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The Mulvaney Memo is one for the history books:

February 7, 2018

The Mulvaney Memo is one for the history books:


February 4, 2018

They’re not looking for Trump-Russia collusion, they’re just punishing the Trump Campaign. A message to other outsiders maybe. Outsiders don’t get as far as Trump did, if he is an outsider to the secret cabal that runs things in D. C.

Here’s the Real McCoy, the FISA COURT ITSELF REBUKING THE OBAMA FBI, including persons named in the Congressional Intelligence Committee’s FISA memo issued in recent days.

Here it is. The 99-page opinion written for FISC, by Judge Rosemary Collyer:

That COURT DOCUMENT  is what we should all be talking about, not the Congressional document. It is a rebuke at the FBI for ILLEGALLY obtaining the warrant through FRAUD. The FBI omitting the most important details, that this was a document from one party’s contractors to listen in.

In my opinion, they were doing it so they could “leak” stuff to friendly Mockingbird Press payroll “journalists”. And they mixed in a lot of lies in the leaks. And Pliant Press never objected or expressed reservations.

Threats to subpoena Congressmen to block them,
Midnight SWAT raids, long hours of interrogation, threats of one kind and another, indictments that drain their bank accounts, trying to divide one against another, all for helping an outsider not approved by whoever is running the Insider Establishment operation.

Republicans cooperating by slow-walking their investigations, passing the FISA re-up before releasing the “memo”.

Already in the wind, blacklisted from news programs, was the actual FISA judge official COURT document where the judge blasts away at the villains in this real-life plot to accomplish a coup against the electorate.

Got that? The FISA court said the FBI lied to the Court to get a warrant to listen to the Team campaign. And Trump was right when he said he had found out that Obama had wiretapped him in the Trump Tower. On the excuse of one guy from the FAKE “dossier”, they bugged the Tower just like Trump said when OLD Media laughed at it. Most knew.

Yes, the Court named names. Rosenstein, Loretta Lynch’s signature on the warrant applications. Ohr. Ohr’s wife. Fusion GPS.

Honduras report

January 20, 2018

Wikileaks is offering a reward of US$1 million for access to the FISA abuse memo to the public, as reported by news concerns like Gateway Pundit, Fox News, and others.

In what increasingly looks like an international effort to resuscitate leftist neo-Marxism, there is apparently an increasing pattern of violence from the left’s rent-a-thug operations.

I’ve been following the events in Honduras for the past few months, as 2017 was an election year. The leftist demagogue Manuel Zelaya threw in with Salvador Nasralla as the front candidate for what they called, without even trying to hide the irony, The Alliance of Opposition Against the Dictatorship.

Nasralla seems to be just a gullible sports announcer who is glad for a chance to be president, and follows Zelaya’s pronouncements as if they were truth and not just shouts leading the charge of the gullible to the barricades and looting.

The two leaders, look like they are competing for the roles of Dumb and Dumber with the things they say. The TSE (the Honduras elections commission, agency officially independent of all parties and branches of government charged with running fair elections) did what looks like every effort to accommodate all the demands of the Opposition in the election process.

The Opposition was ahead by five percent at first in the count. Then they announced that one of the members of the TSE commission said the trend was “irreversible”, in a very strange comment, out of place, and against all policy, and throwing a bone to the leftist narrative in case the count was NOT irreversible.

Just because a person is a member of a “non-partisan” panel does not mean that person is really “non-partisan”.

So when the gap first started to narrow in the count, they immediately sent their followers to the streets to “protest”: in effect this meant blocking major roads, thereby interfering with the delivery of basic necessities to stores around the country, and rioters burning stores after looting them bare.

Authorities have already made a number of arrests of many of those looters, and protestors blocking roads, although they let many of them walk free after catching them en flagrante.

Meantime, those “peaceful” protestors did their own attacks on police, while blocking roads, looting stores and burning them, andsending twenty policemen to the hospital.

One of those policemen has suffered permanent lost of one eye launched by projectiles.

