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The worst Left-fascists will eliminate their competition first

April 26, 2015

That is my warning to leftists for a long time.

When you support leftist censorship and getting Christians and conservatives fired from prominent jobs they deserve, remember…

The first victims to fall when left-fascists get power are leftists. As soon as Lenin’s Bolsheviks violently took power from the more tolerant and peaceful leftist democracy of the Mensheviks (NOT the Czars), they (1) eliminated the Mensheviks and then (2) they eliminated the other socialist factions, then (3) the ones that today would be called “liberals”, and then (4) they went to work on killing all the Christians and the krulaks (peasant farmers who owned small plots of land), and along the way they obliterated any opposition to their own candidates among the “workers’ soviets”.

Unions and workers rights died miserable deaths during those “Ten Days that Shook the World” in 1917 (John Reed).

That’s the way socialism works. That’s the way collectivism works. A few agitprop infiltrators can whip mobs into frenzies. Demagogues know it. Elect me, I’m poor. Elect me, I’m rich and don’t need the money. Elect me, I’ll loot the rich and spread it to the poor. After I take my major chunk, I deserve it for giving out crumbs. Let them eat food stamps!

The car fell on Scott Mayhew’s chest, wife Nicole suddenly felt the danger the rushed home

April 26, 2015

This is the kind of story that exemplifies what horrifies most of the Academic Scientific Establishment.

Mrs. Tamah Jada Clark vs. the Federal Government

April 26, 2015

Mrs. Tamah Jada Clark takes on the U. S. Federal Court in official papers

From her filing text, looks like the judge in her lawsuit prohibited any communication on the case to her.

He also apparently took irrelevant notice in his ruling that she possessed firearms.

From her posting I saw a historical perspective on the Fourteenth Amendment I had not seen before, bolstered by her references to a couple of Supreme Court rulings that seem to also support her views on state vs. federal citizenship and the applicability of relevant laws and to whom.

An interesting read. WARNING: Prolific use of words of the kind the FCC banned in times past from prime-time television…..

For honest elections, all-paper secret ballots and OPEN COUNTING FOR ALL TO SEE

April 26, 2015

Being an anarcho-capitalist, I don’t believe anybody has the right to vote for any coercive territorial political office that involves extorting wealth from constituents without a mutually agreeable contract, with armed enforcement. I don’t have the right to take from you without your permission, even to protect you. Meaning I am against there being any position of political power or office that would justify any voting for any government. If you want to tell me what I can or can’t do, ask me first and get a voluntary agreement for me.

That said, the history of union tactics, Mob tactics, and rigged elections (like in Venezuela now and in Chicago) shows that a truly secret ballot is the best way to protect the ballot from violence and threats. Yes, those are supposed to be secret ballots in those places but it doesn’t matter. Think open voting in North Korea. Assuming every single person voted 100% what they wanted to, in the second election the only people left alive to vote would vote for the government. Saddam Hussein’s 100% showing would be close to the truth.

But your proposal points the way to what WOULD be right, and that is, OPEN COUNTING of the ballots. In some places anybody and everybody that wants to can watch the voting AND the counting. But FIRST let’s have a war on electronic voting. Voting should be on PAPER ballots, period.


South Carolina Boeing works send union thugs running

April 25, 2015

Maybe the Workers of the World are starting to unite against unions:

“After speaking with Boeing workers who we were previously unable to reach, we’ve determined now is not the right time for an election,” union organizer Mike Evans said in a statement. “An atmosphere of threats, harassment and unprecedented political interference has intimidated workers to the point we don’t believe a free and fair election is possible.”

Yeah right. The workers are sick of the union thugs and fighting back.

The union filed an unfair labor practice with the National Labor Relations Board in which it alleged that “two organizers were threatened at gunpoint and others reported hostile and near-violent confrontations,” according to a union press release.

Yeah, the “union organizers” were on the workers’ front porch. Boeing and officials are skeptical, though. Workers in South Carolina are armed better than in Seattle I guess. After all the murders and intimidation by unions, well….

“You’re not hearing me. Get off my lawn”:

It’s not an “unfair labor practice” if Boeing didn’t do it.

The workers did a general national strike against Chavez too, in 2002. But according to the activists that his government continues to pursue and persecute, the “leaders” who get publicity there are “loyal opposition”, meaning their true allegiance is to the socialists. That’s how, after they declare a boycott against referendums that are pre-rigged, they then push the vote and of course lose.

