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Cold fusion and LENR rap

September 29, 2022

There was an ICCF24 conference, associated with the Anthropocene Institute, Infinite Energy Magazine, and the New Energy Foundation founded by the late Eugene Mallove, who quit MIT in disgust after they (falsely) denied getting positive results from testing the experiments announced by Fleischmann and Pons in 1989.

Hot nuclear fusion is a multi-billion dollar business for universities today. But the DoD, and science institutes around the world are studying it. It promises vast potential for energy. Eugene Mallove said it had potential to make flights into space much more common, among other things.

I don’t wonder why the “Green” movement has ignored it, despite repeated entreaties from its advocates. That’s because I suspect the big money that is involved in that movement. Remember J. P. Morgan pulling his funding from Nicolas Tesla when he found that Tesla was working on an energy transmission method, through the earth itself, that could not be metered. And Tesla’s patents were all seized by the US government immediately after his death.

Somebody should do a FOIA suit for that.


A Ukrainian history lesson

September 29, 2022

There have been many such unnatural creations of nation-states mostly in the 20th century.

Iraq is a composite of three “ethnic” territories: Shia, Sunni, and Kurdish.

Israel was carved out of an Arab “protectorate” of Britain, where Arabs and Jews lived mostly peaceably until the Zionists started acting on their centuries old plans.

The Soviet Union forcibly unified a great diversity of “republics”, that split into more than a dozen different republics afterward.

Each of Spain, France, Great Britain, and lastly, Italy, are geopolitical terrritories brought together by shotgun weddings. Each now speaks the language of the dominant ethnicity in its region.

Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia are examples of both peaceful and violent divorces. Kosovar was carved out of Serbia by subterfuge led by the Yankees, and Panama carved out of Colombia by the same Yankees.

Switzerland is not a forced unity as far as I can tell but is an exception in that its citizens seem very content living together.

Why not give peace a chance? Europe joining the US in an orgy of shooting themselves in the foot to spite Russia shows that the more trade nations engage in with each other, the higher the cost and the more difficult it is to make war with those trade partners.

Very important observation about a new Swamp tactic for 2022 midterms

September 23, 2022

Greg Privette:

Hi Lew,

I read the above noted post today from Tom DiLorenzo. This appears to be a new tactic to ensure no outsiders get in. There is a gentleman named Royce White who is a former NBA player and now a very outspoken anti-globalist. He appears fairly regularly on Jason Whitlock’s podcast to speak on a variety of topics. He is very well versed on globalist’s, the Davos crowd etc. He says things virtually no other political candidate from either party will say. He is from the Minneapolis area going back several generations and ran as a Republican in the US congressional district now represented by Ilian Ohmar (?). Had he won the primary it would have created a very interesting race for the general election. According to his account of the primary it was a very close race between himself and the ultimate winner. On the last day available to register, another candidate showed up out of nowhere in the Republican primary. According to Royce no one knew who the guy was or where he came from. Yet even with last minute entry and no name recognition, no campaigning, etc. the “ghost” candidate “somehow” managed I believe 15% of the primary vote. That 15% turned out to be more than the amount Royce lost by in the primary. His main opponent who wound up winning the primary was of course a typical Republican party hack.

How to protect women?

September 21, 2022

I like L. Neil Smith’s take on this issue. Paraphrasing… Gun confiscators would rather see a petite woman strangled with her own pantyhose in a dark alley than to see her able to defend herself with an equalizer.

Child abuse: Who are the worst abusers, parents or the STATE?

September 16, 2022

Number one, states have caused WAY too much child abuse in their interventions against parents. During a couple of years after enacting severe measures against parents for spanking their kids or even when they don’t, there were later by count 18,000 kids that the state lost track of.

And other studies found that kids in foster care suffered NINE TIMES more abuse than in parental care.

With no state at all, parents will be the responsible parties for their kids, but they will be empowered without old biddy gossipy busybodes getting tax extortion to pay for their abusive meddling.

In one case, there was a religious group (“new religious movement”) that had every one of their communal homes raided by state the government in Argentina, instigated by “anti-cult” fascists and “deprogrammers” from the States (only states are allowed to “deprogram” anybody, dontcha know). The justification for the raid was that the children were abused.

