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Somebody please set Bergoglio straight

September 25, 2019

Bergoglio, “just happened” to get “elected” Pope by the cardinals, after Pope Benedict’s “swift” abdication that followed a blocking by the SWIFT clearinghouse busybodies, has said that “money is the devil’s dung”.

That’s interesting. Somebody should ask Bergoglio what the Vatican is going to with at least $700 billion of the “devil’s dung” in their possession.

And while you’re at it, since he said it is the duty of all Catholics to “obey the United Nations”, ask him whether it Paul really asked the Sanhedrin (rhetorically of course) whether they should obey man, or God? Preface the question with reference to the UN push for universal abortion and compulsory contraception, and their push against motherhood with their population control policies, and the UN push to force acceptance of LGBTQ special privileges, like banning of any speech that questions these Romans One deviations from biological science.

A story goes around about a father who explained to his son that his membership in the Communist Party in the Soviet Union was like a radish: red on the outside, white on the inside. In the days of the Cold War, and still today, “red” is considered the color of the Communists and the Socialist International. I’ve wondered about that map that suddenly appeared on the Internet contrasting counties Republican-majority votes with Democrat-majority votes with the colors really backwards.

Bergoglio, why do you cling to so much devil’s dung?


Red Flag Council

September 24, 2019

This one is worth reading entire:

This push for “red flag” laws is one of the most diabolical things they’ve come up with.

It’s like they did focus groups and found the easiest next step in moving by steps to a complete gun ban on decent folks, was by these things.

No due process, no day in court, no way to face the accuser, just send the SWATS to get your guns.

Antifa would never use such a fascist tactic to disarm good guys would they? And trust judges to be fair?

Not even that Judge on Fox News. She argued for confiscation.

L. Neil Smith says he’s a one-issue voter, and it’s this one. He has a point. It exposes the blatant tyrannical philosophy of the ACLU, really, because they were always on the side of the collective on this one, pretending the Second Amendment was really a guarantee that government could form armies.

Libertarians and Christians

September 1, 2019

The “tactic” of breaking any law you choose to has been soundly and roundly blasted by most libertarian thinkers. It’s counterproductive. Ron Paul showed much more effective strategy.

And libertarian Christians are armed with the love of God and the truth. BUT some civil disobedience is effective as in the kinds of laws that Martin Luther King broke and advocated.

Competing with the drug cartels (including the CIA) is so dangerous and fraught with gangs that compete against the biggest gang in Washington, that’s plumb crazy. Go figure, the biggest lobbies against marijuana legalization in Colorado were law enforcement agencies and the Mob.

Alternative currency is used by anybody. It’s been de facto recognized even. But do your research.

A very, very large number of libertarians like myself oppose illegal entry as it is today. Right now, it is a massively subsidized operation, with financing from billionaire money interested in taking more power, like George Soros and the Kochs. By subsidized I mean both the internal welfare magnet of freebies at your expense, and actual NGO money directly or indirectly driven and organized as a pure leftist operation. It is a push to establish a one-party power regime in the States. Because the globalist fascist Left is impatient and they see nationalist movements as a threat to the totalitarian regime they plan for. Their idea is to overwhelm the election numbers with pliant groups that don’t have the cultural legacy of the Bill of Rights.

With private property, there will be no such thing as “open borders” at all. Property owners set the rules. Right now, the ranchers with land on the border are powerless by orders of the federal government.

Subsistence farming is a good idea for those who want to do it. One family in Tennessee got completely, 100 percent off the grid. No utilities. They were fined by the local authorities under some bogus pretext. But they won their case, IIRC.

Tax evasion. Never mind every parliament and congress in the world evades taxes by law, like Nigel Farage pointed out so well in the video that went viral of a speech he made in the European Parliament.

Team Tucker Carlson punked by an anti-Clinton report at left-side Grayzone

September 1, 2019

Tucker’s team is apparently “punked” by a story that ties Hillary Clinton to a right-wing “coup” attempt in Honduras. Follow along here to get the unsung details

The American public was hit by a flood of fake news in 2009 over the events that took place in Honduras that year. That was when the president, supposedly “democratically elected”, tried to arrange a “referendum” or “survey” that would show a majority vote for a new constitutional assembly. later on, a secret office owned by their State Department was discovered, complete with the pre-programmed “results” of said “referendum”.

Manuel Zelaya came out as a full-blown Chavista in 2008, and accelerated his plans when he returned from a Central America-Caribbean presidential summit held in Santo Domingo, where the keynote speaker was none other than super-powerful socialist fascist billionaire George Soros.

There is absolutely no meddling in elections in the States that comes close to the massive worldwide meddling of finances and directives from Soros, who said on tape in an interview once that his fondest memories were as a child going with his caregiver Nazi enforcer to confiscate wealth from Jewish families in Hungary. His Jewish father was friends with this Nazi official, and had little George living with the Nazi friend as insurance for his safekeeping.

A woefully under reported story about the national socialists is the cooperation between them and Zionists in the forced exile of Jews to Palestine. Among other things. Three separate friends I have had who were Orthodox Jews have told me respectively, that (1) Hitler’s mother was Jewish, (2) he had an uncle that was Jewish, and/or (3) one of his parents was Jewish. In one interview I personally viewed on Cable, a writer on war crimes said that one strange little fact was that Eichmann told his captors that he knew Hebrew and began to sing a song in Hebrew to them (one that his victims sang in the prison camps). Another thing I picked up from a sycophantic biography of the Rothschild family, was that for a few months, with the Rothschilds under “house arrest”, Eichmann regularly visited their mansion and spent the night playing cards and chatting with them. Enough though for this post about Soros and his ilk.

