Rocklin Kindergarten Transgender Discussions

August 23, 2017

Parents protested at the Rocklin Academy Shool Board. One mother: “My little girl came home crying, terrified that she might turn into a boy”.

One teacher said it’s a “dangerous road to go down” toward book burning.

That shows the absolute Orwellian insanity of today’s America.

And to think in 1993 when they were busy declaring “gays” a “protected class”, they rolled their eyes and said “Ridiculous”, when we warned the gullible that the Crazy Class would follow up with “gay marriage”.

Little did we know…


Majority of Googlers Against Firing of James Damore

August 22, 2017

Viral term: Oppressor Media, Oppressor Cabal

August 22, 2017

I’ve been looking for a good term with “stickiness” to put on the general class of persons in Big Government, Big Academia, Big Pharma, Big Banking, Central Banks,

McMaster and Kelly.. Two snakes in the grass..

POTUS should read Vox Day’s excellent book “SJW’s Always Lie”. Every truth-teller should tell is who has not yet drunk of the insanity of the day. Vox Day goes over what SJWs methods, and then makes suggestions about how to deal with them. Trump follows some of them, I think by accident, because he’s got a big ego.

That’s what they used against Bannon. First an author no doubt approached him with a flattering title or idea, Time splashes Bannon front page as the brains behind the throne, anonymous “leaks” exaggerate his war inside as if nobody paid attention to Trump, the Swamp Insider Snakes leak lies and truths, magnified all over.

Then the Swamp Snakes get McAuliffe and Charlottesville mayor to set up the “Unite the Right” rally for beatings at the hand of the leftist Brownshirts.

Then Swamp Media unites with RINO liars in Congress who all blame only one side in the ruckus, the wrong side.

Comsomol did no wrong?

America is dying. Christians let the pagans push them out, and retired back to 501-c-3 muzzled church buildings. God proclaims Jeremiah’s warning to Israel as a prophecy to the U. S. of America, judgment is coming. Christian prophets have proclaimed this warning ever since the Supreme Court declared God an illegal alien and Christians second-class with rulings against religious speech content, throwing all things God out of officially permitted government school and state activity.

More on Open Borders and Libertarian Positions

August 21, 2017

HALF of “illegal immigrants” in California are receiving some form of welfare, according to their own official stats.

PLUS consider the real world in which Obama declared Open Borders for all the “minor-age children” who show up at the border, and contracted with some big corporate firms, including some associated with the Koch Brothers (who are very good on many things), to house, clothe, and feed those “children” (many of whom were much older), and placing them across the country.

And then he imported a bunch of “refugees” from Europe and elsewhere, at GOVERNMENT expense and scattered groups of them to many cities and small towns across the country.

So, BZZZT, with Western governments such welfare states, one and all, migration to them from places who are still much poorer (Deep State is trying to spread the poverty here as fast as they can) is also a situation where many who come to work might not do so if not for seeking that welfare “security cushion”.

Case in point, in early and mid 20th century, Puerto Ricans poured into New York until it almost had more Puerto Ricans than Puerto Rico did. Air fares were even cheaper to New York from San Juan than to Miami in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Libertarian Angle: Q&A on Open Borders

August 21, 2017

Hornberger answer questions they got about libertarians on borders. Here is my reaction after hearing just the first question.

So-called “Open Borders” is NOT NOT NOT “the” libertarian position!! And not all libertarians say it is. At least not without qualifications.

ONE. it is absolutely most important to point out that in a “pure libertarian society”, where there is a near-universal respect for the non-aggression principle (aka NAP), almost all areas at borders and near borders would be <<<PRIVATE property, not government property, and that would include all maintained roads.

And tresspassing without permission, or without obvious implicit permission, would be verboten. Like as in, Thou Shalt Not Pass. One of the biggest problems on the southern borders of the United States is that of illegal entrants crossing multiple ranchers’ land, like in southern Arizona.

It’s a dry area, so many ranchers find dead hikers on their land frequently. The tresspassers leave garbage behind from small camps, and human waste, things that the ranchers must clean up and manage. THAT, my friends Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling, is THEFT, not just “open borders”.

You explicitly agree with this principle. But for your restrict your answer to public roads. By which you mean GOVERNMENT roads. Government roads are illegitimate. They are based on illegal takings (“eminent domain”) from landowners, but this is enforced at the threat of the guns of “law enforcement”. Those roads and border crossing points are build with funds STOLEN from the prospective future neighbors, and manned with same.

