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Hillary – A Puppet to Soros

October 28, 2016


Isn’t it funny that Hollywood, the epitome of degradation and lust and corruption and fraud and incest and rape, would become the rulers of the world? They redefine reality, and pretend to live a life that is not even remotely real, they judge and condemn, punish and chastise, they repudiate and find revenge, slander and stifle, and yet, somehow they can sleep at night and wake up to do it all – over – again. Their idol? The almighty dollar. They have no problem seeing their soul if it means they can have – more stuff.

And while I would like to say this is a definition of a people, or Party, it is Not. It is a definition of a seascape, a manipulation, a false reality, a mirage.

If Hillary is elected, such will it be. And so, the next action must be – what next? Likewise for Trump…

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Assange a Traitor…or Hillary? A Sad Day

October 28, 2016


Assange is under fire for his release of the hacked emails with many using such words as ‘treason’ and ‘traitor’, but the primo assault would seem to be the words of Bob Beckel who wants to have him assassinated ( I chose not to use his more colorful language).

Neither term fit Assange – a traitor is someone who betrays their own country, and treason is giving aid to the enemies of a country…and generally involves murder. Since the accusation of murder is directed at Hillary, and the crimes are Hillary’s, the term ‘whistleblower’ would be more just. A whistleblower is someone who exposes illegal or unethical information within an organization that is either public or private. And while whistleblowers believe that they have the moral right to publicly report illegal activities, they are generally subject to prison or, as in the case of Adrian Schoolcraft, a former NYPD officer…

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The Perfect President

October 28, 2016


I listen to the righteous and the holier-than-thou talk about ‘what a President should be’, while their own lives are a freakin’ MESS! And this crosses liberal and conservative stations. It is Geraldo for goodness sakes, and O’Reilly, and a host of mega corrupt Hollywooders who seem to have no apparent insight into their own lives. And given that the host of emails dumping on us of Hillygate, it would appear that she is the shill, and – The Hollywood, is the master puppeteer.

Hillary appears to be a mindless alien who does exactly what she is told, with an occasional deviation, most of which are Holy-Moses mistakes that leave her staff screaming in agony. At least that’s what Wikileaks would seem to divulge in their massive email leak. She would seem to be the pawn who has periodic infantile tantrums because she suddenly realizes that she is not in…

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Homesteading and taxes

October 23, 2016

I’m using the word “homesteading” in the Rothbardian-Block sense. Spain cannot make a claim on land he does not possess without occupying it, and in any case under the no-coercion principle he was an illegitimate authority because he claimed to own an entire peninsula and then a continent before even possessing it.

Homestead Acts are “grants” by authorities who “claim” the “right” to do the granting based on the use of force or threatened force over an extension of land.

And income taxes ARE a WORSE form of theft than property taxes (which are also theft), because a claim on all your income is a claim that the taxing enforcement “authority” OWNS ALL YOUR INCOME, all the fruits of your labor and all the return on your intellectual and material investment.

That is the definition of involuntary servitude.

So using the commonly understood meanings of “HOA” and of “municipal authority”, the buyer of a property acquired with the condition of joining a said “HOA” is an agreement to abide by the rules as signed. The city government, on the other hand, is a priori (by definition), and would only have legitimate authority over the parties that original voted for the charter or incorporation of said authority.

On everybody else it is a claim of FORCE and thereafter any property or other taxes taken from its “subjects” are illegitimate. Because they are FORCED to abide by rules they did NOT agree to.

Said another way, to answer an ancient philosopher on this subject, I signed no such “social contract”.

Being a Christian forum also, we can safely say that as a rule in this Earth, the MAJORITY IS ALWAYS WRONG. “Broad is the road, and wide is the gate, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be that go in thereat. Narrow is the road, and straight is the gate, that leadeth to life, and few there be that find it.”

HOA fees vs. city taxes: Same thing?

October 22, 2016

To me, it is a clear cut *real-world* distinction between moving into a city and moving into an HOA gated (or not) community, from a real-world libertarian perspective.

First case: You buy property with conditions set by the previous line of ownership, you agree to the conditions. Second case: The fact that you can move to another legal jurisdiction (city, municipality, etc) is totally different. For example, you buy a property from previous owners, yes, and you know it is in Smithville, and Smithville has X-percent taxes. If it is the same situation as across the States and most of the world today, you make your agreement to purchase with the current ownership for so-and-so price.

The difference is that in the second case, you made no agreement whatsoever to the conditions imposed. The fact that you can choose to live in a lower-tax jurisdiction motivates many moves but does not legitimize the theft at all.

Add to that the fact that the city of Smithville, or its council, or its mayor, or its king, had arrogated itself the power to steal some sum from the residents or home owners in its turf.

Any such “government” can also change the rules whether you agree or not.

So on principle, it is indeed clear. What you agree to in an exchange is legitimate. A monopoly-group of force that decides what its duties are and how much to extort in its designated territory is NOT legitimate.

Moving into conquered territory for whatever reason does not make the victorious conquerors any more legitimate.

Government conflict of interest

October 22, 2016

“Conflict of interest?” Now it’s October, let’s examine conflicts of interest. Start with the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. Continue with the email coverup. Continue with Whitewater deals, Travelgate, Filegate, “It’s just sex” harrassment gate…

Continue with a Crony Corporate Media fully compliant and fully owned by the Neocon-Dem Party merger (a meeting of like minds).