Web site Grayzone ran a story by reporter Anya Parampil claiming that a section of the first edition of Hillary’s memoirs book was gone in the more recent edition. The section was where she claims Hillary Clinton “bragged” about her intervention in the “coup” in Honduras in 1009. This deceitful article claims the coup had “bipartisan” support.

This is another lie that keeps getting extra mileage from the Global Fascist Left, aided and abetted by their “fellow travelers” (as communists used to call them) that disguise themselves as “liberal” or “conservative”. As a matter of fact, the Obama regime did NOT engineer the arrest of Manuel Zelaya.

In the Honduras government’s actions in 2009, their only role was to obey and carry out court orders issued at the request of duly legitimate civil authorities totally in accordance with legal procedures. The governmental attorney general, at great risk to his own person, sued several times in the courts to stop the illegal actions.

Zelaya came back from that summit two months later and refused to submit the next years’ budget as required by the Constitution, which had a back-up provision that said in the absence of a budget for any reason, the previous budget was automatically applied to the next one.

But Zelaya began diverting state resources to his “referendum” plan. He ordered the Election Commission (constitutionally an independent “fourth branch” of government) to draw up plans to add an extra “cuarta urna” to the forthcoming November 2009 election. The Electoral Commission reminded him that only Congress has that authority, so No Sir. The courts agreed. Meantime, the “Fiscal General” (like an Attorney General) brought suit and the highest Court banned the effort. Constitutional amendments and calls for an assembly are an exclusive power of the Congress, not the executive, and most people would agree it should not be easy. That’s why the powers in control in the U. S. have simply bypassed it so much and gotten the SCOTUS to continue expanding federal government powers. Centralized power by attrition.

So then Zelaya changed tactics and said he would do a “survey” on July 29, 2009. The attorney general again sued, this being the same thing under a different guise, and ruled it unconstitutional. Zelaya said he would do it anyway.

It is important to note that NO INTERNATIONAL NEWS SERVICE was covering ANY of this to any significant degree. Also, meantime, there were MASSIVE demonstrations by Hondurans filling the streets with protest against the machinations of Zelaya, aided and abetted by the Chavez regime.

AND THE AMERICAN AMBASSADOR HUGO LLORENS PUBLICLY SUPPORTED THIS CHAVISTA PUTSCH. In another of those numerous historical “coincidences”, Hugo Llorens had an important post in the American Embassy when Chavista took power and at the time of that coup in 2002 against Chavez. (Which to me had the appearance of an auto-coup meant to expose his opposition within the military forces.)

He was used in public announcements as supporting this referendum. In his cables exposed later on Wikileaks justifying Zelaya’s auto-coup attempt to the State Department. He claimed there was “no proof” that Zelaya planned on staying in power, and that was a lie, in spite of ZELAYA pushing for re-election on video. I have it on reliable sources (my wife is from Honduras) that Zelaya had given a million dollars to at least one member of his cabinet, telling him “Stick with me, I’m going to be president-for-life”.

My wife went to school with Zelaya. In class, when the teacher said “anybody” could be elected president, he raised his hand and said “I’m going to be president”. All the entire class roared in laughter, because he was the slow one in class. And not very studious.

I’m convinced the “brains” behind his plans in Honduras was his secretary of State, Patricia Rodas. She was sent to Cuba for advanced studies by her father.

I have not read her book nor will I waste my time, but whatever she said, SHE CALLED MICHELETTI PERSONALLY TO ORDER HIM TO RESIGN, presumably so she could MANEUVER the would-be dictator back in power.

When he said Forget it!, she asked “What will it take?” (Wink wink) He said, “Only an invasion”. What HRC said she was afraid of was true. She had to know about the demonstrations against the coup schemes. She said she didn’t want Honduras to end up totally isolated like Maoist Albania had been so many years, cut off from all international trade and diplomacy.

Because like Micheletti told Greta Susteren in that interview, all of Honduras was willing to go it alone and eat rice and beans, to get rid of the Chavista socialist threat to the country.

Hondurans told me during a demonstration in front of the Honduran consulate in Miami that they had voted for Obama, but they were going to vote against him in the next election because he joined the entire United Nations assembly to condemn Honduras.

After denouncing the U.S. earlier, he did all but ask for an invasion of the country.

Remember the OAS secretary-general Jose Miguel Insulza, who supervised the OAS condemnation of Honduras? He got his political start as a political officer in the communist government of Salvador Allende. He “fortunately” found himself in Paris when Pinochet overthrew Allende. Insulza condemned the Honduran “coup” and repeated the fake news that Zelaya had been exiled “in pajamas” until he had a meeting with Honduran officials, after which he did not repeat it. Neighbors saw him escorted out of the Palace in a full formal suit.

What the news reports did not divulge was that U. S. Ambassador Hugo Llorens was present in the Presidential Palace the night before at a meeting with Manuel Zelaya and the collaborators in their planning for the pivotal step, the “survey”, in their plans to take over.

There are many more details about this, but people do not do enough searching for truth. Apparently not even the team does research for Tucker Carlson. He has already repudiated libertarianism based on both a lack of original understanding its basis and some “libertarian” think tanks that offer some decidedly un-libertarian views as if they were. Many sincere libertarians with solid and consistent credentials, also get some things wrong, as in for example the billionaire-subsidized and welfare-supported mass immigration waves both into Europe and into the United States. Which is also jacked up by propaganda spread in Central America by leftists.