Their excuses for their world dictatorship

November 26, 2015

About the mention of the seasons there.. Somebody mentioned “global warming”..

“Global warming” is something the Powers That Be settled on as part of one of the themes they push, Environmentalism, with the purpose of convincing the people of the world to accept, even welcome, their global dictatorship.

There is a “report from Iron Mountain” where “they” reportedly discussed using an alien invasion as a way to subjugate all the world’s governments:

But at Iron Mountain I think they discussed all the themes: alien invasion (search Reagan and aliens for a surprise), the environment, prevention of nuclear war. They have added terrorism for another.

It seems most people are gullible and accept tyranny to protect them from terrorists. They are also using a “human rights” and “democracy” theme as a cover for violating human rights and enforcing consent from the conquered peoples of the world.

God has let them get exposed, so that those who fall for these farces and frauds have no excuse. They refused to listen to God’s prophets.

Babylon, America, and Fulfilled Prophecy

November 26, 2015


About Babylon, the Roman Church is not a center of international trade, as in Revelation 17. That description belongs more appropriately belongs to the “United States of America”.

It’s not just because the States have been the most coveted market for selling wares in the world, it’s also because “in her” we find the US$, the dollar, which has been THE international currency ever since the Breton Woods agreement in 1944, even after Nixon broke faith with the agreement in 1971, when Nixon said they were not going to pay out gold for dollars, even to the foreign central banks.

Before that, there was a semblance of a gold standard, in that international exchange was done based on a currency that itself was backed by gold, at least through the central banks, but no longer.


George W Bush used the attack on the Towers as an excuse to get Congress to pass the “Patriot Act”. Congressman Ron Paul said ““The PATRIOT Act was written many, many years before 9/11.. …[The attacks simply provided an opportunity] for some people to do what they wanted to do”.

So they got that passed into law, and later in their NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) they added more damage to their subjects (us).

So now they have an NSA that keeps on spying on every one of us, collecting information in blatant violation of the Fourth and Fifth Amendment, and the Tenth. According to one report as of May 2015, there were 73 federal agencies with full-time armed squads ready to raid somebody in your area, like when a SWAT-like EPA team descended on one Alaska mining town looking for violations of the “clean water act”. Maybe next the Agro Department will raid a farm that sells organic raw milk, like one state agency did to one Amish farmer.

Obama promised a “civil security” force in 2008, and he’s forming it out of the federal agencies. The military was there at Waco. During W’s presidency, the Pentagon initiated a “Total Awareness” program. Their symbol was the Masonic/Illuminati/Rosacrucian/Egyptian “eye”.

The USA is now an occupied nation, occupied by forces loyal to the NWO.

More fulfillment of prophecy.

Who should “rule”? “Judges” (arbitrators) by reputation

November 26, 2015

Before King Saul in the Bible, the Hebrews were “ruled” by judges who proved to show the fruits of the Spirit and by reputation were known to be fair.  Sometimes it was one of the priests, but the majority according to the history were just anybody who led armies of farmers against oppressors and then were sought out by others to adjudicate disputes.

When the elders of the land demanded that Samuel select a king for them, they said it was because his sons were corrupt. Samuel warned them that a king would extort abusive taxes, would take their sons off to war, and he would take their daughters to prepare his delicacies.

As Samuel warned them, and God told Samuel, so it went. (#1) The kings of Israel were more corrupt and much worse than any “judges” they had before, (#2) there was much more unnecessary war than ever before, and (#3) they now took a constant source of cooks, attendants and helpers from the descendants of the ones who coveted a king. (1 Samuel 8)

There is no hereditary “divine right” of kings, nor is there any “divine right” of the majority to “elect” a king for a season. God wants to rule his people directly, and he wants all people to be his (“not willing that any should perish but all should come to repentance), with guidance from the most godly of neighbors.

How to tell which ones are the “most godly”. Matthew 7:20 is almost a magic formula, and it works for discernment in almost any area of society.

And what are these “fruits”, whereby “ their fruits ye shall know them”? The fruits of the spirit:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,–Galatians 5:22

When the Tribulation?

