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Broadband and Net Neutrality

December 9, 2017

Netflix spokes in Australia said Net Neutrality didn’t matter much. Google, Facebook, Twitter and Netflix don’t want broadband ISP’s to “control the Internet”, because THEY want to CONTINUE controlling the Internet as they do now, and make their “obscene profits” from the sale and use of personal information, like they already do.

Are the Big Search and Big Social companies like those pushing for INDIVIDUALS to control it? No. Google dumbs down search for what it doesn’t like, and personalizes my search.

I HATE HATE it that Google “personalizes” my search, and that so many so-called alternatives to Google are reduced to using Google results. They want to be the big Information Bullies. They don’t mind their dominant mastery of their market share. Net Neutrality helps entrench their advantage.

FCC already tells too many orders to cable companies. Telling them to transmit broadcast channels at reduced rates blah blah. They ALWAYS say it’s for the little guy. When they say they do this and that to help the poor, or to make things “fair”, reach for your wallet and hide.

Let the free market do her work. Better policies would encourage competition for providing Broadband services. AT&T is already competing in my neighborhood, against Comcast, with broadband speeds. Open up the infrastructure for laying competitive broadband grid, how about that?

Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed;–Isaiah 10:1

That includes the blind leaders of the blind.


Elections in Honduras: The Left Riots, Loots, Burns At Losing in the Counting

December 2, 2017

The international press is totally mutilating the truth in its reporting out of Honduras about the elections held on Sunday this week, where the beast of Venezuela style socialism rears its ugly self again, after being rejected soundly by the nation in 2009.

A recap of events in 2009 in Honduras, and how this would be strong man little Chavez wanted his own dictatorship:

In this next link you’ll find my blog post about how Allende and Zelaya are the real coup-mongers:

Another link about Mel Zelaya’s coup attempt:

And this one I wrote during the days after Zelaya was arrested:

Voters in Honduras went to their voting stations this past Sunday, November 26, 2017, to cast ballots for mayors, diputados (congressional representatives), and for president.

Juan Orlando Hernandez is the presidential candidate for the Partido Nacional (“Nationalist Party”). The main opposition candidate is sportscaster Salvador Nasralla, a candidate for the leftist “Alianza de Opposicion contra la Dictadura”, a candidate for the so-called “Partido Libre” and PINU. This “Alianza” should really be called the “Alliance to Impose Dictatorship”, because of the personality in the background, returning to the fray after Honduras rejected him because he rejected Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, aka Mel Zelaya. His official title in this confederacy of villains is “Coordinator”.

If Nasralla wins, then Zelaya wins.

Nasrallah signed an agreement with the International Observers who came for the election, as did Juan Orlando, to accept the results without protest the results as announced by the TSE.

But some three hours after signing the document, he renounced it. The word from Honduras (forget the international agencies) is that he did this without checking with Manuel Zelaya first. He hid in the background in the campaign while calling the shots. Zelaya didn’t like that at all, and three hours later he broke the agreement. And now yesterday, he called for street protests, knowing that he was unleashing an orgy of violence, and that’s exactly what is happening right now in Honduras, this day, Friday, December 1, 2017.

Part of the blame may fall on the TSE, but they have announced, and the European Union observer team also said in press conference, that they had to suspend the counting efforts because of the tear gas floating in from outside. The tear gas was used to disrupt the so-called Alliance supporters who were outside the TSE offices and trying to get in to disrupt the counting. And as an excuse he said it was because of the computer outage during the counting.


My wife was in high school with Manuel Zelaya, who is the figure she tells me pulls the strings on Nasralla. She told me her classmates regarded him as the dumb one in school. And when one teacher told the class anybody could be president in the country, Zelaya announced he was going to be president. The class roared in laughter. Before his arrest in 2009, while still president, many political observers thought Secretary of State Patricia Rodas was the mastermind of his presidency. Patricia Rodas did her college studies in Cuba.

What is lost in the noise is that the Alianza de Oposicion has representatives present for the counting.

Nasrallah led in early counting but the tide turned after a time, so it was easier for the leaders of this socialist alliance to send their gullible followers to the streets.


During the campaign, one interviewer asked Nasralla about the brutal violent gangs Salvatrucha 13 and the 18 gang. He said he was not afraid of them, they were his “friends”. At some point, I’m told he said (publicly) that he would stop Juan Orlando’s construction of maximum security prisons to hold them, and would let them go to the streets.

Those gangs and their violence got much worse during the Zelaya presidency.

My wife has a friend, a poor friend, who lost a son to the gangs. A cousin as well. And the friend’s son was almost killed until her errant daughter (who was or is a friend of some sort with the gang leader at the time) intervened to protect him.