They shopped a judge and the judge ordered the raid, led by the Chief of Police himself. (Note that this was also during the coup government years in the 1970s). So they raided and ransacked all the homes, I think a dozen of them, and arrested the adults.

The judge appointed social workers to interview the children. ALL the social workers came back and reported that the kids were the MOST SOCIALLY BALANCED kids they had ever seen.

So the judged fired all of them and hired a different group of social workers. And THEY came back with the same reports.

Meantime, their brethren elsewhere organized demonstrations in front of all the Argentine embassies around the world, in sackcloth and ashes, wearing poster boards with warnings from scripture.

Then higher authorities began their own investigation. The result was that they ordered all the adults and children released, and arrested both that judge and that Chief of Police. One of them ended up in an insane asylum (I think the judge) and the other served a prison term.

Something similar happened when somebody freaked out from an overheard comment from a child walking home from school to the communal home, in New Hampshire or Vermont as I remember it. She called somebody (another self-righteous biddy no doubt). They raided the home but found that all the kids were, again, well cared for.

Then there was the raid on the ranch in east Texas (1980s i think). In this case the state used Baptist Sunday School buses to load up the kids and take them for interviews with social workers to try to get dirt on the parents, taking cell phones from both kids and parents. NOT ONE of the kids said ANYTHING against their parents, good for them. Finally the criminal authorities worked out a deal where they could do weekly inspections on their property. (No doubt threatening extended retention to extort the concessions).

Governments ALWAYS make EVERYTHING worse in whatever they do. It’s the nature of the beast. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Government is based on the threat of force against anyone who disobeys, and the same government has the last word on what the rules to obey are. Rotten roots, rotten fruit.

His lip was quivering

September 15, 2022

This is from Allan Stevo’s mailing list.. He is the author of “Face Masks in One Lesson”. He writes powerfully against the totalitarian dictates of collectivist busybodies.

The ordeal reminds me of a story about a lady after church complaining about a sermon that got to her, that “convicted” her as we say. “That preacher done gone left off preachin’ and went to meddlin'”.

My ex-wife was in a convalescent home, supposedly to recover from a stroke, when the covid madness hit. Our one son that still lives in the area had been visiting every week, with his wife. At some point the directors of the home banned visitors. How can they say they’re banning visits to protect the health of their charges, their patients, if every single person who works in health care knows that loneliness is a BIG killer of the elderly? It’s cruel. He kept trying up to the end. At least when he called, they gave him progress reports, and admitted she had stopped eating. Outrageous!

And when the people there saw it was nearing the end, they called him and finally let him in to see her. He spent the night there at her side and left in the morning. After he left, they called him to tell him she had passed away after he left.

Well, here goes Mr. Stevo’s missive….

His articles can be found at httpo://

He and his family fled communist China long ago, so that they would never again need to know a moment like this one.

Now, here he stood, in his one-time dream land of California, facing off with a sheriff’s deputy in the lobby of a rundown, government hospital, speaking boldly to the officer that he demanded to see his father.

Each officer in that lobby outweighed him by a great deal. They were armed and towered over him. That hospital, a fantastically named “long term care home,” was the place where they took old people to die. It was the place where they took people who were no longer of use to society. The only problem is that “society” didn’t ask this brave man if his father was any use to him anymore. And certainly no one asked his father’s opinion about it all.

Instead, they kept his dad in an environment in which a painful, lonely death was almost certainly the outcome. It was not a place for long term care. That was a lie they told to unsuspecting people to distract from the detail that the patient had been slated for death. It was a place to isolate the stubborn who were slow to get the message that it was time to die already. Those who have liberated parents and family members from such a facility these past several years have repeatedly been astounded at what a death trap such a place is, and how nurturing home can be.

And every action of the officers and staff, let this man speaking know, that his life meant as little to them as his dad’s life. The same was true of his preferences, his rights, and his values.

​Yes, as you can imagine, as he spoke, his lip quivered.

You can run from the tyranny, but the stand will eventually face you if you are to live a free man.

It was clear that he was far outside of his comfort zone, but that did not stop him.

