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ICR comments on the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

July 22, 2018

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Everyone loves dinosaurs—especially in movies.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens today in theaters, bringing dinosaurs back to the silver screen. Three years after Indominus rex wreaked havoc on Jurassic World, the park sits abandoned and dinosaurs live wild on the island. When the island’s dormant volcano begins to blow, Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) lead a team to rescue as many dinosaurs as they can. The film promises lots of dinosaurs, but also—predictably—evolution. Let’s review a few major dinosaur misconceptions that this movie franchise promotes.


“Bees are really really smart”

July 22, 2018

So says the new story from the Institute of Creation Research.

Who knew? Not just the dances to communicate where there is a nice pollen field, but they solve real puzzles. Powerhouse brains for being so tiny; “more like humans” than insects in that regard.

Liberals say voter ID laws are “racist”. What do blacks think?

July 16, 2018

Blacks interviewed in East Harlem have some choice words for the reasons liberals give for opposing voter ID laws: ignorant, stupid, don’t know anything….

The Mexican indigenous community that ran politicians out of town | World news | The Guardian

July 15, 2018 A Mexican town that booted out all the politicians and political offices and political parties cuts homicides and violence to near zero.

A reminder of the other towns in northern Mexico a few years ago he now, that did the same thing and ran the violent traffickers out with them and took over the towns themselves.

The federated neutralized it by generalizing them as a part of their own forces, subsidizing them, and putting their first leader in prison.

Is he still incarcerated?

bionic mosquito: Contractual Community

July 15, 2018

Freedom increased with the decline of the pagan Roman imperium. “Christian” Dark Ages had less authoritarian centers and they were more local then.

While the leaders in the Church kept some semblance of the founding cultural milieu of the earliest churches, they were more respectful of individuals and property no doubt. It lasted some generations with some deviance.

But then one cannot blame the Reformation for the breakdown of such restraints on the state. Martin Luther only demanded that the Churc, and ITS STATE ALLIES, return to those principles that gave it authority.

For example, the Vatican’s leaders were intellectual authors or spiritual facilitators crimes like the Gunpowder Plot, the attack by the Spanish Armada against England and King James. They blessed the actions of lords of the manor who conquered surrounding fiefdoms and united them into their own growing kingdoms, even imposing the local dialect upon the others.

The entire “competing duality” of authorities that broke down long before Luther or even his prederssecors. This also gave rise to many truth tellers who were variously persecuted, hounded, looted, slain, and burned at the stake like like John Hiss.

Remember the winners write the histories, and you cannot even necessarily trust Church authorities or their court historians on matters concerning these “cults” any more than you can trust the lying secular authorities of today against Ron Paul, Bionic, Walter Block, or even the history of the Church.

Lies about Waco and other groups are a case in point.

Good point about there being a generational breakdown in matters of contracts and constitutions.

So Bionic, I would like to note that you do not allow yourself to give enough due credit to Protestant movements. “We have no king but Jesus”is a perfectly valid motto.

Structural Papists (clergy et. al.) have outed themselves today as mostly impediments to freedom, but it’s just as they were before and during the Reformation years.

Governments and authorities come and go. God setteth up one, and putteth down another.

Mockingbird Compliant Press Hates 1st Amendment

July 15, 2018

It’s the globalist press that hates the 1st Amendment. Exposed by their hatred of independent voices who refuse to join their Groupthink chorus.

The proof is not only in their hate speech, sometimes subtle sometimes not, but more so
in the way they have invited the hate group at SPLC to keep inconvenient truths censored out.

The Mueller “investigation” and it’s Compliant Press and the Uniparty protection of it also shows what they think of “the people” they pretend to be for, while snickering and snorting at them in private.

In closed door rooms, and for their own gullible audience, they call us 99 presenters deplorable, redmecks, trailer trash, vicious thugs, misogynists, accuse us of clinginging to self defense tools and our religion, even as they cling to their armed bodyguards and their faith in armed government to solve everything.

The Prince of Peace gave us how to apply the greatest two commandments in the Bible, the Law of Love. Do unto others as you would have them do into you.

God is not mocked, and they will pay in this life for their evil and in the next. But Christ is all-forgiving even for them, even as many occultists and Satanists have defected to the God of Love.

New post Resurrected Christ – Just a small bit of the evidence

July 15, 2018

The federal government has settled with libertarian Cody Wilson, and conceded his point that the OPEN SOURCE software for guns made in 3-D printers is legal. He had sued because the Obama administration had shut him down, saying it was illegal. He sued mostly on the basis of free speech, and a dozen rights organizations had joined or supported the suit, including some self-defense advocates, and advocates like the Electronic Frontier Foundation. This article on techcrunch is pretty much faithful to report both sides of the “armed self-defense” argument, but this is also a free speech victory against government attempts to censor speech.

I posted the Tech-crunch link because the more detailed Wired article snuck in a tilt against the rights of citizens to defend themselves adequately (aka “anti-gun” tilt).

A multi-year legal battle over the ability to distribute computer models of gun parts and replicate them in 3D printers has ended in defeat for government authorities who sought to prevent the practice. Cody Wilson, the gun maker and free speech advocate behind the lawsuit, now intends to expand his operations, providing printable gun blueprints to all who desire them.

His laboratory is busy creating all kinds of OPEN SOURCE blueprints for all kinds of guns. There is almost no restriction on what is possible, and any home 3-D printer can use them.

