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Developments in Juan Orlando Hernandez’ kangaroos court case in New York

July 6, 2022

Almost as soon as the communist Chavista party got installed in Honduras, the country immediately started falling apart. The worst of street gangs came out of hiding again, and they started threatening plans to dissolve the best chance Honduras had for pulling its people out of poverty with the new ZEDE districts (Zonas de Empleo y Desarollo Economico).

The first meeting of Congress ended in chaos. The now opposition Partido Nacional (National Party) made deals with some of the new congressmen from the Libre party and they elected one of Libre to be president of Congress who was not the pick of the new president Xiomara Castro.

The new president simply replaced all the “rebellious” members of her party with the alternates (called “suplentes”), illegally by the way. And with that she went ahead and made her choice to be the one to preside in Congress.

Not irony, but obviously hypocrisy, after trying to say Juan Orlando was a dictator. He was wildly popular and lasted 12 years as president.

Now hear this bombshell:

President Juan Orlando extradited a great many drug traffickers to the States.

He finally built a new and much safer replacement, Palmerola, for the old international airport in the capital city of Tegucigalpa. The old one was very difficult to navigate to land, and earned its reputation as one of the 10 most dangerous ariports in the world. Corruption had held it back.

Meantime, the DEA –that’s right, the DEA– was making dozens of flights in and out of the American military base airport located next to the Honduran Palmerola airport, carrying drugs. The DEA told Juan Orlando to let them fly, because the DEA had a number of agents on them.

And Juan Orlando got tired of watching so many planes flying over Honduran airspace loaded with drugs and drug traffickers that he took down two of them. (Shot them down, forced them down, I’m not sure).

So now the DEA was furious. And that’s why they rushed to get charges laid against him with the cooperation of the “narcos” in federal prison in New York that Juan Orlando had sent. His wife now says she warned him to stop sending so many “narcos” off to prison, because it was dangerous. She is a very devout Christian and calls for prayer for him.

By the way, the police official that they sent to lead the team to arrest him was a corrupt one that Juan Orlando had fired.

In the first sessions of court in the U.S.A., the judge was flabbergasted at the vacuity of the SDNY prosecutors’ case. He told the federal lawyers to stop with the hearsay baloney and bring him evidence.

There you have it. The House of the Yanks is crumbling from sin, from corruption, from ineptitude, and God’s judgments.

God bless Juan Orlando, please send up a few prayers for him.

But God help the people who did not appreciate what that good man did for Honduras.

“God is angry with the wicked every day!”

Time to make language honest again!

July 6, 2022

Well folks, there you have it! Seize the language!

I first heard the term “fake news” in a report where Barack Hussein Obama used it to condemn dissident voices. The masses, being asses, immediately turned the words around on him and the entire Liars Media. That shows something. So…

Instead of “mainstream media”, or “lamestream media”, I have used the term “Operation Mockingbird Media”, or just “Mockingbird Media” to refer to all the “private” parrot media acing as voices for the CIA-controlled narratives. They supposedly “ended” that propaganda operation, but during Obama’s reign one German journalist publicly resigned from his career, explaining he was tired of being a CIA spokesman, or putting his byline of CIA missives. Not in those words but close enough.

I’m starting to call them Liars Media now though. Quick and easy, rolls off the tongue, and its almost a monosyllable adjectival term, and conveys the emotional content or what they’re doing to us.

Now, the unvaxxed (meani9ng those undamaged by the “covid” jabs) we can call them “purebloods“. You can recognize intentional purebloods by the lack of a muzzle on their faces. Like Allan Stevo said (read what he said about it), take back these words for good. Like Joseph in Genesis told his brothers: “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.”

Don’t call it a mask, call it a muzzle. Or at least, maybe even better, a muffler. I have trouble understand people talking through those things, even my family members.

And Texas is doing right with these horrendous Mengele-style physiology abuse of children that the Perverter Class call “transexual”. Today it has gotten worse that Sodom and Gomorrah.

And if a man says he “becomes” a woman, use the proper English pronouns, which have referred to the biology of it, since long before the word used for a man evolved into the word we use today.

More than anything, remain firm in your moral and intellectual foundations. Stand your ground against becoming sucked in to adjusting yourself to the demands of the clueless that you battle with them against nature itself. Ridicule them as they deserve. Don’t be an NPC.

Is this journo saying it’s racist to be happy about anti-vax status ?

July 6, 2022

I don’t think Allan Stevo would mind my reposting this to my blog. I like it! I recommend it!