Just an FYI and FWIW link on taxes

April 25, 2015

I just discovered this link, I do not have any strict opinion to cheer or not, and do not advocate any position at this time on the subject of the web site.

I do believe in Free Speech and in giving voice to opinions that dissent from government dictates from the Ministries of Propaganda. And the power of Information.


Origins Q-A

April 23, 2015

“Like I said, just because YOU don’t understand the science, does not mean it’s wrong.”
==> Like I said, just because YOU don’t consider the science, does not mean it’s wrong.

“Like I said, NOBODY knows how the Universe began or how life started on Earth.”
==> So stop pretending you know how the Universe did NOT begin or how life did NOT start on Earth.

“But you’re the one trying to explain “gaps” with your ‘divine foot’.

==> Go back and read. The “gap” thing is an anti-creationist deflection, an illusionist trick, to deflect attention from the IMPOSSIBILITIES of (1) getting something from nothing, a contradiction of the laws of thermodynamics, while there has NEVER been ANY experimental discovery of ANY exception to those 3 laws, or of (2) a sophisticated digital computing system with a completely arbitrary symbolic programming language that provides the blueprints for life that CANNOT spontaneously appear in pieces, (3) the anthropic principle, (4) the multitude of Darwinian predictions and long-age cosmological predictions that have been contradicted by evidence in the most significant manner… There are dozens, hundreds of facts from the real world like this that have to be ignored. Occam’s Razor eliminates Darwin, not the other way around. ==> Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary explanations.

“Why? Why does that make more sense to you than rational explanations?

==> What is is irrational is to deny that every action requires a reaction, or conservation of energy, because nobody has found even one experimental exception to it, something unique in science.

“Before Harvey proved that blood circulates through capillaries, nobody quite knew how circulation worked, or why. Was it more ‘divine’ then? If one day we create life from non-life, what does that do for your divine foot?”

==> See, that discovery shows how REAL science works. The young-earth creationist Isaac Newton also said that physical laws prove divine creation. But there have been dozens even hundreds of discoveries that should have been an obvious killer of Darwinian religious dogmas, but since it is based on blind faith in pagan myths, some dupes keep on believing in that fantasy.

“Since you mentioned birds, what about Archaeopteryx? It had teeth and feathers. Was it a bird or a dinosaur?

==> You didn’t get the memo from the skeptical (secular) paleontologists? Nature magazine published the article in 2011, and another in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society in 1984, that knocks that thing back to a regular dinosaur like the rest of them.
==> Note that it was conveniently discovered two years after Darwin’s book came out. A few years later there was Piltdown man. One self-ID’s “evolutionary biologist” called me a liar because I told him Piltdown was a fraud. Piltdown and Hoeckel were still in my son’s high school biology books in the 1990s. Those books also never mention that glaring lack of any continuum of transitional fossils connecting larger groups of kinds.

“Again, someone who believes more in magic than in facts. When the car breaks down, do you call a mechanic or a faith healer?”

==> I have met many people who were healed after prayer. Many double-blind studies showed significant correlation between “intercessory prayer” followed by healing. Your life from non-life is not even magic, it’s been PROVEN WRONG in laboratories. Millions of generations in the bacteria experiment have resulted in, wait for it, the exact SAME type of bacteria.

“Like I said, not knowing something does not then mean ‘god did it’.”

==> No kidding. Gods’ not responsible for the intentional ignorance of blind faith in modernized pagan-era myths.

There’s a difference between not knowing something vs. intentionally avoiding consideration of the real-world facts. Denying that the evidence shows what it does show means “willfully ignorant”, as predicted in Romans One.

Fairy tale for Adults or Divine Foot in the Door?

April 22, 2015

I gave you your own fairy tale in the words of the High Priest of Paganism that tell you they are scientists. That’s THEIR history of the cosmos, and yours, not mine. It’s YOUR god of the gaps, not mine.

Your universe is 98 percent pure fantasy, just to avoid a “divine foot in the door”.

Nothing was nowhere because there was no space, and it was before there was time. But paganism cannot sound like science unless you follow the delusion with a fancy word, so call it “Singularity”.

All of a sudden Nothing exploded into Something and it grew space really really fast and all of sudden it was the entire universe in a “nutshell”. It exploded out so fast that it contradicts everything else we say about “science” so we just call it another fancy god-of-the-gaps word, Inflation.

Then everything cooled down to lots of swirling hydrogen then helium then became stars that created heavier elements that shot off into rocks and comets that clumped up. Blah blah.