In Cody’s view, this is an example of technology trumping government efforts to suppress its subjects. The Wired article referenced his mention of the Phil Zimmerman case, in which the programmer wrote up Pretty Good Privacy, the encryption application, and posted it as open software on the Internet. The FBI tried to charge him with violating laws against exporting some military-use technologies, but eventually they gave it up, based on the First Amendment.

But Wired quotes Zimmerman as critic of Cody’s initiative. Zimmerman disappoints here. Encryption is a defense against government snooping and government abuse, but then the right of effective self-defense is good to protect from the same government abuses.

It’s time to get local governments to kick back against D. C. abuses against the citizens. Cody’s victory should be celebrated everywhere and applied fast, because the powers in the shadows will try to come back.

They want to rob, oppress, and manipulate the population without fearing an armed citizenry.

Make peace not war. Remember Eugene Mallove.

July 15, 2018

Make peace not war. Tell your friends. Tell your politicians to cut off the War Machine. God will one day soon enough destroy those that destroy the Earth, and he’s talking about the satanic creatures in power that want to decimate populations and make such a hell hole of it.

And who suppress the tech that will yield a nearly infinite bounty of clean energy. And no, that doesn’t mean solar, or wind, or oceanic, or hydro. It is the new tech that Eugene Mallove promoted.

Enviro-pimps told his Foundation they aren’t interested. They’re only interested in lower for the ruling cliques already networked in and who follow groupthink directives.

Resurrected Christ – Just a small bit of the evidence

July 14, 2018

About a dozen contemporary references by Roman historians report various things about what they called the “cult of the Nazarine”, including thir claim

of the Resurrection.

The apostles testified to the truth of the Gospels they wrote, with the signature evidence that they were willing to die as a testimony to their truth. They were not afraid to die because they had witnessed the risen Christ.

The evidence for those Gospels’ authorship, veracity, is in the dozens even hundreds of writings of the early Christian leaders following the apostles that reference them. Polycarp rote of walks with John of Revelation on the isle of Patmos, Irraneus and others wrote of Polycarp, etc.

The Gospels could be rewritten on almost their entirety from those contemporary Christian leaders writings.

The Gospels therefore have better testament to authenticity than the other Roman-era writings about Caesar Augustus, for example.

The Babylonian Talmud, written by the enemies of Christ, also corroborate the Gospels truth by repeating what the Gospels say about their reaction to him, even saying his miracles were witchcraft.

For the communication technology of those days those times, the spread of Christianity was lightning fast, another testament to the 500 witnesses of the resurrected Christ. From the year of his crucifixion, about 30 A.D. to when they were so we’ll known and numerous only about 34 years later that Nero could blame them for the Great Fire of Rome. Remember there were still alive in those days of the 500 Resurrection witnesses constantly sharing what they had seen and heard on Palestine.

There are letters extant today between Roman governors of the time about the Christian problem, called atheists because they rejected all the God’s but for one God.

Another spectacular evidence for honest historians and anthropologists is that the day of worship changed for Christians from the millenia-long Sabbath observance of the Jews, to Sunday meetings, the “day of our Lord”, the day of his resurrection. You will note that to this day the tenacity of Orthodox Jews with the Sabbath.

Also there is plenty of mutual consistency among the four gospels to they reflect the same reality, bit enough differences to show that they are from different individual perspectives. Like you get from a band of men that witness the same event from different angles.

Isaac Asimov showed his ignorance of the Bible when he said the prophecies in the Bible were all too vague or self-fulfilling to be of use. Besides the much repeated 300 plus specific ones of the Messiah that included the year of his crucifixion, the method, and the rejection of the Jews, there are hundreds more on other things. There is precision in Jesus’ own “end time” prophecy of Matthew 24 and in Luke than most preacher’s even miss. A dozen details about the fate of ancient Tyre, partly fulfilled by Alexander. In fact, the priests saved Jerusalem from a asking when they showed Alexander that he was featured in the book of Daniel, written many generations later.

In fact there are descriptions of the effect of a nuclear bomb on persons in both Zechariah and Revelation, a vision of a busy modern interstate at night, a description of DNA in Psalm 139 (apparently clear only in the King James Bible, because the modern translators couldn’t believe it).

And modern medicine also has discovered medical facts in the telling of details of the crucifixion that were not known at the time they corroborate the description itself.

An afterthought about the empty tomb. Any hoax or attempt to clback-fill the stories in the Gospels during those days would never ever have any women discovering the Tomb, much less getting an explanation from angels. Even the virgin birth would have been ridiculous for a made-up story.

The Greek culture dominated the Roman Empire, and they placed women in status between men and slaves. Even among the Jews, who had maybe the best regard for women of those days or would be better regarded and more believable if it were men. Note that even Peter didn’t believe it till he went to see for himself.

Liberal Universities – The Coup of Private Foundations — Helena

July 4, 2018

[…I’m reposting this web post by Helena. Sometimes on some issues, not often, she can be wrong but what I like about her blog is that she crams a lot of facts and (real) numbers into them…]

The money trail of funding within our most prestigious universities provides an outline of demonstrative control, manipulation, and agenda. Foundations are the forefront of that agenda, and each foundation’s board of trustees controls the agenda. “We will give you money if you incorporate this curriculum, this ideology, and this methodology into the school.” Thus assuring […]

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