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Liberal starts an anti-bullying Kickstarter account, gets bullied, becomes Red Pill Black

October 28, 2017

Red Pill Black…

“Overnight” she says, after getting bullied in Twitter, and by media, and kicked off Kickstarter, becomes conservative because of the experience.

Liberal starts an anti-bullying Kickstarter account, gets bullied, becomes Red Pill Black

October 28, 2017

Red Pill Black…

“Overnight” she says, after getting bullied in Twitter, and by media, and kicked off Kickstarter, becomes conservative because of the experience.

Halloween Horror: Shadow government is coming out of the closet

October 28, 2017

Looks like an interview with Ron Paul may have been the last straw, maybe, for this newly banned channel on Youtube:

It’s finally happened: Professor claims math perpetuates ‘white privilege’

October 26, 2017

It’s finally happened: Professor claims math perpetuates ‘white privilege’

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So, this professor thinks the Mayans don’t matter, the Aztecs don’t matter, the Incas don’t matter, the ancient Egyptians don’t matter, ancient Chinese mathematics prowess is fake history. And the Ethiopians are a myth.


Clinton-DNC-paid fake dossier and Fake News diversion from Uranium One?

October 26, 2017

Newsbusters analyzes Fake News Networks coverage of the breaking news that the Clinton Campaign and the DNC funded the Fake Dossier:

In my opinion the Uranium One thing is a bigger Russia-collusion scandal although the Clinton-DNC funding of the fake Steele “dossier” brings the collusion charges back upon their own heads.

But remember, it’s much more important to keep the American public in a peace-loving mindset. The Deep State branch of the World Dictatorship infrastructure is pushing hard to keep Americans distracted with Fake Crisis Management.

End the Fed, Stop the wars and Make Peace, Free the markets.

Prager University suing Google and Youtube for “light” censorship

October 25, 2017

The censor teams are going after the money. This illustrates why economic freedom is as important as political freedom.

In my opinion the fact that ALL the dominant Internet forums, dominated themselves by the Big Three –Google, Facebook, and Twitter– all lean in one certain direction, invites speculation that there were machinations behind the scenes that coordinate with the Establishment Insider moles in government, or super-governmental.

The pattern of international coordination that is rather obvious by now, that has been moving to merge all the world’s nation-states into one system of “governance”, has infiltrated almost all the various institutions of society, including the Big Six Media companies that own some 90 percent of established media and news sources, and the entertainment industry, manufacturing, services, unions, and not least, academia and information technology companies.

So this is indeed censorship, and it appears that they are giving up on hiding what they’re doing. This is brazen.

But in the end, Reap and Sow.

More Guns Less Crime, STOP THE BUMP STOCK BAN Trojan Horse

October 19, 2017


Scott Adams says it is irrational to show what happens after gun laws are passed in either direction, and says talking about Chicago murder rates with strict gun laws is useless unless you compare Chicago 2017 with gun laws in 2017 vs. Chicago without gun laws in 2017.

BUT you can get close to comparing Chicago 2017 with gun control versus Chicago in 2017 without gun control, by reviewing the collection of numerous studies compiled by John Lott in his book. The title sums up the inescapable conclusion of what DID happen in a great number of cities and states. These studies compare the numbers of crimes, controlled for the other usual factors, in given places, in the months and years before the passing of must-issue concealed carry laws, and after the law went into effect. The title: “More Guns, Less Crime”.

Culture has an influence too, but one can also claim that a culture more given to violence, even gun violence –as political over-lord control freaks like to talk about– makes the need for the right to bear arms even greater.

And note, it’s the right to bear arms, not keep them at home.


Scott Adams says that the “slippery slope” argument is “nonsense”, that “every decision stands on its own, and it should”. But the Slippery Slope argument does NOT argue otherwise. In the context of the discussions in the USA especially (and everywhere), the Slippery Slope argument IS INDEED an argument that is relevant to making decisions on these things.

Rationally speaking, in the real world, Scott Adams concedes it is a very tiny number of people that have been killed using bump stocks.

Suzanna Hupp even made the point to the Congress that the Congress had been acting in exactly the way the Slippery Slope argument predicts. Gun Owners of America make a very rational point that a bump stock ban is a Trojan horse for much more:

Just because Thomas Jefferson went outside his authority to do the Louisiana Purchase is no justification for any executive orders. Some of Trump’s executive orders, such as rolling back unauthorized subsidies that Obama waved into being is no reason to do it. No matter whether it’s popular, or because lawyers.