Well, not directly. But she certainly alludes to it, in this vague way that smears, but not in a way that is concrete enough to defend easily.

Some people will come up with a way to shout racist or some other smears, no matter what you do.

So, what do you do? You just keep doing it. They are not relevant. They are just looking for ways to smear and discourage.

When I search for pureblood, online I find this article:


First of all, hasn’t anyone told this crazy author that all-caps is the equivalent of screaming at people like a crazy person?

(I used two all caps phrases in my yesterday’s email, by the way, so I can’t fault her too much.)

Here’s the thing. No one else is going to get to control the words I use or the thoughts I have.

I’m not going to get cajoled into using preferred pronouns. Nor will I fret because I said “Get over here and give me a hug you greasy Sicilian” to my cousin instead of calling him “an upstanding Italian-American.”

And you know what, we are taking the term pureblood and we are going to use it for good.

I had fun doing something similar in the media. Shortly after the Ides of March 2020, I started an organization called “My Body, My Choice.” Do you know why I started it? For the sole purpose of trolling commies and undercover-commies in the media and corporate boardrooms.

I’m grinning as I write this.

I grin every time I tell this to someone.

I grin every time I get to do this.

I have had a million grins since my friend Sam and I brainstormed that name. It was a few hundred dollars in start-up costs well spent.

Plus I get to be quoted like this in the media:

“Allan Stevo, Executive Director of My Body, My Choice a California-based health freedom organization commented…”

On top of that, I get to scold maskholes and vaxxholes like the CEO of Trader Joe’s on our fun organizational letterhead, which of course says “My Body, My Choice,” across the top of it.

Do you know how much fun that has been?

A lot.

And do you know what? I don’t care if “My body, my choice,” has been the rallying cry of some unsavory folks for 40 or 50 years.

Life would be a lot less fun if I was worried about such stuff.

I’m retaking the term, whatever it used to mean.

And the same goes for the name Pureblood. If I have my way, I’m going to make the term Pureblood mean something even more special than it does now.

Pureblood already means— he who will not take the shot.

Project Pureblood is going to be known as the gathering place of the most die-hard of the die-hard.

It is turning out to be a pretty amazing group of people.

And how do I know that? Because I get emails from my readers. I get phone time with them. As a result of my observations in such moments, I realize what awesome people they are.

They are people I could talk to all day. In fact, one of the hardest parts of my week is when I have phone days with readers. It is not hard because I do not want to talk to them. It is hard because I do not want to get off the phone with them.

They are that amazing — every, single one that I have gotten to know.

That’s how charmed of a life I live, that the hardest part of my week is forcing myself to get off the phone with awesome people.

That took some painful paths in life to get there.

I have told 95% of people I know to go pound sand and now, as a result of clearing out that deadwood and being more methodical with who I let in, I get to hang out with some pretty awesome folks all the time.

Imagine this scenario in which seven-year-old Allan Stevo IV says to me, “Grandpa what did you do during Corona communism?”

“Well, little Allan, I hung out with the Purebloods, coming up with new ways to have even more awesome ways to win in life while everyone else went crazy and depopulated themselves.”

“Really, Grandpa! You knew the Purebloods!”

It’s really not a bad answer to be able to give to a grandchild.

So if you want in, you can get in.

There are just three stipulations.

1.) To have not taken the shot,

2.) To vow to never take the shot,

3.) To vow never to follow mask orders.

Doors are open today, and they close tomorrow.

Join here. But join before tonight because soon the doors will close.

Allan Stevo

Markets are global now

June 29, 2022

Markets are global now. Europe joined the embargo against Russian oil, but they still made deals, and the oil now just goes through a more indirect (and more “unofficial”) route thru China, India and other countries that still deal with Russia

It’s like the Arab oil embargo against the United States in 1973-1974 to punish it for supporting Israel in the war. After a while, they added The Netherlands to the boycott because the Dutch were redirecting a lot of that oil to the States. Truck drivers lined the highways on strike demanding the government drop the muzzle on the imports. Even then they were sitting on oceans of oil underground in the “reserves”.

Remember, hard drugs are banned in the USA but that’s not only no problem, it adds a markup to the smuggling profits. Gun-hating “piti-dictators” in “blue states” do their best to ban as many guns as they can, then when crime goes up because the decent citizens obey the laws, they blame the states that have less crime (because their laws on guns are less restrictive), saying the gun crime that does happen in red-state cities is because the guns are smuggled in from elsewhere. Haha.