It seems to some extent, too, and certain times, these gangs learned to cool down a bit with honest working families. For awhile, they were running out of people that had anything. One family, friends with part of my stepchildren’s close circle of college friends,

The gangs collect what they call a “tax” from businesses in their territory. But sometimes their turfs “overlap”. We have a close friend of the family there that had a good small family store. She was already having to pay this “tax” to one gang, and then came another to collect. So now she has to pay this monthly extortion to TWO gangs. Very discretely, because if one gang finds out about the other one, they will murder her.

That’s one reason in reality, Juan Orlando is so popular among the productive sectors of the people, and a great number among the poor as well. One channel walked up one street and asked every person waiting on a bus which way they leaned, and it seemed like an even mix.


The head of the delegation of observers from the United Nations, and the head of the group of observers from the European Union, are asking the Opposition (Nasralla-Zelaya) and their followers to cease from the violence in the streets, so they can continue counting the votes. They are waiting for the Opposition to return to the TSE counting area so they can continue, because the law says all parties should be present.

One man speaking for the Partido Nacional demands that Opposition return to the counting table, asking if they won the vote, then why are they not present to defend their interests?

So the official delegations from the OAS and the UN can see who are the disruptors, who are the cheaters.

So far, there has been a lot of burning and looting, and in San Pedro the looters cleared an entire department store of its merchandise, drugs, furniture, electric appliances, stoves, refrigerators, clothes, everything.

Blocking roads. They destroyed the toll booths on the road outside San Pedro to the main highway that leads to Tegucigalpa. In one town they set a very old church on fire. It was recorded by someone wailing that they had no shame.

They don’t want a fair vote, looks like they want power, and the poor fools sucked in by their demagoguery are willing to do the sacking the looting and the burning for them.

En Copan, one National Party leader denounced one of the leaders of Alianza who went into hiding because someone discovered that she had ordered their followers to burn down the police station for the town.

This a fake protest on the part of Nasralla and Zelaya, who simply want to take power, by riot and mayhem if they cannot win an honest vote.

Please say a prayer for Honduras tonight. (And tomorrow).

Did Jesus exist?

November 25, 2017

Atheist and agnostic historians with degrees who want to preserve a good reputation among their “peers” all agree that Jesus was a real-world person, the one referred to in the Gospels. Denying he existed is stupid.

Secular Roman historians referring to him, and growing in numbers so fast that Nero was able to blame them for the fires that consumed much of Rome. Gospels written within one generation of his death, burial and resurrection by disciples who all variously proved that they believed what they wrote in their accounts by virtue of their voluntary martyrdom as a witness to those beliefs. Psychologists and neuro-scientists discount the “mass hallucination” so-called hypothesis. Medical doctors testify that the “water and blood came out” is evidence of corporeal and clinical death on the cross.

Skeptics said the lack of any ancient reference to nails on a cross in Roman crucifixions meant the narrative was phony, until archaeologists dug up nails used in crucifixions. They denied the existence of the Assyrian Empire until an archaeologist dug up the entire capital city of the empire. One skeptic became an archaeologist to disprove the names and places in the book of Acts until he dug them all up. Simon Greanleaf, Dean of Harvard Law, was an atheist and denied the Resurrection until he took up a student’s challenge to apply his own rule to consider the evidence before concluding anything. The result was The Testimony of the Evangelists, by Simon Greanleaf, subtitled Why I am a Christian.

More Minority Women Are Buying Guns, but the AP Doesn’t Ask Why | Stacy On The Right

November 24, 2017

Here’s the link:

More women are buying guns than ever before, so much so that media outlets have noticed and are attempting to get at the reasons for the uptick. But none of the stats on firearms purchases have alarmed leftists more than those surrounding black women.

Black women are buying guns, getting trained on them, and being really open about it. Just this week, the Associated Press profiled three such women, all of them black, and proudly boasting of newly acquired guns.

Why is this an issue? Black women are far more likely to live in neighborhoods plagued by higher than normal crime, and they suffer abuse and even death at the hands of a spouse more often than any other ethnic group, yet the AP finds it puzzling that they are buying guns?

Scholastics and Jesuits

November 23, 2017

The apologetics favoring rehabilitation of the Jesuits is a bit of misguided revisionism of history.

We now see the Jesuit order before our very eyes in 2017 ripping off its sheepskins and letting its wolfish fangs show against those who dare resist world government. Pretending that it had a different historical mission other than subject as many as possible to religious loyalty to the last-word rule of the Papacy is a misguided notion.

Ignatius de Loyola offered to bring the Protestants back under Papacy. It was more to recapture the Protestants than Muslims. They began happened as the Reformation was forming.