Now people calling in to talk shows are demanding the police and the Army put a stop to all this disruption and violence. The closing of stores has put a great number of poor families out of a job and into a lack of basic needs. They are blaming mostly Manuel Zelaya, the same president who wanted to bring Honduras into the Chavez orbit.

He got arrested before he could realize his plan to become president for life. Zelaya admitted to Jorge Ramos in an interview aired on Univision that he had cheated in 2005 elections. So now he protests cheating.

That sounds like what happened in U. S. elections in 2016. The party in power, in this case, a reversal of roles being played out in Honduras, blamed the other party for colluding with Russian intelligence in the campaign. The accuser turns out is the guilty party, trying to fabricate a case against the usurper candidate.

In Honduras, the usurper candidate is the one who is opposed to the NWO globalist plutocrats trying to build toward the one-world dictatorship and the power they want so bad.

It’s obviously not an isolated phenomenon in Honduras. The major international news agencies and networks are ignoring the events there. When they say something, they report as if the protestors have the moral high ground.

It’s the old attitude the Left always had, with the possible exception of John F. Kennedy. They always thought that Latin America was a collection of banana republic basket cases beset by rightist dictatorships, and that Fidel Castro was a hero, whose country was only poor because, well, Yanquis, as always. (Never mind the U. S. was the only country restricting trade with Cuba, and there are about 175 other sovereign countries that had no such restriction.)

But then in 2005, it was not the “rightist coup” as they called it in Honduras that was supported by the U. S., but it was the Zelaya auto-coup that he was preparing. He wanted to make himself president-for-life with a new constitution.

Hondurans in 2005 poured into the streets against his crimes and machinations. The day after his arrest, by my estimates half the entire adult population of Honduras, in every city and town, marched to the plaza to thank the authorities for arresting him. They wanted to show support for the “interim” president Roberto Micheletti and show the world that the scurrilous reports about events in the international press were lies.

Honduras was a pivotal point in Latin America then. It showed the tide had turned against the socialists in the region, and that it had nothing to do with CIA interference. For those who paid attention and love the truth, it shows who are the real dangers to human rights in the region.

Now in 2018 the leftists there are trying to rewrite events in their own favor. The TSE pleaded with the leftist “Alliance” to bring evidence, meeting all of their demands for a recount of a thousand, then five thousand (which gave more advantage to Juan Hernandez in the count), then reviewed the contested ballots the “Alliance” presented together with all parties. So tired of losing, the Opposition simply demands recognition of their presumption of victory.

These events, for me, throw doubt on all the denunciations from the left. The observers officially sent from the European Union, saw no issue with the final declaration of Juan Orlando Hernandez as winner of the elections. The silence of the commissioner, whoever he was, who apparently anonymously told the Opposition they were going to win, is now speaking with his silence. So the members of the EU have been sending congratulations to Juan Orlando along with many others around the world.

But the OAS delegation made no protest, and seemed to have no issue generally either, presented their report to the Secretary General, who in a surprising move to those who, again, were paying attention, said Honduras should hold another election.

Pay attention around the world. The things you read in the international press are not trustworthy.


January 10, 2018

“There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.”…

― Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi

Koreans Agree To Talk To Koreans…Nikki Haley Furious!

January 3, 2018 Go go go South Korea! Make peace not war!

Privacy – How to Live Without Google

January 1, 2018

It’s a start:

“How to Live Without Google”:

Google trackers have been found on 75% of the top million websites. This means they are not only tracking what you search for, they’re also tracking which websites you visit, and using all your data for ads that follow you around the internet. Your personal data can also be subpoenaed by lawyers, including for civil cases like divorce. Google answered over 100,000 such data requests in 2016 alone!

More and more people are also realizing the risk of relying on one company for so many personal services. If you’re joining the ranks of people who’ve decided Google’s data collection has become too invasive, here are some suggestions for replacements with minimal switching cost. Most are free, though even those that are paid are worth it — the cost of not switching is a cost to your personal privacy, and the good news is we have a choice!

