Matthew 4 and all the kingdoms

August 18, 2022

Paul wrote to the brethren, that we know this: “We are of God and the whole world lieth in wickedness.”

They have subsumed all the most “authoritative” institutions under their control.

Fake science, fake public stealth (not health), fake medicines instead of health support, indoctrination instead of education, companies “rent seeking” instead of competing, corporate lobbyists paying for more regulation to keep down competition instead of innovating, warmongering instead of producing useful products, media churning out Operation Mockingbird effluent instead of news and information, censoring instead of encouraging the marketplace of ideas, threatening the citizens instead of protecting them, protecting rioters, arsonists, killers and thieves instead of the decent folks whose confiscated wealth fund them. And don’t forget, do remember: they are now injecting many of our neighbors and kin and friends with a toxic brew and calling it protection instead of calling it genocide.

Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man shall sow, that shall he also reap.

Jesus has to come soon. The Word predicted this acceleration of evil in the end times. And the Beast causing “craft” to prosper, and it doesn’t mean “arts & crafts”, but the evil craft of spells and chants.

Don’t take the Mark under your skin, instead take Jesus Christ into your heart.

Who is useless?

August 15, 2022

The WEF’s mind-benders say that most of the world’s population are “useless”, borrowing from Hitler, who also wanted to get rid of “useless eaters”.

Yuval Noah Hariri, Israeli “intellectual” and close adviser to Klaus Schwab, the WEF’s eternal CEO.

Meantime, what any of these three megalomaniacs or their sycophants actually contribute to the body politic? Are they totally abandoning the monstrous Marxist rhetoric about the poor, or the neo-Marxist meme proposed by self-described socialist George Bernard Shaw that in an ideal society people would be forced to accept the state benevolence even if they didn’t want it?

As a matter of fact, these people who take over by force and rule by the force of the barrel of a gun are the ones who are useless, because they don’t want to bother convincing their victims to give to them from their own earned gains voluntarily.

Klause Schwab, Yuval Noah Hariri, the entire political class, they are the useless eaters, who only eat by forcing it out of the rest of us.

The War of Words

August 15, 2022

Okay, remember they’re also waging a semantics war. They’re doing their best to enforce their own Newspeak dictionary. There are two approaches to fight this.

One is to keep on using English with the “traditional” definitions, meaning the ones in use in most literature up to the World War Two generation, even from before that and some new words from after that are “nuance-neutral”, such as Internet. When they say this new jab is a “vaccine”, throw back at them the meaning vaccine had for now nearing two centuries. Refuse to agree that it is a “vaccine”, every time they abuse the language. Or when they say “marriage”. Even in Sodom and Gomorrhah, and certainly even in ancient Greece they didn’t abuse the word that way.

Another is for the problem of prohibited words. There, linguistic under-the-radar blowback can take the form of surrogate words or terms that come of the tongue with grace, with elegance. Parasite class for rulers, truth ministry for the free speech monitors. Mockingbird Media is a good one for the worst misinformation, disinformation malinformation, and fake news propagators, the Lame News Media.

The totalitarians panic when the truth gets out. So slap the fear label on them. They are the ones who are deathly afraid that their motivations, plans, or their networks will be exposed. Satan works in darkness. Freedom dies in darkness indeed.

Another way is to use their own Doublespeak against them. Remember when Obama used the term “fake news” publicly? Maybe he wasn’t the first one to use it among the “high” class persons. But the dissenters quickly picked up on the phrase and used it to list out all the multitude of outright lies and deceits committed by the overlords. Let’s call them the kakistocracy.

Take the label “Inflation Reduction Act”, and instead call it what it is, the “Inflation Acceleration Act”. When they say the “rule of law” they don’t mean the rule of law, it’s the “rule of the lawless”, which is what they are.

What they call science, is not, according to the perennial meaning of “science”. Call it “fake science” or “unscience”. Whatever sticks. What they call medicine? Call it medical dictates.


August 12, 2022

Not the first. Fleischmann & Pons got the first LENR, so dubbed because what else but a low-energy nuclear reaction. Eugene Mallove created a foundation for supporting research into the technology, after blowing the whistle on MIT after the MIT guy lied-boldfaced to the public denying they got promising results. Mallove exposed that they did. Mallove also started a magazine to publish records of experiments. Many people believe that his murder had something to do with that.

