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Sentiment, compassion, and the lobotomized welfare state

May 27, 2015

Sentiment and compassion

May 27, 2015

Theodore parses out the lack of compassion of the welfare bots and makes it obvious:

Our changing world

May 27, 2015

Great big sucking sound. No, Ross, it’s not Mexico..

Spelling something wrong has stuck a few times in the interesting history of the English language…

So this is how they are corrupting domestic police forces…

May 25, 2015

Holder said he’d stop the “civil forfeiture” thefts by the federal agents. He said nothing about the locals that steal cash and valuables for the feds and get a cut.

He said nothing about pushing to give back stolen assets that they already took.

This is not your forefathers’ America.

Kids home schooled by Moms at home do better in life

May 23, 2015

At least the author of the NYT article posted by Linkedin in Pulse, admitted that the facts and issues are still matters of debate:

The article is a circular dog-chasing-tail exercise in logic, cleverly obfuscated by layers of assertions and reference to certain surveys. It just shows, like President Truman I think it was said once (here paraphrased), “There are lies, damned lies, and then there are statistics”.

The first outrageous attack on logic is the use of the term “working mothers”. Reminds me of the viral incident even before the Internet in which one presidential candidate famously asked the wife of a couple attending his fund-raiser whether she worked. Whether she worked! Knowing she had young kids at home!

Like using as advantage that guys with working Moms are more accepting of future wives that work. Circle jerk that. That’s like saying welfare helps pay the bills for the recipients. Duh. This says nothing in a way that points in a certain direction.

Ask any mother, heck, ask the article, and you’ll find that everybody knows kids get a lot from their mothers AT HOME. A LOT. Like the toddlers that learn to read from their Moms at home.

They learn a love for reading. Maybe that’s where I got my love for books. I remember getting my first library card. It was a temporary one while they made the permanent one in those days. I made them lend me two books instead of just the one allowed. Then I made my Mom, who was AT HOME WITH ME I remember, take me back for more. Next day, my permanent card allowed me SIX entire books.

Ask any of the now millions of home schooled kids, taught by their STAY-HOME mothers, the ones that teach them at home. They are much better socialized than the ones that go to school with bullies and drugs and promiscuity and abortion traffickers, learning things that would horrify their parents, using materials that are hidden from parents.

Not just the moral values, they get better perspectives on society. In schools that are overwhelming now under mandates (command-control) to teach how fantastic their own government is, or whatever is in fashion for whatever shadow elites manage to put into these Pavlov-oriented tomes.

That’s right not only they learn better social values and practices, they also get better ACADEMIC education in math and all the STEM areas. They hit the higher echelons of the academic bees, math, geography, science and win prizes at science fairs, you name it.

Patrick Henry College, whose students are mostly home-schooled, has accumulated one of the most impressive track records of winning the moot contests held for law school students. They even twice beat the competition in Britain, using English law in an English moot court.

All this straining at gnats and swallowing camels to try to justify getting women to give up the natural maternal instinct is going to eventually implode. Either that or they’ll have to criminalize them as “useless eaters” or something, like Hitler’s pejorative for the handicapped people he slaughtered. Except the real useless eaters are the thieves of governments that steal our daily bread to support turning our children into “good little citizens”. Like that great educator (I said sarcastically) Charles Drew said.

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

Disgusted with Facebook?

May 23, 2015

I’m disgusted with Facebook and would like a more freedom-friendly type of thing.

There is an up-and-coming technology I believe, that involves peer-to-peer type interaction between nodes, rather than connecting through one middleman that controls the conversation. The GOVERNMENT powers-that-be prefer monolithic companies. That’s why they passed legislation to protect too-big-to-fail companies, with sophisticated tricks to hide the fact so they don’t get shown butt-naked like they did in 2008. That was the year we all saw that Republicans and Democrats work for the same corporate-Fed cabal.

I deleted myself out of Facebook and HATE the comments sections in some places that require a Facebook ID to post. LinkedIn uses something else, and that’s cool too.

PEER-TO-PEER. IT works. It liberates us (the “client nodes”) from monsters like Facebook. Makes it a bit easier for upstarts like Kim Dot-com.

Copyright was invented to kings to force book publishers to get permission before they could print. That just pushes contrarians into the dark, just like with the drug laws wars. Now the Internet is busting the atrocious idea that one guy,

Meet the face of the REAL racist war on women

May 23, 2015

Meet the testimony of the woman they sterilized as a baby because they said she would be “feeble-minded”:

Elaine Riddick’s testimony is found in their own documents. She now has a college degree.

Planned Parenthood is the real face of genocide.

The real war on women is the femicide in China, where millions of little baby girls are killed every year.

Weirdy Beardy News

May 23, 2015

“Tiny additions”? To the “tree of life”?

Trouble in Waco

: The story behind the story?

Generals are putting Army soldiers in high heels?

..That will freak out the enemy for sure!

Kent Hovind, so funny

May 21, 2015

Nobody says it as clear as Kent Hovind.

Police: Your job is not giving orders but to keep the peace

May 17, 2015

Policemen who are like that are okay.

But with the frequent and brutal incidents that are getting exposed across the country.

Most cops today I suspect are a lot less like Paul Harvey’s ideal description. There are too many like the cop in this video -and this is a mild case:

My complaint about “good” cops today is that they cover for the bad ones. For the ones that should be charged with murder one.

The cops were called once to my ex’s house where the youngest (late son) had acted up real bad and the ex was blaming all the other kids, which she always did back then. The kids were trying to tell their side of the story, especially the daughter, and she was getting upset with the officer who was roughshodding, not taking time to assess or try to pacify the scene.

(I’ve seen cops that just defuse the situation and move on)

But that cop got all mad and arrested the daughter and she had to spend the weekend in a juvenile detention facility.

I talked to my lawyer about it. She knew the cop. He had a real bad mean reputation on “both sides of the law”. The other cops should have written him up, how he mishandled and manhandled it all.

That’s my complaint against cops in general. They cover for the bad ones.

They all need to understand that giving orders to citizens is NOT the job of a cop, and covering up for fellow officers SHOULD be taboo.

As it is these days, the federal government administrations, under both Bush and Obama, have been converting local and state law enforcement agencies into federalized deputies, by steps. Fusion centers that say Ron Paul supporters and people who talk too much about the Constitution, are as dangerous as al Qaeda, and bring the agencies together to work together, THEY are the dangerous ones.


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