Quivering lip or not, this man was holding his ground.

And before long, his lip stiffened.

It was in San Francisco. It was this past Saturday afternoon, the day before September 11, the day twenty-one years ago that it became clear that American freedom had so many enemies, both foreign and domestic — for whatever you believe took place that day, it is undeniable that the two decades of fallout since that day have laid bare that there are many enemies to your freedom. In fact, there are many enemies to your very existence. I was invited along to lend a hand in getting this man into the hospital. Several of us were there.

His father was 92, on his deathbed, and had not seen this son of his in more than a year.

Why had he not seen his son?

Because his son would not vax, would not test, and would not get one of the abundantly-present fake vaccine cards that are available in black markets around the lawless city.

Yup, he wouldn’t even get a fake vaccine card. That’s how dedicated he was to never again tell this lie.

As the standoff entered its second hour, to my momentary dismay, a relative of his quietly passed by wearing a mask, showing his papers. Not everyone in a family is cut from the same cloth. Even when they are cut from the same cloth, not everyone in a family is moved to stand at the same moment.

But of those men and women walking the earth who arose and chose to stand up since the Ides of March 2020, so many have grown into indomitable lions. And that will be the undoing of the tyrant — the number of lions who have woken up in the face of this filthy regime of deceit.

Flanking the scene of this standoff were “cadets.” The term cadet is so unpleasant a concept in California parlance. Contrary to what you might imagine, cadets are not indicative of being police academy attendees.

Instead, cadet is the California term for unsworn, civilian, uniformed employees of the sheriff. The average civilian cannot tell the difference between a cadet and a sheriff, for the uniform and demeanor are nearly identical. A cadet can throw his weight around and abuse his power, just like a sworn officer. But a cadet is not required to take an oath to uphold the California Constitution or US Constitution. Can you imagine the ugliness of what such a thing can turn into — putting a uniform on a person who does not even taken an oath? Can you imagine where a program like that leads?

It is already bad enough that a number of the oath takers treat the oath as meaningless.

But as I have said so many times, it is the lions who determine the trajectory of history. It is not those upholding the evil.

Accordingly, it is the lions who deserve your attention, not the hyena nor the sheep.

It is the brave man, standing there, quivering lip and all. He spoke words that afternoon that will stir the hearts of men for generations — including my own. Behind their masks, behind their stone faces, officers in that lobby were moved. The accounts of that standoff will not stop in that lobby.

It was spoken of in hushed tones in locker rooms with trusted colleagues, around kitchen tables with families, and among friends. That is what inevitably happens when you stand bravely — others talk about it. Even those who hate you talk about it. That courage becomes a contagion more powerful than any disease, more threatening to the powers that be than any illness.

You must always remember, that it is in your moral, physical, and spiritual health that you are such a threat. Accordingly, you must, then, not be shocked when your moral, physical, and spiritual well-being are undermined by those who need you unwell in order for their grasp on power to survive.

They do not care about you. They hate you. And they want you to die. The longer it takes you to realize that, the more you will allow yourself to be treated like someone worthy of hatred and death. And that, you most certainly are not, my friend, so it is vital that you recognize this moment for what it is and to recognize that as quickly as can be.

In this standoff, the man stood bravely against what seemed like an immovable machine. You cannot see such a sight and last forever in your devotion to tyranny, no matter how dedicated a storm trooper you are.

Slowly, as the standoff progressed, the cadets were replaced with sworn officers. Ten to twelve were finally in the lobby of the hospital.

Did he win, you will want to know? Did he get to see his father?

Not yet.

The standoff ended with our hero and his wife going home.

That wife of his stood by his side.

He would not see his dying father that day.

She would not see her beloved father-in-law.

It was but the first day.

And that is so important to keep in mind — it is but the first day.

Do not comply with the evil, but also do not be discouraged when the whole world does not bend to your will within moments of you stating it.

This was only the first day.

In the summer of 2021, it took me eight days to get in to see my godmother on her deathbed. But it worked. I got to spend those final, amazing hours with her.

The next morning was her last.

When you feel your lip quiver. When you feel your leg quake. When you feel your hand shake, know this — it is no time to back down. It is no time to give in.

