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Women and men are different, thank God!

December 30, 2014

Trying to compel society to treat women as if they were the same as men reinforces their own stereotypes of men:

Only females are allowed to be victims today. My wife’s friend that used to slap her boyfriend around but put him in jail three times for beating her which he had not, she’s a victim, right?

Once had a co-worker who was the first man in Tennessee history who got custody of the children in a divorce, only because she had become indisputably addicted, unrepentant, and violent. But she was the victim, was she?

Another friend worked for a cleaning service, owned by a couple The short little lady boss had a habit of slapping the husband around in front of all and any of the employees, and he used to say, “Yes, dear, I’m sorry dear”. Was that wife the victim?

Wired Magazine and these three females were baited by sarcasm, wit and irony, and they fell to the bait.

My sister was a victim of a vindictive review once and I’m the first to advocate fairness, and I wish she would have gotten a better hearing, so don’t give me any ad hominem diversions. I know it’s hard for women to get fair treatment in many situation, and most rapes victimize women.

But pretending that society owes a debt to every victim according to “victim groups” is outrageous.

You want to end biased stereotyping? Well take a couple more iconoclastic factoids. Men are victims of domestic violence too. Men are also raped. Men are victims of vindictive retributions and harassment.

And every woman deserves to be treated as an individual, not relegated to the cover of a group identity. Compelling women to live “up” (or down) to whatever your stereotype is will only get surprising results.


Soft sheets of fibrillar bone from a fossil of the supraorbital horn of the dinosaur Triceratops horridus

December 30, 2014

Non-fossilized organic material in fossil bone matrix:

How was the Canon chosen

December 29, 2014

<<The point is that the formation of the canon did not come all at once like a thunderbolt, but was the product of centuries of reflection>>

Beg to differ a little bit. Peter himself in the New Testament referred to Paul’s letters as scripture, as God’s word. The four gospels and the letters were copied, carried, shared, copied again, especially in the area of Antioch (“the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch”). All were considered sacred writings and revered as the word of God for the first three centuries Anno Domini.

But then with a bit of noise here and there, they decided they had better compile NOT a “authorized” or “authoritative” list of authorized books, but make a list of the books that the churches already knew were authoritative.

Christianity had spread and surely there were a few questions from the far-flung reaches of Christendom from people who were asking this very question.

Most of these “newly discovered” writings are mostly obviously disqualified just from the content. Dan Brown’s idiot so-called “Gospel” of Thomas is so screwed up and made up for example. This “feminist” gospel banned by patriarchs ha ha says that women cannot go to heaven. It said Jesus made an exception for Magdeline and converted her into a man so she could go to heaven. Bwaaaaah!

From fossisl to irreducibility to genetics to planetary magnetic fields: Creation

December 28, 2014

Brief replies, this thread is too long..

MJ: “With genome mapping, I think, but do not know, that evolutionary science is getting very close to being a predictive theory”

A: (Darwinian) Evolution by definition cannot predict anything. Changes can happen the same way creationists always have said they happen, within kinds. The only physical mechanism available in Darwinian theory to unguided spontaneous creation of new kinds is point mutation, chromosomal shifting, and accidents in genetic replications. Oh yeah, epigenetics is a force for stabilization as well.

Common descent has been knocked around by the evidence since before Darwin wrote his book. He admitted it when he said the fossils were already evidence against this theory. Atheist Thomas Huxley must have been livid that anybody could admit the possibility of having an act of Creation being the only rational explanation for Creation.

So the implication of the fossils was dismissed and verboten until Stephen Gould blew the lid off this “trade secret of paleontology” and admitted that the fossil evidence says “it’s as if it never happened”. I’m sure he wished later he had said it different. I don’t know how Richard Dawkins “explains” the fossils.

The Darwin strategy was to just ignore the real-world fossil evidence, and pretend the fossils “showed” Darwinian change, and write it in textbooks, repeat lies like the Hoeckel frauds and Piltdown mans and recycle the other disproved and discredited “evidence”, till Gould came along.

Another gift that Darwin made for the future detractors of his theory, and for the author of this writing, he predicted irreducible complexity as another thing that would disprove it. Single-function supermolecular machines, bacterial outboard motors, chicken-and-egg problem with DNA-RNA-cellular environments, an alphabetical-type symbolic coding language for programming the blueprints for a biote, these are all phenomena that fit Darwin’s proposal that structures that defied stepwise evolutionary explanations for their creation would be counterexamples that refute his theory.

