Planned Parenthood Agenda Revealed: The Jaffe Memo

Former Planned Parenthood director in her book Unplanned reveals the Jaffe Memo

The document is a memorandum about population control to Population Council President Bernard Berelson from Frederick S. Jaffe, vice president of Planned Parenthood.

It suggests fertility control agents in the water supply; applying a “substantial marriage tax” as well as a “child tax”; taxing married couples more than singles; eliminating maternity leaves or benefits; removing child care facilities and then requiring women to work; compulsory abortion and sterilizations; and a “stock certificate type permit for children.”

And there’s more. And it looks like a lot of those things have become official government policy.

Not just here bet elsewhere.

In Peru some hospital directors protested that they were getting sterilization quotas from the government -for women post-partum. In Honduras it was recently denounced that women in remote hospitals were being sterilized post-partum without their approval or knowledge, waking up from anesthesia to find the pain was more than usual after birth, and in some cases finding out later.





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