…Read more…

Pregnancy is not a disease, Infertility is a medical problem

December 30, 2017

Well said about infertility being a medical problem. I would add that teenage pregnancy is symptomatic of manifold social problems: moral problems, knowledge problems, discipline problems, immediate gratification problems, Margaret Sanger Birth Control League propaganda problems, and maybe most of all Daddy Problems.

The women can’t count on Daddies anymore, so they like the state nanny-dom idea, plus there’s what economists call the “moral hazard”, meaning a perverted incentive to kick Daddy out of the house because the State (with Fed tax extortion too) telling them “I’ve got your back”.

Common folks used to have to trust God for their provision, but now the government steps into divinity territory and claims to be The Provider. Just TRUST them, they’re from the government and they’re here to HELP you. Just let them be the Decider too. Take the job we let you have, get the permit first though, and be good at COMPLIANCE.

Funny how that’s a big catch-word at all the state-created corporations, COMPLIANCE.

Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men. – Acts 5:29

In these two verses from Isaiah 10, all the grievousness of verse 1 in state, local, and federal laws (especially federal and also the “international law” governance as at the UN), all that, causes the items listed in verse 2, and that is exactly the purpose:

Isaiah 10:1. Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed;
2. To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and that they may rob the fatherless!

See, the widows are the prey of tax collectors (government) and false balance money changers (central banks like the Fed) that give with one hand what they robbed with the other, and politicians (who promise help for the widow but bow to those who corrupt judgment with a gift and enable the other two prongs of unrighteousness with their decrees.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. – Galatians 6:7

Isaiah 1:15 And when ye spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you: yea, when ye make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood.
16 Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil;
17 Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.

One of my favorite verses:
18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

Here’s what you get for repentance:
19 If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:

When the Word says “relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow”, it does not mean “Thou Shalt Steal” from the rich and share the loot. It means share your OWN dime. Caesar lived by the sword and got what is Caesar’s by the sword.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Do you want anybody and everybody that has less than yourself to pull an armed robbery on you, and when you ask why, they say “Inequality”? That’s exactly what they’re doing with this SWJ lie about “inequality”.

Love thy neighbor.

Government charities vs. Christian

December 26, 2017

I agree that most government-blessed “charities” are not good for the poor, they are stagnant. Especially the ones that get money from government.

Government institutions drive incentive for both funds disbursers and recipients to increase their budgets. I saw this at a federally-funded vocational program that ended in Reagan’s first or second year. (NOTE: the funds went to a different program that worked with private “councils” (?) that decided where industry needs were.

I taught word processing and everybody came through doing their resumes on the machines we had (before PC’s were a thing). Most frequent brag on these resumes was how much budget they handled in previous “public” (government or government-funded) positions.

Later, another for-profit (good, super-well managed) vocational school I worked at was “bought” by a non-profit for the purpose of proving good intent after some scandals. Then it was sold to a “non-profit” school started by a local inner city politician. Barbara Carey by then drew a yearly salary of $60,000 for consulting (not much).

A group of “investors” then put money into the school and opened a number of branches, piggy-backing on the accreditation. After a year, each “investor” spun off have “his own” non-profit accredited school (wind wind).

People in a profit-corporation, non-profit corporation, and in government, act as humans anywhere, it’s called “human nature” . But government is what makes the rules. Because government is a recognized institution with a monopoly on the use of force, and “the people” allow them the initiation of force.

In “democracy” special interest groups lobby the politicians. Why? Because people in government have something to sell. They sell their power to lobbyists, and they use their power to accumulate wealth for themselves (they “deserve” it as public “servants”), and inevitably for their own idea of a good cause.

But I worked with missionaries who had left everything to share the Gospel, and along the way there was always some ministry of the category of “Consider the Poor”. For awhile, considered a “Jesus freak” of the kind you might think of as from 1960’s generation. But then went on to serious works.

