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The Non-Aggression Principle

September 30, 2013

What’s Wrong With Franklin Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms”

September 29, 2013

Freedom and liberty are over-used words in 2013 English. But what matters in the concepts they cover, what is worth applying in the real world of interaction between humans, is contained in the non-aggression principle.

I like that phrase for that reason. And that’s the one I’m sticking to.

You might call it the idea that “freedom from aggression” is the freedom worth striving toward. But there are two people involved in the non-spiritual aspects of freedom. Freedom for one person requires respect for that freedom from others.

Self-defense is the enforcement mechanism for it, the best, in fact. As a matter of even more fact, any other mechanism for enforcing respect for the other person’s freedoms is a violation of freedom. (Contracting with security professionals counts as self-protection. Having the proper equipment for self-defense also counts).

The words “freedom” and “liberty” are so abused and twisted by Orwellian state propaganda shills that I prefer the N.A.P. Use that as the best non-ambiguous definition of freedom I can work with.

Roosevelt spoke about his “four freedoms”: freedoms of speech and worship, and “freedom from want” and “freedom from fear“. It is a crime against intelligence and dumbing-down historical episode that the last two self-contradictory items in the list were not hooted down as invitations to tyranny. They are not natural rights at all.

The only “freedom from fear” you’re going to get is a Huxley one, chemically induced or psychotic. If he meant freedom from aggression that would be a right, but not at the cost of fiefdom, even if the figurative lords of the manor change every so often.

The “freedom from want” is the worst one. It is a the demand for a license to steal, to feed someone or to solve their “lack” by plundering the neighbors’ cattle, property, harvests, animals, and even wives. (After all, why should an ugly cripple “want” for sex?)


Maryanne Goldboldo, New Civil Rights Hero

September 29, 2013

This is what’s wrong with Big Brother Command Center medicine:

Rob Cunningham’s has a good idea:!

Here’s a local Detroit story about the new national hero Maryanne Goldboldo:

She got news by barricading herself in her home for something like 13 hours to protect her daughter from the state Family and Children’s department seizure of her daughter because she stopped giving her daughter the meds that were making her daughter violent. She reports that there are a number of lawsuits in progress against the maker of the particular drug they were giving her daughter.

Sometimes I think maybe my son’s worst episodes came after the drugs instead of the other way around. It’s hard to tell. Some of them made him shake.

I knew a woman once that behaved perfectly normal as long as she took her lithium, and went baffy one day when she didn’t take it. I decided then that some causes of mental conditions were physical rather than spiritual (although the spiritual affects the physical in every way as well).

But in her case, the last I heard, she had later weaned off the medicines and was living a life free of them and as a good “normal” housewife with children with a husband she had married.

With faith, all things are possible.

Freedom, Liberty, the Principle of Non-Aggression, what they mean in the context of groups

September 29, 2013

Now both the dictionary definitions for both the words, freedom and liberty, are similar, and in common parlance, are used interchangeably.


noun 1.the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint: He won his freedom after a retrial.

2.exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.
3.the power to determine action without restraint.
4.political or national independence.
5.personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery: a slave who bought his freedom.


noun, plural lib·er·ties. 1.freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control.
2.freedom from external or foreign rule; independence.
3.freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc., according to choice.
4.freedom from captivity, confinement, or physical restraint: The prisoner soon regained his liberty.
5. permission granted to a sailor, especially in the navy, to go ashore.

There are two “manifestations” of freedom from my perspective.

One is described simply like the dictionary definition, and refers to a state where one is not enslaved, in which one can go about his business freely.

The other is more spiritual, more philosophical.

For the more “earthly” one, describing the external conditions under which one lives, it would be a state in which natural individual rights are respected. The best explanatory term for that I’ve seen is the “principle of non-aggression“.

The best description of that is found here. It is an ethical stance regarding a person’s dealings with other human beings:

The non-aggression principle (also called the non-aggression axiom, or the anti-coercion or zero aggression principle or non-initiation of force) is an ethical stance which asserts that “aggression” is inherently illegitimate. “Aggression” is defined as the “initiation” of physical force against persons or property, the threat of such, or fraud upon persons or their property. In contrast to pacifism, the non-aggression principle does not preclude violent self-defense. The principle is a deontological (or rule-based) ethical stance.

That web page also provides a more extensive examination of the principle, and answers the most common objections, and some that are not so common.

So the goal is a culture, or society, that adheres to this principle. It recognizes that any rule By which we guide ourselves involves aggression. Fraud is recognized as a kind of aggression.

Having five tons of gold more than your neighbor or five square miles of real estate more than your neighbor is NOT aggression, unless you STOLE it or got it with theft by FRAUD. (sorry for caps for emphasis)

Here’s another description of the principle, including a definition of aggression to help clarify.

