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What is a Free trade agreement?

July 19, 2017

A “trade agreement” that requires thousands of pages (some 30,000 between WTO-GATT) is NEVER “free trade”.

Free inter-governmental turf borders trade requires one very short paragraph at most.

“All undersigned parties to this agreement herein listed declare they will repeal ALL tariffs for ALL products and services within and between ALL such parties.” That’s between borders.

That’s it.

Truly FREE “free market agreement”, with emphasis on “free”, is more like this:
“All undersigned parties to this agreement herein listed declare they will repeal ALL internal tariffs (aka taxes) for ALL transactions between parties for products and services within, between, and among ALL and any group of humans within its borders.”

Now THAT is free trade.

Shep outs himself as a CNN wannabe

July 15, 2017

The Washing-out Post reports with glee Shep’s use of the “lie” word directed at the Trump administration just because there’s another empty report that tries to make a Russia scandal where there is none.

Where is the investigation into Saudi lobbyists and Israel lobbyists and all kinds of influence efforts to affect legislation, administration decisions, and even judicial declarations from overseas and foreign institutions?

You want to look at attacks on U. S. national sovereignty? Go look at the treaties where people inside every successive administration handed power over our lives to decisions made in the United Nations buildings around the world.

Go look at the Ukrainians meddling in the 2016 elections to favor Hillary Cinton.

And what about meddling from inside the federal administration in the election process to favor one of the sides in the election, and since January to sabotage the president chosen by the electorate in a result that even the top-level leakers and meddlers Clapper, Brennan and their gang admit would not have been different?

I think they figure their own efforts to rig the tilt didn’t overcome a legitimate result.

All this to distract from the actual felonious crimes of the Obama and Clinton years as president and “Madame Secretary”.

And to distract from the fact that the Federal Reserve is a clueless, bumbling sham that will drag us all down into the crash they know is coming. They have their own bunkers built just in case.

Qv to post

July 9, 2017

Gaddafi himself warned them.

The globalist left-Fascists are on a roll with the migrant wave.

They took out Gaddafi because in my opinion…

1. They needed this chaotic migrant crime crisis "thesis" to a, then bring up their "security solutions" antithesis -all the better to justify spying on the peaceful, and b, change the voting demographics to keep up with the appearance of "democracy", and c, finish off the vestiges of Western and Christian culture.

2., Gaddafi was organizing a Pan-African currency based on gold, jump-started with Libya’s own existing gold reserves. This would have begun the dollar crash before they were ready. And created an economically independent Africa. He was a type of Aladin, oil was his lamp, Africa was his princess to woo.

3. Gaddafi was a great big contradiction to the narratives on all sides about Islam and Muslims, including political Islamists. He lifted up the role of women in all areas. He did the 180 degrees the Western governments demanded. He renounced terrorism to his own parliament, and invited the Western powers to come in, inspect wherever they wanted, take all the nuclear material they might find. He gave up all Qaeda-ISIS terrorists. Bush and Blair later called him an ally, even.

Gaddafi’s actions during the Obama-NATO war on him with all Qaeda proxies testify against the myth that he was attacking civilians. It was the U.S.-NATO proxies attacking civilians including the genocide against the entire population of blacks in the town of Towargah. Western "respectable" media suppressed this news, with the exception of a few brave journalists. They carved crosses into the bodies of many of those Towargans, like the American "moderate" proxies have done to Christians in Syria later.

Gaddafi told them he was the only thing blocking massive waves of hordes of sub-Saharan Africans invading the European continent. When Europeans finally really start pushing back, they might be out voted by then, or the newcomers will be fed the same hateful agitation they already get.

This is all lining up for the events prophesied in Ezekiel, Daniel, Revelation, and the Gospels. Watch out for 666 and the embedded chip.

Remember, though, these powerful evildoers are not omnipotent, nor are they omniscient, no matter how many "dark sayings" they mutter or master (see Daniel). Their rulers in high spiritual and political place cannot overcome everything. Dictatorships do socialism cannot build an economy, only crush it. With every regulation, every intervention in the economy, every bit of slop Congress gives out to the Crony pigs, every tax big and little tax break, every junket, every new dollar borrowed or printed, every penny spent, every political ad dollar spent, is another piece stolen from the very bit of production that makes it possible. In other words, everything the political class does is a bite out of the goose that lays the golden egg.

And remember what it says in Daniel about the Beast, the Antichrist, the price of "the people of the prince that shallcome"…: "He shall come to his end, and none shall help him".