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Happy birthday to Ludwig von Mises!

September 29, 2020

Happy birthday to Ludwig von Mises!

The following link goes to a tribute by Nobel Prize winner Frederic Hayek to Ludwig von Mises, the man most associated with the Austrian school of economics thought, author of Human Action, the go-to volume on how economics actually works.

And a collection of tributes


Lanny Davis: Call the bluff, please please let the blue states form their own independent union.

September 28, 2020

One of the dumbest things that Honduras did when they rightly arrested renegade Chavista president Zelaya in 2009, and took him to Costa Rica, was to hire Lanny Davis to make their case to the American public. Now he’s threatening the States with blue state secession.

Some replies from apparent Trump supporters are saying No Way. But I say Good Riddance! In fact I’ve been advocating that for a long time already, it’s the best way to defuse differences. Birds of a feather flock together, it’s natural, so let the donkeys go one way and the elephants another already. The closer any government is to the actual family units and individuals in them, the better it will be.

Restate picks his points apart, see it at this link:

Exposing Operation Mockingbird

September 28, 2020

A woman plowed a car into a group of Trump supporters counter-protesting a BLM protest, injuring at least two, but guess what detail the L. A. Times obfuscated?

Whose coup will it be really?

September 27, 2020

Who refused to accept the results in 2016?

Who has tried to overturn the 2016 elections “by all means available” since then?

The higher executive levels, of DOJ, Department of State, the FBI, the Joint Chiefs in the Pentagon, the Secretary of Defense, Capitol Police, the Press, cable news channels, BLM, antifa, academia, corporate America, Wall Street chiefs, Teachers’ Unions, Big Corporate Social Media companies, payment facilitators. The “only” backing Trump has is the electorate that put him in office in 2016.

From a decidedly anti-Trump (and “left-leaning”) web site,

“In 41 days we are going to know if the American public can be brainwashed by the presstitutes into seeing Trump’s reelection as a coup against democracy.”

Princeton confesses, DOE pounces

September 26, 2020

Scientific American forsakes science for religious decrees:

September 26, 2020

Scientific American forsakes science for religious decrees:

BUt the wrong religion.

More samizdat news

September 21, 2020

Black Lives Matter exposed:

The “Marxism” mask is not working.

Joe Biden, racialist liar

September 6, 2020

Joe Biden says they don’t teach about the Tulsa massacre of 1921. This Tulsa, Oklahoma teacher puts the lie to the liar Biden.

Even Dennis Prager can be wrong once in a while.

September 6, 2020

Dennis Prager is a great guy and full of smartness and I love his Prager University videos and Youtube is criminal in their treatment of him. Youtube Google, Facebook, Twitter, and those guys are government subsidized and government protected companies, therefore, when they demonetize a producer or ban them outright, it is censorship by any definition.

I am the worst nightmare for socialists, for I am totally 100 percent against any government (monopoly of force by territory), being a libertarian and anarcho-capitalist Christian. That established to avoid mistaken labeling, I also am against any veneration of the U.S. military. The defensive wars for freedom they have fought should be without equivocation, for example, the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 and the wars against the Barbary Coast pirates. In the context of incomplete information, you might include World War 1 and 2, and in a stretch the war on Afghanistan.

The problem is the time-proven principle that you CANNOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THE GOVERNMENT TELLS YOU about anything! Unless you get corroboration.
For example, on World War 1, that was just a confused tangle of interconnected mutual-defense pacts that were just waiting fora match to light the fuse, to unleash destruction on Europe and open the door for the League of Nation.

It is also now an open secret that even his hagiographers acknowledge that Franklin D. Roosevelt had some two months advance knowledge of the pending attack on Pearl Harbor. And kept the knowledge from the Admiral stationed at Pearl Harbor. It is also now known that the photographer William Hearst send to Cuba said there was not much to the sunk Battleship Maine story. Hearst sent back: Don’t worry about that, send me the photos and I’ll give you the war.

Not to mention three interventions in the Dominican Republic where I was a missionary to protect the interests of U.S. companies. And presidents sending the Marines on various occasions, mostly in the 20th century, into Nicaragua, Honduras, and invading Hawaii to intervene on behalf of American transplants. WMD’s in Iraq. Ron Paul proposed the emission by Congress of letters of marque and reprisal, perfectly constitutional, to deal with Osama bin Laden and his fellow criminals.

The most abominable intervention was the participation of American Special Forces to support the al Qaeda coup in Libya against Gaddafi, which has made the world safe for open-air slave markets again.

Of course the powerful Washington rulers get full blame, more than the military. At least the military are “only” obeying illegal orders from the Commander-in-Chief.

The Border Patrol and Coast Guard are much closer to defending freedom than the military in general. And myabe the National Guard, as useless as they are for protecting stores with poor and middle-class blacks and whites and Latinos from fascist-antifa arson and beatings and killings, because of governors and mayors who seem to be working for a one-party dictatorship.

Coronavirus, Digital Currency, vaccination and we saw this coming 2000 years ago

September 4, 2020

Bill Sardi has just written one of the most important articles to date:

Bible scholars and most (some?) evangelicals will recognize that the evident soon ban on cash, replaced with a completely digital system, is the closest thing you can come to setting up for a monetary exchange system closest to the prophecy in the book of Revelation chapter 13 of the Mark of the Beast, without actually grooving the mark into the right hand or the forehead.

But make no mistake, Bill Sardi, they’ve been working on that for a long time. In the first decade of this century there was a brief propaganda effort to make embedded microchips seem like a wonderful thing for families. They showcased a family of four, standard Ozzie and Harriet model, all of whose members took an implanted chip that they used to open garage doors, gain entrance to places, as a security measure to unlock their electronic devices, and more. A big smiley face.

A “Popular” branded magazine in the 1990s even talked about microchips and the digital revolution and the last paragraph conclusion posed how wonderful it would be to have a chip implanted in the brain to get access to all the world’s knowledge. Bill Gates is pushing the personal identifying system called ID2020, which is precisely the idea of a chip injected into the skin as evidence of vaccination against COVID-19.

This Covid virus has been exposed with the new CDC admission on its web site to be a major hoax and cover for somethng else, because they admit now that the death toll in these United States from just COVID is under 10,000!