The best way to know what the taxpayers want done with that STOLEN money with respect to borders is whatever the closest legitimate desires would be of the people they STOLE the funds from. There is no clear method for finding that out. The closest way to know is to find the desires of the “electorate”.

And that approximation of the middle class of America, ravaged and savaged by the regimes that are the biggest thieves in history, the federal government (and most states), they made clear their views by voting for the first guy who credibly promised to actually “control the borders”.

I am for absolutely free movement in societies that respect the principle of liberty and property.

U. S. and State Governments Aiding and Abetting Criminal Brownshirts Leftists Now?

August 20, 2017

Yahoo/AP distorts the facts in their article about Charlottesville. What else is new?

Everyone who paid attention knows that one group in Charlottesville came with a permit, working getting the required permit, and intending to peaceably assemble. They had the legal right to be there.

If the ALT-LEFT had not announced with follow-through credibility that they intended to shut down that rally, there would have been no problem. Conservatives and Christians are already shut out of Operation Mockingbird Media, the Old Grey Lady Ossified Official Press, and increasingly censored out of private but de-facto public forums and arenas like Social Media sites, Google, Twitter, and so on.

But the counter demonstration as the media calls it included the very violent masked marauders of the fascists of  “antifa” who came with soda cans filled with concrete and other lethal weapons, one flamethrower caught on video, and marched straight toward the rally.

So what did the “authorities” do? Governor McAuliffe, who knew that a federal judge had ruled that the rally had a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to speak, and that he had time to provide and coordinate PROTECTION for this assembly, he declared a “state of emergency” so he and the mayor could shut down the rally, and make sure they joined the message to the country that they will not tolerate free speech to the right of Josef Stalin or Pol Pot.

So how did they proceed? Just before they began to speak, for starters, the police declared it an “unlawful” assembly. With a permit they got legally, remember, and for a rally for which the organizers had been coordinating with the police.

Then they sent the police in to remove the rally attendees from the site of the rally.

The police “escorted” the rally attendees directly into the violent “counter-protestors”, who were waiting for them with all their weapons. When the inevitable physical battle began, the police FLED the scene, telling one reporter they were pulling back because it was “too violent”.

What in the world are police for? First, there was plenty of warning from the left Brownshirts that they intended to force the rally to shut down.

So instead of protecting citizens who came to (freely) assemble and (freely speak), who disavowed violence, and prepare to block the declared criminal intent from the Brownshirt leftists, they proceeded to shut down the rally for those Brownshirts.

In other words, the Governor and the Mayor joined the criminals. The fascist “Antifa” members who are willing to speak publicly claim it is not really organized are liars, because you cannot have that many popping up everywhere in these highly coordinated actions without some kind of patronage, financial support, and organization. This is something that in a sane country cries out for some harsh RICO action.

But what if these leftist Democrat and RINO-dominated federal and state governments are joining the criminals in de facto censorship? What if Romans One is happening before our eyes, with people who have turned their backs on God getting given up by God to rot in their own reprobate minds?

Cville Police: MAJOR FAIL: Police told to flee the violence; Political setup

August 15, 2017

First, one Fox News personality is blaming mostly the federal judge. Maybe he was in on the set up, who knows?

They had months of planning. Witnesses present at the “white supremacist” rally, including one fellow from Finland who said he just wanted to listen to a talk about American history, said he saw no evidence of strong KKK presence or Nazi symbols or any of that.

He also said with others:

(1) he saw that there was physical aggression against people coming for the rally. “Counter-protestors” were pushing, shoving, even punching the ones coming to the meet.

(2) he saw that the police were actually directing people in wrong directions, and

(3) even herding the demonstrators there to rally for the preservation of the historical statue toward the leftist antifa and BLM groups.

Presumably that’s when it got violent and that’s when the police moved back on orders.

And one “random man” interviewed by MSNBC and NYT turns out to be a shill with deep ties to Soros organizations.

So it’s looking like a setup for more attacks on Trump.


The news you didn’t get from your usual networks

August 14, 2017

The usual media suspects are reporting on the car driven by a loner, “white nationalist” they call him, and playing it up.

The guy may well turn out to be just a mental case like in every other non-Islamist mass murder attempt in recent years, but count on the word “hate” saturating these “reports”. But the Mockingbird Media-Press uses the hateful, hate-filled label, for one “side” of the argument in their war against middle America. They also LIE like a rug every time they use the phrase “white nationalist”. Conservative groups and Christian groups and Trump voters include the ONE-THIRD of Latin-Americans who voted for Trump and as many as ONE-FIFTH of blacks who voted for Trump.

