Obamacare to Syria to Operation Coup to Blowback from Americans

May 22, 2018

Obamacare was stuffed down the throat of Americans who rejected it in every poll by 75 percent. Obamacare is what created the Tea Party blowback against such tyranny, gave the Republicans such a majority in spite of their weakness, and put Trump in the White House. That’s how mad the American people are at leftist dictatorship in the USA.

And now they can see that there is collusion all right, but it’s collusion by Shadow Government, Deep State, leftist moles in the FBI, DOJ and State, Operation Mockingbird Press, Eagerly complicit Crony Capitalism, the War Machine (aka Military Industrial Complex), the Federal reserve, SJW socialist fronts, George Soros, and they’re waking up to the fact that the Press has even become a front for deep-state propaganda.

The word “coup” is an exact fit. Under cover of institutions already subverted.

They’re tired of Clinton-Bush-Obama wars, and they do NOT want troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and some 150 other countries around the world. One retired colonel even admitted to Tucker the troops have been in Afghanistan 15 years too long. Barack “I’m good at killing, ha ha” Obama said it was a “good war”. No such thing. Kill lists for drones aren’t either. The universal spy state either. God will rain wrath down on warmongers and nations that turn their backs on God (along with the Pharisees that love war).


Microchips get under the skin of technophile Swedes

May 13, 2018

Some Christians have been predicting this for decades, from when we first heard about microchips:

If you’ve been paying attention, you know they’ve been “chipping” dogs, products, and rolled out betas to humans as well. Human-embedded human-microchips have been in the movies and in the news since the 1990s. One Christian prophet had a vision of an microchip the size of a grain of rice getting put under the skin as far back as the early 1970s.

Christians have been anticipating the Beast, aka Antichrist, for two thousand years. Now comes the globalist authoritarians and Establishment operatives wanting to establish a global hegemony, and the technology is here to enable the oligarchs to require it for economic transactions.

The first phase of course is to sell it as a great thing that makes life easier. The statists and globalist require ever more permissions and licenses to do any kind of business, and restrict buying and selling ever more tightly. Some businesses are starting to go along with the central banks’ program and they are beginning to move toward eventually banning cash. The sudden overnight banning of “high denomination” currency in India (not really so very high) looks like a trial run.

Tim Cook: Fearless gun-control, and come-all immigration, fearless, Really??

May 13, 2018



You have to give Tim Cook credit for fighting hard against the FBI order to give them a back door to unlock the phone that belonged to one of the San Bernardino killers.

But now, he has lied to students in his commencement speech at Duke University.

He’s saying the high school students at the Parkland High School that got shot up are “fearless” because they got adult help to organize their rallies demanding even more gun control. (He didn’t mention the adult help of course)

Fearless? How? What were they afraid of? More school shootings? Then why didn’t they demand better protection from the Broward County Sheriff and his deputies? Why didn’t they demand that teachers with licenses to carry firearms be allowed to bring them on campus?

It is 100 percent certain that David Hogg and the shaved-head girl were not afraid of school authorities, who have been “very supportive”, in his words. It is equally certain that they are not afraid of the “blame-NRA-not-me” Broward County sheriff who immediately went into Blame Guns mode, instead of Mea Culpa.


Which side of the debate gets more verbal abuse in National Complicit Media? What side of the debate of self-defense rights gets more physical abuse and bans on visits by advocates, and who gets the accolades?

Who got called down and got abuse and even threatening intimidation from the principal and a police officer at the same school where the killing happened, after he posted a picture of himself holding a firearm he was learning to use at a gun range with his father?

That was Kyle Kashuv.

Tim Cook was not talking about the side of the debate that gets more actual abuse, most notably from authorities in schools and in general. Congressman Mo Brooks says he thinks the great number of resignations of Republicans happening in Congress could well have something to do with the death threats Republicans receive.

Something is afoot it seems.

But no, advocating gun confiscation has gotten very little abuse, very little to fear. It is the control freak thought police side of the issue that gets support, but advocates for self defense get the abuse.

