Us to global socialists –Leave us alone!

August 25, 2016

Used to be that the well-funded “left-leaning” “gay community organizers” (never what they claim to be really) –and before that Jews– claimed they just wanted to be left alone to live their lives.

Then they went to claims on tax-extortion supported state-blessed marriage (most gays did not care about that until they were told to). Those “organizers” called it “equality”.

Then they went to joining the leftist choir, as if reading from the same Wagner musical composition, the leftist choir that now interferes in our bedrooms, our jobs, our investments, our movements, our security (claiming its for our security when it’s really theirs they want to protect from “we the people”), our children, our elderly, our doctors, our insurance, our choices, our religions and our guns, and.. Wow! They are now ordering us to share our bathrooms with whoever feels like making us share it!

Too many Americans whose blind-faith loyalty…

August 25, 2016

There are too many Americans whose blind-faith loyalty is to the new global-socialist-regime built with the help of hedge fund money-changer billionaires like George Soros (search the hack on his files), and multi-national corporations. Oligarchs pretend to be socialist (equality) but they consider themselves bigger than “we the people”.

They don’t want us to realize the impact of the fact that “we the people” are more than them. And that’s why most of the manipulators hide behind a wall of secrecy.

But friends of “we the people” are publicizing their semi-public faces they tried to keep secret before: Davos,
Trilateral Commission,
33rd level Masons (the subset allowed to the most upper chambers), Illuminati,
Albert Pike’s homage to Lucifer,
Saul Alinsky’s dedication to Satan,
Jekyll Island,
the “free trade” agreements that block free trade and set up unelected globalist regional political dictatorships, so-called United Nations (set up by spy Alger Hiss and fellow connivers), European Commission (unelected decree factory),
George Soros’ many funded political operations everywhere,
the many leftist billionaire-funded Foundations,
the funding of global warming science pimps,
Drone Monochrome Doublespeak Media,
Fake “Christians”,
social justice warrior drones…

A testimony from the Olympics in the 5000m

August 21, 2016

A testimony from the Olympics, breaking through the antichrist filters into an NBC segment:

d’Agostino gives the credit to the Holy Spirit.

The ZEDE’s in Honduras march on, at turtle’s pace

August 20, 2016

What a bunch of hooey. My wife is from Honduras. We cheered when they right announced this effort.

Hondurans did a LOT of research on how other countries went from abject poverty to wealthy, and got the right people in charge of studying this and planning. This whole plan is a HONDURAN SOVEREIGN DECISION. Those renegade judges had their own reasons for what they did, who knows, maybe Venezuela offered the judges the same money they had offered to Midheletti to resign and let the Chavez surrogate back in power, $3 million. They were grabbing more power than the Constitution allowed and so the impeachment was in order.

Zelaya was a renegade “elected” president (scare quotes are intentional) who was issuing his own decrees instead of publishing Congress’ legislation as required, he enforced his own project to make his auto-coup “official” instead of the law, and robbed millions.

The government’s own “fiscal general” (Attorney General) sought the warrant to arrest him for these crimes against the law, against the people, and the Supreme Court orderedt Zelaya’s arrest. He was photographed escorted from the Palace fully suited up. That theater he pulled in Costa Rica, changing into pajamas for the Press, was somebody’s idea of PR. “Prison or resign and exile, Mr. President?” Mr. Piti-Chavez: “Okay, exile”.

Now comes a chance for Honduras to set up zones that treat investors (including HONDURANS) decently, something Hondurans rejoiced to hear about. Complaints against the corruption in politics there and the crime and all ring very hollow when compared to the plans that the Honduran Congress itself overwhelmingly voted for (twice, because that’s a requirement for constitutional amendments).

As an anarcho-capitalist myself, there are elements I don’t like about some of the ways it’s implemented and applied.

But this project is WAY MUCH better than what they’ve got. Even as slow as it’s going. Leftists like George Soros the billionaire would prefer Honduras stay in the muck and mire so he can import more Hondurans into the US, free room and board and medical care promised to them, to disrupt the freedom-oriented American culture he so despises.

Give peace a chance

August 13, 2016

You cannot trust Left-Crony Media. It’s not just the old broadcast and cable news channels, and old newspapers. There’s plenty of intellectually-challenged thinking leaking out onto the web pages of web-based news and opinion sites like Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, and several others.

Here’s an example from the Huntington Post, putting the comment in a context to make it appear Obama was the first one to invade Afghanistan, but omitting two really BIG facts, listed below the excerpt from their web page:

A spokesperson for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has blamed President Barack Obama for invading Afghanistan ― a foreign policy decision he never made.