Arthur C. Clarke endorsed his efforts to get Congress and the president (Bill Clinton) interested in financing research into it, including an open letter to all of the Congressmen at the time.

Nicola Tesla said there’s all kinds of energy all around you. Arthur C Clarke wrote about “vacuum energy” in some of his science fiction novels.

Supremacy clause

August 10, 2022

Kari Lake said it.

They keep saying that Article VI of the US Constitution is a “supremacy clause” puts the federal government above all states, localities, judges, legislators and governors. Even the article at the Federalist web site got this wrong.

I have just read it again, and it does no such thing at all.

It points to the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, not the federal government, and certainly not the DOJ or FBI or the CIA.

That Constitution prohibits the federal government from doing anything not specifically assigned to it in that Constitution.

In other words, the “supremacy clause” makes the federal government subject to the body of the Constitution including the Bill of RIghts.

The Bill of Rights, by the way,in its wording, refers to those rights as pre-existing the Constitution and the federal government both. “The right of…shall not be infringed.”

That word infringed means diminished, reduced, or qualified by any government measure. “Constitutional carry” is just that: permits for carrying you-know-what are illegal, not the “you-know-what”s.

Reply to blind-faith atheist

August 9, 2022

The difference between the best-known ancient pagan gods (includes Roman, Greek, Babylonian, Assyrian, Philistines, Germanic, Hindu, Amerindian) and the God of the Bible is that those pagan gods were indeed created in the image of the humans that idolized them, feared them.

Whereas the Biblical God is a God of love. “God is love”, wrote the apostle John. Sure other religions have versions of this, it’s a universal natural law written in the hearts of all mankind.

But all mankind is also prone to disobey law, and they fall into temptations, just like Eve opened up the Pandora’s box and brought sin into the world, and Adam followed right along.

And yes, there were problems in early, and later Christianity, because man is a fallen creature. And some pagan practices were brought into “the church”. One of the problems early on were because the Christians moved from the middle of the arena into the stands.

“A fact-based faith is an oxymoron.” And that is an answer from a vacant brain. You have faith that the sun will rise on the horizon in the morning, even if black clouds hide it. You have so much faith you won’t go floating upward into the vacuum of space that you don’t even think about it. You have faith that storm clouds will dump rain that you carry an umbrella on a rainy day, even when it’s raining.

That’s fact-based faith. You don’t know the Bible enough to know that the whole thing is full of facts in evidence of God’s reality, it does not argue from “blind faith”. Even most Christians get this wrong.

I was much like the apostle Thomas, refusing to believe until he thrust his hand into Jesus’ wounds. I was atheist, but not empty-headed and college indoctrination hacking had fortunately failed to demolish all my logic circuits.

You talk about ‘invisible sky man”, but you yourself believe in it. You cannot see the wind but you admit to its effects. You cannot see radio waves but you admit they exist and you see the evidence in television and in reading this.

But you see the signs of the times and deny their existence. Protest all you want, but there were over 300 wannabe “messiahs” contemporary with Jesus. That’s because the rabbis knew that the book of Daniel pinpointed exactly when the Messiah would appear. They wanted to claim the title.

But only one persisted past his crucifixion. That’s because he was the only one who rose from the dead. More than 500 witnessed him on many different occasions after the Resurrection and went on to prove the truth of their testimony (they believed it) by laughing at the Romans and others who killed them for believing it.They feared not them that kill the body, but him that can throw body and sould in hell”.

There’s plenty of other things. The description in the Gospels of the crucifixion is very strong medical evidence that Jesus died there. Secular historians denied the Romans did crucifixions until archaeologists dug up the evidence. They denied the Assyrian Empire (“myth of the Bible”) until they dug up the city.

You mention Hitler. OF COURSE Hitler “referenced God often”. Governments, tyrants, antichrists, and socialists like Hitler and Stalin will not tolerate any of their claimed “subjects” having any loyalty above theirs.

Ezekiel 8 exposes those liars, the early church had its own unbelieving infiltrators as Paul himself denounced. And wpeaking of “white people” in the misnamed “Civil War”, those were abolitionist CHRISTIANS, very much involved in the Underground Railroad. William Wilberforce is another such example, as is John Newton, a former and repentant slave trader who wrote the most beloved hymn, Amazing Grace, and who raged against slavery all his life after becoming a born-again Christian.