November 25, 2015

I have gone back and looked at Daniel 9 again and Matthew 24, and it is still obvious that Jesus was putting the Tribulation into the future, a future that would be a long time from then. The signs he talked about before the “tribulation’, “spoken of by Daniel the prophet”, were to occur BEFORE the tribulation. Signs like the gospel getting preached unto all nations.

The earliest “post-apostolic” writings would not have said otherwise. PAUL himself said: “But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:4

Paul made that warning because some people back then were saying “any minute” now, maybe due to the same misinterpretations of Jesus “no man knoweth”.

Isaac Newton also projected the Second Coming centuries into his future, though from what I’ve read, the basis for his calculations may be faulty. The point is it was commonly known by Biblical scholars even from before him and after him, among other things, that the Antichrist and Second Coming would NOT happen before the restoration of the nation of Israel, the return of Jews to the Promised Land.

So it is NOT true that the post-millenialist view was always in vogue. it has been around awhile but in historical terms is recent.

When Jesus said “Let no man deceive you”, he immediately clarified. Look at the two verses together:

Matthew 24:4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
Matthew 24:5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

That word “for” is a conjunction that in English means why the warning. He is warning against deceit by false Christs and like in the writings the earliest church leaders wrote, against those who say Jesus is Christ but deceive many.

Understanding The Family International (TFI) reboot and a blueprint as to how TFI membership could operate now

November 22, 2015

Source: Understanding The Family International (TFI) reboot and a blueprint as to how TFI membership could operate now

Justin Beiber: “I Want to Live Like Jesus”

November 22, 2015

Read about Justin Beiber’s testimony in an interview with Rolling Stone:
Justin Beiber: “I Want to Live Like Jesus”

Some people say this is an attempt by him to clean up his image. From where we all sit, in the general media audience, we cannot know for certain. But with time the fruits will show. Like one Christian writer has said, the Devil can fake gifts of the Spirit, but he cannot fake the fruits of the spirit.

I’ve seen some people saying the Bieber “displays” all the Galatians 5 list of works of the flesh. This is not applicable after a person has been transformed and is a new creature, which is what that whole chapter is about.

Riches themselves do not make one wicked. Jesus was buried in a rich man’s tomb, a fulfillment of one of hundreds of Old Testament (Tanukh) prophecies:

“And after this Joseph of Arimathaea, being a disciple of Jesus, but secretly for fear of the Jews, besought Pilate that he might take away the body of Jesus: and Pilate gave him leave. He came therefore, and took the body of Jesus.” –John 19:38

In one passage seldom noticed in Sunday sermons, we read of several women that traveled with Jesus, who were apparently of some means because the had “substance”:

And Joanna the wife of Chuza Herod’s steward, and Susanna, and many others, which ministered unto him of their substance.-Luke 8:3

JB’s “works of the flesh” have been broadcast far and wide, but I have met 100s of people who were so in the past but were transformed and bore the fruits. I have worked with dozens of them, snatched from the fires of hell and genuinely born again. I have met former skinheads now repentant urban missionaries who now worked pleasantly with blacks, Latins, anybody. I have worked with missionaries who were former drug dealers who had their regular weekend corners in New York, complete with payouts to the cops.

Some “Christians” that rush to quickly to question testimonies, are lacking in the fruits of the spirit themselves.

“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them”, Jesus said in Matthew 7:20.

That verse of eight words packs a lifetime of discernment for him “that hath ears to hear”.


November 22, 2015

What does the federal government do to property owners on the border who protect their own ranches from trampling?

What about immigration if the State acted like the manager of the community property jointly owned and funded by the members of a housing association or gated community?

From the comments on the S4L link you sent me on this is one by a Jimmy T. LaBaume:

I live and ranch in Trans-Pecos Texas. The ranch headquarters is only 16 miles (as the crow flies) from the Rio Grande river and the Mexican Border.

For some strange reason, I feel tresspassed against when “illegal” imigrants cross my land. That could be because they cut fences, destroy stock waterings, leave masses of litter, and even break and enter and steal.