That doesn’t stop true dogmatic believers today, though. Pretending that “science” happens without “scientists”, they use explain away the infinitesimal improbabilities for the unguided spontaneous formation of new information in a genome with the design for such super-structures in a roundabout way that should invoke images in your brain of Rube Goldberg contraptions.

The Darwinian talking points on irreducible complexity is to cry “religion” and Rube Goldberg routes from ancestor to descendant.


Darwinians said the environment shaped new generations and the changes, but Mendel showed that like begets like.

Darwinians ignored him until the darwinian theme had captured the new generation of indoctrinated doctorates and graduates. The hoi polloi attack would wait.


Hoeckel drew diagrams of fantasy germs spontaneously arising from the sea. This was the meme among darwinians until Louis Pasteur proved it doesn’t happen, and that life begets life, life comes from life.

As long as Darwinians had a de facto monopoly over the schooling in the States, they just ignored this contrary fact from the scientific method and simply wrote to the little boys and girls that it just happened, no matter we don’t have a clue how it could. Rube Goldberg is no help here, it’s so ridiculous. DNA needs a cell and RNA to transmit instructions to the cell and cell proteins to communicate back what proteins to make. RNA needs DNA to create it and store instructions, especially mRNA, and it needs proteins to do it with. DNA and RNA both need a cellular environment. The cell needs DNA to organize it, the RNA to tell it what to do. WIthout the DNA the cell disintegrates. The DNA doesn’t know what to do without an epigenetic infrastructure.

After some few Creation Scientists got radio spots on Christian radio, and the Internet gave a voice to facts that now the Darwinian political class could not ignore, they began simply saying that abiogenesis was not part of the Darwinian theory. They always had to before, but now they have to clam up until “science” gives them an answer. They don’t have it.

The Darwinian professors that indoctrinate their student victims, having one forth arrogant and come back bruised and beaten from debates with Creation scientists, now tell their colleagues to pretend they are above debating them. So they leave their poor students to argue with creationists, but they arm them with one magic ad hominem: Just say “religion”.


When Crick and Watson discovered DNA, and its all-left-handed amino acids, another evidence of a Creation event, instead of thinking, they simply pronounced it the mechanism for common descent. Very funny.

Crick had a problem with DNA. Faced with the obvious conclusion it was designed by an intentional “hand”, he proncounced it must have been come from some other world. He doesn’t dare say “intelligent design”. He could lose his Nobel Prize if he did, after all.


Russ Humphreys calculated the magnetic field strength of the outer gas giants before the earth probe got there. So did a big bunch of NASA scientists.

Humphrey’s got a bull’s eye that would make a crack sniper blush. NASA reported the results, but they did not report that a Creation scientist got it right.

And they certainly did not mention that the creation scientist got it right with calculations based on the six-day creation of Genesis Chapter One.

Health and much more

December 27, 2014

Defending health:
…And if you want to learn about garlic — you’ve got to get the Allicin; it’s the real stuff. The stuff in the stores is not the real McCoy. And you can go to my website, and we try to educate people about it, how to get the real thing, so it works.

Garlic, health stuff,, CASH money (ATMs might close)

Roman structures last because of… volcanic ash?
___But Roman architectural mortar uses 85 per cent volcanic ash, fresh water and lime, which is cast at a much lower temperature, significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

Too smart to be a cop?

Even Stratfor says the overthrow of Yankukovych was “the most blatant coup in history”
___But he still says the USA is well intentioned and bears no hegemonic interest…

Things cops have shot victims to death over:

NASA emails a wrench to astronaut Commander Barry Wilmore in space:

Wired: Startup begins work on Elon Musk’s hyperloop transport idea:
___The idea is enclose vehicles in a vacuum-controlled tube at very long distances, at very fast speeds impossible with today’s transportation systems.

Health, Rome-built to last, genius can’t be cops, stratfor on ukraine, Hyperloop!

December 27, 2014

Defending health:

…And if you want to learn about garlic — you’ve got to get the Allicin; it’s the real stuff. The stuff in the stores is not the real McCoy. And you can go to my website, and we try to educate people about it, how to get the real thing, so it works.

Garlic, health stuff,, CASH money (ATMs might close)

Roman structures last because of… volcanic ash?