Arms are mostly for defending against a NOT-free state

October 19, 2017

REMEMBER. The most important reason to protect gun rights is self-defense. And the most important time that weapons (“to bear arms”) are needed for self-defense is so citizens can form well-regulated independent militias when needed to repel tyrannies.

In other words, the “security of a free state” depends on an armed citizenry that can push back against both invasions from abroad, and against domestic tyranny.

Another way to put it is that guns are important for “we the people” to push back against “the government”. The biggest danger today to people in any nation is their centralized national governments.

Shortly #1 before the Holocaust, #2 before the Armenian genocide, #3 before the mass pogroms, mass murders of Christians and the Ukrainian famine, #4 the Cambodian auto-genocide, #5 the mass murder of millions in Mao’s Cultural Revolution, there was gun control and confiscations in Germany, Turkey, Soviet Union, Cambodia, and China.

See The “Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership” web site at, and the “Gun Owners of America” web site:

Beware: Get your implant psych prep begins…

October 16, 2017

Ha. An AI implant that can transmit your thoughts to devices to control the house will also include embedded code to transmit CIA thoughts to your mind. or something like that.

Remember the 2016 leak of CIA tools that they put into systems?

For example,a s the leaks show, the CIA regularly puts spybots on computers that do their bidding and then report back and then leave tracks that point to Moscow.

They’re still trying the Hitler method with that Russia meddling tale. If Crony Media had hired Gepetto to make their copy writers and editors, their nose would grow so long youd have to walk around it to go to the other side of the couch in front of the newscast.

Hitler’s propagandists: Tell a lie big enough, loud enough, and long enough, and you eventually get them to believe it.

Hitler got his crowd, but he didn’t go as big as the American behemoth. Last figures I remember hearing was 600 bases in about 150 countries? No wonder we’re bankrupt!



Forensics analysis of LV

October 15, 2017


Fact: And the Facebook post of a survivor who was in the crowd and insisted there were multiple shooters has disappeared. She also died during a four-hour period in which she was at home alone. She had epilepsy. Call her Witness #1 for this post but call her death Coincidence #1.

Fact: Witness who called in to the Michael Savage show said there were multiple shooters. Witness #2.

Fact: Police scanners (transcripts) had police chatter about shooters. Shots from Mandalay Bay, from “Gate 7”. Multiple witnesses reporting shootings at other casinos too. Witness(es) #3.

Fact: Police timeline changed on when the security guard was shot. Police chief video at press conference shows a visibly upset (nervous) guy insisting that the changed timeline is the same as the original (I saw the video clip of his press conference). He refused to answer questions this time. Anomaly #1.

Fact: Campos, the guard who was scheduled to interview in Sean Hannity’s program on Fox News, and reportedly eager to tell his story, sent a message to Hannity just before air time, cancelling.
–Then, he was going to talk to reporters with his union representative present, then “disappeared” as they were exiting the room they were in. Union rep first says he’s clueless. Then later says he was informed he was taken to a “quick clinic”. Witness #4, Anomaly #2.

Fact: Accountant on valium prescriptions several months, in first reports not very knowledgeable of guns,
was slowly increasingly irritable and angry according to the girlfriend, (purportedly) executed a plan over several months, accumulated a small arsenal of weapons, killing some 53 people and injuring more than 500 during a shooting that lasted ten minutes.

Fact: There is a challenge to the FBI (or LVPD) from the acoustic forensics video posted above showing at least one second shooter during the concert event. There are (or were) various video clips available already on Youtube. One may assume that the police collected a number of cell phones for the video evidence they contain. A judge would surely grant a warrant for this.

Fact: The maintenance worker who was on the 32nd floor and waved down by Campos has been interviewed. He corroborated the story that said Campos was already hit several minutes before the rat-a-tat-tat at the crowd began.

Fact: MGM is reporting their dispute with the police version of events as a “difference”. The police chief claimed it was not a difference. (MGM does have a lot to lose in lawsuits)

Fact: Police still claim they have absolutely no idea of what the motive could have been. => But they did know at the very first press conference that they were absolutely sure there was no connection to ISIS or Islamist terrorism.

Fact: It is reported that the killer had no on-line presence at all.

Not a conclusion: I tend to hold believable (so far) that there was no connection to ISIS or Islamist activity. But to pull all this off.

Conclusion: None at all. Just a list of facts.
We know that there are very few journalists are TV news personalities asking the questions one would expect, and their viewers have.