allowed.

I’ve been subjected to more religious bullying for being a Bible-believing Christian in one day than this kid will ever get in his lifetime for being atheist, take it to the bank. One place was so bad, where they put me and three other contractors in one conference room. One New Yorker and a Russian played one-up-joke tag on me when the topic came up –mind you I never push when somebody’s not interested but I do reply even some flippant questions when asked.

I just pointed out one day how it was officially atheist regimes that had done more mass genocide in one century than all the monotheistic regimes in history combined. And pointed to Hitler‘s reference to a religion that was so dangerous that they had to kill them all. (And he did point to the religion, and he said Christianity was the “bastard stepchild” of Judaism and he would wipe it out too).

The other guy I think was Jewish and must have gotten so offended at those guys that he must have told somebody, because the development manager delivered a strong rebuke and warning. It slowed down but never stopped.

We are told we cannot set up in front of a government-funded school that teaches that our religion is wrong.

We are told that we cannot thank our God for our blessings.

We are told that a five-year old kindergarten student is expelled for SILENTLY bowing his head in prayer over every meal in one place (where they had to be forced to apologize to the parents by legal action).

We are told that the money we pay in taxes or that our employers or where we buy from have to pay in taxes to support teachings that tell our children that their religion is wrong.

We are told that when we share our faith and speak out loud we are hating others.

We are told that our Bible is racist, misogynist, genocidal, and that our fellow believers in the past were too.

We cannot escape the news feeds that tell us every stupid insult against Christians that proselytizers of militant anti-theism like Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens can think of, epithets of stupidity, ignorance, and dangerous they say. Therefore, they say, it is a form of child abuse to teach our children what we believe.

We are subjected to the most ridiculous and idiotic “theories” of history than no historian believes and whose purpose it is to tell more lies about Christ and Christianity.

And we are the bullyers? Hello? What’s next? They’ll accuse us of war crimes because Christopher Hitchens said Christianity was to blame for the mass genocides of atheists like Mao Tse Tung and Josef Stalin??

Who are the insane ones here?

Jeremiah 2:27

Saying to a stock, Thou art my father; and to a stone, Thou hast brought me forth: for they have turned their back unto me, and not their face: but in the time of their trouble they will say, Arise, and save us.


See what was really transpiring inside doomed compound

May 28, 2013

You see, it is governments like the United States government, that are the biggest small and big arms dealers in the world. The United Nations small-arms treaty would want to create an arms dealing cartel made up of the most ruthless arms dealers in the world, its member governments.


God bless Mary O’Grady, God help history revisionist paid liar Stephen Lendman

May 28, 2013
Hondurans opposing Manuel Zelaya.

Hondurans opposing Manuel Zelaya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





The CIA is not slouch and no angelic force for good but facts are facts. There is some really wrong stuff in that article about Guatemala! And if the “left-of-center” governments were so vulnerable to the CIA, then why is there no right-of-center governments left in Latin America?

Where do you get your paycheck for being a professional history revisionist, Stephen? I’m breaking my own rule and I am not even going to post a link to such revisionist history, a coverup for the really bad guys, probably the guerrillas themselves that did the massacre and then blamed it on the military.

The ruling against Efrain Rios Montt is a blatant abuse of power and corruption itself, a coverup for the real abusers, and is a message to all men in political positions to “obey, or else we will get you, now or later”.  And they want you to remember Pinochet: If we can’t get you, we’ll keep you locked up based on a lying judge in Spain (with an open public history of Communism) for awhile and then we’ll come after your children. It’s also a warning to their operatives, the ones that are fully cognizant of the crimes they commit against all the peoples, to stay away from Christians. That’s another reason he’s the one persecuted.

The bad guys have offered up a scapegoat to take the blame. But it won’t work. They will get their just desserts later, maybe from the same overlords that wanted to punish him.

The revisionist history that makes genocide disappear is not the ones that the revisionists that fancy themselves “leftists” make it out to be.

Fact check #1: Efrain Rios Montt did NOT  “seize power”. A coup d’etat did ask him to run the government, after overthrowing one of the most blatant electoral FRAUDS to that date in Guatemala’s history, after the then RIGHT!-of-center president that they overthrew arranged his own “re-election”, votes be damned, and the people roared in such loud protest demanding mlitary intervention against this shameless attack on “democracy”. They asked Efrain Rioss Montt to serve because he was universally respected in Guatemala as honest and impeccable.

But they overthrew him 16 months later because he remained true to his reputation, and because he tried to STOP dirty tactics against the guerrillas. Three percent my ass!