The Reformation was spiritually about restoring God to its rightful place above the Papacy. The Magna Carta also invoked God as the justification for pushing back against unjust decrees from the Monarchy.

Under Christianity, the rule of law means adhering to the Word of God, not the priest, king, or Pope, or pastor, or such. Clearly there is a hierarchy, as bionic mosquito points out, but the Bible is the articulation, and extension, of natural law for believers.

There may be some positives in the writings of many Jesuits, and certainly many of the deeds of some of them were godly and freedom-enhancing, but the Order as an institution instituted practices hidden from much of history by history’s oligarchs.

They have done all manner of atrocities in the name of the Church. The discovery of the Gunpowder Plot, whose intellectual author was a Jesuit priest, is a vindication of Protestant suspicions of Mary’s allies, and the Catholic plots to overthrow the throne to install the Catholics.

So now we get a Establishment Hollywood movie attempting to mask the Gunpowder Plot as an anarchist rebellion!

We now see what the Jesuits are about when we research history as it was. A mixed bag at best, an espionage and Fifth Column at worst. Fraud, Machiavellian political machinations, disruptions, on it goes. These are not the fruits of either a libertarian influence, nor a freedom-loving spiritual organization. Using temporal and political powers to subjugate the masses is more along the lines of a socialist propaganda organ.

And lo and behold, the Jesuit Papacy has joined the socialist one-world order, and given its blessing. I do not believe that the Beast (aka Antichrist) of Revelation will be the Pope, but it is looking like this Jesuit Pope at the Vatican may well be ready to take the role of the False Prophet of Revelation 13 and give his blessing to the Beast.

Thank God there are a great many Catholics in libertarian and Austrian circles who seem prepared to denounce their Pope as the American Empire and its successor increase their attempts to take back control. Post St. Patrick’s Ireland, had its autonomous areas ruled by their own nobles, and the “monasteries” were actually voluntary cooperative communities of families sometimes with a female as leader. Romans had to

By their fruits ye shall know them. Where Roman Catholic institutions and culture predominate, these nations have fewer traditions of liberty. The markets most free flourished in the United States. It took the enemies of freedom a whole century longer to fool the Americans in Protestant USA into tolerating a central bank.

Literacy historically was much more prevalent in all Christendom as it spread around the world, but a majority of the population historically in Protestant -dominated nations than in Roman Catholic dominated nations. By their fruits ye shall know them.

Note and “disclaimer”: There have been some shining lights among the Roman Catholic faithful, scripture-quoting St. Francis as the best-known example, and many accusations in the popular mind against the Vatican are wrong. The Papacy and many of its people in Germany did save many Jews, as was recognized in Israel. (And Hitler was not Catholic, or Protestant either, but pagan). I’ve met many godly Catholics, received hospitality in housing of its orders, but also saw a man “more Catholic than the Pope” kidnap by force waving a gun, his adult son, whom we led to sanity using the Word. And felt the spiritual wickedness of a Jesuit priest blasting us because we had dared to share our faith with his small group of “disciples”.

How the Dred Scott Decision Proves that the Supreme Court CANNOT be the Last Word in American Law ⋆ The Constitution — Gds44’s Blog

November 23, 2017

Sometimes out of tragedies come amazing victories. Legal scholars consider the Dred Scott decision one of the worst, if not the worst, Supreme Court rulings in history. However, it was the last nail in the coffin that pushed the country into a war that finally abolished slavery. In 1820, Congress settled much of the contention about […]

via How the Dred Scott Decision Proves that the Supreme Court CANNOT be the Last Word in American Law ⋆ The Constitution — Gds44’s Blog

About that fake 97 percent number

November 20, 2017

For a de-fake analysis of the fake 97 percent “consensus” number, see one of the web sites with this “truth vaccine” against official but lying numbers:

How about this for a vaccine, like it says about the alarmist trolls who planted the fake names in the Oregon list:

FOLLOW THE MONEY. If the money comes from politicians or governments who never rejected a cause for stuffing their favorite “cures” down our throats, or a cause to fill their buddies’ pockets, or from super-zillionaires who pretend to help the poor by building up their favorite crony governments and government policies, then just knowing that is a vaccine as well.

I frequently look for views that contradict my own and give a good eyeball at what can be extracted out as facts, as a good check on my own views.

And I’ll bet you that the test of these experiments did NOT give the “vaccinated” subjects did not involve a good look at the best places like and a few other good ones who go detailed into real science and analyze the data hidden behind the story.