That’s a hint they want to pass “common-sense gun control” in all the other states. As if the guns will still not come in. Consider the guns now in Ukraine and Afghanistan that will find world markets. I knew a former Sandinista once who said every house had lots of guns.

Breitbart headline: G7 Leaders to Impose Ban on Russian Gold, Says Joe Biden

June 27, 2022


What are they trying to do, strengthen the Russia ruble even more? This will accelerate the continuing fall of the USA.


June 27, 2022

Leftoids speak with forked tongue.

It’s time to take back the English language. The collectivists in charge have been trying to get us to use their dictionary. No more!

Don’t call it a fetus. Call it what it is: a baby in the womb. Repeat it daily. In every discussion on abortion, call it a baby in the womb.

It he is a man, call him a man. XY chromosomes count. XX chromosomes count. Can a leopeard change his spots? Only chameleons and octopuses can do that. Humans can’t.

Are you a worm? No? Then you cannot be a hermaphrodite unless you are one of the one in a couple million that are born with organs that can pass as being of one or the other sex. And even then, ask: are you XY or XX? And acknowledge in your language that this is not a “normal” thing to be simply “accepted” or “affirmed” as applicable to “XX or XY people”.

Illegal entrants are knowingly violating U. S. law. I sympathize with them, I do not blame them one bit, but a brief look at property owners along the southern border will tell you what the libertarian position truly is –with a respectful nod toward Walter Block, whom I regard as one of the foremost contemporary Austrian economists and libertarians. My position is based on the fact that the illegal entrants are wreaking havoc on owners’ properties along the border, and that they don’t like cleaning up their mess or not being able to secure their properties.

“Welfare” is not welfare. Welfare is welfare. Government payments are shared loot and dependency policy, and vote purchasing.

I suggest referring to them as the “Dim Party” and “Rip Party”.

Call it the “One-World Kratocracy”, not the United Nations.

Call it the “World Health-limiting Agency” not the W. H. O.

The CDC is the Centers for Damage Control.

Call it tax extortion, not tax.

You can come up with better ones. The best ones will stick.

I’m from the government and I’m here to help you (and keep you safe)

June 27, 2022

There is much intellectual short-changing in rants against free-market security.

First of all, every single argument made there against private security services is an even stronger argument against the monopoly force-based “security services” offered by any and all governments. Plus there are other things.

(1) Governments with force monopoly decide what is fair and what issues they have “jurisdiction” over to decide. This is an invitation to corruption. They also decide what you will pay for these services in tax extortion. Don’t like it? Sit down and shut up, it’s for your own good, and besides, private security is worse.

(2) SCOTUS decided a long time ago that government police forces are under no obligation at all to defend you against aggressors. Every “good” government will tend to get to that point.

(3) There is no negotiating for any price discovery with government-provided security as there is in the free market. How much security do you want? How much are you willing to pay for it? Such questions are not allowed when there is a force-monopoly that lets itself decide what is proper. For example, do you want some government employee to be able to spy on your daughter’s bedroom to prevent rapes?

(4) There is a reason that all privately owned companies and corporations and home security companies exist, and almost all of them that can afford it have in-house security departments and third-party contractors. In fact, the private security industry is five times bigger than government security sector in the areas of preventing theft and crime involving companies.

(5) Government security in too many cases is itself a threat against persons and property. You vote in legislators that pass “civil forfeiture” laws that make it easy for locals and states to confiscate property without getting a conviction of wrongdoing first, and other laws like RICOH make it legal to sieze every piece of private property of a citizen at the time they arrest him, making it near impossible for such a persecuted citizen to defend himself against the charges.

The late Will Grigg posted almost daily at with stories of abuses by government goons of citizens. Better to trust somebody you pay than somebody you don’t.

And don’t underestimate reputation. Political parties make a lot of hay from reputations. A reputation is better to trust than “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”. Tell that to the Sioux. Tell it to the Cherokee. Tell it to the Seminoles. Tell that to the millions who were royally screwed in the year 2020 around the world. Tell that to the tens of thousands of blacks and whites and Latinos and immigrants who lost their lives, livelihoods, and businesses, and their personal freedoms in 2020 at the hands of power-mad governments in charge of their police forces.

Like one wise man said once, “It is nearly impossible to convince somebody he’s wrong when his paycheck depends on him being wrong”.

Sussanna Hupp’s talk to Congress never gets old:

June 26, 2022

Sussanna Hupp’s talk to Congress never gets old:

World War III is here? This is different

June 18, 2022


A good link to spread around about patents

June 17, 2022