CNN gives a minute air time to Trump supporters’ quotes

May 13, 2018

CNN puts out a news piece that’s not as bad as most of their stuff, but allows a few honest quotes they searched for to prove that some of Trump’s voters like his foreign policy, and some don’t:


Disclaimer: I did like Trump taking on the war machine in 2016 in his way, when he asked “What’s wrong with getting along with” Russia and other countries? With the way the two candidates presented their platforms in 2016, plus the proven history of Hillary Clinton’s war on Libya, we had certainty that Hillary would make unending wars one of the hallmarks of her regime. He was an unknown quantity.

One thing that looks promising is the lightning quick way Trump grabbed onto the chance to do a summit meeting with Kim Il Un.

CNN actually put some Trump voters’ comments in there and acknowledged a lot of them see the world “in exactly the same way” as Trump. But they didn’t put on quotes from people who want the more peaceful Trump they voted for who would pull out of Syria, for example. Like ME.

But they give no coverage to guys who think like me, or see the world the way I do. They talk like we don’t exist.

I voted for Trump, but I did it under no illusions at all about anything. I’m a peacenik, although not a pacifist in the Amish sense. I believe whole heartedly in the unfettered, unabridged, unrestricted absolute human right of self-defense, that there should be ZERO government say on it at all. Anybody having to do with legislation or enforcement in any government is the LAST person morally qualified to have any voice at all in the matter of personal or group or collective self defense, because governments are based on the arrogance of saying one group of people (whether royalty, majority, elected representatives, minority or party) coercive, forced control over every other group of people.

In other words, government claims the power to force every person it has power over to do its will.

So who the hell are they to say this.

But back to Trump voters, so, I like a LOT of what he said in the 2016 campaign, especially about wanting to “get along” with Russia and letting Russia take care of the mess in Syria. Russia did better than the US did there, with somebody in the Obama administration implementing a plan that was exposed in a quietly released Pentagon document that promoted the idea of an Islamic jihadist insurgency in Syria, working through “Arab allies” in the region, to gum up the works for Assad. The idea being to overthrow Assad, because Obama said so later (“Assad should go”) when the Pentagon plan seemed to come into some fruition.

But then two things blew up in their faces. One was, Russia started increased its help for Assad.

I was under no illusion about Trump. My Honduran wife and most of the step-kids keep repeating that I love Trump, which means they never listened at all to my reasoning.

Now, we have the move of the USA embassy to Jerusalem, and the neo-conservatives that seem to have come to dominate his government, like the war-mad John Bolton, and threat-breathing Nikki Haley getting undue respect from WH voices, and backtracking on pulling out all the troops from Syria. It looks like Trump used the backdrop of Bibi’s anti-Iran show to pull out of the Iran deal.

Trump should have better listened to Pat Buchanan’s wise admonitions to avoid Middle East traps. Instead of an Israel-first policy, exercise the promised America-first policy. Israel desperately wants a war with Iran. They figure they have the USA in its back pocket, and it will jump right into a war on their side, and they have historical reason to think so. One Pentagon Admiral put it this way once: the Israel lobby gets stuff sometimes before the Pentagon does.

Maybe more than just FBI-DNC-Clinton collusion but info plant?

May 13, 2018


It turns out that alternative media sources have discovered that evidence suggests that the FBI actually had a spy in the Trump Campaign, paid or not, but presumably paid in some way or another. And apparently there was some foreign intelligence actors involved in this interference in the Campaign, giving superficial cover for getting a FISA Court warrant. (Did the Complicit Faction in the FBI tell the court about this spy, or use the “fake dossier” to justify it?)

This gives more meat to the accusation that there was collusion by foreign governments to interfere in the presidential elections, at least campaigns, of 2016.

And lo and behold, Complicit Media just happens to crack open the old story about Russian hacking into Illinois state election registrations. But wait! Distraction! Why should we believe anything any of our lying, thieving, corrupt governments say officially about any of this, since we have a long history of their lying, thieving (“civil forfeiture”), and corruption.

The information war by our ruling powers has been known to a lot of people for a long time, but the wrongly trusted Operation Mockingbird Press has been complicit in this war, co-opted by those powers. Many owners, writers, opinionators, in the Complicit Media are actually enthusiastic collaborators in the deceits, propaganda, and cover-ups of the same.

