How a Third-world nation can join the First

Answer: follow the examples of those who did it! See this article:

“Chile is now officially a developed country”:

And read especially the “How” they did it section!

It embraced markets, pursued free enterprise policies consistently over many years, has signed true free trade pacts with 56 other countries, and unilaterally dropping tariffs in many cases, with a cap of five percent for import.

Read the article, very enlightening..



One Response to “How a Third-world nation can join the First”

  1. Escape the "first World" Says:

    A so called “third world” or “developed” nation should NOT even want to become called a “first world” country. Those terms are created by Marxists to tempt the poor and ignorant into leaving their traditional life and countries to get lured into moving to one of the one world government, nihilistic, depraved, perverted, atheistic “first world” areas.

    Most of the (Marxist declared) “third world” or “undeveloped” countries are MORE developed then the corrupted, immoral, antichrist countries that the Marxists have deceived the media and enslaved populations into thinking are “developed”.

    If athiesm, Nihilism, Darwinianism, Marxism, etc are what being “developed” means in today’s marxist controlled english language, it only proves another prophecy of the Bible coming true when people will call good evil (undeveloped, 3rd class), and evil good (developed, first), a lie claimed to be the truth, and the truth claimed to be destructive.

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