___But Roman architectural mortar uses 85 per cent volcanic ash, fresh water and lime, which is cast at a much lower temperature, significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

Too smart to be a cop?

Even Stratfor says the overthrow of Yankukovych was “the most blatant coup in history”

___But he still says the USA is well intentioned and bears no hegemonic interest…

Things cops have shot victims to death over:

NASA emails a wrench to astronaut Commander Barry Wilmore in space:

Wired: Startup begins work on Elon Musk’s hyperloop transport idea:

___The idea is enclose vehicles in a vacuum-controlled tube at very long distances, at very fast speeds impossible with today’s transportation systems.

Disappearing Old Left Media still thinks they’re relevant

December 27, 2014

NY Mag says Fox News is old news, and the only reason it has clout is because “liberals” pay attention to it;
___Very funny: Look at this major attempt at spin control by introducing a paragraph to try to say it by admitting with an admission that Fox News is still first:

“The notion that Fox News has been defeated would seem absurd if you judge solely by the numbers. The year just ended was the network’s twelfth in a row as the most-watched cable-news network. Its number of total viewers surpasses CNN and MSNBC combined.”

Sounds like the favorite word of left-fascists (aka “liberals”): irony. They go on dissing Fox’s crown by saying cable news audiences are not so big. Never mind that the left-fascist cable channels are doing so much worse. They piggyback the spin on the broadcast networks’ news shows. But that audience has tottered between stable and declining with the Internet assault on all things canned-packages-TV, cable and broadcast.

But what it means really is, that people who are actually engaged with current events and the signs of the times, and find news-themed cable, prefer FNC over the rest of them.

Truth is, people still seem to find it easier to watch broadcast.

There is another factor, too. Direct-TV, and almost all cable providers, refuse to carry Fox News channel as part of the basic package, but they carry CNN.

The fact is, the big and exponential expansion in news audiences is not even in the news feeds of the traditional media of all types. The biggest and fastest-growing audience is the voracious appetite of those who seek an alternative to the party-cartel power-elite party lines, scouring the Internet for the truth, because they do not believe alphabet soup media or the old and now obsolete international media feeds.

Honduran-Americans found a more truthful media, in fact, coming from their own birthplace country, than in any of the big international sources. For a time during 2009, those sources became alternative news media and more trustworthy than Reuters feeds, or, for example web pages.

That means Fox News is losing growth in its clout it could have had, because there are certain areas where it has limits to how much truth it will tell.


They try to make hay out of quotes by network execs that Fox News is a GOP outlet, but do not mention the percentage of reporters at traditional media, old media, that are registered Democrat Party voters, (85% by a recent survey) and even higher percentage of the editors (90%).

People were sick of hearing the same thing everywhere, one party line, so they fast made FNC Number One in cable news when it came available. People watched it for some of the news and details they knew were missing on the broadcast-to-TV transplant style used first by CNN. When the Internet broke, they did that and much more for “alternative” news sites that were publishing facts and figures that the so-called “mainstream” media have blacklisted.

Like the real world news about the way the Fed has caused the woes blamed on everyone else.

After decades of NY Mag peddling its Orwellian rubric of pretending to be an objective observer, bares its fangs by blaming Fox for what it does itself. Pot, meet kettle.

Fox News may be a propaganda machine, but of course NY Mag, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, have never been part of any propaganda machine.
(When you pick yourself up off the floor, we’re still here, satirical humor at no extra charge).

ALL of them were exposed during Iowa caucus season when all the left-fascist news shows joined the right-fascist news shows and skipped Ron Paul in the third spot, instead listing the three front runners as the ones who got #1, #2 and #4 in that race.

NY Mag pot, meet kettle.

Spin control: Angelo Carusone of Soros- and Clintonista-created Media Matters acknowledging the war on Fox was over had two main reasons having nothing to do with the attempt at self-fulfilling declarations of the death of the only outlet that made a pretension of acknowledging that Americans were upset at big government with the Tea Party. They realized their war on free speech they didn’t like was backfiring. Second, they decided to try other tacks to pull the peons of all colors back into the “liberal plantation”.


If that’s so, it’s not just because of smart phones and Internet news. It’s also because the more libertarian viewers, who got some tidbits at FNC that the competitors blacklisted, found better sources for news.
Now they have, Ron Paul’s Peace Institute at, Ben Swann’s Reality Check and Truth in Media project, and even the fringe stuff where people can decide in the marketplace of ideas whether they find something credible or not.