A group with voluntary membership and based on what both parties (or more) agree by contract, however the parties regard such an arrangement as binding, these are “groups” that are perfectly compatible with the NAP (non-aggression principle).

However, when a “group” begins to enforce actions upon one or more members that was not of mutual prior agreement, this is aggression. A code enforcement officer comes to your house and tells you there’s a new law, and your house is painted a prohibited color, so you have to paint it. (This is an actual law in my municipality). If you don’t paint your house a different color, you get a fine. If you don’t pay the fine and don’t pay the house, you eventually lose your entire house. This is a taking. This is theft. This is aggression. Non-aggression is better.

But WHO IS any such “group” anyway? It’s a “collection” of individuals who think that theft of THEIR stuff by force is NOT okay but if they get together a great big gang and call it a “government”, then it’s okay because there is more of them than you.

That’s why groupthink is dangerous. You had Jim Crow in the Old South because there was more of “us” than “them”. But even so we had to make laws to make “some of us”

BUT even in areas where there was more of “them” than “us”, it was already the “law of the land”, the dictatorship of the majority became the dictatorship of the minority, and the ones that would “do the right thing” were prohibited by law from doing it. By the force of a gun and illegal activities protected by law.

Such is the end of all groupthink collectives.

Individuals are what count. Culture has influence, but individuals have changed culture over and over again in history.

In fact, it is through individuals that God has wrought spectacular advances throughout history. Guttenberg, Isaac Newton, Roger Bacon, Michael Faraday, and so on. Nicolas Tesla was a loner.

Eguene Mallove broke free from thinking what was best for his “collective” and quit so he could blast MIT for lying about the success they had seen with the low-cost high-energy processes like the ones announced by Fleishmann and Pons. So he founded the Infinite Energy Foundation and a Magazine to promote the new technology.

Gridlock – The storm is almost upon us

September 25, 2013

“The grid” will go down, especially if they have to do a false flag, the question is when:

The outgoing Homeland Security Secretary has a warning for her successor: A massive and “serious” cyber attack on the U.S. homeland is coming, and a natural disaster — the likes of which the nation has never seen — is also likely on its way

A book about it from former N. Dakota Sen. Byron Dorgan:

Former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett has been preaching the dangers of EMP, whether deliberate or natural, for many years:
We could have events in the future where the power grid will go down and it’s not, in any reasonable time, coming back up. For instance, if when the power grid went down some of our large transformers were destroyed, damaged beyond use, we don’t make any of those in this country. They’re made overseas and you order one and 18 months to two years later they will deliver it. Our power grid is very vulnerable. It’s very much on edge. Our military knows that.
There are a number of events that could create a situation in the cities where civil unrest would be a very high probability.
I think that those who can, and those who understand, need to take advantage of the opportunity when these winds of strife are not blowing to move their families out of the city. (source)
Don’t forget the veiled warnings implicit in predictive programming entertainment. One of last year’s biggest television hits was the show “Revolution“, which portrayed life 15 years after a deliberate take-down of the power grid.


Oh yeah, and now also we got CENTCOM contracting with a California company to enable a soldier to create 50 identities around the world to engage in chat rooms, forums and the like, complete with false backgrounds.


The U.S. Department of State reports that only 17 U.S. citizens were killed worldwide as a result of terrorism in 2011. That figure includes deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq and all other theaters of war.
You are 35,079 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack
– You are 33,842 times more likely to die from cancer than from a terrorist attack


This novel is going on my read-list queue, Gridlock:


Contempt and satire for the No-Such-Agency


One last note.

Spiritual preparation is more important than physical preparation.

Make sure you are have made your peace with God, through His Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

Write your questions down, we’ll answer the ones you’re allowed to know

September 25, 2013


(It’s all for the kids. We know what’s good for them better than you parents)

The school council called the meeting to discuss the so-called “Common Core” (aka “Dumb-Down Continued”), said questions in writing only, because the meeting was called and parents invited to “explain” these top-down orders from high places…

Yeah, and at the end, people were protesting because their questions were not answered. They only answered the ones they wanted to, the comfortable ones.

What happened to parents who are supposed to be driving their kids’ education? Who said they are better at this? Bill Clinton exposed the entire D.C. imperial capital when he said his goal was for every pupil to know how to read and write by the time they get to the third grade.

Third grade!? Most of my kids were reading by Kindergarten! Pwah. Wake up people! Stop trusting in man, whose breath is in his nostrils.


A $31,000 premium added to the cost of the same car (under the hood), paid for the brand name only.

It’s an old marketing trick.

Generic and brand names are made in the same plants, too…




Lois Lerner lied, and equal treatment died… The most evil agency of the federal government, aided and abetted by party bosses from both sides of the aisle, is a runaway rogue gang of thieves, and like the Federal Reserve, robbing the poor and middle class..