“Remember we weren’t even in Afghanistan by this time,” Katrina Pierson told CNN early Saturday. “Barack Obama went into Afghanistan creating another problem.”

“That was Obama’s war,” she declared later in the program, when asked to clarify if she meant Obama was responsible for its launch.

Factoid they left out is that Obama consistently, from his time in the Illionois Senate to his campaign in 2008, while (correctly) criticizing the war in Iraq, because the evidence for WMDs was not good enough. He said the war in Afghanistan was the “good” war.

They also left out that he had said the only troops still in Afghanistan were for support of the Afghan locals. But Obama had to go back in.

In fact, he expanded the American-involved wars to Yemen, Libya and then Syria, and he gets all the blame and credit for it all. The neo-cons cannot complain much.

Now the neo-cons are backing Hillary Rodham Clinton because she is now the warmonger (Obama was too soft for her) and Trump wants to back off from provoking more wars and interventions. He’s right to say we cannot afford these wars anymore.

Some leftists don’t care, others refuse to think about it, and then there are quite a lot of Sanders fans that refuse to vote for her for the same reasons they backed Sanders. HRC is a walking invitation to another Cold War that today is MUCH more dangerous because she supports arming the Ukrainians against the ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, and because the three Baltic nations might pull NATO into a war with Russia because they are bitter against the Russian-dominated Soviet era, and would love to see them get poked at.

Make PEACE not war.

Deir Yassin

August 13, 2016

I am fully aware of the official Israeli “explanation” for Deir Yassin. To be in denial about it is not just “dolt-y” but to be in intellectual and moral denial. Ahab and Jezebel were rulers in Israel but they were of the devil. The rulers of today’s Israel have no better moral standing than those wicked rulers of ancient Israel. The politically favored Orthodox sects there have to scrub their hands in chlorine after shaking them with a Christian, and even the more secular-minded Netanyahu has the common sense to hold his spit while meeting with a Southern Baptist before he turns it into a projectile aimed at the garbage afterward.

Deir Yassin is historical fact. The protestations of an excape corridor are no excuse because the obvious threat was to wipe out any civilians remaining and they obviously DID carry out the threat. There was an eyewitness who visited the remains of the town and reported on it. The detail includes the rotting flesh of human remains.

ETHNIC CLEANSING at its ugliest it was.

They say the victor writes the history. Jesus told the Pharisees they were of their father the Devil, because he is the father of lies. Today’s Orthodox over there actually brag proudly of being their spiritual descendants! That state is a SECULAR state founded by SOCIALISTS who had no interest in Biblical principles. They were, and are, no doubt the same ones manipulating the whole world into helping them build their New World Dictatorship.

Bill Clinton with another load of bull

August 13, 2016

Bill Clinton now accusing FBI Director Comey of “bull”:

This is the guy who told us, wagging his finger at the cameras, he “never had sex with that woman”, and just the other day told the world that he has had a story-book marriage to Hillary Clinton. Now as we ALL know now, this bed-of-roses fantasy IS INDEED a “load of bull”.

BUT there is a hidden message in those words too for involved parties, and a hidden implication. AND he is exposing the REAL reason that he well may believe that Comey did not bring charges against Hillary Clinton: that there were all these other people, career diplomats, that were exchanging emails with HIllary Rotten Clinton.

In other words, he is also implying, if Comey would have brought charges against her, he would have to consider charges against all those other State Department employees.

That does no good for actually proving anything. But Bill being a much better messenger with a “load of bull”, meaning a much better liar-by-commission and liar-by-omission, he is the one to say this.

Is a government-subsidized (heavily!) welfare-fueled immigration program truly “open borders”?

August 12, 2016

Another one that thinks the government’s subsidized program importing Latinos and Muslims and anybody else is something they can call libertarian because the anti-liberty media slapped a fraudulent label of “open borders” on it:

The “bionic mosquito” blog has done a good job of explaining all this, but it sparked a train of thought.

In another, eh, what, irony? Quickly enough after Israel declared “independence” in 1948, almost all the Islamic governments around them banned entry to anybody and everybody who had already first visited Israel. No matter what “religion” they were. However, I have seen this article and the Bionic’s, and as a totally anarchist capitalism- and free-market advocate, from this perspective it is clear that his is the better application of libertarian principle at this time.

