The Zero Aggression Principle and Alphabet Soup Sexuality

The basic libertarian principle is the non-aggression principle. (I prefer the term zero-aggression principle). Look that up. It is either not a morality statement, or a good morality statement. A “corollary” of the Golden Rule but the Golden Rule requires more support for others.

Consistent with that principle is condemnation of any government coercion forcing anyone into active support of such behaviors that deviate from nature.

Many of us are very much against recreational use of drugs that alter one’s mental state. I did marijuana when I was in college, but strongly disapprove its use. Same with LSD. But I am even more strongly against the anti-drug laws, which have had a much worse effect on the populace than the drugs themselves.

Likewise I have observed that deviant sexual behaviors (by which I mean behaviors that deviate from the biological and physiological norm) do more harm than good in the bodies of those who practice them. And sociologically do serve as “gateway” behaviors to the more generally recognized harmful behaviors (pedophilia, sado/masochism). By “gateway” I do not mean a 00 percent progression, any more than a whisky ad induces 100 percent of its viewers to immediately imbibe the brand of whisky.

Now, it is the ruling parasites that are pushing alphabet soup sexuality as a means, among other means, to divide and control the population. Rush Limbaugh, so despised in ruling class organs, predicted that these “identity group” propaganda would eventually result in identity group conflicts. And it has. “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them”.


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