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Political prisoner update: American Gulag

November 30, 2021

Self-defense: L. Neil Smith wrote one of the best explanations on guns

November 26, 2021

L. Neil Smith, a writer of good science fiction (The Probability Broach, The American Zone), also wrote one of the best explanations for why any “advocate of gun control law” is wrong and dangerous.

Just like the advocates of censoring “misinformation” (according to the definition of the ruling class), are the ones most friendly to the misinformation that maintains their parasite class in power.


So this Dembot implies they sent this Waukesha killer to avenge the verdict?

November 23, 2021

By the way, there are 12 jurors in Wisconsin who can hold their heads up high, and showed 100x more integrity and moral fiber than the Chief Justice of SCOTUS… Remember that one? “We didn’t have riots back then!”

Wikipedia Stops Listing Athletes Who Died While Playing Soccer As The Number Explodes

November 16, 2021

That’s this year. What is different this year?

If they don’t get more than 90 perdent “vaccinated” with the non-vaccine vaccine, the “unvaxxed” will prove to be a control group that will show why so many people are dropping dead.