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Reporter: Veterans coming back “ready for war”? Not FEMA or DHS?

April 29, 2015

Somebody gave the go-ahead on another elitist theme. The reporter is asking whether some of these “young people” that are veterans are “ready for war”:

Remember Janet Napolitano’s hit list of bad guys that the DOJ was giving out to local and state police officers way back when? It was leaked from a “Fusion Center” in Missouri. The Fusion Centers are where they mix the local and state police agencies and train them to work together. That’s why they are “Fusion” centers: they are “fusing” the local and state law enforcement into being arms of D. C. law enforcement.

Bush started up a civilian “watch force” that recruited local businessmen to be “eyes and ears” to watch out for homegrown terrorism. Eyes on you, conservatives. Eyes on you, mavericks. Cover story Muslims.

The list got leaked during Napolitano’s watch. It’s the one that included “Ron Paul” bumper stickers as a red flag indicating trouble. Since policemen are deliberately filtered for limited IQ, one wonders how many laughed at that. They don’t want smart guys that can figure out their game, I guess.

On Napolitano’s list was also RETURNING VETERANS as potential trouble makers to watch. For me, it was hard to tell whether the reporter lady was referring to veterans in the Baltimore police force or veterans among the rioters. Or maybe she was just throwing it out there as part of the initial phases of a preemptive move against veterans joining forces with the people against the left-fascist regime that is fast consolidating under Obama.

After all, in any civilian uprising —like say if the D. C. regime were to start provoking and attacking certain domestic targets– independent-thinking veterans will be their biggest threats.


Corinthian College: Old education model is dying

April 28, 2015

Corinthian College is closing down 28 schools two weeks after the federal government levied a fine of $30 million for various charges. Some Miami Herald article tweets of reaction blamed the school, and others were from students expressing anguish as they had expected to graduate soon.

One student hoped for forgiveness for the loans. Of course that would be the federal government backed loans for education that they pour out like ocean currents into this kind of thing.

Obama promised relief for students but how much do you want to bet these students don’t get anything from them?

One quoted tweet made a poignant point. “Any college – for-profit #CorinthianCollege or nonprofit – going broke shows that the market for grads now is dead, and college not worth it.”

The economy is busted, the job market for these students has plummeted from happier days, and the federal loan sharks are blaming private institutions. Government-owned colleges have not so rough a time because legislatures are all too happy to steal more from their “constituents”, and that includes the Ivy League schools who get their lions’ share of both student loans and research grants. Just keep preaching the value of this government and indoctrinate the students into how much we need a Ruling Regime to protect us from all evil.

The economy is busted, the national treasury is busted, the Federal Reserve has no more tools to fix anything, and it is pushing,

And note this one salient fact. The attorney general in the state that was being hardest on this school, California, refused to sign any release for potential buyers of Heald College that would have given the students a chance to continue studies. They still could have gone after the former ownership.

That shows that all cries for government intervention, including the initial cries for governments to guarantee loans or even make the loans themselves, are vanishing whispers of mist in the morning breeze.

Legislators are very good at getting into debts that some future legislators have to deal with and that steal the hard-earned living out from under their serfs that pay for the government perks.

Titanic: some of the story behind the story

April 28, 2015

Very interesting:

The Revolution will not be televised?

April 28, 2015

I was there in the 1960s.

There would be no showing of the violence if the violent had been absent, as they were absent in Selma. In other words, the only violence we see in Selma back then is law enforcement.

As an anarchist, I know that those who used to be peace officers are now “law enforcement” officers, and the laws they enforce are their own “lawful” orders, the same as the unconstitutional orders that emanate from the WH, Congress and the Courts.

The tireless exposure of unlawful laws unfolds at the news links I check dialy at


“….As a young white girl, I at first felt out of place, marching alongside people who endure struggles everyday that I will never understand because of the color of my skin. But as we neared City Hall, the leaders of the protest reminded everyone that it takes people of all races to make change. The revolution needs black people, white people, Asian people, Hispanic people — everyone. Approaching City Hall, the streets of Baltimore rang with passionate people chanting, “The people united will never be defeated.”…”

As a white man who grew up in the Tower Grove area of St. Louis, guys from around 12th Street east of Grand Avenue got only trouble in my neighborhood. And when I went back to the 12th Street area with a buddy from a third neighborhood, he told them I was from 36th Street.

So I do know some of the struggles. A cop bragged to me once that they had cleared the Tower Grove area of all the bad guys, rattling off a bunch of names I recognized.

White guys get beat up all the time at the hand of cops, white guys, and black guys. Black guys get beat up by lots of black guys too.

Black lives matter, and the most numerous killers of blacks in the USA today are blacks. Why are the only ones addressing this problem –in the media– “conservatives”? There are lots of black-folk video on Youtube on this, but if the Administration really cared about black lives they would get Obama to PARDON ALL NON-VIOLENT DRUG OFFENDERS RIGHT NOW!. They would SHAME BLACK THUGS AND WHITE THUGS TO STOP KILLING EACH OTHER, starting with WHITE AND BLACK POLICE!

