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February 24, 2017

But government IS by definition, a freeloader.
The parasite middle-man that takes whatever it darn well pleases (try to tell Irwin Schiff otherwise) whenever it darn well pleases (civil forfeiture), and as much of its own money that you thought was yours (income taxes and property taxes and all other taxes).

And then it dribbles out just enough to (in their own minds) claim that they are doing it for the benefit of their own victims?

Nah, this racket is busted, brother!

Protection from aggression and theft? Nobody believes that. Private sector hires FIVE TIMES as many people as does government for protective services.

Roads? The government is using road blocks to cut Western ranchers off from their land, or once-wild unused land that they homesteaded by way of usage (see the Bundy Ranch atrocities and the suffering of the ranchers in Oregon).

Education? In terms of results best measured, by standard academic testing in skills needed for careers, and even thinking straight:

On average,
Private schools perform better than government schools (aka public schools aka government party line and decadence indoctrination centers). Religious private schools perform better than private schools, Home schooled students perform better than private schools.

I don’t know where charter schools fit in there, but logic suggests it fits between government schools and private schools.

Traditional culture, “alt-right”, trumps hate, Truth beats lies

February 24, 2017

The right hates immigrants? Breitbart? That is a lie.

For example, the bald-faced malicious LIE that Breitbart is blah blah. Breitbart is part of the American middle that is anti-racist to the bone, which means they (Americans of any color) believe that a man should be judged by the content of his character instead of the color of his skin. Liberate black Americans from the oppression of group think and you’ll get a much more just society.

Middle Americans also oppose the misogyny of dividing women from men, wives from husbands, letting men pretend they are women and “competing” in women’s leagues. They oppose the misogyny of sex selection abortion, the misogyny of telling expectant mothers they should feel good about killing their own babies, the misogyny of pretending there is no difference. They oppose the outrageous lie that the blame for rape is in society or some kind of “rape culture”, instead of the blame going to the RAPIST.

Middle Americans value the traditional culture that cultivated the economic prosperity that made the United States of America the envy of the world, the standard for the world. They appreciate the respect for the free markets it USED to have, before people were deluded into thinking that the government could solve any social or economic woe. That is borderline insanity.

Whose approval rating!?

February 23, 2017

Somebody pointed to Trump’s approval rating “keeps plummeting”. Those polls are now a laugh riot.

Yeah, they are on a roll with those polls. How’s that working out for ya? Let’s take a look in the recent memory lane:

#1 he wasn’t really serious when he announced,
#2 he wasn’t going to last past the 1st primary (he got 2nd), #3 he said WHAT? That does it, he’s losing the next primary, #4 he won the next primary, repeat #3 and #4 SIXTEEN times, #5 (polls:) Republicans would steal the nomination from him, #6 the Republican party recognized his nomination for president,
#7 He said WHAT? Now he’s going down in the election, no chance, look at the pollls, he has a 98 percent chance of losing (the polls! the polls!), #8 He won the election,
#9 (Gomer:) Surprise, surprise, surprise! He won the election!,
#10 recount! Bring Jill Stein for a Clinton surrogate: Recount! (Clinton camp quietly in panice, hoping they don’t audit the vote),
#11 Oops! Recount shows 37 percent of Detroit precincts were so badly over-counted (60 actual ballots opened where there were 368 votes counted in one of them) that the over-count by law stays, #12 Recount confirms the vote in battleground states,
#13 Jill Stein says stop, it’s hurting the PR and I got the funds I wanted anyway,
#14 WHAT YOU SAY? A full THIRD of Hispanics voted for him and twice the African-Americans that voted for Romney? Say it ain’t so, I can’t believe it, CNN didn’t show that,
#14 The electoral college will save us from the deplorables (CNNABCNBCCBSNYTWAPO never told us there were so many of them, I thought it was just my non-racist cousin was fooled)
#15 the never-trumper neo-cons will save us, they’ll save Hillary’s plans for dogfights with Russia over that evil Assad who blocked a pipeline and who is protecting the Christians from ISIS (oops who blew the whistle on that one?) #16 the electoral college members were faithful to their oaths,
#17 cries for taking care of it, HRC will be present “in case something happens”, #18 cries for coup ring out,
#19 inauguration happens despite plans for disruptions and vandalism and violence caught on video, and despite pleas for “something to happen to him”, and pleas from even Hollywood for a military coup to save them,

and since then,
#20 presidency proceeds apace, fastest work in memory by a new president, while the Legacy Hegemon Media, already the most untrusted class of people by Americans, plummets even worse that Congress.

You al know what I left out. Every reader knows somebody that doesn’t talk much but you know voted for the guy that the International Billionaire Globalist Hegemony (CFR, Bildebergs, Davos, UN, etc. etc.) hated because they want to stop forced cultural dictates and they want more freedoms not less and they want business-friendly not a socialist disaster.

What’s left for freedom won’t happen:
End the Fed.
Congress ruling that only enumerated areas for SCOTUS are allowed for federal judiciary. State sovereignty respected.
Local rule over education again.

No subsidized education. My proposal and Ron Paul’s: Okay if you’re here already, permanent work permit with no path to citizenship and absolutely no freebies on the backs of taxpayers. If anyone, including big mouth politicians, wants to support them, they can do it with THEIR OWN pocket money, not somebody else’s.

ABA bar president wants independent judiciary: That would be an improvement!

February 23, 2017

That is outright WRONG WRONG WRONG! Because what this ABA president considers “independence” is, in the context of the public discussion on the subject, no doubt a defense of whatever judge follows a whim in his ruling.

FIRST: The U. S. Constitution CLEARLY and IN PLAIN ENGLISH says that CONGRESS sets the issues that the federal judiciary can rule on, except for the very scant few enumerated therein. SCOTUS has recognized this several times. Madison-Marbury was an unconstitutional seizure of the ultimate power to rule on constitutionality.

I know your law school academics taught you that SCOTUS case law was the last word on constitutionality but that only works because generally, everybody has just meekly gone along with it, and the worst abuses did not come into play (excepting a few rulings that trashed state sovereignty like Dred Scott, and then the unconstitutional war against the southern states by Abraham Lincoln). And pardon this obligatory disclaimer necessary today, I am against slavery more than any judge or politician.

SECOND: The U. S. Constitution is written in plain ENGLISH, not legalese. People who can read plain English can tell. It takes four years of Law School to disabuse people of this fact, apparently.

THIRD: If the Constitution is a dead document like some syntactically challenged assertions I have seen where they use the opposite word “living document”, then it is worthless. You then have the same effect of declaring the judicial branch supreme with a ruling clique of nine black-robed dictators. THAT idea is outrageous too.

FOURTH: The US Constitution was probably the best effort yet in history to balance natural God-given individual rights against attempts to overthrow it. It has been overthrown by a thousand cuts by judicial arrogance –that’s arrogance, not independence– and is the best evidence that the government that has resulted is an oppressive regime that has allowed the worst and darkest forces to thrive at our expense.

Quinnipiac: people think Trump incompetent. People: Quinnipiac incompetent

February 23, 2017

Quinnipiac polling says people think Trump is incompetent. WE are laughing our behinds off in reaction.

It’s more like Quinnipiac and Yahoo have this big problem: we the people, we their readers, can’t figure out whether they’re incompetent or just plain liars.

This pollster Quinnipiac also got it wrong in their election predictions, and yahoo posted them faithfully and religiously.

These are like science pimps who find a drug safe if they think they have a nice soft “job” waiting later in the Big Pharma firms they “regulate”. Or do a climategate with their discredited hockey stick data.

They said Trump was running as a joke,
then he came in second in Iowa,
then he was going to lose all the primaries,
then he knocked down sixteen opponents,
then every time he opened his mouth that was the end of him,
then the Republican Party nomination would be stolen from him,
then he got the nomination, then no way he could get any Hispanic votes,
then there arose spontaneous youtubes of Mexicans and other Latinos promoting “Latinos for Trump” and “I came for the American dream not the Mexican nightmare”,
then he would not win the general election (Quinnipiac said so)
–and then he won the general election,
next they said the electoral college would bolt,
–then he got the electoral college vote (including a third of the Hispanic vote and doubling the African-American vote from previous Republican numbers),
next they called for assassination or a coup,
–then he was inaugurated…

So then they tried blaming the Russians (how could Americans be so smart?) and that has fizzled.

So they are still playing the Russian card, trying to implement their plans for another stupid cold war that will bankrupt us all,

while laying trial balloons for a mental incapacity coup,

while Soros and other color revolution money finances riots and mayhem,

while Obama trains thousands of professional trouble makers (“community organizers”) skilled in knowing how to look like more than they are, (how much money does it take for them to pepper a town hall with screamers?),

while some rogues and nasty intelligent agents (mostly CIA no doubt) are plotting scenarios for false flag Russia provocations, consolidating their Ukraine coup government, cajoling Europe into going along with poking at Russia.

