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Pfiser knew the damage by December 2020: Their mRNA injection causes “:vaccine failure” and COVID!

May 31, 2022

Naomi Wolf was a manager in Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff. What’s in the Pfiser documents that both Pfiser and the FDA (and the CDC) tried to hide? They wanted 75 years! to release them all but the judge said no, no, You’ve got weeks.

Near the top of the post by Naomi Wolf:

‘The WarRoom/DailyClout Volunteers have confirmed: that Pfizer (and thus the FDA) knew by December 2020 that the MRNA vaccines did not work — that they “waned in efficacy” and presented “vaccine failure.” One side effect of getting vaccinated, as they knew by one month after the mass 2020 rollout, was “COVID.”…’


Call them Kill Zones, not Gun-free zones

May 31, 2022

Charles Schumer blocked a proposal to study “best practices” for protecting kids in schools because he knows none of them will involve gun confiscation. None of them will make the entire country a free-fire zone for their enforcers.

Trey Gowdy uttered a bunch of vain babble in the quote I saw demanding Americans get angry enough to “do something” about school shootings.

What I didn’t hear of him saying (tell me if this is wrong) that we should have decent armed citizens in the schools able to stop these massacres before they begin -because the shooters pick the targets in federally designated killing zones, aka schools, and malls and clubs that post No Guns Allowed signs. Or to at least keep the counts down a lot more.

Note they don’t talk about killing zones like Chicago, St. Louis, the nation’s capital city D. C, or New York.

Sounds like a lot of vain babble coming from Gowdy. White man speak with forked tongue. He said absolutely nothing but he demanded action. Well, Mr. Gowdy, we’re all against killing young children. Maybe you can stick your neck out and take the flak for the solution that would cut down on these incidents, remove school zones from the Democrats’ Free-fire kill zone lists, and cut down on the victim count for when it does happen by allowing teachers and staff to carry inside the schools.

THREE MILLION crimes are stopped cold by the use of firearms nationwide every year. Grandmothers shoot down robbers and muggers.

Armed citizens make a level playing field with the bad guy.

AND THE WORST BAD GUYS IN ALL HISTORY HAVE BEEN GOVERNMENTS. Just ask an Indian, a German Jew, an Armenian, a Biafran, a Cambodian, and a Chinese when his government’s not looking. Ask somebody who knows why the American revolution happened. Ask somebody who knows how gun control laws got started in Jim Crow America.

Dr. Suzana Gratia-Hupp DID get made enough to do something about mass shootings. Why didn’t he talk about her??!!

Ask Dr. Suzana Gratia-Hupp, survivor of the Luby’s Cafeteria massacre, who testified before Congress against LEGISLATORS who had legislated Texans out of the right to defend themselves against that madman shooter. NOT the fault of the madman. YES the fault of the legislator and GOVERNMENT that robbed every decent citizen enjoying a meal that day at that place of the right to be free of such aggression. Blood on those legislators’ hands. Remember that: Gun control is blood on the hands of these control freaks who LIE when they tell you they want to protect you from guns in the wild. It is themselves whom they want to protect from us. Why are they so afraid of freedom? Why are they so afraid of the people they rule over?

Daily Wire published a transcript of Suzanna Hupp’s testimony and a link to a video of her testimony to Congress::

Covid jab

May 31, 2022

Stop calling it a vaccine.

Orwellian doublespeak does not make it an injection that stimulates a reaction in the body that results in immunity against the disease for which the substance was prepared for.

The CDC changed the definition to confuse the issue. They applied the idea that Orwell described in the novel. The purpose of the Newspeak dictionary was to restrict the ways people could think.

The problem liars have is that the truth continues. Phillip Dick, the science fiction writer said once, Reality is that which, even if you don’t believe in it, still exists.

Rejecting the truth opens up to lies

May 30, 2022

Atheists who reject the Bible are by definition more vulnerable to ideas that do not match reality or nature, especially governments, because the Bible has the truths that most match reality.

Case in point is the pathetic state of the field of “science” today, totally dominated by stolen tax-and-inflation theft.

Fossils with no transitional forms are no problem for most “evolutionary biologists”. But it’s a good doctrine to teach in schools if you don’t want them to believe the Bible. One of the first things Mao did in China when he took over was to order all the schools to teach Darwinian evolution.

Climate predictions always being wrong since the first days they were made is no problem for climate alarmists. Sunspot cycles’ effect on temperatures totally missing.

The fact that carbon dioxide has expanded green areas on the planet and they have other climate stabilizing effects is rejected out of hand by no-carbon control freaks who can no more practice what they preach (and never do) than anybody else can practice what the alarmists preach.

Covid control freak “science” dumped decades of studies on epidemiology, biology, viruses, treatments, to invent a new power-friendly paradigm.

Drake’s equation used everywhere to promote “aliens exist” ideas, until Michael Crichton totally destroyed the formula by pointing out that not even one of all the factors in that equation was known. Numbers of planets are more known, but all the factors necessary for the continued existence of life, and even more so for intelligent life, apply to very few of the extra-solar planets if any at all. No matter, every science fiction story, almost, has to have some strange impossible body plan. Or look like a terrestrial animal.

And medicine. Exposed today.

Scientific evidence for Genesis One has only multiplied in 19th, 20th, and 21st century.

May 30, 2022

Breakthroughs in biology and genetics ever since the publication of Darwin’s “Preservation of Favored Races” book, have been increasing scientific refutations of morphing of Orcs from mud “just add lots and lots of time” . Darwin admitted the first evidence against the common descent theory in the fossil record. The book was pure speculation. Thomas Huxley even freaked out over the admission because if they admit to any little or big may be evidence against it, it crumbles and they have to go back to Creation.