And they would BACK OFF from militarizing all the civilian police forces. They would back off from trying to turn all the local and state police into subjects of the National Surveillance and Police State.

In any case, without the Prince of Peace, there is no peace. St. Patrick, the former slave, and after him his disciples and their disciples, shamed Europe in the first few centuries A. D. into giving up slavery.

The love of Christ constraineth me.

The worst Left-fascists will eliminate their competition first

April 26, 2015

That is my warning to leftists for a long time.

When you support leftist censorship and getting Christians and conservatives fired from prominent jobs they deserve, remember…

The first victims to fall when left-fascists get power are leftists. As soon as Lenin’s Bolsheviks violently took power from the more tolerant and peaceful leftist democracy of the Mensheviks (NOT the Czars), they (1) eliminated the Mensheviks and then (2) they eliminated the other socialist factions, then (3) the ones that today would be called “liberals”, and then (4) they went to work on killing all the Christians and the krulaks (peasant farmers who owned small plots of land), and along the way they obliterated any opposition to their own candidates among the “workers’ soviets”.

Unions and workers rights died miserable deaths during those “Ten Days that Shook the World” in 1917 (John Reed).

That’s the way socialism works. That’s the way collectivism works. A few agitprop infiltrators can whip mobs into frenzies. Demagogues know it. Elect me, I’m poor. Elect me, I’m rich and don’t need the money. Elect me, I’ll loot the rich and spread it to the poor. After I take my major chunk, I deserve it for giving out crumbs. Let them eat food stamps!

The car fell on Scott Mayhew’s chest, wife Nicole suddenly felt the danger the rushed home

April 26, 2015

This is the kind of story that exemplifies what horrifies most of the Academic Scientific Establishment.

Mrs. Tamah Jada Clark vs. the Federal Government

April 26, 2015

Mrs. Tamah Jada Clark takes on the U. S. Federal Court in official papers

From her filing text, looks like the judge in her lawsuit prohibited any communication on the case to her.

He also apparently took irrelevant notice in his ruling that she possessed firearms.

From her posting I saw a historical perspective on the Fourteenth Amendment I had not seen before, bolstered by her references to a couple of Supreme Court rulings that seem to also support her views on state vs. federal citizenship and the applicability of relevant laws and to whom.

An interesting read. WARNING: Prolific use of words of the kind the FCC banned in times past from prime-time television…..

For honest elections, all-paper secret ballots and OPEN COUNTING FOR ALL TO SEE

April 26, 2015

Being an anarcho-capitalist, I don’t believe anybody has the right to vote for any coercive territorial political office that involves extorting wealth from constituents without a mutually agreeable contract, with armed enforcement. I don’t have the right to take from you without your permission, even to protect you. Meaning I am against there being any position of political power or office that would justify any voting for any government. If you want to tell me what I can or can’t do, ask me first and get a voluntary agreement for me.

That said, the history of union tactics, Mob tactics, and rigged elections (like in Venezuela now and in Chicago) shows that a truly secret ballot is the best way to protect the ballot from violence and threats. Yes, those are supposed to be secret ballots in those places but it doesn’t matter. Think open voting in North Korea. Assuming every single person voted 100% what they wanted to, in the second election the only people left alive to vote would vote for the government. Saddam Hussein’s 100% showing would be close to the truth.

But your proposal points the way to what WOULD be right, and that is, OPEN COUNTING of the ballots. In some places anybody and everybody that wants to can watch the voting AND the counting. But FIRST let’s have a war on electronic voting. Voting should be on PAPER ballots, period.


South Carolina Boeing works send union thugs running

April 25, 2015

Maybe the Workers of the World are starting to unite against unions:

“After speaking with Boeing workers who we were previously unable to reach, we’ve determined now is not the right time for an election,” union organizer Mike Evans said in a statement. “An atmosphere of threats, harassment and unprecedented political interference has intimidated workers to the point we don’t believe a free and fair election is possible.”

Yeah right. The workers are sick of the union thugs and fighting back.

The union filed an unfair labor practice with the National Labor Relations Board in which it alleged that “two organizers were threatened at gunpoint and others reported hostile and near-violent confrontations,” according to a union press release.

Yeah, the “union organizers” were on the workers’ front porch. Boeing and officials are skeptical, though. Workers in South Carolina are armed better than in Seattle I guess. After all the murders and intimidation by unions, well….

“You’re not hearing me. Get off my lawn”:

It’s not an “unfair labor practice” if Boeing didn’t do it.

The workers did a general national strike against Chavez too, in 2002. But according to the activists that his government continues to pursue and persecute, the “leaders” who get publicity there are “loyal opposition”, meaning their true allegiance is to the socialists. That’s how, after they declare a boycott against referendums that are pre-rigged, they then push the vote and of course lose.

Just an FYI and FWIW link on taxes

April 25, 2015

I just discovered this link, I do not have any strict opinion to cheer or not, and do not advocate any position at this time on the subject of the web site.

I do believe in Free Speech and in giving voice to opinions that dissent from government dictates from the Ministries of Propaganda. And the power of Information.