Fox a retirement community? Ha.

Here is something the author says that should be a badge of pride for any self-respecting thinking group: ‘Sherman writes, “Ailes’s audience seldom watches anything” on television but Fox News’. And after the abysmal failings of leftist predictions, kettle saying the pot’s predictions were wrong were as laughable as all of the predictions themselves.
Austrian economists could have told them, DID tell them, that individuals are unpredictable, and that groups are made up of individuals acting on individual motivations.

They try to cackle about the divide at Fox that reflects the conservative and libertarian rebellion against the Country Club Republican party bosses that they pretend to hate. They try to ignore the fact that the same young demographic and many of the older old-line youth that used to be a lock for their favorite leftist candidates, are joining this rebellion against old-line leftists as much as rightists.

And “Chauvinistic Christianity”? Really? At the station that pointedly refuses to bring on articulate spokespersons for organizations like Exodus International and Dennis Prager on the homosexual marriage and related issues?


Many of us real-world people were indeed gobsmacked by the reelection of Obama by the same electorate that returned the Republican majority to the House. But who was gobsmacked in 2010 and 2014? Was anybody surprised?


The last paragraph is what we used to call “whistling Dixie”:

Without Ailes and his Fox News to kick around anymore, the left may feel a bit disoriented—much as the right most certainly will once its unifying bête noire (literal and figurative), Obama, is gone from the White House. But while the right remains obsessed with fighting its unending war against a nearly lame-duck president, it behooves liberals to move on and start transitioning out of their Fox fixation. Paradoxically enough, the most powerful right-wing movement in the country, the insurgency in the Republican grassroots, loathes the Boehner-Christie-Rove-centric Fox News nearly as much as the left does. The more liberals keep fighting the last war against the more and more irrelevant Ailes, the less prepared they’ll be for the political war to come.

Very funny. “Liberals” as they call themselves in the US today, are clueless. They still think in this age of the Internet they’re still relevant. The web outlet of the dying left-fascist theme press cackling glee over the decline of the Number One cable news network. It’s like the candle-maker laughing at the buggy whip makers because they’re declining while pretending they’re both not getting pushed into the oblivion of history together by the young folks.

Because the youth are waking up in ever greater numbers to a new paradigm driven by libertarian perspectives. The Right and the Left both in America, indeed the world, hate this trend. Right now, just like they did with the Ron Paul candidacy, they are fighting it by ignoring the reality as best they can. But that won’t last too much longer. They’ve actually already tested moving into Gandi’s laugh-at-you phase. That will last about five minutes and they’ll have to accelerate into crying wolf. They’re dangerous.

Well, Christians and libertarians are dangerous to the powers that be, that’s for sure. Families and Biblical Christians have been suffering under pseudo-Christian and pagan kings and emperors and chieftans for two thousand years, their Hebrew believing predecessors even longer.
But the ideas of liberty and peace and neighborliness that Christ preached have overtaken the world. Now libertarians have discovered their own version of the Golden Rule. 
The idea whose time has come.

Open Source Governance and the APT are Trojan Horses

December 26, 2014

“Open Source” Governance? A Trojan horse:

Herein follows my comment in reply to “Former CIA Spy Robert Steele” who “Wants to Strangle Leviathan With ‘Open Source’ Governance:

You say the truth is holistic, and you’re right. Ever since the Serpent questioned Eve with a partial truth, to use it to move to the lie, human and demonic deceivers from then right up to the CIA of today, have been using partial truths to get them to line up and march to their fleecing.

The APT tax idea, okay, it’s not yours, but it is what it is.

But wherever the APT tax idea originated, whoever first conceived it, has all the attributes of another partial truth itself, whether you are privy to the holistic truth or not.

The reason I say that is this. In its real-world implementation, it will NEVER look like the benevolent “democratic” image painted in your interview with Daily Bell.

First of all, it IS a tax. The idea of a tax is to confiscate the fruits of my labor and my neighbor’s whether I agree or he agrees to give it up or not. There is no divine right of kings, that idea was blown away by the King of kings Himself, and there is no divine right of majorities either. You have no right to steal my stuff, you have no right to steal my neighbor’s stuff, and we have no divine right or natural right to steal yours either.