The association between property rights and immigration is real to me.

(One rancher was shot dead. The D.C. government also hates the private parties that go to these ranchers’ land to help interdict these tresspassers)

Government-subsidized immigration is not a libertarian phenomenon. It is not covered by the NAP. The deliberate and intentional and openly broadcast open door for infiltration by the worst most anti-NAP characters by the anti-NAP one-worlder Western governments speak for themselves.

The government is NOT making it “cumbersome or impossible for businessmen to hire these workers”. Like I told my wife and stepchildren from Honduras when they came and they were so worried about immigration for others they knew without papers, it was the ruling powers’ policy to encourage a certain number. If the “open doors” policy in a libertarian world favored businessmen and immigrants making compacts, they would actually let THAT happen instead of bringing in more welfare-encouraged cases.

When property is privatized and ranchers are allowed to protect their property, then he can talk to me.

The government extorts stolen resources to implement its state-controlled immigration policies. In a truly free society, all property would be private property.

Those “left-libertarians” who insist that freely open borders are libertarian borders, for example, are they announcing on broadcasts that immigrants are welcome to THEIR OWN neighborhoods? How about their own block they live on? The point is that what we witness with come-one come-all invitations from the extortionist governments and rulers, is not a libertarian-world thing.

Welfare distorts economies, and so do forced migrations, and so do extortion-subsidized migrations.

Murray Rothbard was the one who first coined the term “anarcho-capitalist”. For most of his prolific libertarian career, he agreed with “open borders libertarians”, but then he came to understand the view of Herman Hans Hoppe and Lew Rockwell.

In terms of the practical furthering of libertarian ideals in the wider society, the “bionicmosquito” blog offers an interesting analysis about the intersection of culture and liberty:

..In my opinion this has application to the migration subject .

For what it’s worth, I would LOVE to see a freely-travel NAP-governed libertarian world….

Hans Herman-Hoppe helps untangle the issue:

Reason: Obama is obviously a warmongering president

November 21, 2015

About Steve Chapman, writer of record of this article at Reason Magazine:
Hillary’s Appetite for War

The author says “The president himself is partly to blame” for getting Democrat Party members and followers and the public “inured” to war. Hey guys, he is to blame for jumping in with both feet. President Truman hung out a sign on his desk: “The buck stops here”. The expression, for you younger guys, means he’s the boss and takes the blame for his underlings.

Obama loves to blame the “top one percent” for everything their companies do, why soft-pedal this thing with him. What, he listens to his Secretary of State and former rival for top dog, and his coterie of adviser women, and he has no blame for anything?

And then this “Reason” author says something that in this real world sounds irrational:

“Obama has also refused to be panicked into reckless military action against Syria”.


Americans were tired of war, and even when they tried the false flag operation of getting the Syrian “rebels” to use chemical weapons against civilians while blaming it on Syria, in one marvelous demonstration of the importance of an independent free-for-all Internet, it took one lonely unsung European reporter to blow the whistle on them.

(By the way, the U. S. has stockpiles of those weapons, and used a banned chemical warfare weapon against its own civilians at Waco, Texas. That “tear gas” was a chemical used in Vietnam to kill the Vietcong in their tunnels.)

In other words, Obama either approved the operation or post-facto nodded at it.


Everybody who isn’t head-stuck in the sand knows by now that D.C. is pouring aid into Saudi Arabia as back-channel help for the “rebels” in Syria. Almost everybody should know by now –if you’re paying attention– that Saudi Arabia is pouring rivers of financing and arms to ISIS. On occasion the war hawks talk about using the Middle East allies more, but they don’t say too much.

Now we find out that Obama has deliberately ordered the troops to let ISIS sell their oil.

Somebody reading this is rolling their eyes because they believe government media (PBS, NPR, CNN, FNC,FBN, CNBC, CBS, ABC, NYT, Washington Post, etc). He just announced in a big news story that they dropped leaflets warning oil truck drivers to get out of the way, for around 100 of them waiting at the ISIS oil docks.