Continue on with government employee unions and recipients of government largesse. MASSIVE conflict of interest. They get to
add their votes to the ones who have to pay for those votes when their favorite candidate gets elected.

NOT ONE government employee should be able to vote. Only those with a vested interest in their own prosperity (workers, laborers, or investors) should be able to vote.

Nobody should have power of force over another. Self-defense unleashed is the best protection.

Last chance

October 22, 2016

Trump is the one hundred percent best and LAST CHANCE for Americans to avoid war in Syria, against the mad war machine wicked witch Mistress.

The elections have been rigged for a very long time.
The primaries were always rigged but Trump voters overwhelmed it. Sanders voters won him the primaries but did not overcome the rigging.

The polls are rigged too, they manipulate them to make the election season into entertainment, like a horse race to bet on.

The ruling political cartel and their secret societies are in panic. Trump’s voters might punch a hole through their farce of elections. Two million dead and ineligible people registered to vote, some counties with more registered voters than the eligible-age adult population. Four million people registered in more than one state.

And now comes the Democrat Party operative bragging about bringing busloads of students and whoever they can get to vote in multiple states and multiple precincts.

“In Chicago, they’re so patriotic even the dead people vote”. Not a joke anymore.

What Jill Stein said

October 16, 2016

From the link, by Ron Starmann:

Several weeks ago, Julian Assange stated that ‘Hillary Clinton is a demon who will put a noose around our necks if elected.’

Assange is quite correct. Hillary Clinton is a demon. She’s a walking, talking supporting character from the Amityville Horror’s red room of terror.

She’s a lying criminal who is simply incapable of expressing or feeling empathy for anyone. She would have found a home at a death factory like Auschwitz, where SS personnel exhibited similar sociopathic traits as Mrs. Clinton. She is a ranting, violent individual who has and will destroy anyone in her path without the slightest feeling of remorse.

This election is unprecedented on many levels, but mostly for the reason that a major political party has nominated someone who is the most corrupt candidate to ever run for President of the United States


Like the devil, Hillary Clinton is full of venom and hate; hate for half of the nation she refers to as irredeemable and deplorable, hate for Catholics, Evangelicals, Southerners, Latinos and ‘everyday Americans,’ aka the middle class.

Hillary Clinton has nothing to run on except a 30 year career of incompetence and scandal. Therefore, the focus must shift to Trump’s character.

In what can only be described as a coup d’etat, the mainstream media is running a giant disinformation campaign designed to take down Trump and ensure the globalists can continue their rape of America.

Trump is being painted as a sexual predator, when the real predators are the Clintons.

If Hillary’s past crimes weren’t enough, she is the puppet of the globalists, who with her firmly ensconced in the Oval Office, will break this great Republic into a thousand pieces.


Her maniacally reckless temperament combined with her general incompetence would possibly ignite a nuclear war with our old Cold War adversary. Today, Jill Stein called Hillary dangerous and said she could start a war with Russia.

Of course, Hillary would start a war with Russia. That’s what the globalists want.

Hillary Clinton is the dark side’s agent of destruction who will bring a plague upon the City on the Hill if elected.

Jill Stein, candidate for the Green Party, and explicitly a “socialist”, says if Trump is elected, she will sleep okay at night. If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will not sleep okay at night.

Honduras and its new Development and Employment Zones

October 9, 2016

The ZEDE (Zonas Economica de Desarrollo y Empleo) is a sovereign Honduran initiative passed by the lawful and constitutional representatives of the Honduran people, no matter what kind of lying sniveling slander the multi-national corporations and crony governments and fascists want to say otherwise.

And in every charter under ZEDE is by law the explicit provision that they are subject to Honduran law. And it is a miracle that the legislators voted for it because it has built-in provisions in the administrative mandates against interference by those very politicians.

In my opinion, their close call with the United States sponsored socialist overthrow of the formal constitutional republican government by the Chavez-sponsored Manuel Zelaya must have scared them into trying something new.

They studied what worked in other countries that pulled out of abject poverty to become among the most advanced economies in the world: Hong Kong, Singapore, the Chinese mainland “special economic zones”, Chile, and others.

What irks the Left and the political class both in Honduras and in the United States is that they are afraid it will result in a mass movement of Honduras out of poverty. That scares the socialist power mad demagogues, including the globalists who are out to consolidate their world wide dictatorship. They need the people to stay poor so they can lie and promise to make things better.

The ZEDE plan is based in Honduran legislation and conformed to its constitution. This is a Honduran initiative despite everything the U. S. and international bankers might want to say otherwise, because the international fascists and cronies prefer to keep the people poor south of the border.

Chile survived Allende’s Marxist destruction of its economy, then it survived the Pinochet dictatorship, and then it bounced back by pulling back interference with the free market.

Now it just needs a lot of free-market education. A spillover from the Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala might help.

California law says it is a crime to record somebody without their OK

October 9, 2016

I checked and the search says it is a criminal offense in California to secretly record a two-party conversation unless BOTH parties give explicit consent:

So why is nobody going after this infraction of the law?

Why isn’t Billy Bob getting interrogated, and why isn’t California issuing a subpoena for the recording as evidence?

We all know why.

The law is for little guys, if they bother themselves to bother about it. Or if they can make career points in a Crony World by going after Christians and advocates of freedom.

Mind controlled crowds yelling at “Goldstein” in Orwellia-land: “Hate!”