When the gospel is received in a person’s heart, it changes him. Not everything overnight, but often it’s a lot of things, and longer-term effects and longer-lasting. There was a former drug dealer from the streets of New York –had his own corner– (paid off the cops every week). Another a former heroin addict from Puerto Rico beaches who “got saved”, quit cold turkey, went home with the brothers, slept for 20 hours and woke up with zero withdrawal effects other than the extra sleep.

Drug users flushed the stuff down the toilet in one of our communities in Santo Domingo. Another who was increasingly demented was brought back to his right mind after a few visits, with the “servant” of the home reading straight from the Bible each visit.

A “white gang” of the day came visiting with the idea of thrashing us with chains, brass knuckles, a few knives, but decided against it. Another city, a “black gang” followed a group of us walking home and started to kick and punch one of us, a sister of 16 years old yelled out “I rebuke you in Jesus’ name!” and immediately one of the group stopped them. Most of them prayed the salvation prayer and decided on a new life.

Nothing like Christian love, the love of Christ, to transform a person, to improve society. America has lost its politeness, its respect for one another that is a legacy of Christian culture, because they have drifted away from Christ, and that includes Christians.

The Sun is Cooling Faster than Anyone Suspected

December 22, 2017

The Sun is Cooling Faster than Anyone Suspected, (Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics)

Image of sun as of 2017/12/22:

As seen on NASA web page with timestamp:

Honduras: The True Story

December 21, 2017

The following is a CC of a note I wrote to Justin Raimundo in response to his article about Honduras, where he describes the arrest of president Manuel Zelaya in 2009 for numerous fiscal, corruption, and other high crimes as a “coup” engineered by the CIA while Hillary Cinton was Secretary of State. This would be laughable for most Hondurans who remember the events, as she is regarded by most as trying to force Zelaya the leftist back to power.

He refers to the recent 2017 election of incumbent Juan Orlando Hernandez as if it were Opposition candidate Nasralla who was elected which he was not. My explanation of events is below, now that the independent institution TSE –Tribunal Supremo Electoral– has officially declared Juan Orlando Hernandez, the incumbent president, of the Partido Nacional, as official president-elect.


Good morning Justin,

First, many kudos for your persistent and perceptive reporting on the underbelly of the war machine, and on the creatures of the shadows that intervene everywhere. We agree on almost everything you post.

I’m anarcho-capitalist. I’ve been anti-war ever since the days of the Vietnam War, when I was in college as a Communist, through my missionary years, and now as an anarchist. I agree about the monstrous interventions of the CIA everywhere in the world, including in Latin America during the past two centuries.

If you are going to issue opinions and pronouncements about Honduras, however, I’m sure you would be interested in the true facts of the events there surrounding elections in 2017 as well as 2009.

My wife is from Honduras. I just want to clarify some things about Honduras, in reaction to your recent writing about it.

I followed the political events very closely in 2009, and now of course in 2017. One of the most amazing things I observed that year in 2009, was how ubiquitous, even unanimous, were all the governments in the world and all the major news agencies in the world, in their flipping the truth on its head in their reporting on Honduras.

Most of the world following events in Honduras elections have been robbed of the truth of it:

I’ll be making another update to my blog about Honduras, but my last post on the elections and background was on December 2, as linked here. There are links to past blog posts on the subject:
Elections in Honduras: The Left Riots, Loots, Burns At Losing in the Counting:

Please indulge me a bit of emphasis:

There are many tens of millions of Latin Americans, who, although they do not understand Austrian economics or libertarian philosophy, nevertheless do understand that socialism multiplies poverty.

This is especially true after the examples of Cuba and more so now Venezuela become so in-your-face now. Even ever “left”-leaning Jorge Ramos of Univision that tried to embarrass Trump early on by asking questions out of turn, that guy, stumped Opposition “Alliance” candidate Salvador Nasralla about his earlier comments that everything was just fine in Venezuela, no problems!

In 2009 something very strange was happening from the perspective of those who watch out for CIA shenanigans. American intervention flipped from supporting “rightists” to “leftists” in Honduras. After Zelaya failed to offer a budget as required, he began the strategy he must have learned from his new buddy Hugo Chavez, in Santo Domingo at the Central-America-Caribbean presidential summit, where flaming interventionist socialist George Soros was keynote speaker.

During 2009, he advocated publicly for a referendum on a constitutional convention, but educated Hondurans understood he wanted to become another Chavista dictator. All during 2009 to June, he issued dictates to the administration, diverted tax revenues and the parts of the government that would obey him to work on his “referendum”.

The American Ambassador to Honduras Hugo Llorens, who was a “diplomat” in Venezuela when Chavez won his first elections there, in Honduras in 2009 declared his support for Zelaya‘s Chavez-style leftist constitutional convention idea. A clear item in evidence he meant it was the fact that Hugo Llorens was in a meeting with Zelaya the night before he was to pull off his now redubbed “survey”. The American Ambassador to Honduras Hugo Llorens even appeared in commercials promoting it.

That’s when the Army delivered the Supreme Court order, requested earlier by the “Fiscal General” (a Ruby).

Zelaya was caught on neighbors’ photos marching out of the Palace under arrest IN A COMPLETE SUIT. There were reports that The OAS Secretary General, Jose Miguel Insulza, “political adviser” to Communist Salvador Allende, and advocate of Fidel Castro, who kept condemning the arrest “in pajamas” until he met with President Micheletti who showed him the photos.

The Army served the arrest order on Zelaya without much trouble –a few shots were exchanged with his personal guard before they left– on that Sunday

Later, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton placed a personal call to “Interim President” Roberto Micheletti to order him to resign and restore Chavista-leftist Zelaya to the presidency.

Micheletti: No.
HRC: But…blah blah… international community.. blah blah..
Micheletti: No.
HRC: “What will it take to get you to resign?” (hint hint)
Micheletti: “Nothing.”
When she repeated the veiled offer and asked again, he said “Only an invasion”.

Hugo Chavez also offered Micheletti $3 million to resign, refused.

Hondurans MASSIVELY marched –peacefully– against all of Zelaya’s efforts. If the CIA spent one cent for this it was massively wasted, like paying a hummingbird to fly.

June 28, 2009, Zelaya was arrested and in my opinion chose exile rather than go to prison for his multiple crimes in office. He said later he was forced into exile. The only other option was a trial, and imprisonment, where there was no lack of inmates who hated his guts by then. He never once risked his own life, limb or liberty, but agitated his followers into danger, AS HE DID AGAIN IN 2017.


The UN, the US, the whole world then pecked and pecked on Honduras until they made an agreement to let him come back to the country without arresting him for massive grand larceny and for the other crimes.

He continues his agitation, and he is the manipulator and intellectual author whispering in Nasralla’s ear.

Just like happened in the U. S. in November 2016:

The first ballots came from the cities, where the socialist “Alliance” has strong support from the barrios. The ballots that came later were from more rural areas, where everybody in Honduras knows support for the “Partido Nacional” has overwhelming support. That’s why the first results skewed heavy toward the Opposition and the later balloting in favor of PN. and the surge that closed the difference in thee middle was apparently when votes came in from Juan Orlando’s area, Lempira, Santa Barbara and nearby.

For example, nobody is disputing either the votes for the other offices, except for just one seat in the Legislature and maybe one mayor, if I’m remembering right.


ALL parties had exact copies of ALL the count sheets and ALL parties including the Opposition had people present at ALL the polling stations in ALL the country and they ALL signed off at each polling place on the count sheets.

So the Opposition demanded a recount of the last 1,000 sheets, and Juan Orlando got a bigger margin of a few votes. With Opposition parties participating. So they demanded a recount of the last 5,000 sheets. Which they got after a two-day pause caused by the absence of the Opposition. The 2nd recount gave the incumbent an even bigger margin.