The Pentagon has been watching they said, over a THOUSAND of these trucks filling up and they have not bombed them.

Obama is waging a PRETEND war against ISIS. Obama is all in for helping al Qaeda and ISIS overthrow Assad in Syria. Obama saw nothing wrong with Hillary Clinton’s helping al Qaeda get rid of Gaddafi.

Gaddafi had become one of the best allies against al Qaeda in the Middle East. He turned over their bad guys and he gave up his nuclear program. That’s why he was confused about the West attacking him so hard.

What about the propaganda against him that claimed he was attacking civilians? My question is, why did the media go along with that propaganda without mentioning that the Libyan “rebels” were doing much worse? Where is the story that exposes the lie that said all the blacks defending Gaddafi were “mercenaries”, when in fact they were the people who were treated well in Gaddafi’s Libya and that knew the Yankee-supported NATO-armed “rebels” were fatally dangerous to them?

Why did nobody ask why the Obama-Clinton regime was supporting rebels that committed much worse atrocities against civilians? If getting rid of monsters is the goal, why aren’t they attacking the worst of them?

“Massacre of Blacks in Libya By NATO-backed Rebels Continues as World Watches”:

Who in their right mind believes this? Oh, yeah, maybe the same ones that believed the troops would find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

And quoting a Washington Post propagandist that said Obama shows “an appreciation not just of the limits of U.S. power, but also of the limited need to exercise it.”

We can all see that he pushes U.S. power where he wants it, and that is, AGAINST the United States and its future. Contrary to the “peaceful guy” government propaganda, he is actively supporting operations that will be the country’s ruin, and he knows it. How can he not, unless his IQ is a lot less that his hiding of college records suggests.

You cannot blame Hillary Clinton for Obama’s continued war against Syria, his pretense bombing of ISIS while supporting Saudi Arabia’s support for ISIS in Syria. You can blame Obama for refusing to cooperate with Russia against ISIS, but not as a “weakness” or “peaceful” man. The truth is rather obvious: they don’t want it known that their support for “moderate Syrians” is a bogus smokescreen disinformation cover. Russia asked the U.S. to tell them where to avoid bombing, then asked them where to bomb.

How strange, two months or so after Obama’s own propaganda campaign for bombing Assad’s forces had hit a blowback wall, ISIS bursts onto the news cycle with captured American tanks and captured Iraqi oil wells, complete with a change in American opinion.

Clinging, Religion, Guns, Thoughtcrime, Zionism

November 19, 2015




Good day Mr. Larowitz,

Regarding your article at the following link, I had some reactions for your edification:

First I agreed with almost all of it. Thumbs up. Mostly.

First a paraphrase of one paragraph, my offerings in brackets:

“Here in America our right to criticize, investigate, report on, and discipline or shame our stupid and incompetent rulers [or any other stupid or incompetent anybody] was meant to be protected, supposedly, by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

Of course American governments being the chief culprit in First Amendment badness, especially the one in D. C., they are the biggest danger. That followed by its indoctrination operations (schools, universities, government-media complex)

And WHO SAID you’re ” not supposed to make any critical comments about Christianity or the Bible, as Obama had done during his first Presidential campaign, referring to people “clinging” to their Bible, and so on.”

What the hell? That’s EXACTLY what you’re doing. Besides you conveniently left out the word that immediately followed the Bible in Obama’s devilish turn of words to a crowd IN THE PEOPLE’S SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF SAN FRANCISCO, by the way.

Obama criticized you and me: “”It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment…”

Obama is the one clinging to the gov-media suppression of people who are not like him and his cohorts, who want to “fundamentally change” us and our culture and our respect for each other’s FREE SPEECH. He doesn’t believe in it. If he could have reinstated the Unfair [Anti-Speech] Doctrine he would have done it six years ago. He’s had his DOJ all along trying to figure out how to do it another way.

I “CLING” TO THE DESIRE FOR THE TRUTH. That led me to my own FACT-BASED faith in the Bible. What do YOU cling to? I’m a “fool for Christ” in the eyes of the world, whose fool are you?