Then although Pasteur proved there is no spontaneous abiogenesis we know it happened because the alternative is a divine foot in the door.

Then comets and rain pounded on a cooling earth and then a miracle happened here! Bacteria crawled out of the mud. Or the oceans. Or the clay. But shut up the guy that said “clay”, because we cannot allow a divine foot in the door.

And then another miracle happened. But we don’t call it a miracle because we don’t believe in them, heh heh, wink wink. We call our miracles by another name. The case of the million Flash-creations. Oh, no, not another “hopeful monster” theory, oh no, because we don’t believe in miracles. We just believe in the birds hatching from reptile eggs over a few generations that happen so fast you can’t see it at all in any bones anywhere.

After all, global floods don’t happen that often.

Forensics, and the coroner’s science, study the evidence or not of design. But we cannot have that in physics or chemistry or cosmology or astronomy or geology or biology, because we cannot have a divine foot in the door.

Because the universe created itself. Anthropic principle constants of physics and chemistry and astrophysics, and the proof that life does not arise spontaneously from non-life, and the fossil forensics, and the flood geology, and the flood anthropology, cannot be considered, because it’s much easier to believe than the alternative divine foot that we cannot allow.

Fairy tale for adults

April 20, 2015

In the beginning, there was a “singularity”. It was nowhere because there was no space yet; it existed during no time at all because there was no time yet. We don’t really know what it was, because relativity says everything has to exist in four dimensions to exist at all. So it was the same as “nothing”, but we prefer to say “singularity”. Sounds more scientific.

So in the beginning, suddenly, nothing exploded into something and became everything so fast we don’t know how it worked, but we know it did so we call it “Inflation”. There are twenty theories on how it worked for every ten cosmologists, but we know it is true because we exist. We exist, therefore Inflation happened.

So then all that hot stuff (it was hot) started cooling down till some of it swirled and collected into stars, then planets, and moons and stuff.

Then one day one of these things became the third rock from the sun, and the universe showered sunlight, comets and stuff onto its surface for a long time till finally us biotes formed all by themselves out of the rock. Nobody knows how that could happen because the only digital computers we know how to make, well, SOMEBODY has to make them on purpose, and we don’t allow any divine foot in the door.

That’s right kiddies, bacteria formed right out of that rock because “something” took the amino acids being formed right out of the atmosphere that would have destroyed it on formation instantly, just like in Miller’s lab. It was like magic, but we can’t call it magic, because we don’t believe in magic and we cannot allow a divine foot in the door.

And although a million generations of bacteria in a closed lab since the 1970s has evolved into nothing but the same kind of bacteria it started with, we know that generations of bacteria became jellyfish, then fish, then reptiles then birds and mammals and you and me and Santa Claus. And since there is no “record” at all in the fossils of this evolutionary continuum, evolutionary paleontologists (that’s a branch of the Allowed Science Priesthood) have come up with “punctuated equilibrium” to explain this, the first “science” theory this writer has ever heard of that offers the lack of evidence for itself as evidence. Because, of course we cannot allow a divine foot in the door.

“…because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:..” — 2 Thessalonians 2:10b-11

Ussher’s dates and Bible genealogy

April 20, 2015

“Ussher had little more than the Textus Receptus of the Bible to work with.” Problem is, the Bible texts found more recently make the situation worse.

It seems few people know that many of the disputed the modern renderings are based on the few Alexandrian texts that contradict each other even more than they contradict the Textus Receptus, or that at least one of them the “textual critics” lift up includes the blasphemous Shepherd of Hermas that advocates taking the Mark instead of rejecting it, or that the two most quoted of them were found in the middle of a trash basket waiting to be burned for a millenium, or that another of them was found hidden away in a dark corner of a Vatican basement.

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Most modern NT’s are based on Greek texts derived from the one Westcott and Hort created from those Alexandrian texts, two men that denied Genesis One, supported Darwinian evolution, scoffed at miracles in the Bible, denied the virgin birth, ridiculed belief in the Resurrection, and said Christ’s expiatory sacrifice was a horrible idea.

Plus the Greek lexicons most modern translations use are based on the work of one Gerard Kittel, the “Christian” spiritual adviser to Adolf Hitler, the infamous character who wanted to abolish both Judaism and Christianity.

The date in Ussher’s writing is too exact for me, but it is very close to other numbers I’ve seen that are based on the genealogies in the Bible. These genealogies are very precise, same as the Creation narrative.


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