Joe Gerstner, political refugee from

February 22, 2017

gathered in the car). He reported theft. The next day a 15-year old boy told police he saw Gerstner shoot a transvestite dead. That went nowhere fast because the boy couldn’t keep his story straight and finally admitted a bribe from somebody “from the FBI”.

The day after that a detective had found a crack addict driving the car around, he was questioned and released, then the story was planted that he said he had stolen it from Joe Gerstner while the commissioner was high on cocaine and having sex with a prostitute. He was brought in for questioning, but a drug test proved he did not do cocaine. He refused to answer more questions, seeing it was a frame-up, so the judge put him in jail for contempt.

He was released after three weeks pending appeal, but instead of surrendering to Janet Reno’s vendetta (she was directing the discordant ruckus, her initials on documents), he went on “vacation” to Australia. As soon as the appeal fell through he applied for asylum in Australia. It took him eight years, because Janet Reno kept sending people (paid for by tax extortion victims) to bring him back to the U. S.

So Eric Holder was wrong.

And Dinesh Ddouza was a victim of political persecution, put in prison for being
effective at opposing Obama’s policies.

Big Media: the most untrusted voice in America

February 20, 2017

With all the Untrusted Press a-twitter about Trump twitters, he has very arguably done more in his time there than many predecessors.

He cannot be blamed for the hampering that slow confirmations crimp his full planning. But he has already done some things. For some I “oh no not again”, for some I say “Finally!”.

“By their fruits ye shall know them”, and so far his VERY BEST fruit is that he has all the right enemies. And just like he said to the some 9,000 that came to his recent Orlando “presidential rally”, those enemies are enemies of his ONLY because they are the enemies of the people that elected him. I’ll add myself that those powerful forces with allegiances to other international power cliques that have done lots and lots of planning toward subjugating our country and every other nation on earth to themselves. Trump was elected to drain the swamp of those people.

OF COURSE that includes what I call Mockingbird Media, Mockingbird Press, highlighting the “Deep State” (uppercase) propaganda project known as Operation Mockingbird.

But God is in control and many of those rich rulers have been shocked at so many of their closely held secrets splash across news headlines in alternative press.

Be careful now. Prepare. The Evil Empire is preparing to strike back. It’s trying to figure out what it’s “death star” weapon will be. Failing all else they may pull a Maidan, or a Reichstag, or a Plaza Miraflores (Caracas,April 2002).

With all this going on, from this point on, if anything happens to President Trump that ends his presidency, we all now know where the blame will go. We now know who will rejoice if there is such a coup d’etat against the president put there in an election that even these enemies acknowledge he won. That will be leftists, and the faux “resistance” that in their rioting, burning and looting, and shouting, do the bidding of the Wall Street and Deep State insiders against the person who represents the people they consider dangerous to them. The ones they consider dangerous (to their hegemony) is an electorate that escapes their control. They lose control when they lose the mind control.


Leftist program is Nazi program

February 19, 2017

Here comes another article comparing Trump to Hitler, using a Mr. Zweig, exile from Austria who fled to the United States when he saw the National Socialists gaining popularity in Europe:

The article quotes him as pointing to the fire at the Reichstag as the turning point in the fall of Germany to the regime, or as the sign that brutality had consolidated its rule.

This is a facile comparison, though, and totally ignores Nazi policies and the differences from today.

Here’s a good list of 10 of the ways in which the Obama administration policies lined up with the National Socialist programs that were implemented in their earliest days:

But the biggest thing to watch for are the “gun control” measures. For most Trump supporters, if he started going after these self-defense tools like the Democrats have done and many Republicans, all those Trump supporters would go crazy. That’s when trouble would start.

The Nazis did add the gun laws to the books, their gun control laws were passed under the Weimar Republic. The Nazis gave them steroids, and confiscated firearms across their territory. The Warsaw uprising of the Jews had to defend themselves with the arms that had been hidden, a few stolen from armories, and whatever they could fabricate homemade.

In fact, the first gun control laws proposed after WW2 was mostly a translation of the Weimar Republic gun laws with the Nazi additions. Literally. The sponsor of the Gun Control Act of 1968 had requested the translation a few days before he proposed the bill.