Like our hero, it is time to double down.

No matter how much you are shaking, in doubling down, you tell yourself this, “Yes, my hand is shaking, but if I just press in, if I just stay focussed on my values, this quivering body, this imperfectly lived life, this regular man, will be the flawed instrument that will shatter the massive, seemingly invincible structure of evil that seems so omnipotent as it comes down upon me.”

Omnipotent it is not. That perceived omnipotence is also part of the lie.

Yes, like our hero, the moment you see your quaking leg is the moment to push further.

Do not give into evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.

Stop the lie.

If you don’t know how to stop the lie, tap here to read Face Masks in One Lesson.

If you don’t know why to stop the lie, tap here to read Face Masks Hurt Kids.

I didn’t write them for myself. I wrote them as tools developed in standoff after standoff. We will win this standoff that we face, dear warrior — and I’m not just talking about the standoff in the hospital. I’m talking about the many standoffs in your own life in which you will never again comply with evil. It is time to press in. It is time to give even more of what we have. We will win this.

The victory is ours to take.

The question then is: “Will you take it?”

Allan Stevo


September 8, 2022

The FBI is the biggest breaker of the law. They gave a promotion to the guy in charge (Bob Barr) who ordered the sniper to fire on the civilians at RUby Ridge. For which the courts adjudicated againt the FBI.

The FBI organized an illegal property theft agains the family in Nevada grazing their cattle on land as per federal law.

They organized a dozen terrorist plots after 9//11 using Muslim proxies as patsies, and they stopped most of them arresting a lot of the Mualim victims and braggning about it all in press conferences. Gotta keep justifying the budget.

They also organized and supplied the materials for the first Islamist bombing of the Towers in New York. The informant that infiltrated them and pushed it (at the FBI’s urging) and promises they would stop it in time -0which they didn’t) complained about it and still got his $1 million in payment.

The FBI under J. Edgar sent pictures of his extra-marital affairs to Martin Luther King with a note that he should kill himsself, and covered up the real story of how he was killed.(A mock court with jury proved that MLK was murdered by his own government.

And we now know the FBI had dozens of agents and “informants” herding the more gullible of Trump’s supporters into the Capitol building, with the star of the show, Ray Epps, captured on video demanding that they storm into the Capitol that day, and the guy on the tower with a bullhorn saying the same things. And Capitol police opening the barriers and calling the demonstrators to come in.
While meantime, Trump supporters on video calling out all the antifa who were obviously coordinating with the FBI thugs: breaking windows with Trump supporters yelling to stop them.

It’s only left to record Biden yelling about “enemies of the state” with a blood-red background like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao used to agitate their followers, gesticulating with air chops, with the symbolism of martial rule of two Marines at attention behind him. yelling about semi-fascists. Pot, meet kettle.

I got a lying Dimbot missive about abortion

September 4, 2022

A broadcast text from the 458 area code exhorting me to “voting out the GOP”.

Quote: “The MAGA GOP has already banned abortion in 14 states. If they get power this November, they want Congress to ban abortion in all 50.” A bald-faced lie and they know it full well as shown by the first sentence in that quote.

Big lie: All the Dobs decision did was to return to the Constitution and “return” the issue “to the states and to the people”.

The second part of the quote also exposes what they’re about: not giving up their power.

The brownshirts from Lenin’s “useful idiots” vandalizing Crisis Pregnancy Centers also show their true colors. They’re not about “choice”. The Dimbots make it as easy as they can for women to get an abortion. They say the same things that boyfriends and fathers tell their girls to get them to kill it, because they hate women actually choosing to have the baby. No money in it for them in that. But plenty of taxpayer-extorted government money there.

The Crisis Pregnancy Centers don’t charge, it is supported by donors to make birth a real choice for mothers.

They don’t support choice. They want more abortions. This was a Trojan horse issue from the moment the ACLU picked on the poorest white girl they could find to sue and get SCOTUS to do the dirty work. Ruth Bader Ginzburg thought is was a bad decision because it would provoke a pro-life movement. She wanted to expand it by stealth. That’s too slow for eugenicists who want to “cull the herd” of hoi polloi.