Some of the dupes in that information war complain about press bias, but the press bias they sometimes complain about is really itself disinformation meant to provide cover for the purposes of the Ruling Cabal.

It’s rather obvious there’s some coordination when the Big Players in all the information industry on one day or another start playing the same tune, pretending to cover a breaking story, or a new trend. I’ve seen this during my lifetime. Many go their merry way thinking this is all independently spontaneous.

With the Internet, however, come many independent voices expressing opinion, in a much more open market for information, to the extent there is an open market. It seems like anybody who wants to can still create his own blog with WordPress software, and even set one up for free using the Automattic’s offer of same at http://www.wordpress.com.

But especially after 2016, it looks like the Ruling Cabal, Deep State, Shadow Government, by any name, put its plans to take over the Internet into overdrive. It’s not as drastic as Senator Lieberman’s pining for the China shutdown switch but subtlety is often worse. Complicit Media and Complicit Congress gave Silicon Valley a talking to, using Zuckerberg a sort of stand-in for the rest of them.

We all know that Silicon Valley will blow off things like Ted Cruz’s long list of Facebook users that Facebook censored, including the <begin sarcasm> very dangerous and hateful <end sarcasm> Diamond and Silk, and twelve Catholic organizations, that Facebook blocked, because the Dark Powers appear to have the upper hand for now.

So the Big Social Media leviathans are going into Big Internet Control mode now, blocking and “demonetizing” conservative and Christian voices, in preparation leading up to more drastic measures.

Tyrannical impulses tend to dominate in any government. Greed, Envy, Coveting, are impulses that tend to motivate voters in a democracy, or a republic. There are personalities that covet power over others who naturally seek to control political power, because that gives them control over the monopoly of force in the organization most of their political subjects (aka victims) regard as legitimate. More legitimate, say, than a competing gang of thieves or extortionists. There are personalities that also covet guarantees of protection and provision more than they do freedom from protection rackets or economic freedom.

This combines to feed despotism. Beware of governments, one and all!

Most of all, they have proven to us that they are liars, and we cannot simply believe them, we have to have good corroboration.

Anti-gun demagogues are against the right of self defense.

April 28, 2018

Call it pro-self defense, not pro-gun. The right to defend your family. The audience will catch on fast. We’ll see how fast the NRA picks up on it, or even better GOA – Gun Owners of America. GOA is much better on the 2A. The fascists (call them what they are) hate guns, and they hate families, and what they really hate is self-defense. Call their program self-defense inequality. Change the discussion by changing the vocabulary.

The issue is self defense, not the tool. Guns are an effective tool for self defense. But it appears to me that talking about self defense may be more effective, it brings the argument to what the gun phobia crowed want to avoid. So-caled “Anti-gun laws” make it harder to defend yourself.

There is a “departamento” in Honduras called Olancho where my wife lived for awhile. EVERYBODY in Olancho has guns, closets full of them, and they all know how to use them. My stepdaughter lived there for awhile with a Peace Corps boyfriend. She says there’s no problem there, people are polite, but do not cause a problem. Omar Mateen at a bar in Olancho might get ONE shot off before he went to hell.

And they carry. Concealed, openly, they carry big long belts of ammo strapped over their shoulders when they go for walks. I’d bet there’s not even one bar or sign in any store in the town that says “No Guns Allowed”. They would just laugh at it. Nobody bats an eye or raised an eyebrow when somebody walks around like that.

When my stepson visits Honduras, he tells them he’s from Olancho. That’s pretty good protection from trouble.

Olancho had a gang problem for a few days, one of the big name gangs tried to start up something there. The day came they killed their first kid. All five stepkids with my wife were born there.

That kid’s father gathered a couple of friends and eliminated the gang problem overnight. No more gangs.


I think I’ve shared here an incident with my wife once upon a time, this event was in Tegucigalpa while she was waiting for a bus with the oldest boy, when he was still young. A guy from Olancho came up to her, opened his jacket to show his gun, and “politely asked” if she’d like for him to take her son.

He didn’t know that she had a photographic recall of her times of political campaigns in that area. He knew her, she didn’t know him. Something else he didn’t know too. Facing the guy with the gun, she passed her son’s hand to his.