If Trump does something that shows his supporters that he just another swamp creature, they will abandon him. He would have no help from them as Deep State persecutes them. They may go somewhere else, or not. There are a number of people who are willing to ride into danger, as shown by their stand with the 2014 Bundys in their disputes with the Bureau of Land Management.

It is hard to say what will happen. If these Swamp Masters cannot confiscate the guns to make it safe for their tyranny, they may well then arrange for a hot civil war.

Lots of people on both sides of the forming divisions are saying we are already in a cold civil war.

Academia has produced a great number of zombie troops for one side, of various colors.

When forced to choose sides, as it looks like may happen, the commies will be shocked at how many blacks and browns will side up with freedom.

States independence, not constitutional convention

February 18, 2017

Mark Levin is a smart guy, but…

Please think before accepting a new constitutional convention.

One, if all three branches of the federal government have acted illegally and unconstutionally with impunity the entire history of the Republic, beginning with Hamilton’s execrable central bank, the Marbury v. Madison decision, then banning post office competition, and even an abominable war to overthrow state sovereignty, the claim that the income tax was ratified, and the rest, then rest assured, it is a useless exercise.

SCOTUS and gang could wait until you expend all that effort and money to then declare the effort itself unconstitutional. Then, you representatives would start backing off.

Two, it’s a Pandora’s box. You get scoundrels lying to get in, with betrayal and payoffs in mind. Think central bank. Think RINOs on steroids.

Three, there are two much better tactics for the goal of liberty.

Tactic one. Repeal of the 17th, to put the Senate back in the hands of the state legislatures. That returns some sovereignty to the states and even the people. Because you can tear into your state reps and senate easier than the U. S. Senator.

Tactic Two. Frame everything within the 10th Amendment.

Tactic Three. Make your state refuse federal strings attached money. It’s a stupid excuse for giving up your sovereignty for 30 pieces of silver. Call it that.

Four. Finally, yell and scream secession! The looney Left Coast have now made it even pc to talk about it. Advocate Calexit for starters. Secede. Free Florida. Georgia for Georgians. The Cajun Republic.



February 16, 2017

“The Saker” wrote a list of convincing points that Flynn is the first domino to fall in the Trump administration. Sounds like they’re going after Kelly Conway next, or maybe Steve Bannon. They might be content with having sabotaged any rapproachment with Russia.

My reaction is cross-posted to his comments section:

The points int he list are very convincing. A sad day.

Sometimes they say “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.”

In this last election we knew that we had a one hundred percent chance of getting the worst that the baddest devil could offer with the smooth talking Jezebel on steroids, and there was a better than zero chance of getting something better with Trump. She almost outright promised jet dogfights over Syria, to go to war against Iran, to continue the program with the devastation in Iraq and the brutality she left behind in Iraq. He promised peace with Russia and a re-think of foreign policy.

You say Trump came out of a faction of Deep State. I’m not so sure. Maybe he matched some of that faction’s goals to try to avoid World War Three (or Cold War Two) but then arriving into the seat of power changes things. I had a powerful person from a Latin American country in my house that told me about this secretive Deep State clique, in a conversation about JFK. They have a lot of faces but they are organized. By now this should be obvious to those who care to dig for the truth.

They come with threats against your person, your family, they find things. They use a cancer patient like Ruby to knock off the patsy. If a president gets cocky, they’ll send out somebody to shoot at him. Even if he doesn’t die, which Reagan almost did, they’ll slow down the damage and take a compromise instead.

It’s probably still better for awhile with Trump than the irrevocable hell that could have been, but then this also exposes the Deep State for those in the know.

I think that was one message in the Will Smith movie Enemy of the State. We are watching you, we will stop you, resistance is futile.

How ironically outrageous that this “Resistance” in the streets against Trump is resisting against the true enemy of the One Percenter Hegemon.

This will not end well. But it is a law of the universe as sure as physics that whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. The orchestrators of this oppression will suffer and will get no relief. They are terrified at the prospect that the masses will become aware of them and their genocidal plans and get really angry. They have plans for that but God has plans for them.