The Atlantic: Guardian of the Vote, Computer Scientist leads charge for paper ballots

November 17, 2017


One commenter blamed Republicans for rejecting “voter-verifiable paper trail”. That word is gobbledygook, and Bev Harris in her crusade against electronic voting issued a rebuke at the partisan snapping against Republicans that took over the comment sections in her web site. Democrats and Republicans both were putting in the e-voting machines manufactured by a Venezuelan government-owned company and guaranteeing the outcome. Florida had vote counts exceeding registered voters in half-dozen or so counties with majorities in both parties. In Ohio 2012, many Ohio counties had a similar situation, more ballots than voters, in which Obama won.

In the Detroit area, in 2012 also, or 2016?, there were counties where the tallies were so much different than reality, that the solution written into state law said that the results had to stand as they were in the obviously very wrong first count!

In my opinion, at least two policemen should be present and charged with responsibility for the security of the ballot counts. In the case of “anomalies” like above, dock the pay for the day. Double if no hitches.

I’ve pushed this since before the 2000 election. After that one, I told everybody and every forum that could listen that e-voting was a m bigger thing than even someone hacking a bank account because the consequences are so much bigger.

Why do people think Holder wanted to get into state voting systems? 😉 Why do you think elections officials across the country of both dominant political parties were snatching up Diebold machines made by a company owned by the Chavez government?

GIVE CREDIT too to Bev Harris of Black Box Voting who has been leading the charge with her non-partisan activism and activists, who fought electronic voting from before the tainted money post-2000.

Chads are better than bits, but ink is better than chads. If a voter wants his vote to count, let him be responsible for marking his vote clearly.

Representatives from all parties present at every precinct that can send somebody, with police presence upon request by anybody. At closing time and the last vote in, anybody who wants to can watch the counting. Have all precincts post the counts on line, with sign-offs on paper scanned in, so there can be no monkey business like there was in Maine where one county election chair caught the state Republican Party primary results in a really blatant bald-faced big lie on the numbers. Because Ron Paul was the real winner there.

“I’ve Been Banned From Facebook For Sharing An Article About False Flags” | Zero Hedge

November 16, 2017

Bionic mosquito, the Reformation, and Freedom

November 16, 2017

Bionic Mosquito gives too much credit to the ideas in a new book that claims the Reformation, meaning the abandonment of loyalty to Rome, has an indirect consequence in the increase in state power today and the increased apostasy. (At least there is no outright accusation of apostasy here)

Norman Horn created the web site

We differ in a couple of very important doctrines, but we both agree with Laurence Vance, that no state is better than any state. And that the scriptures teach this. I think I accept this as a Biblical and godly doctrine. So there you have it. Church of Christ, Baptist (I think) and non-denominational but doctrinal, in agreement, not Catholic. In Libertarian Christian conferences, it’s a cross-section of all persuasion.

I think we need another Christian Reformation. The Reformation of Martin Luther and the Calvinists and the Puritans actually forced the Roman Catholic hierarchy back a little bit toward its early Christian days, but not enough. The embrace of the state of the bishops with Constantine did permanent damage to the organization and to some extent held back the spread of the Gospel. Christians went from the arena into the stands.

The dual existence of the Roman hierarchy and the various centralizing state hierarchies and its “dual allegiance” among the various subjects of both was not a true check on secular power. The Clergy made use of the state powers to enforce its material interests. And they were mostly material interests. Not quite back to the God-Emperor days of Rome, but almost, with lifetime indulgences sold for a building project. Not the kind of “cultural coherence” that incubates freedom.

The Reformation forced a reckoning of sorts in Rome. wikipedia says Pope John Paul II issued formal apologies to about a hundred historical figures and for acts, involving Galileo, Jews, the Inquisition, Crusades, and Catholics’ involvement with the African slave trade.

But it’s not all over. There are defectors from the Jesuit order that are exposing their dirty very un-libertarian strategies and practices to try to re-centralize their clerical power over “separated brethren”. Also one famous Jesuit helped popularize the Darwinism that was used by the most evil regimes in the 20th and now 21st centuries to justify their atrocities.

So much to say. The local bishop shut down a benefit for one work I volunteered for in one Latin country, claiming it was “against Catholic principles”.

The Reformation’s main message was “sola scriptura” while the Roman papacy claimed equal authority. Like almost every dissident movement, there is a requirement that there be “some of the unrighteous mammon” that are willing to help. Until such a time, there were burnings at the stake, heresy trials, and the like.

The discussion inevitably involves theology. Perfect corruption and Total Determinism as described by bionic are just that.

Another note: Europe before the Reformation was NOT “the longest-lasting and closest example of a decentralized, libertarian order we have seen in the west”. You can’t call it the closest to libertarian. The Dark Ages might be a better example. Ireland after St. Patrick but before Rome came and messed it up, too, even more so.