SECOND, the APT is a TROJAN HORSE. Please excuse the caps, but it is important to sear that idea into the reader’s brain. The UN is a Trojan horse.

A government, whether minimalist or not, whether transparent or not, that has a view into EVERY SINGLE transaction done by every single person at every single point of exchange, done electronically, is not an efficiency measure. It is the invitation to total tyranny. Out of this Trojan horse will come the bureaucrats who have a view into everything we do. It is a fascist dream. Orwell’s dystopian nightmare, and Aldous Huxley’s drug-lobomotized society, have nothing as ubiquitous as this.

Atheists used to laugh in ridicule when Christians warned against a universal number for all individuals. Some of them saw the SSN as laying groundwork for it. Bar codes now have three anchoring pairs that in one code set, each pair would represent the digit six.

But now nobody is laughing about government looking at all our transactions.

You talk about Open Source governance as if it means a transparent government to us, one where we can see all of it. But you reserve a little secret corner for government, that nobody unapproved can see into. Couple that with the idea that said government would have to have controls in place to FORCE the collection of a tax on EVERY transaction, and you have something the Federal Reserve was established for in the first place.

Christians have been anticipating this Trojan horse for 2,000 years now.

REV 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

This is why it was the body politic in the United States, the churches not yet compromised, who roared and stopped the mad march to Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations. Biblical Christians want nothing to do with a worldwide dictatorship that enforces universal control over its citizens with an APT that ushers in a regime of embedded chips.

Oh so benevolent comes the proposal. I have been anticipating it. Many libertarians will probably be fooled into it, especially the “minimalists”.

But not some of us.

Atheists are not laughing anymore at the Christians who have been warning against a world government. Some of them still hold on to the old “crusader” card, the old “witch-hunt” card, to recycle anti-Christian bigotry in their conversation. We Christians are used to that, and in the USA most of us have not yet “resisted unto blood”, but some already have and the big numbers are coming.

The surprise will come from some parts of the Third World, I think, where Christianity has been growing and influencing the culture. Resistance to the world dictatorship will be most resilient among those who answer to their God above, like Polycarp, who preferred to suffer the wrath of emperors, rather than the wrath of the God who prophesied the Messiah, and who prophesied what we now see coming.

Civil forfeiture, the REAL message of theater cancellations, poor IRS, Bill Cosby

December 26, 2014

With unconstitutional “civil forfeiture”, it’s like the Roman armies and officials sacking their own towns.

…“Only the rich can afford to keep their homes”, he says, because they’re the only ones with the resources to stop unconstitutional civil forfeiture laws:

…That’s why, Martin Armstrong says, there will be more third-party noise in 2016.

Mike says: Bill Cosby is innocent and those women just wanted to be stars:

…Another blogger wrote about his experience dining out with a friend in Los Angeles. The friend introduced him as a movie producer to the two female waitresses. The whole night they forgot about everybody else in the restaurant, could not find enough to do for him, and the friend told him later they would have given him a blow job right there for the asking.
…Now we have a bunch of women who got nothing for their time with Bill Cosby, and 20 years later they have nothing to show for all their private visits with Hollywood big shots, and they are older, and they know their shot at stardom is gone.

Boston Marathon Primer:

Chris Rossini:

The theater chains cancelling the showing: Government cannot protect us.

…[So tell us again, is there a real trade-off to give up freedom for “security”?

Poor, poor, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, head of the poor persecuted victimized agency, complains about budget cuts, after NONE of the IRS who broke the tax laws suffered one penny of penalty or interest:

,,,,After 100 years of IRS agents demolishing the budgets of millions of Americans.
After the IRS serves as political witch-hunters serving at the behest of presidents and their administration lackeys, like Nixon and Clinton and Bush and Obama.
And after the IRS has sucked the budgets of thousands of non-profit applicants and violated the time limits on applications and its own bureaucrats violating the tax laws, according to its own Inspector General.

83,000 IRS staffers is not near enough, right?
And, notice how that story disappeared from the headlines?
Does anybody know if the stepped up on those approvals?

…** And how about ratcheting down the IRS power? Neither the “Democratic” Party nor the “Republican Party”, nor their politicians, have done ANYTHING on stopping the real IRS madness.


Peter Schiff destroys minimum wage insanity: Minimum wage hurts the poor and young

December 25, 2014

Peter Schiff: “The Daily Show” lies by edit: