Bombshell Audit of UN IPCC “Warming” Data

October 8, 2018

“Just ahead of a new report from the IPCC, dubbed SR#15 about to be released today, we have this bombshell- a detailed audit shows the surface temperature data is unfit for purpose. The first ever audit of the world’s most important temperature data set (HadCRUT4) has found it to be so riddled with errors and “freakishly improbable data”  that it is effectively useless…..”

The report is installed but at only $8.00. It passed the equivalent of power review and much of it is simply passing on of verifiable details in the official UN IPCC report from  the official alarmist perspective.

It is never a conspiracy theory to say that governments lie, the UN lies, states lie, political parties lie, it is demonstrable historical and current fact. Secrecy is anathema to a functioning republic, as JFK famously pointed out.


English Dominates – LewRockwell

October 7, 2018

Yes, “America” will fall apart, possibly inside out first, and Christian prophets have had visions of Russian and Chinese troops In the U. S., and of concentration camps. A “ten kings” alliance will “burn her” (the Great Whore) “with fire”. In one hour. God’s judgments.

Not long after the fall, the alliance that delivers the final blows will itself fall to a greater power.

Nuclear power probably involved. Zechariah and Revelation, too, I think, describe what we now recognize as the effects on humans in proximity of a blast. Flesh consumed off their bones as they “stand on their feet”, eyes will melt in their sockets”.

But I’m not so sure English will go down so fast. It is the high-falutin’ language, the taste for “whiteness”, or even just English, around the world is a strong cultural phenomenon (I have seen it in my missionary years in Latin America and here in Miami) in spite of the psych operation in campuses and political circles to make it something evil. Even when non-whites being to rule.

Another Christian prophet, William Branham, early 20th century, predicted they would make cars that look like eggs (VW’s?) as events lead up to this fall. And that Americans, as we are called, would be the “most desired slaves in the world”.

President Trump continues to advance free trade | TheHill

October 7, 2018

See what Lewandowski says about Murray Rothbard! And free trade…

‘Enough lies!’: Bosnian village bans politicians

October 7, 2018 Another town in Mexico did the same thing. Banned all politicking. Campaigners not allowed.

Regarding Kavanaugh

October 7, 2018

I enjoyed the way the Dam Dim Dems exposed themselves as so totally vicious and unhinged, and the way their main witnesses exploded in their faces. They’re scapegoating Avenutty and pretending Ford is still “believable”. I don’t think the Damn Dim Dems would dare try to impeach Kavanaugh even if they take both houses of Congress in November, because they’d have to bring up Ford again.

But what’s most revealing about both parties, and whoever bumped Kavanaugh to the head of the line after the election, are (1) that the Dum Dam Dim Dems refused to pick up on the most damning things they could have brought up against him, and (2) that somebody waiting until after Trump was elected to put Kavanaugh’s name on the public list of possible SCOTUS nominees.

(1) Kavanaugh, witness Knowlton, and Vince Foster:

The Daily Telegraph revisited an article they had done during the days of the Ken Starr special counsel and the Vince Foster investigation.

One thing was Kavanaugh’s methods when interrogating the first witness on the scene where Vince Foster’s body was found in what official Washington decided was a “suicide”. Kavanaugh grilled him in what people present called a “character assassination”. Kavanaugh was working for Ken Starr at the time. (One of the worst and most stupid naive things D. James Kennedy ever did was to give a “Statesman Award” to Ken Starr).

Quoting the AmbroseEvans-Pritchard article in the Daily Telegraph from

‘Miquel Rodriguez (a Kavanaugh colleague) had resigned earlier from the Starr investigation after a bitter dispute.His resignation letter – later leaked – said he was prevented from pursuing investigative leads, that FBI witness statements did not reflect what witnesses had said, that the suicide verdict was premature, and that his grand jury probe was shut down just as he was beginning to uncover evidence….The nub of the dispute was over compelling evidence of a wound in Foster’s neck, which contradicted the official version that Foster shot himself in the mouth and had essentially been suppressed…..[the FBI then ‘lost’ the photos]….I interviewed the first rescue worker on the scene and when I asked him about the mouth wound, he grabbed me, and said with frightening intensity: “listen to me buddy, Foster was shot right here,” jabbing his finger into my neck. He said the FBI had pressured him too into changing his story, and the official narrative was a pack of lies.’