Why? For the same time I denounce ALL the recent “free trade agreements”. How gullible can a libertarian be, some of whom actually think these treaties establish free trade among its signatories!! Since when is an agreement between two governments (think “mafiosis” as Rothbard considered them) negotiating a “fixed” government-mandated price-percentage reduction for their favored multi-national companies, SINCE WHEN is THAT a “free trade” anything??!*? Especially one that sets up yet another layer of commands for us peons with yet another layer of liberty-killing political dictatorship? Like Europe’s peoples were conned into? This recent migrations powered by this fraudulently labelled “open borders” thing is 100% consistent with a plot hatched by the one-worlder globalist architects in moving towared their vision of the coming global dictatorship. It is announced directly from the White House, who left it to their Globalist-Socialist News Agencies of their own drone-minded globalist media cartel to proclaim “locally” in the poor countries that these rich (ahem, “Western”-culture and Christian-legacy) countries would receive them with open arms now, make sure they eat better than they ever did in their lives, have a comfortable room to sleep in, toys for their tots, and the comforts of home –not the “comforts” of the shacks they left behind but the comforts of the homes of Berlin and of middle America.

What we are watching is another GOVERNMENT PROGRAM, disguised as “allowing” people in to grab their advantage, a method to break down the society in the USA that represents the strongest liberty-minded nation in the world. They KNOW they are forcing conflicts and culture clashes by putting people in the midst of Christian middle America that come from places where Christians were treated as less than full citizens, and where abuses against them were generally tolerated.

You think Obama does not know the violent trouble he’s causing, already started? Remember he said people like YOU and ME were “afraid of change” and that’s the only reason we “cling to [our] guns and [our] religion”. He’s plopping Muslims from Syria in the middle of that. Immigrants from Syria–oh yes, making it a LOT harder for Syrian Christians than Muslims, as shown in their own numbers. And where are the Druze and the other non-Muslims from Syria that make up giant numbers in Syria?

Obama now has a reputation among so-called “open borders” advocates that call him the “deporter-in-chief” by the numbers. Duh, yeah, hey, if your GOVERNMENT is inviting them into our neighborhoods and promising to take care of them, you get so many numbers that the fraction you send packing (even if they’re the worst) is bigger numbers than before, well, that’s what you get. Along with a cry to bring even more in.

Even before Obama, the USA received more than any other country in the world. And until they made it a friendly environment to bash Christians and preach jihad, people more or less lived peacefully.

And the ones inflicting us with this situation and robbing us blind to do it (by hook, crook, tax extortion, and money devaluation), are moralizing to us about “that’s not who we are”, as the KENYAN-AMERICAN said, who has gone against almost everything “American”.

And the worst thing is maybe the gullible libertarians who echo the same preaching about it. Sad. The truth is the truth though.

Orwellian Newspeak by Creep

August 12, 2016

Campus Reform reports on a new ABA rule that bars the use of words they call “potentially discriminatory”, like “honey”, or “darling”.

This is cultural ignorance. There are regional differences and even personality differences in different cultures. When some people use these words, it’s just their way of talking. I’ve seen it more often with black folks among my friends than others, as a matter of fact, I would assume because that’s just a “Southern” thing.

For awhile I took a certain bus route every day and the driver was a black woman who called me “Boo-boo” all the time. After awhile I found out she called everybody that. I asked her why once, and she said that way she didn’t have to remember anybody’s name. So many different people take the bus!

This is straight out of the novel “1984” by George Orwell. The novel was his warming against socialism and the totalitarian society that would devolve into -he had been a socialist. Maybe he thought it was happen faster, whence the year in the title, or maybe it could have happened without it.

But we are living under regimes just like he described.

In the novel, there were cameras everywhere, watching every move you made. Now, we have cameras everywhere. They are thicker in Britain than in the States, but they are ubiquitous here too.

The technology is more advanced, so now they can capture a lot more of your communications and habits than before. They track your web surfing, your phone calls, your purchases, your travels, your jobs, and now with the abominable Obamacare, they are setting up visibility into your entire medical history.

But… God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.

Experience? What does it take to get her to stop killing us with all that experience?

August 9, 2016

Lots of lousy experience in mass murder, intimidation, losing track of evidence under subpoena, guilty of “extreme recklessness” with computer security, a multi-million dollar slush fund, secret speeches to Wall Street crony bankers, pushing to fight for air space over Syria, voting for war against one of the then last protectors of Christians in the Middle East in an illegal war based on lies, inviting another “Cold War”, supporting the coup-installed government in Ukraine, promising to continue to catastrophic policies of Obama, threatening to make Obamacare even worse, demanding that girls be ordered into combat against terrible misogynistic cultures, demanding silence from her husband’s rape victims, pushing to make it a felony in her 1992-3 health plane to seek your own doctor for medical treatment..

Man oh man What the hell does she have to do to get FIRED?


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