And yes, abortion is indeed “killing babies”. A change of geographical location upon exiting the birth canal does not infuse a magic potion bequeathing life upon that soul. It’s the same baby. Sane expectant mothers not corrupted by evil people, always call it a baby. It’s unavoidable.

Pro-life people are simply against the murder of that innocent baby. And the principle behind the advocates of the mass slaughter holocaust in the world today of babies in the womb are finally now unmasked. There’s video of them gyrating their behinds in public in protest, they’re trying to argue its benefits. Big bad greedy corporations are all in, they hate paying out pregnancy and new motherhood benefits and losing that time at work.

And eugenecists like Bill Gates, son of the head of The Birth Control League (aka Planned Barrenhood) in Seattle for a time, and Margaret Sanger (founder of the Birth Control League, hero of the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazi eugenics minister), and Hitler (“useless eaters” hater), they all hate babies (except their own). Whence they’ve devised the “[biggest] electoral fraud of history”-Biden) and the biggest holocaust of history (post-jab die-offs, much more to come), to help accomplish their aims.

Embrace truth.

American coups

July 31, 2022

The Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 was bought and paid for by super-rich billionaires in the USA, the same ones now trying to impose an updated version in the third decade of the 21st century. The big bankers in the West had told the Mensheviks they had to stay committed to the war against Germany in order to continue getting loans. So they stayed in the War, which was massively unpopular in Russia. It was so unpopular the Bolsheviks were able to organize a soldiers’ union!

The Mensheviks, in power at the time, begged to be released from the obligation to the war while continuing to get the funding. So they stayed in the war, which fed fuel to the fire. But as soon as the Bolsheviks took power, and immediately quit the war, they got funding from the big bankers, despite the incursion by tens of thousands of American troops attempting, or least appearing to try, to stop the Bolsheviks.

But even there in Russia, it took a while to get to full Stalinism. They first had to consolidate power into what were vassal Czarist states. Took a while to end the White Russians resistance.

There have been coups in the USA. The first one after the arguably libertarian Declaration of Independence, it could be argued, was the US Constitution, proposed by the super-secret meeting of the continental congress. Alexander Hamilton even proposed a monarchy modeled on the British one they had just expelled!

But the colonies were so jealous of their few-found independence, and so suspicious of this usurpation of power by the band of federalists, that the authoritarians had to concede to the Bill of Rights. Patrick Henry said about the confab, “I smell a rat!”

The next coup was Abraham Lincoln. Te Republican Party was founded as an anti-slavery party but Lincoln only regarded it as an issue secondary to consolidating power in the federal government. Sic Semper Tiranus was an apt epithet uttered by the assassin at Ford Theater. He was definitely not an equity, diversity, and inclusion kind of guy as in CRT. He said it was unfair to expect blacks to compete with whites, and initiated the effort to repatriate blacks to Africa.

The assassination of JFK was a surely a coup, as there is ample evidence that VP LBJ was in on the plot. He was in such a rush for power he had a judge swear him in as president on Air Force One, with the widow present, while she still had her husband’s blood on her clothes.

There is ample evidence that the next coup happened in the 2020 presidential election, although there has been plenty of lead-up. By the turn of the century, the nation’s political, economic, banking, and social institutions were already in subjugation to a group of unelected elites.

One sign that it was an overthrow is that it is prohibited in the officially approved media to say that the election was won my fraud. Evidence of it is banned, and apparently every well-known media personality was compelled, forced somehow to utter the idea positively that it was a “legitimate election”. I even heard Tucker Carlson utter this idea, in my opinion, almost “under his breath” and as an adjunct to a different theme. I got the impression from the delivery that it was even “under protest”.

Found at

July 29, 2022


Crazy season

July 27, 2022

This paragraph caught my eye in an article at Daily Wire:

Since losing the White House to President Joe Biden, Trump has made unsubstantiated claims that he would have won the 2020 election if not for widespread election fraud. Media hosts on networks such as CNN and others have baselessly suggested that Trump is a Russian agent, or suggested that Trump won the 2016 election because of Russian interference.

Fruits of socialism

July 26, 2022

The day after the commy regime was installed in Honduras. The criminals and the gangs hit the streets again.

Honduran channel HCH, run apparently by a good Christian man, just ran a story about the United States State Department issuing warnings against US citizens traveling to Honduras.

Then they interrupted the reporting on that travel advisory to a breaking story about a massacre somewhere at a private business.

Communism, collectivism, destroys a nation.