Meantime, “they” plot false flags and different scenarios for a coup.
His enemies acknowledge that the Russians did not rig the vote. My gosh, if there was a real national audit, they have to be in panic about what of their own dark secrets of election theft would be uncovered. It was bad enough when the Jill Stein recount uncovered MASSIVE invalid counts that were so ridiculously in Hillary’s favor they had to leave the invalid Hillary counts in place. 37% of precincts in Detroit numbers alone.

If there is an obvious coup against this president, they may have to let it be for four years while they block everything they can.

And Operation Mockingbird will keep the press in line by hook and crook, bribe and Michael Hastings type accidents. Great Big Corporate Complex has been compromised with the wider forces pushing for international hegemony a long time ago.

So there will be trouble. And the Fed cannot help but let the dollar fall off the cliff eventually, and there are other forces coming together in what appear to be the storm clouds of the “end-times” forming.

ACM communications editorial

February 23, 2017

Open letter to Mr. Moshe Vardi, president of ACM, in reaction to his article in ACM Communications:

“ACM’s Open-Conference Principle and Political Reality,”

I have subscribed to ACM to read the interesting articles that apply to myself and to delve into the educational resources, in advancement of my career as a (business) software engineer.

It is with dismay that I view so many emphatic opinions tending to encourage ever more intervention by government on behalf of computing.

The vast ocean of technology and information advances we are now swimming in due to rapid creativity and growth in our field, did not come from government much more often in spite of them.

It was not until 1982 that the government-enforced monopoly over long distance and the telephone system was broken up. That immediately unleashed a market for long distance improvements in the free market. In the 1990s mobile phones began to multiply across the land.

The Internet was presaged by the private bulletin boards that popped up everywhere, and then private services like Prodigy, Compuserve, AOL, and others, that were cajoled into merging into the ARPA network. So the Internet is NOT thanks to the government. A more organic growth might have even resulted in better security environment.

So I would like to see a more neutral tone on such matters. I realize that the bulk of the membership is probably on the academic and research side, and that these are dependent on government money.

But it is offensive to see such leaders in this field jump so enthusiastically into this “resistance” against what is really the resistance by the electorate against policies and programs that they see as a movement toward subjecting political and economic freedom to unelected international councils that have shown callous disregard for the effects on the poor and middle class.

How about promoting computing as a career and a profession?

If a social cause is truly just for all, it will attract the beneficiaries without joining the mutli-billionaire financiers that are paying for riots and mayhem and strategic disruption, led by professionals trained in “community organizing”.

Joe Gerstner, political refugee from

February 22, 2017

gathered in the car). He reported theft. The next day a 15-year old boy told police he saw Gerstner shoot a transvestite dead. That went nowhere fast because the boy couldn’t keep his story straight and finally admitted a bribe from somebody “from the FBI”.

The day after that a detective had found a crack addict driving the car around, he was questioned and released, then the story was planted that he said he had stolen it from Joe Gerstner while the commissioner was high on cocaine and having sex with a prostitute. He was brought in for questioning, but a drug test proved he did not do cocaine. He refused to answer more questions, seeing it was a frame-up, so the judge put him in jail for contempt.

He was released after three weeks pending appeal, but instead of surrendering to Janet Reno’s vendetta (she was directing the discordant ruckus, her initials on documents), he went on “vacation” to Australia. As soon as the appeal fell through he applied for asylum in Australia. It took him eight years, because Janet Reno kept sending people (paid for by tax extortion victims) to bring him back to the U. S.

So Eric Holder was wrong.

And Dinesh Ddouza was a victim of political persecution, put in prison for being
effective at opposing Obama’s policies.

Big Media: the most untrusted voice in America

February 20, 2017

With all the Untrusted Press a-twitter about Trump twitters, he has very arguably done more in his time there than many predecessors.

He cannot be blamed for the hampering that slow confirmations crimp his full planning. But he has already done some things. For some I “oh no not again”, for some I say “Finally!”.

“By their fruits ye shall know them”, and so far his VERY BEST fruit is that he has all the right enemies. And just like he said to the some 9,000 that came to his recent Orlando “presidential rally”, those enemies are enemies of his ONLY because they are the enemies of the people that elected him. I’ll add myself that those powerful forces with allegiances to other international power cliques that have done lots and lots of planning toward subjugating our country and every other nation on earth to themselves. Trump was elected to drain the swamp of those people.

OF COURSE that includes what I call Mockingbird Media, Mockingbird Press, highlighting the “Deep State” (uppercase) propaganda project known as Operation Mockingbird.

But God is in control and many of those rich rulers have been shocked at so many of their closely held secrets splash across news headlines in alternative press.