That’s why it took till NOW to do this, because (1) the real bad guys needed a scapegoat, and they don’t like Bible-believing Christians, and (2) a lot of voices of truth resisting the lies had to die off first, and (3) to get a younger indoctrinated generation critical mass that was not so close to events.

Like Manuel Zelaya planned on doing in his own unreported auto-coup, too, in 2009.

As to that slaughter of the Indians, he STOPPED it. It was local landowners getting colonels to take over lands, AND THE GUERRILLAS WERE MAKING SURE THERE WAS ENOUGH CONFUSION AND FALSE INTELLIGENCE TO MAKE SURE a lot of innocent Mayans would be killed.

That is what they’ve been doing in Honduras. The revisionist history in this article is the “leftist” version. The international socialists are as bad as the National Socialists for pushing lies and propaganda and distortions.

As we speak they are agitating a climate of serial murder against journalists and public figures in Honduras to take over by hook and crook after the Honduran people rejected their auto-coup by fraud in 2009.

Revisionist history indeed!

– See more at:


Warning lands Batavia teacher in hot water –

May 27, 2013

John Dryden did right, and now they want to punish him. He told his students they had a right not to incriminate themselves, because a survey had questions about drug abuse and other such things. But he is a reluctant hero, and he’s “not a martyr“, and “calm down”.

Dryden mentioned his situation to a former student, Joe Bertalmio.

The campaign

Bertalmio was outraged. The 2002 graduate, who took one class with Dryden, credits him with teaching him how to examine positions and make logical arguments, no matter where one stands politically.

“Back it up — give me evidence,” is what Dryden taught, Bertalmio said.

Bertalmio posted the news on Facebook, where it was noticed by fellow graduates. Parents of current students have also joined in. There are more than 1,000 signatures on the “Defend and Support John Dryden” petition at the, although many seem to be repeats. He has also urged people to write letters to the Batavia school board, plans to speak at the board’s meeting, and may have a rally before the meeting. A Batavia alderman told the city council Monday he plans to attend the meeting in support, and encouraged other people to do so.

Stick to the issue

But Dryden doesn’t want this seen as him vs. the administrators. He said he knows they were acting in what they thought was the best interests of the students.

“These are good, professional, smart people on the other side who want to do what is right by kids,” he said.

He would rather focus the discussion on the survey.

“I have asked people (the supporters) to talk about the survey. I think I am a sideshow,” he said. “This (the survey) was rushed and it wasn’t vetted.”

“I’m not a martyr,” he said. “I’m trying to refocus people’s attentions. Calm down.”

International corporate juggernauts

May 27, 2013
George Soros, billionaire

George Soros, billionaire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A “return back to international corporate juggernauts” does not deserve the revisionist history heaped upon it. People’s real incomes increased leaps and bounds from 1850 to 1900 in the USA, before a faction of “international corporate juggernauts” began to yell about those (other) “international corporate juggernauts” and “we have to stop them!” and they started passing laws to stop those (other) “international corporate juggernauts”.


Except, of course, they told us they were “one of us” and they were “helping” us stop those (other) “international corporate juggernauts”. Pay no attention to billionaire George Soros‘ billions, he’s “helping” us by financing “Obama“, please don’t look at the money, pay attention to the rhetoric please.


“Right wing” and “left wing” are from the Doublespeak dictionary from this particular subset of a faction of “international corporate juggernauts”.


The de-salination machine example is good for the illustration of the principle. The “real-world” counter-example of state-funded technology development is an illustration of stealing your money to give it to somebody, but the greatest advantages of recent centuries have been from private initiatives. The telegraph, the steam engine, the telephone, radio, telescope, movable print, vacuum tubes, microchips, cell phones, plastics, air conditioning, the PC, all these things were developed with private initiatives, not the state. The state wastes valuable resources that could be used for production, diverting them to political priorities, or the whims of the guy who likes using money confiscated from your pocket for his own whims. “Scientific” or not. Haha. Like studying whether monkeys get high on marijuana. Thank you, but no refunds.


The libertarian philosophy does not consider state funding as “free market” friendly because it is theft from somebody else. Lower taxes only means the state bosses are stealing less money from you.


Forcing you to hire somebody at more than minimum wage is neither “free market” nor “fair”. A free market of labor gives the teenager and the less-intelligent among us a chance to work for a living and contribute to production. The minimum wage tells him to go pound sand. Don’t worry, we’ll steal it from somebody else and we’ll pay you to sit on your fanny. Or we’ll steal it from somebody else who might have paid you more, so we can “subsidize” your pay.

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