So the “true unbelievers” that knew how to talk in smarts language went into overdrive to ridicule and gaslight everybody else into accepting it. The scientists were most vulnerable because there was already specialization. Each area of study began ignoring their own eyes because they figured everybody else couldn’t be wrong.

That was one of the tricks of the Scopes trial. The Press was already mostly infiltrated by graduates from schools of journalism that thought themselves too smart to believe in hillbilly doctrines. Bryant didn’t help much against Clarence Darrow’s badgering about Genesis One.


There are also more Darwinian myths and fairy tales too, as more than one true believer in evolutionary reverse entropy have admitted.

Even the late Stephen Gould, the most famous evolutionary biologist, admitted that the fossil record is still refuted by the fossil evidence: “It’s like it never happened”. So he came up with the new fairy tale of punctuation.

Lysenkoism, “favored races” fascism, Malthusian justifications for killing, Margaret Sanger advocacy, vestigial organs, junk DNA, fossils, are Darwinian dogmas that have fell by the wayside along the way. And there is still no credible path to explain any spontaneous development of life. No credible explanation for the origin of sex. No possible Darwinian scenario for irreducible complexity. Mathematicians, possibly the most atheist-dominated of disciplines, have told biologists that they have to come up with a better explanation than random mutations.


May 29, 2022

Remember another massacre of a home-school group:

Governments don’t like for people to hold any authority above theirs…

Long list of school shootings related to drugs

May 29, 2022

It is a very long list.

The “nonofficial-official” media and the governments afraid of decent independent-minded citizens want to blame a self-defense tool used for offense.

In an apparent new example of the old saying that “Even a broken clock is right twice a day”, there is a video of Michael Moore below the list, talking about the issue of psycho-active drugs taken by the kids who become the school shooters, and naming the pharamaceutical industry. Mentioning the drug Prozac, which was related to many of these events.

Biggest killers: drug dealers or drug wars?

May 28, 2022

There is noise in the social ether about Democrats wanting to legalize marijuana.

I want to decriminalize weed, meth, heroine, all of it. The government’s war on drugs has built a military machine on the backs of the taxpayers and charged it to drug suppression. What the criminalization of drugs did was to increase the mark-up on them exponentially and drive up incentive for the sellers and makers of them, AND it also increased the mark-up and drove the taxes way up on the taxpayers who did not otherwise support the trade in harmful drugs.

So instead of making sellers of harmful poisons pay for the damage their products do, they make you pay for the damage the ATF and the FBI do to the country. And what’s their incentive on ending the reason for their jobs. Not for nothing the CIA paid growers and pilots in Cambodia and Laos for the drugs they brought back to the States to finance their operations beyond the scope of even their budgets, which has gotten so high that their budget is top secret.

It’s an open secret that the U. S. government supports the harmful-drug trade. One of the first things the top brass had the soldiers do after they invaded Afghanistan was to assign them protection duty at opium fields. The Taliban had completely wiped out opium production in the country. That was when the officially “unofficial” media, parasite apologists they are, still allowed some such stories loose in the wild.

Note that nobody can legally sue drug dealers because nobody can officially acknowledge the ones that are under protection, like Whitey Bulgar in Boston, protected by that FBI office –headed up by Mueller, the later Russiagate special cover-up investigator– until John Durham showed up on a mission to clean up the office and ended the FBI career of various agents involved in it, including who lied to courts to keep innocent persons in prison. Note that probably the worst offender, the one in charge in Boston, Robert Mueller, escaped undamaged.

Back when Colorado was considering legalization of marijuana, you can guess one of the two groups of loud and tenacious opponents, the law enforcement agencies. The other group was a little more stealthy. The other group were all the street-drug dealers.

Governments are the most dangerous mass murderers

May 28, 2022

When Will They Ever Learn? Demand no more free-fire zones for shooters!

May 28, 2022

The best response I remember to a school shooting was the action of the CORAL SPRINGS officers who arrived on the scene after more than an hour after the shooting started in the Parkland shooting. The officer assigned to protect the school was cowering outside, waiting for backup. The Parkland police were still hanging around outside, and so were the Broward County police, when the Coral Springs police arrived and charged right inside the school and finally brought down the shooter.

Scot Peterson, the officer on duty at the school was later charged with negligence, and Scott Israel, the Broward County police chief was fired by the governor. Now the Democratic Party former sheriff of Broward is heading up the police department at another local municipality. Like the song says, When Will They Ever Learn? It’s time to repeal the federal free-fire zones <i>immediately</i> and let teachers and staff that want to carry their personal weapons into the premises to be ready to defend the children!

Some years ago there was an active school shooter I think in Tennessee. One professor had to leave his gun in his car that he parked at the distance away from the school, fare enough away to be outside the federally mandated “gun-free zone”. When the shooting started he ran to his car and came back with it and ended the killing on the spot.

There was another school shooting where the deceitful media reports were that a teacher chased a shooter who was leaving the school through a nearby field, and “was able to subdue him”. What they didn’t report was that the teacher subdued him by USING HIS GUN.

You shall remember that THREE MILLIION crimes are stopped cold in their tracks with the use of a gun by a decent citizen who appreciated the moral utility of a weapon and used it for good.

The workers’ unions were crucial in the Bolshevik seizure of power in Russia. When the Bolsheviks got power, the unions immediately lost all their clout and the unions were absorbed into the dictatorship.

The useful blowhards on the Left (which includes all real fascists) talk about protecting people. The loudest mouths in that yelling are gong to moan and groan the day that they see their demands met, just like the Communist workers’ unions followers did when they got their wish.