Be careful now. Prepare. The Evil Empire is preparing to strike back. It’s trying to figure out what it’s “death star” weapon will be. Failing all else they may pull a Maidan, or a Reichstag, or a Plaza Miraflores (Caracas,April 2002).

With all this going on, from this point on, if anything happens to President Trump that ends his presidency, we all now know where the blame will go. We now know who will rejoice if there is such a coup d’etat against the president put there in an election that even these enemies acknowledge he won. That will be leftists, and the faux “resistance” that in their rioting, burning and looting, and shouting, do the bidding of the Wall Street and Deep State insiders against the person who represents the people they consider dangerous to them. The ones they consider dangerous (to their hegemony) is an electorate that escapes their control. They lose control when they lose the mind control.


Leftist program is Nazi program

February 19, 2017

Here comes another article comparing Trump to Hitler, using a Mr. Zweig, exile from Austria who fled to the United States when he saw the National Socialists gaining popularity in Europe:

The article quotes him as pointing to the fire at the Reichstag as the turning point in the fall of Germany to the regime, or as the sign that brutality had consolidated its rule.

This is a facile comparison, though, and totally ignores Nazi policies and the differences from today.

Here’s a good list of 10 of the ways in which the Obama administration policies lined up with the National Socialist programs that were implemented in their earliest days:

But the biggest thing to watch for are the “gun control” measures. For most Trump supporters, if he started going after these self-defense tools like the Democrats have done and many Republicans, all those Trump supporters would go crazy. That’s when trouble would start.

The Nazis did add the gun laws to the books, their gun control laws were passed under the Weimar Republic. The Nazis gave them steroids, and confiscated firearms across their territory. The Warsaw uprising of the Jews had to defend themselves with the arms that had been hidden, a few stolen from armories, and whatever they could fabricate homemade.

In fact, the first gun control laws proposed after WW2 was mostly a translation of the Weimar Republic gun laws with the Nazi additions. Literally. The sponsor of the Gun Control Act of 1968 had requested the translation a few days before he proposed the bill.

If Trump does something that shows his supporters that he just another swamp creature, they will abandon him. He would have no help from them as Deep State persecutes them. They may go somewhere else, or not. There are a number of people who are willing to ride into danger, as shown by their stand with the 2014 Bundys in their disputes with the Bureau of Land Management.

It is hard to say what will happen. If these Swamp Masters cannot confiscate the guns to make it safe for their tyranny, they may well then arrange for a hot civil war.

Lots of people on both sides of the forming divisions are saying we are already in a cold civil war.

Academia has produced a great number of zombie troops for one side, of various colors.

When forced to choose sides, as it looks like may happen, the commies will be shocked at how many blacks and browns will side up with freedom.


February 16, 2017

“The Saker” wrote a list of convincing points that Flynn is the first domino to fall in the Trump administration. Sounds like they’re going after Kelly Conway next, or maybe Steve Bannon. They might be content with having sabotaged any rapproachment with Russia.

My reaction is cross-posted to his comments section:

The points int he list are very convincing. A sad day.

Sometimes they say “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.”

In this last election we knew that we had a one hundred percent chance of getting the worst that the baddest devil could offer with the smooth talking Jezebel on steroids, and there was a better than zero chance of getting something better with Trump. She almost outright promised jet dogfights over Syria, to go to war against Iran, to continue the program with the devastation in Iraq and the brutality she left behind in Iraq. He promised peace with Russia and a re-think of foreign policy.

You say Trump came out of a faction of Deep State. I’m not so sure. Maybe he matched some of that faction’s goals to try to avoid World War Three (or Cold War Two) but then arriving into the seat of power changes things. I had a powerful person from a Latin American country in my house that told me about this secretive Deep State clique, in a conversation about JFK. They have a lot of faces but they are organized. By now this should be obvious to those who care to dig for the truth.

They come with threats against your person, your family, they find things. They use a cancer patient like Ruby to knock off the patsy. If a president gets cocky, they’ll send out somebody to shoot at him. Even if he doesn’t die, which Reagan almost did, they’ll slow down the damage and take a compromise instead.

It’s probably still better for awhile with Trump than the irrevocable hell that could have been, but then this also exposes the Deep State for those in the know.

I think that was one message in the Will Smith movie Enemy of the State. We are watching you, we will stop you, resistance is futile.

How ironically outrageous that this “Resistance” in the streets against Trump is resisting against the true enemy of the One Percenter Hegemon.

This will not end well. But it is a law of the universe as sure as physics that whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. The orchestrators of this oppression will suffer and will get no relief. They are terrified at the prospect that the masses will become aware of them and their genocidal plans and get really angry. They have plans for that but God has plans for them.