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No government during the Judges in the Bible.

May 30, 2023

There was no government at all in the book of Judges and the only oppressors were the tribes around who came conquering when they got complacent and started worshipping false gods.

Iceland was some 400 years without any central government. Elders would meet on occasion.

Again this is horsehit. The elders were the government of each tribes and every once in a while the U.N. happened.

Horse shit. Every tribe including the tribes of Israel were de facto governments. There was no concept of individual sovereignty or individual property.

You show here that you do NOT know the Bible. The Israelites absolutely lived under the rules of the “Mosaic Law”, which is permeated throughout with rules about private property, inheritance, and more. To show that property rights were taken seriously, thefts were punished by requiring payments of four times the value of what was stolen.

The book of Esther is a great illustration of how much they respected family land ownership. And individual rights were absolutely recognized.

You have to realize that these ancient tribal ways that you are citing failed and were abandoned by humans for a better way.

Much to our chagrin today. They lasted four hundred years. They only failed when the power-mad began forcing others under their thumb. David the Goliath-slayer may be considered an exception, since Samuel (last of the “judges”) anointed him king.

There are five times more private security persnnel working in the United States than persons in official government police and security work.

They are for deterrence and defense in the moment only. If they capture an attacker they call the police. If the attacker succeeds to steal or harm and they get away the security calls the police. That is because the police are granted the authority that private security does not have.

Well, duh. “In the moment only” is the most important moment. When seconds count, the police are minutes away. And besides, again, per the courts, police have no such obligations. What percentage of crimes are solved. And now with official pro-crime policies in “blue cities” in the US, governments are shown worse than useless, creating the very problems they will later claim to solve. Old Marxist-Alinsky trick.

The US courts have ruled that the police have no obligattion to prevent crime against you.

The current corrupt US system is not what I am advocating for.

What then? Got a better one (pre-2020)? Like Stalinism?

When Detroit began to take more than 24 hours to respond to 911 calls, private security services sprang up that offered security to people with services like neighborhood patrols, and taking you from your residence to your place of work.

Again with the shallow thinking. In this Detroit private security world the criminal needs only commit the crime and get away from the private security. The private security does not have any authority to pursue the criminal once the criminal is no longer an immediate threat. They cannot search or seize evidence on private property if the owner says no. They cannot arrest the guy they think committed the crime while he is sitting in his home. In the moment is only one quarter of the story. It’s the monopoly on retributional force that is required.

The point that you try to shy away from is that the private security companies prevented crimes against their clients that the police were incapable of. The breakdown of order in Detroit is a microcosm of the essential problem of all governments, which are based on force by one group against its “subjects”. And the reason the generally could not pursue thieves is because the “government” enforces its monopoly on the use of force.

The only restraint against total totalitarianism in the US today is the 2nd amendment. That is the main purpose of the 2nd, all the “founding fathers” that made the legislatures enact it say it was to arm citizens to enforce the freedom of the citizens and prevent the oppression of any state. Because they had just had to fight a war for those rights.


Scientism if a religious faith

May 29, 2023

Michael Crichton was brutal on this topic. Read his essay, “Aliens Cause Global Warming”. It is a brutal takedown of the idea that the stupid “Drake’s Equation” proves there are aliens, every element in the equation is completely arbitrary. There’s no more convincing evidence of physical life anywhere else in the universe, and that includes dubious video circulating. (Except for spiritual beings, for which abounds evidence).

At the same time in the essay, Crichton tears apart the “man-caused global warming” myth. He put a LOT of facts in his novel on the subject, including in the non-fiction suffix.

Stephen Hawking famously and correctly blamed the scientific establishment of the day for their persecution against Galileo and Copernicus. They lobbied the clerics to condemn it on religious doctrinal grounds. But of course the scientism’s politicial “science establishment” had to get the clerics to do their dirty work. They’re trying that again today against Creationist scientists.