They are LYING to you, America.

I am against many of Trump’s words and many of his actions taken in office but he is what the Deep State billionaire-supporting leftist Swamp Parties in Washington deserve.

Be not deceived. God is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. –Galatians 6:7

Even of the Antichrist Beast himself, the Bible says he will come to nothing:

And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.-_Daniel 11:45

Technocrats, or Evil Priesthood?

August 12, 2017

They, this band of “technocrats” presented as apolitical benefactors of lesser minds, also has a deeper hidden layer of very rich and powerful actors driving it that has even deeper and darker spiritual motivations. At some point in recent centuries, they got a whiff of the Matthew 4 temptation, and went with it.

They create a problem using the violence monopoly of “government”. Then offer the technocrat-plutocratic solution: Give them more control over you, the serfs. We will take over for God, they say. Bring you prayers to us, your problem, we will solve them, they say. You no longer need your family or your church for charity, you have us, they say.

Like creating a drug trafficking problem with Prohibition, then anti-drug propaganda (see “Reefer Madness”, the movie), then drug laws, then the Vietnam Era CIA drug smuggling fund-raising operation, and the FDA, and so on.

The technocrats have a problem with their Central Banks’ fake money control now. Their solutions will lead straight to the “convenience” (for them) of the embedded chip.

They test-marketed a trial balloon earlier this century with AMD’s very publicized chipping of a natural nuclear family, a Leave it to Beaver type family, happily showcasing the benefits of their embedded chips. They’ve been testing them for a long time now, in the field. A Swedish professor, pets, one retiree community with Alzeimers patients in Texas, Mexican State Department employees. In checking into investment opportunities circa 2001, one technology and security salesman told me he had rich clients in Central America with those chips.r

They can’t fix their fake currency regime, hence the war on cash, and next up, this chip at first for volunteers, then eventually, mandatory with penalties or peer-engineered ostracism. The resistance against chipping will be driven by all liberty minded leaders, like “thin” libertarians, but the most uncompromising voices against this control freak grab for absolute power over every economic transaction will be Bible believing Christians who recognize the Mark of the Beast in this.

That will bring on the Anti-Christian hate operation to a new level.

Then finally:

Rev 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
Rev 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Replying to Block: Castle doctrine, borders, government-subsidized migration

July 22, 2017


Somewhere now lost to me you posted an answer to someone that I agree with.

That is, if B is a guest on A’s property, and A shoots B to death on a whim, or a dispute of some kind that elsewhere would be murder, this is still murder.

I want to point out one possibly exceptional circumstance to this.

In my wife’s country of origin, Honduras, in years not so long past, the gang problem was so bad that they began an initiation rite (and in cases of retribution of some kind), where they would execute a home invasion, kill the entire family in a “slaughter”: every member of the family chopped in pieces and left in plastic bags on the property. It happened to dozens of people. There was almost no way to find out who were the individual perpetrators in these cases, even when they knew which gang it was.

The Congress reacted finally by granting immunity for anyone at all, in his home, his owned or rented property, in killing a non-member. That changed the circumstances: You, person A, visit friend B, at your own risk.

In a libertarian society, this problem is mitigated because people would know they cannot count on a government to “protect” them, plus they would have to transit private property (aka, private roads, sea lanes, airways), and other reasons. Plus the culture clash factor would be mitigated in the absence of forced integration, freedom to discriminate and the like.

so there would be a lot less of this problem. In fact, there is an area in Honduras, Olancho, where there are no such gangs. There was one for a few weeks; with the first murder, the father of the victim recruited some friends, delivered retribution, and there are no more gangs there.


All the Western nations, such as the USA, Canada, and in Western Europe, probably including Australia and New Zealand, are now full-blown no-holds barred indisputably welfare states.

Therefore, in view of the poor freebie pittances given out in the source countries for most migration in this 21st century, therefore, the invitation by almost all “open border” advocates, is a government-created, or at least government-subsidized, welfare program. This especially applies to certain population groups, certain cultures. Many come to seek work. But there are pockets of welfare ghettos everywhere now in some parts of Europe.

I am therefore strongly against such a government’s “open borders” policy.

On a personal level, I support the people who are here who crossed the border illegally, including relatives by marriage who are nonetheless “legalizing their status”. These are persons, by the way, who have not collected welfare in any form that I know of at all.

I think Ron Paul has made the most intelligent proposal on any such current “illegal entrants”. Permanent status, and not one cent of government favor.

It is probably not viable, as especially one of the parties stands to benefit heavily from legalized “illegal entrants”.