The contradiction between the official version of what the first witness said to the FBI, versus what the witness said later in emphatic denunciation of the official report, was only one of the big holes in the official version of the Vince Foster investigation.

No way was either party going to revisit those days. Democrats because it would publicize the sins of the Clintons again, and Bill Clinton’s history of harassment and rape would get thrown into their faces. Republicans would have to account for the way they accepted Ken Starr’s cutting the legs off his own investigation. He made Paula Jones the public face of the investigation, much to the delight of the Democrat Party and their Mob Media spokescreatures.

(2) Legal support for the Patriot Act

During his work for the Bush administration, Kavanaugh wrote up justifications for the Patriot Act. In totally Orwellian fashion the Bush White House said the Patriot Act gave “law enforcement” some “necessary tools” to protect the public by swooping up the emails, conversations, browser activity, and comings and goings, and library book records, of every member of the public. (Just like they need to protect the public from bad guys by banning the tools that the public uses to defend itself against the bad guys.).

The Charges Against Judge Kavanaugh Should Be Ignored – The Dennis Prager Show

September 29, 2018

Dennis Prager is a fount of good insights, though he is wrong on some very important things, like Jesus Christ, and his idea that the United States is still the idealized country that so many still have in their minds…

But if the Bible speaks well of the fact that Moses was educated in “all the wisdom” of the Egyptians, much more so we can appreciate the way he articulates some thoughts that others of us did not articulate in our own minds?

Look at his take on the political con job the Part of Prenatal Infanticide is doing to a man who has been praised by 65 women who went to school with him and who have worked closely with him throughout his professional career:

Dennis makes a perfect case as to why the pranks of boys

The Abortionist Party hordes don’t even pretend to care about those sixty-five women! These women are standing up for the women who seriously appreciate working with a perfect gentleman.

Why Bob Woodward Says Trump is “Crazy” – from the LRC Blog

September 22, 2018

Bob Woodward’s crazy evidence:

“So, when are we going to start winning some of these wars we’re involved in.”

No, not making it up!

L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise: Idiots Three | Citizens Journal

August 27, 2018

Watch Out, California! – LewRockwell

August 27, 2018

Zero Hedge drops another Bombshell ! (to those spies listening without a warrant: not a real one, just a figurative one)

August 19, 2018

Okay we all know by now the FBI snakes at the top levels of the Agency in 2016 (and too many continuing in 2017), eagerly used the unverified infamous fake “dossier” on Trump.

We also know that Mueller’s team of 17 plus Democrat Party contributors and partisans after more than a year of continuing the FBI and DOJ Russia frame job that was engineered by Brennan has done no better but exposes itself more each day as acting above the law, because they know they have Republican Party allies in Congress that would go for impeachment the minute Trump fires anybody.

But after all that that and tens of millions of dollars, they got nothing. After Rush Limbaugh and others had the nation laughing about a Russia collusion investigation with “no Russians in sight”, he quickly indicted twelve Russians and three companies that live in Russia, just to have some Russians.

We all laughed at that too, because we all know that these are characters he thought he would never have to actually prove anything about in court. SURPRISE! One of them showed up in court. Mueller’s boys protested that these bad Russians had not been properly served.

Moot, said the judge. They’re here pleading Not Guilty and demanding discovery. Muellerites: But your Honor we’re not ready!
Your Honor: What have you been doing all this time, and didn’t you get an indictment? Discovery1

We know what comes next. 90 percent redacted pages.

But now we find out, and Zero Hedge digs it up, that two privately funded multi-million operations have tried to prove the Fake Dossier have also come up empty.