The truth has a way of embarrassing truth-deniers:


doctors condemning the one who told them to wash between surgeries,

spontaneous bio-generation,

Haekel’s fraudulent drawings (still appearing in my son’s high school biology texts in the 1990s),

“vestigial” organs,

“vestigial” DNA,

DNA itself being what convinced the foremost atheist debater of the 20th century Antony Flew that there has to be a Creator,

the totally missing “punctuation” in the “punctuated equilibrium” theory of the late Stephen Gould,

Richard Dawkins criticizing Gould for admitting there is no “punctuation” in the fossils Dawkins knows better),

Piltdown man,

Nebraska man.

“Lucy” (made from a few bones hundreds of meters apart, made to fit with a buzz-saw by Leakey,

the stinking rotting-flesh fossil fields in Montana,

quasars with “obvious” physical and gravitational interaction with galaxies that have drastically different red shifts,

polystrate fossils,

polonium halos,

ancient human drawings of dinosaurs in the temple at Angor Wat in Cambodia,

tales of a giant flying creature stealing babies in pre-colombian Venezuela (as told to Spanish explorers),

NASA predictions of the force of magnetic fields for Saturn and Uranus exponentially off from the precise and accurate predictions of young-earth creationist Russ Humphreys,

the list of how many ways Earth and the solar system having the optimal combination of attributes for supporting life,

together with the visibility to the universe of the transparent atmosphere,

the irreducible complexity of “Darwin’s Black Box”,

contrasting that with the impermeable opaqueness covering Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, wow it goes on and on…

How government was not necessary in the time of the Judges

May 29, 2023

(1) ” The elders were the government of each tribes and every once in a while the U.N. happened.”

==> There were indeed respected elders in each tribe. They arose either spontaneous in the tribe, as natural leaders, or, out of tradition. NO WAY were they comparable to what is considered “government” today.. NO standing army, God had to raise up judges (leaders) specific for the purpose to liberate the land from oppressors when the people repented and cried out to God for help.

(2) “There was no concept of individual sovereignty or individual property.”

==> Now that just shows an abysmal ignorance of the Mosaic laws by which they lived during those some 400 years, because of course all the land was privately owned, according to homesteading during Joshua’s days and inheritance afterward. Much more respected than today’s such laws that tax the hell out of inheritance.

(3) “They are for deterrence and defense in the moment only. If they capture an attacker they call the police. If the attacker succeeds to steal or harm and they get away the security calls the police. That is because the police are granted the authority that private security does not have.”

==> Exactly! Being preventative and “in the moment” they are much more effective than the official police, who in the United States by court precedent have ZERO liability if they fail to protect. Private security must call the police when they apprehend a miscreant because the government claims a monopoly on law enforcement and bans any private such activity, in such issues. Government is corruption by definition because it can only exist as such by theft and extortion, aka “taxes”. If you want to know why the very nature of government is based on that, just read Matthew 17:24-27.

Hint: Like Stalin said, it matters not who casts the vote, it only matters who counts the vote.

(4) “Again with the shallow thinking. In this Detroit private security world the criminal needs only commit the crime and get away from the private security. The private security does not have any authority to pursue… .. In the moment is only one quarter of the story. It’s the monopoly on retributional force that is required.”

==> Exactly what I’m talking about. Shallow thinking presumes a de-facto a priori government. And the fact that governments always enforce their monopoly of force and enforcement, private efforts are prevented by law from that “three-quarters of the story” you allude to. Doesn’t mean that a government with mafia-type powers is any better. Why would they be? What percentage of crimes are solved by the police? Why didn’t they arrest all the officials involved in locking up Japanese-Americans in camps during World War II?

There were plenty of non-government Mosaic laws to deal with murderers and thieves. Disputes were moderated and arbitrated by priests, whose sustenance was provided by a voluntary tithe system enforced by their society and common culture. Today, the victims of criminal theft are usually left without compensation. Under the laws of Moses, every single theft was punished by forcing restitution to the victim, not by the amount of the theft but by four times the value of the theft.

With socialist thugs in charge now, the country is going to hell fast

May 26, 2023

The socialist thugs that won the election last year in Honduras are busy wrecking the country.

First thing they did was to immediately accept the extradition request from the federal prosecutor thugs in New York, SDNY, to send Juan Orlando Hernandez there for drug trafficking. JOH had sent dozens of genuine traffickers there himself, and built a big max-security prison for the traffickers and the street gangs they swept up in Honduras. No doubt the federal prosecutors, ambitious psychopaths they are, gave sweet deals to any of those guys who would denounce them.

Next thing they did was to let some of the max-security traffickers out of prison. A couple of names are well known.

Even Nasrallah, who said once that the street gangs are his friends, has blasted the new president Xiomara Castro, wife of the wannabe “presidente vitalicio” (president for life) who tried his auto-coup in 2009 and was blocked by everybody in Honduras except the handful around him. Xiomara is a weak character, set up as candidate for new party “Libre” so a lot people that would never vote for her husband could claim she was different.

Right away the Congress erupted in chaos, and they had a hard time electing the “president of Congress” (like our Speaker). It’s still in chaos, with periodic fisticuffs flying in Congress. A LOT of the Libre party activists are denouncing and even breaking with the leadership, saying they haven’t done anything for anybody and blasting their corruption. The now opposition party congressmen are constantly blasting the Libre contingent as the worst kind of people.

Meantime, the gangs are coming out of hiding now.

Bukele in El Salvador a few days ago observed a year without even one murder. Ten percent of the adult population is in max-security prisons. A few days after that there a gang member broke out of hiding to kill somebody in a small town, as if in defiance. Bukele sent five thousand soldiers (that’s right 5,000 of them) to surround the city together with 500 select policemen, and promised to find the killer.

My wife is godmother to the lady who cleans our house there, and we are sure she voted for these thugs, but now she is very angry at how things are going.

One word can be a big semantic difference

May 15, 2023,%E2%9A%A0%EF%B8%8FSec%20of%20Defense%20Suddenly%20DROPS%20DEAD%E2%9A%A0%EF%B8%8F%20(Duplicate%20%236)

The click-bait headline in the email to get to that article was that the Secy. of Defense had died suddenly.

My objection is to omitting the word “Former” from “Former Secy. of Defense”.

Picky picky like Paulsen’s CIA caricatures comedy character used to say on the Smothers Brothers show. The show must have been a real perspective problem for the agency, because the show was kicked off after only a couple of years.


The Zero Aggression Principle and Alphabet Soup Sexuality

May 1, 2023

The basic libertarian principle is the non-aggression principle. (I prefer the term zero-aggression principle). Look that up. It is either not a morality statement, or a good morality statement. A “corollary” of the Golden Rule but the Golden Rule requires more support for others.

Consistent with that principle is condemnation of any government coercion forcing anyone into active support of such behaviors that deviate from nature.

Many of us are very much against recreational use of drugs that alter one’s mental state. I did marijuana when I was in college, but strongly disapprove its use. Same with LSD. But I am even more strongly against the anti-drug laws, which have had a much worse effect on the populace than the drugs themselves.

Likewise I have observed that deviant sexual behaviors (by which I mean behaviors that deviate from the biological and physiological norm) do more harm than good in the bodies of those who practice them. And sociologically do serve as “gateway” behaviors to the more generally recognized harmful behaviors (pedophilia, sado/masochism). By “gateway” I do not mean a 00 percent progression, any more than a whisky ad induces 100 percent of its viewers to immediately imbibe the brand of whisky.

Now, it is the ruling parasites that are pushing alphabet soup sexuality as a means, among other means, to divide and control the population. Rush Limbaugh, so despised in ruling class organs, predicted that these “identity group” propaganda would eventually result in identity group conflicts. And it has. “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them”.