Tenure is not good even for those protected by it, especially when the professors abuse it by disrupting other speakers’ rights to free speech, and even more considering that the supposed purpose of it was to protect free speech. Now exposed as a politically protected cartel with monopoly powers… Tenure damages their reputation for history…


Government “shut down” scary words for good thing: Shut down Obamacare!

September 24, 2013
Ben Swann

Ben Swann (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)


OH yes, I didn’t finish that one thought. When our cousin’s business “shuts down”, it’s not there anymore. The federal government, unfortunately, won’t “shut down”. It will still get taxes coming in. If that’s not enough to pay the bills and service the criminal federal debt, it’s because Congress in times past took stuff on credit that some future Congress would have to pay, not themselves. First, that’s “taxation without [even] representation”.

Second, we the members of the people in the hinterland pay every time that debt ceiling goes up, through the devaluation of the dollar that comes with more dollars in the money supply, whether they be paper dollars or electronic dollars.

Third, since we all pay with the stuff we can no longer buy because of the devalued dollars, therefore all debt, all debt ceiling increases, in the fiat currency dollar, are “stealth” taxation on both the poor and the middle class.

Ron Paul used to expose the Fed Chairman on this fact every time. The “Ron Paul Channel” is up and running, by the way, and so is Ben Swann‘s channel. Recommended.



Keynes’ Nutcase economics

September 21, 2013

“Poor people are mostly poor because they are lazy.”

In welfare states like exists in the USA and Europe, the poor people are PAID TO BE LAZY. This creates what economists call “moral hazard”.

But Keynesian economics is based on demanding conditions of “moral hazard”. When politicians can no longer squeeze more money out of the economy in taxes, they turn to borrowing (the twin sibling of printing money).

Every million dollars of deficit, every rise in the debt ceiling, is a theft that robs the poor and middle class. We need a new category for this scale of vipers and thieves, like “grand theft nation”. But don’t dare use real money to buy or save, they’ll put you in jail.

That’s the Keynesian Way to prosperity: Confiscate productive capital that could be used to acquire capital goods and labor to produce more actual wealth and give it to government cronies for their favorite friends and family and tit-for-tat deals. Oh yeah, and a few crumbs left over for the poor to buy them off. Like the Prussians, keep the poor loyalty with subsistence pensions and train the next generation by giving them free schooling.

Again. Keynesians say giving out more money creates wealth. Fake money is the best way, say the Keynesian welfare-state fanatics. That makes who the nutcase!*

Yes, the word “arrogance” rings a bell. A few genius economists sitting in an office in the Imperial Capital of the Americas are so omniscient they can tell the rest of us what to do and what we are not allowed to do.

And after 100 years of failure and on the brink of a dollar crash that will unleash the worst demons in the “richest nation on Earth”, they still insist that we just need more of the same poison.

After Bastiat’s satire, von Mises’ academic treatises, Murray Rothbard’s expansion on what happens to a command economy or a command-and-control state, and Ron Paul’s easily-understood books, craziness in economics is even more crazy than ever.

King James and the Translators of the Holy Bible

September 21, 2013

Many are victims of false history, trying to say the King James Bible is wrong because King James did so-and-so. It this comes from scholars, they are scholars that clearly do not check the facts in the real world before pronouncing such things, or they have a different ungodly agenda. A careful look at history, and at literally thousands of differences from it that appear in modern versions, expose the truth.

Some also mention that the Pilgrims that arrived on shores on the American continent that now form part of the Massachusetts coastline, carried “mostly” the Geneva Bible. Let us remember that among them were some that carried the King James Bible. Let us remember that the King James Bible proved itself among Puritans over the years.

A number of Puritans carried the KJB to the New World in 1620, only nine years after the first “edition” was printed. More KJB’s came later, and in one or two generations the KJB took over as the Bible of choice for the entire English-speaking world, including Puritans like the descendants of the Pilgrims. Today even most Calvinists prefer the KJB. Over the Geneva Bible at least.

It was a Puritan (Pilgrims were Puritans) who suggested in a meeting called by James to address grievances. The King commissioned a committee of 54. As to King James making changes, that is belied by the truth of the scrutiny of the ages. His orders were to translate it as such. Even his supposed admonitions to use “church” instead of “congregation” were dismissed, there are plenty of appearances of congregation there, except where appropriate.

Its fruits are unquestionable, especially compared to the modern translations. The NKJV shows signs of mislabeling: it throws out hundreds of perfectly appropriate words and substitutes modern-version terms that come from the corrupt and wildly self-contradictory Alexandrian adulterations of the Word in Greek. Not as bad as the rest though.

When seconds count, police are minutes away

September 18, 2013 – The Armed Citizen: Fight Crime By Fighting Back

A video collage of citizens protecting themselves, defending themselves, with the use of deadly force.

The right to self-defense is not one that any government grants, it is a birthright of every human being. Therefore any government tries to limit it in any way is an assault, a matter of reckless endangerment, by putting one in harm’s way with and, as we say, defenseless.