Zelaya had already started the ball rolling asking for demonstrations, but after the second partial recount he called for Nasralla’s supporters to “mobilize” to support the “elected” president Nasralla.

The supporters knew what he meant, including the MS-13 and 18 gangs who Nasralla said where “my friends” (his words). The supporters went to the streets, burned down a police station in one town, sent a dozen policemen to the hospital, rained rocks down on police that came to clear streets and drive them away from the stores they were looting and vandalizing. They set fire to one church that was quickly put out. They beat up a lot of people too, to keep them off the street and to stop economic activity.

A lot of them are paid. In fact, President and President-Elect Juan Orlando Hernandez has announced a reward for anybody that can give verifiable information about where that money for those protests came from.

In 2009, there was so much Chavez money coming into the country to pay for marchers and rioters (free food too!) that the lempira rose a full ten percent against the dollar. My wife’s nephew took advantage of it a couple of days.

The reason Juan Orlando has so much admiration is that he has been cracking down on the gangs. He has built at least one super-max for these brutal animals. Nasralla and his puppet master Zelaya as Hondurans generally regard him, promise to empty the prisons of the gang members and tear down the super-max.

I don’t have to tell you that a great many Hondurans, majority even, do NOT want more of these gangs making the streets so dangerous again. Some years agone, they were butchering whole families in home invasions, literally cutting the bodies into pieces and leaving them to be found later.

I very much doubt the CIA, trying to wreak vengeance upon the president that defeated their socialist Crown Heir of the presidency, has been holding leftists back in Honduras. They’re probably giving up on Zelaya as they apparently have Hillary Clinton.

Maduro hasn’t though, he sent 145 Venezuelan “advisers” to Honduras to help the Opposition. In 2009 they were already setting up some camps to train guerrillas. One trainer had the chutzpah to brag about it in an email list of American expats, who cheered for the Hondurans in a soccer match with the US. The “trainer” quit immediately when I asked where the money for this was coming from.


My wife was a classmate of Zelaya in high school. In one class she remembers he told the class he was going to be president one day and the entire class burst out in raucous laughter, because he was the slowest bulb in the class, and maybe the whole school.

My wife is certain he could not be coordinating all this mayhem by himself. His Secretary of State in 2005-2009 years, Patricia Rodas, has always been around close by in his political activities. Most of the middle class in Honduras figure she is the mastermind. She got her university education in Cuba.


Zelaya comes from the region in Honduras with a most fearsome reputation. Almost all the ranchers are well-armed and are not concerned about the useless police, because it is a region where they have to protect their property period. My wife’s family moved there and lost everything because her father refused to start any tit for tat with the people who were carting off chickens, corn and the rest of it. They finally moved to Tegucigalpa.

There’s no gang there in Olancho. There was for a few weeks, until the first murder of a rancher’s son. That was the end of the gangs there.

But Zelaya was only 15 when his father committed the mass murder of some 15 religious leaders, priests, nuns, students. Their vehicle broke down on a road trip for some activity, late at night, and they requested shelter for the night at the closest nearby dwelling, where Manuel Zelaya, the ex-president’s father, resided, as he was known in the community.

After a nun rebuffed his advances, he killed them all, with a couple of people helping. He went about town trying to find a bakery or food business that would let him use their ovens and nobody wanted to help. That included my wife’s mother at the time.

The next day they found out why he wanted them, because a ranch hand happened to see saw the elder Zelaya digging graves for the 15 bodies from a hide in the trees nearby. The ranch hand the next day went to the biggest local radio station and told his story to the whole town. (The police were useless). With all the publicity, he was arrested along with some accomplices. The sentence was 20 years in prison, but spent about one year when released as part of an amnesty for military crimes.

Then about 30 years later, the son, Zelaya Jr. (who visited his father often in prison), had his own amnesty engineered by an international community that does not care if Zelaya and his followers burn down the whole country and unleash two of the nastiest gangs in history upon the innocent.