Washington Post business connections with the CIA

February 16, 2017

And now comes peacenik Dennis Kucinich blasting away at the Mockingbird Media, and exposing the dark underbelly of Jeff Bezos’ acquisition of the Washington Post close to the time that Amazon had signed a multi-million dollar cloud services deal with the CIA.

Can we trust the Washington Post to tell the truth, in view of this cozy relationship with hidden government operatives that consider themselves above the elected presidency of the Republic?

Did anybody at any time sign up for crazy social contract to be ruled by a secret government that considers itself so above the Constitution?

So now after the Clinton Crime Family has been exposed for hundreds of atrocities and civilian deaths in the millions, exposing secrets, as FBI reports now openly admit did happen, and arguably getting individual intelligence agents killed in the process, amid outrage from the Hegemon Press like WaPo, now they are leaking like a coffee filter to overthrow their boss.

If they succeed in getting Trump thrown out of office, that is called a “coup d’etat” that will install an illegitimate, renegade, regime in violation of the Constitution. At that point every soldier in all branches will immediately be forced to consider his oath. Every police officer and judge who ever took an oath to uphold it. Too many presidents and judges have broken faith and a workable government would have had them for perjury behind bars.

If they succeed in jamming up the works for the president’s agenda, that would be treason, as of course a coup would be.

In either case, especially if they succeed in overthrowing the president with their scandal manufacturing facility over there in Foggy Bottom, or Langley, the Constitution is then irrelevant and the eternal principles listed in the Declaration of Independence can be invoked. Such principles have infused the slow march toward expanding respect for freedoms in steps in Western societies during the last two thousand years.

Who can believe the Washington Post anymore?

We already live in interesting times.

Even a Democrat Party Rep can advocate for peace

February 16, 2017

While the usual Hegemon Media spews propaganda against her and her trip to Syria:

Shoving Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Right Back in the Left’s Ugly Face

February 15, 2017

This is worth the read. Take a ride through Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, turned inside out:

Shoving Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Right Back in the Left’s Ugly Face

It was worth the read. You might find it entertaining.


How about American nationalists? What about the Forgotten Man?

February 15, 2017

Saw another use of the term today.

IT takes a special kind of crazy logic to keep on going with this theme about “white nationalists”. They have one guy who got WAAAYY more publicity than his following merited in the last few days, and then went to another, bragging about how many they were.

How’s that for cognitive dissonance, believe two contradictory things at the same time? Ignoring crowd sizes in the campaign, then suddenly discovering it at the most-watched-ever (present + broadcast) Inauguration, then blowing up the following of one guy as if he had more than ten people even listening to him, and another nobody ever heard of ever. I forget the second guy’s name.

The biggest danger today is not “white nationalists”, it is from the lying liars in the Fake News Networks who keep trying to make the paper tiger look bigger than it is.

When those Fake News Networks (social and traditional) complain about being called Fake News, remember that it is Fake Feminist Hillary Clinton and “You can keep your doctor” Obama that first started that name-calling. When they use it, it’s a code word for “whistleblowers that expose us and our crimes”. Washington Post made themselves the champion of it with some S&M pervert’s fantasy. Oops. They propogated the term, but after that faux pas, they pleaded “Can we stop using that term now?”

The Mockingbird Media did this with the Westboro Baptist Church, too. In the real world there are XX chromosome pairs, and XY chromosome pairs, but that band of sad sacks were never able to gather more than three dozen members even with all those millions of dollars of free publicity that Propaganda Media gave them free of charge.

Smearing web sites that expose the two-faced double dealing in Washington are naturally going to get flak from the powerful people that have had their way both in D. C. and in their Media branch. Honest and smart intellects will perceive it once their eyes are opened.

Why Silicon Valley Big Dogs Embrace Climate Alarmism

February 14, 2017

Here’s the link:

Possibly my favorite of the 14 points:

2. Software professionals tend to have a habit of not RTFM (and are proud of it). Software and Internet billionaires also might lack the time to RTFM.

The whole thing is interesting, worth a read….