Obama has the “right” to prattle on, but not to cage me for Thoughtcrime.

Take a memo: It was NOT the Bible. That’s propaganda for the crowd gullible Jews and “Christians”, and no doubt the motivation of many Jews who migrated there. They chose Palestine for the same reasons Napoleon did: “He who controls Palestine controls the world”.

Christians who truly believe the Bible condemn the Zionist movement, and SO DO THE ORTHODOX JEWS CONDEMN ZIONISM, who arguably believe their Bible with much more fervor and in practice than do the Zionists. The secular Jews resent them in fact.

Do a search with these keywords: “Jews not Zionists”. You get a LOT of hits. Then try “pro-life atheists”.

Give up on government media. They censor and cover up.

A visit to history: the IRS targeting scandal: D.C. is the District of Corruption

November 15, 2015

Responses to NPR’s attempted takedown of the IRS scandal:

NPR-1–Most of the groups flagged by the IRS for extra scrutiny didn’t actually have to apply for tax-exempt status.

No kidding. And yet, instead of the supposedly “overworked” IRS reviewers actually telling them so, when they had “tea party” in their name (or “patriot” IIRC), they were instead sidetracked into the shelf labeled “Recycle instead of approve or disapprove (They can sue if we disapprove)”.

Bu then before Senator Lyndon B. Johnson snuck a “religious organizations” clause into the 501(c)3 language of the tax code, historically, no church was required to apply for exemption from such taxation, because they were considered constitutionally (and in court history) a priori non-taxable. Accountants and lawyers rushed in and scared the seminary students into applying to avoid prison. A pox on LBJ’s name.

NPR-2. Even if the right criteria had been used, 80 percent of the targeted groups would have warranted extra scrutiny.

That’s another red herring to distract from the fact that even Lois Lerner himself began this news cycle with the admission that the IRS reviewers she was responsible for had targeted a list of conservative trigger words to hold and divert instead of process per normal.

It is obviously the IRS ITSELF that “warrants extra scrutiny”, and Mother Jones magazine should give “extra scrutiny” to itself too.

NPR-3. Those intrusive questions that drew widespread criticism? Some of them are actually on the IRS application form.

Oh, weasel, weasel, weasel, slippery snakes. “Some”???! Really! how about telling the fact that MOST of them were “actually [NOT] on the IRS application form”. And you don’t specify whether talking about (c)3 or (c)4. Names of donors for example are NOT required for the 501(c)4 groups.

NPR-4 – Nonconservative groups got extra scrutiny, too. A lot of them.

Some, sure. They have to justify their budget, after all. And look at the one they chose as an example. One group’s name was “Alliance for a Better Utah”. That’s one of the 30 percent they say got extra work. It’s an ambiguous name that does not make clear the inclinations thereof.

Consider the following phrases that were used as trigger words to hold and hold some more, documented with footnotes. The progressive group for Utah, if it was progressive, just happened to pick a name that by chance was caught in the dragnet of the black hole for words that the IRS group considered as oppositional to Obama and his programs.

From wikipedia:

The list, first distributed in August 2010, suggested intensive scrutiny of applicants with names related to a number of political causes, including names related to the Tea Party movement and other conservative causes.[48] Eventually, IRS employees in at least Cincinnati, Ohio; El Monte, California; Laguna Niguel, California; and Washington, D.C.[49] applied closer scrutiny to applications from organizations that:[50][51][52]

–referenced words such as “Tea Party”, “Patriots”, or “9/12 Project”, “progressive,” “occupy,” “Israel,” “open source software,” “medical marijuana” and “occupied territory advocacy” in the case file;[47][48]
–outlined issues in the application that included government spending, government debt, or taxes;
–involved advocating or lobbying to “make America a better place to live”;
–had statements in the case file that criticized how the country is being run;
–advocated education about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights;
–were focused on challenging the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—known by many as Obamacare;
–questioned the integrity of federal elections.

Hey, NPR, just like your defamatory lies about Honduras during 2009, you are entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to make up fictions or lies-by-spin.

The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.-Proverbs 15:3


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