But as he walked away, her son in hand, she got her own concealed carry out of her purse. As she tells it she yelled bloody murder at the guy while she had her gun pointed at his head at close enough range still. In Spanish, like you m-f’er, if you got any balls, take him on now right now! (I guess it was a Make-My-Day Eastwood type dare). Because…

And she lit into a tirade. Her memory kicked in and she yelled out his name, his street address in the town where he lived, named his wife and kids, his mother and where she lived, and a few things more. The kidnapper let the kid go pretty quick.

She said at that time, a taxi driver who was happening by “saved the situation” by yelling at her to get in, to take her home. By “saved the situation” I presume she meant that the taxi driver saved her from shooting the guy dead on the spot.

The next day she got a call from the guy’s wife pleading for his life, and her own too.

>> Yes, there were a LOT of kidnappings of kids those days in Central America. Mainstream press were shocked when people in one town lynched an American girl who had been in the town about a day as if the townspeople were backward Indians or something. Stupid American Press. Not just evil.

My wife confided in me that there were Congressmen involved in the kidnappings, mostly for organs. One Christian ministry took evidence to Congress that there was an actual black market in San Francisco for human organs. Lots of money involved.

Her high school age daughters had a friend that disappeared one day. A few days later at the border crossing with Guatemala she yelled from the car at the border guards that she was being kidnapped and the goons were arrested.

CPF9898 Water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink

April 28, 2018

I am not a rich Californian, and I do not fall for just anything, but fluoride is an industrial poison. There has never been a real study that shows it does anything against tooth decay. Au contraire for consistent brushing and flossing.

Disclaimer: My folks never got me to floss and I only tried flossing once. Sue me. They also say rinse your mouth out with water after eating, which I do every time, and brush after EVERY meal. Withing 10 minutes.

Disclaimer #2: I don’t think Californians have the smallest clue about what they’re talking about, even the once a year they may utter something that’s right.

The story got viraled in New England where some industrial plant had let out some fluoride into local water and in that town supposedly the kids had less tooth decay. Industry blew the story across the nation, then of course the governments started stealing YOUR money to BUY the fluoride from the industry. A poisonous waste product becomes a profitable by product.


The average number of decayed, missing, and filled permanent teeth (DMFT) per child was 2.0 in the fluoridated areas, 2.0 in the nonfluoridated areas, and 2.2 in the partially fluoridated areas. The percentage of decay-free children in the fluoridated, non fluoridated, and partially fluoridated areas was 34%, 35%, and 31%, respectively.

The report at the link points also to the difficulty of getting the raw data used by NIDR (National Institute of Dental Research) that shows this. Maybe not quite as difficult as getting an honest answer out of Obama holdovers in the FBI and DOJ, or any evidence of Russian-Trump collusion, or chemical weapons use in Dhouma, but nonetheless. I do not fall for bogus claims of global warming either.


On 4/25/18 9:04 AM, rick baird wrote:

rich californians will fall for anything.

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The New York TimesĀ  – Where Democracy Goes to Die

April 10, 2018

Orban – Champion of sane governance

The New York Times is now carrying a hit piece on the overwhelming winner of the most recent elections in Hungary.

Amazingly, their paragraph to describe thrice elected Orban, is not so far off, including its description of the dying West:

“As a young man, Orban fought against Bolshevism. Western liberal democracy was the Promised Land. Now it has morphed into the enemy. The West is the site of European cultural suicide, the place where family, church, nation and traditional notions of marriage and gender go to die. ”


But of course, the article lifts up the guy who finances socialism around the world, is the epitome of hedge fund financing, which “liberals” claim to hate, and finances havoc in many places. After he gave the keynote speech for a summit of heads of state from the Caribbean and Central American region, one of his audience tried to overthrow the Constitution in Honduras to try to set up another Chavista-type regime, which Honduras pushed back against.

So Three Cheers for Orban. Not a perfect libertarian I’m sure, and many “modern liberals” might hate his Christianity, but that’s life in the world leading up to the end times.

Racist history of gun control

April 7, 2018

It’s always enacted by a group of people that rules over another group and doesn’t want blowback from policies unpopular with the underclass.


Tell it like it is

April 6, 2018

Take a listen to this guy: