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October 16, 2011

George Soros was the keynote speaker at the Caribbean and Central America presidents’ summit in 2008, telling the presidents of the region what to do, and set Chavez and Zelaya off on their attempted coup to overthrow their Honduran constitutional republic, which they defended against the entire world.

He supported the underground organizing efforts to kick off the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt, and supported including the Muslim Brotherhood in the government. As we speak, Muslims are slaughtering Christians in Egypt and the Coptic population has already fled the country to the tune of more than 100,000 so far.

He made millions trashing the Malaysian currency, made millions almost destroying the British pound, and bragged about making millions from the hardships of the real estate bubble in the United States.

Obama banned offshore drilling in the Gulf –with absolutely no legislative authority at all– to support George Soros investments in offshore drilling in Brazil.

He supports censorship in the United States through his supported non-profits like

He is one of the criminals that made dirty money in the scandals of Wall Street and yet supports the rioters in New York protesting Wall Street. Wall Street owns a big part of the Obama administration and yet Obama blasts them and blames his own sponsors for making us poor, knowing it’s his own policies that suppress the economy —because those same Wall Street operators in his own administration are not stupid.

Soros-sponsored operatives orchestrated the intervention in Uganda by Obama, because there is a lot of recently discovered oil there.

Soros supports attacks against the solutions that would set Americans free around the world to prosper and protect political and economic freedom.


The Telegraph: Egypt protests: America’s secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising

January 29, 2011

The American Embassy in Cairo helped a young dissident attend a US-sponsored summit for activists in New York, while working to keep his identity secret from Egyptian state police.

On his return to Cairo in December 2008, the activist told US diplomats that an alliance of opposition groups had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011.

Click here for the secret document in full:

This is about something that started under the Bush administration and continued apace with no change under the Obama administration. Partisans, be not gullible, be not fooled, lest ye look like fools.

Those protesting Egyptians should be very wary.

John Kerry and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton meddled BIG time in Honduras, too, backing a socialist demagogue in Manuel Zelaya who had already begun his coup d’etat, making it formal in the official Gazette the Wednesday before his quick exit June 28, 2009.

He was removed in a legitimate restoration of constitutional order.

Beware of international media reporting on Middle East events too. The reports on Honduras were completely backwards. You got only lies. AP-originated stories were among the worst, and the CNN became a target of mass protests by Hondurans.

One Honduran-American told me she had voted for Obama and would never make that stupid mistake again.

Both Bush and Obama appointees are now beating up on yet another poor nation

November 8, 2010

The Obama administration trying to screw Kenya just like they did Honduras…

WORLD Magazine | Influence peddling | Mindy Belz | Sep 11, 10

“….In Kenya a reported $2 million in grants to groups pushing the “yes” vote to a new constitution—one that allows a first-ever right to abortion in the east African nation and a higher profile to Muslim courts—turned out to be over 10 times higher—$23 million, according to a July internal audit by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). A sampling of USAID grants to Kenyan groups:…”

The article is from September 11, 2010, and since then other funding has come to light that seems to take the figure to $61 million out of the pockets of every United States citizen used –illegally– to support organizations that include abortions or referrals for abortions as part of their services.

That’s because their new Kenyan constitution legalizes abortion for the first time in Kenya. In the wording of the constitution, all they need is any doctor sign off that “in the opinion of a trained health professional, there is need for emergency treatment or the life or health of the mother is in danger or if permitted by any other written law.” How fast do you think it would take for a Planned Barenhood doctor to sign something like that and then do the procedure?

But if you’re an abortion supporter, maybe you won’t like the provisions that legalizes sotnme Islamic Sharia courts deciding whether women have to veil themselves or whether they can have a driver’s license without their husband’s permission.

Recipients of these grants –don’t call them “bribes” or “payoffs”– include ‘The Central Organization of Trade Unions in Kenya received $91,000 “to marshal a coalition of pro-constitution individuals, institutions, and organizations.”‘

In the United States, Secy of State Hillary Clinton and other State Department propagandists have said their interest is ‘”We support a process, not an outcome,” said Johnnie Carson, the assistant secretary of state for African affairs.’

Hugo Llorens, supporter of dictator Zelaya in Honduras and his attempt to become lifetime president like his now openly declared paymaster Hugo Chavez, was appointed by Bush in 2008. Llorens was the main trickster in the middle trying to keep the constitutional forces back from taking action against the illegal criminal renegade dictator Zelaya, and his fraudulent attempt to justify his takeover with a pre-counted “referendum”.

Now it’s a BUSH appointee in Kenya warning them that the United States will have to take action if Kenya does not pass into law this new constitution!

Yet Kenyans saw something else. In 2009 Ranneberger, a 61-year-old career diplomat appointed in 2006 to the Kenya post by President Bush, pressed Kenyan audiences to pass the constitution, and some contend he may have influenced its drafting. He suggested that Washington would “take action” if the referendum failed and made clear that Obama would not visit Kenya on his first presidential trip to Africa (even though it’s his father’s birthplace) “because of the slow pace of reform”—a statement that so outraged members of Parliament they pressed for his dismissal. “Ranneberger is behaving like a governor,” said MP Nicholas Gumbo.

Every freedom lover in the world and every shrill voice against American imperialism should be demanding that the United States butt out of Kenyan affairs.

But you have to ask yourself why they will not.

See, the crazy Left supports dictatorships if it matches what they’ve been told is good.


Honduras 2009 Revisited

August 21, 2010

Google searches and browsing of some blogs still brings up links to places that retain the disinformation that went around the world spread by the major news wires, most of which carried very bad factual errors (also known as “lies”), and almost all of which left out important facts, and included commentary by “experts” who were wrong, and others who were completely clueless.

Everybody in Honduras knows Ambassador Hugo Llorens and the Americans tried to force Honduras to accept dictator Zelaya’s auto-coup to be president-for-life. His supporters know this too. Hugo Chavez knows full well that the Americans were helping his efforts to overthrow another republic in the Americas. If the CIA did anything on orders from Washington it was to try to help the wolves kill a small republic.

The meetings with high government officials the week previous to his trip to Costa Rica was where the constitutional institutions of Congress, Attorney-General, the Court, the Human Rights Obundsman, all were giving the US Ambassador a chance to tell Zelaya to desist and he did no such things.

What they leave out is also that right up to the night before Zelaya was arrested, Hugo Llorens was meeting at the Presidential Palace with Manuel Zelaya, as he made his plans for the most massive “electoral” fraud in Honduras’ history the next day. With them there was Zelaya’s lover, his Secy. of State Patricia Rodas, who was also the brains of his dictatorship, and others, as he made his plans for the most massive “electoral” fraud in Honduras’ history the next day, with Hugo Llorens sitting in to make sure it went well.

Note that Llorens had been playing the constitutional and legal authorities for fools. But Honduras enforced the law. What ever happened to the call for “the rule of law”?

Obama played the part of imperialist Yankee pig, but it was in trying to force them to accept this political coup by Zelaya and international forces, which more than 80 percent of Hondurans reject.

Hondurans hate Communism with extreme passion, and they do NOT want to follow the disastrous Castro-Chavez model. They have enough poverty already, thank you very much.

HALF A MILLION demonstrated in support of the constitutional succession that brought Micheletti to the presidency, as attested by crowd scans available on YouTube.

Contrary to the disinformation, the poor in Honduras were NOT fooled by this demagogue’s nonsense or his buddy Chavez of the International Socialist Mafia.

It ought to tell you something that the entire United Nations’ club of dictators and faux “democracies”‘ rulers went along with the efforts to force Communist tyranny upon one small nation, including the regimes that now rule over Americans, and regimes nominally Communist, socialist, “democratic”, Islamic, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Shinto/plus, and the rest.


Respect Honduras! America needs a new attitude!

April 25, 2010

Mary O’Grady has penned another article full of news and insights about Honduras for the Wall Street Journal:

<a href="”>Congress vs. Honduran Democrats: American liberals are still sore about the ‘coup’ that ousted Manuel Zelaya.”

There’s also a Facebook group started by ex-pats who want Hugo Llorens to be shipped out as ambassador to Honduras. His continuing in that post is an insult to freedom-loving Hondurans and red-faced embarrassed American ex-pats.

<a href="”>Ex Pats in Honduras who would prefer Hugo Llorens would leave Honduras

Thanks for posting that. I joined, but it’s more of a thing to keep the word going. After all, they’re still going..

I had said last year they would not stop pressuring Honduras after the election, that the biggest trouble would still come from castro-chavistas. That continues apace, and their fingerprints are all over the agitation of the gullible who still don’t realize socialism is worst thing for the poor, and the hand that offers the socialist opiate of the masses is a trap.

But it looks like the strongest push is still from up north. No overthrow by the “masses” ever succeeded without being born, led, and bred by the rich “class”, the one they are supposed to overthrow, wink, wink. Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Mao (peasant ha!), Pol Pot, Chavez, Insulza, Zelaya, they ALL come from the richest layers of the rich. A

I figured Llorens would continue with this vendetta, but thought he would be a little more discrete. Once you play with mafia goons you are stuck forever. Like a pig. And one wrong word away from getting roasted.

Insulza, meantime, FYI, cut his career teeth helping blatantly open Marxist-Leninist Salvador Allende dismantle the Chile economy in the early 1970s and help turn it into ruins as the Political Advisor to the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Director of the Diplomatic Academy of Chile.

Insulza’s and Allende’s socialist Chile of 1973 offers a look at what socialism does to poor and rich alike. American companies were kicked out and left and took their copper smarts with them, the Chilean technicians fled to better pastures elsewhere, smart money fled and stayed out while Allende confiscated every sector of the economy as fast as he could absorb them into his government, to cut off all middle class or other funding base for any opposition, took over the unions with their own bosses, and ran a de-facto coup.

In a shadow of things to come later in Honduras, the Chamber of Deputies, fed up with this renegade criminal government, finally demanded that the Armed Forces do something to restore order to the situation and stop this auto-coup. When they finally moved, they discovered that the Socialists –that’s Insulza’s own party– had stored thousands of weapons in preparation for a breakout of guerrilla violence for one week following.

His own party in Chile, it is said, now consider him a “pest”, but he apparently still wants to be president there. Poor Chile. It seems the Socialists post-Pinochet have continued Pinochet’s economic policies, as they rather like prosperity.

And now Insulza is the main Latin American defender of democracy. NOT.


Passport Money Missing from Consulates Run by Ex-dictator Zelaya’s Administration

April 11, 2010

That’s socialism for you. Raises corruption to a whole new level. They should have a new word for it, like criminal impunity…

What do you know, Hondurans who paid good dollars at Honduran consulates run by the ex-dictator Manuel Zelaya in the United States last year (2009) are still waiting for their passports, and the new administration can’t find the receipts for them, and they can’t find the money.

Hondurans are still waiting for the resolution to a lot of Zelaya’s and his cronies’ crimes. For many of them it will probably be at the Great White Throne Judgment of God.


Truth in Honduras

February 1, 2010

After reading this article in, I had to respond. I’m sick and tired of all the lies that went around the world about Honduras before the truth had a chance to get its boots on, but six months after Honduras restored constitutional order and the rule of law on June 28, 2009, we still have people repeating malicious lies about the very best of people. And by now, they have NO EXCUSE!

There is lie after lie in that article, and I’m going to spell them out. It’s pathetic, and it indicts the credibility of everything this guy has ever written!

He felt it fair game to throw names at the defenders of constitutional representative government in Honduras, so let us consider that he is also open to the same fair play. I had to wonder about what would drive a guy to wish the worst pestilence to afflict Latin America in a century, upon one of its poorest countries.

Maybe the pollution in southern California has rattled his mind circuits loose. Maybe it’s his vitriolic disdain for Honduran immigrants that he shows in this article , that drives him to wishing a Communist tyrant dictator upon Honduras, one that would finish off the poor in order to finish off poverty.

If he’s so worried about corruption in Honduras, why does he defend the most corrupt player in decades of Honduran presidential history? His self-representation as a “veteran journalist”, covering “politics, the military and human rights in Central America is a false flag cover.

A perusal of his articles and sponsors on the Web show a history of anti-democratic activism. Such relative morality claims that theft by the poor is caused by poverty (under cover of saying poverty causes crime), while theft by the rich is caused by wealth. The fact is crime is an affliction against the victims of poverty, it is not a reaction to it. Crime is caused by a combination of selfishness, envy, fear, and moral faults, and that applies to both the rich and the poor.

The article follows the pattern of so many posted during this last year by disinformation agents, the 5th column operatives who enter into the fray supporting allies of dictators and tyrants like Hugo Chavez, condemning the defenders of democracy like Roberto Micheletti, national hero of Honduras. The problem is that the defenders of tyrants seem to have sponsors with bottomless pockets.

Let’s get started on the REFUTATION LIST:

Manuel Zelaya was NOT flown out of the country in his pajamas, a fact revealed in the trial of military figures involved, where the court was shown visual evidence of Mr. Zelaya’s arrest and removal from the palace in full street-ready clothing. ..The pajamas was a cruel trick to play the myth for the cameras, and the world media rushed to play the fools. It is difficult to avoid the suspicion that Oscar Arias would be ignorant of the farce of the quick-change artist.

Insulza stopped talking about pajamas after his first visit to Honduras. Why? It is said in country, where the affected people who know what happened actually live, he was shown this visual display of Manuel Zelaya decked out and ready to go in his finest digs.

Mr. Z. was NOT “abducted”, he was arrested as ordered by the court for a long list of crimes, including corruption, treason, fraud, the theft of millions of dollars from the Central Bank by fraud, and many more. Charges were added later as more evidence kept coming to light, such as the theft of government funds.

The soldiers that arrested Manuel Zelaya acted under *orders of the Supreme Court of Honduras*. Those orders did NOT originate from General Romeo Vásquez Velásquez. The order was issued at the behest of the Attorney General of Honduras, for the long series of crimes committed by the auto-coup president Zelaya.

At this date, saying it was a /military/ coup borders on an insane suspension of thinking faculties.

The Congress removed him June 28, 2009 by a vote of 124-4. The Supreme Court justices said it a valid constitutional succession.

The Electoral Commission recognized the ex-president’s actions made him ineligible to be president for one day more.

The Human Rights Obundsman declared that the human rights of all parties were perfectly respected.

All possible legal and constitutional entities with jurisdiction in the matter by any stretch, all agree. There is no other legal entity to appeal the matter, and foreign interventionists do not count.

Look to Hugo Chavez’ attempted coup in 1992 in Venezuela to find a real bonafide “military coup” action.

“Everybody” did NOT call it a coup. Of course the international reaction from the powers-that-be actually did us the favor of exposing how much coordination there is among government leaders around the world and the officially accepted news agencies, even in repeating disinformation and acting against a people defending itself.

There were some shining lights of reason that shed brilliant light on the bankrupt attitudes like the above-mentioned “reporter”. The Wall Street Journal had a columnist that told the truth, and Greta of Fox News did some fair reporting.

Americans, Brits, others, living in Honduras told the truth to anybody who would listen. Americans who actually live in Honduras who had voted for Obama were having fits of confusion over his support for the strong-man dictator wannabe Zelaya. Brazilian Congressmen were surprised to find such strong support for the interim government among Brazilians resident in Honduras. No doubt part of Zelaya’s discomfort was the disdain held for him by Brazilians in that embassy.

A shining light of truth from Honduras was from a housewife who had started a blog about gardening in Honduras, after events carried her into carrying the banner for telling the truth, at her blog:

Brazilians who live in Honduras are another group who defended Honduras and the champion of democracy Micheletti, to the surprise of Brazilian congressmen who visited Honduras.

It was not Micheletti who refused to return Mr. Zelaya to the presidency, it was HONDURAS protecting its constitutional order. Having been removed constitutionally in a vote in Congress based on multiple constitutional violations and crimes. Micheletti was not legally competent to overthrow the constitution any more than the ex-president who had attempted an auto-coup.

La Union Civica very properly awarded Micheletti with a plaque naming him “National Hero”, a title which had already claimed ubiquitous recognition among Hondurans. The admiration for this man is unequaled in Honduras, because he was shown to resist corruption. It was revealed that he was offered US$3 million to turn the presidency back over to Mr. Zelaya and of course refused to sell his country. Early release of funds to his government from international agencies –with a wink and a nod– in return for conceding an amnesty that was not in his legal purview to concede, also failed to entice him to betray his oath.

The elections in Honduras on November 29, 2009, were surely the cleanest elections Honduras has ever had. International organizations from around the world, dozens of countries, supervised these elections with thousands of representatives on the ground there, who declared them exemplary. Some of those I consider good friends of mine and of Honduras.

There were some enemies of representative government who refused to send their usual election observers, but nobody can deny that these elections were clean, fair, and accurate. Supporters of the opposition candidate Elvin Santos enthusiastically endorsed the results, delighted to show the world how it is done.

In fact, Honduras voted approval for Micheletti and endorsed the constitutional removal of Zelaya by just being there. Zelaya told them to boycott the vote, so they voted in greater numbers than ever, and greater percentages than ever. Dozens of them have told me their vote was a declaration that they were free.

Despite the efforts of the ex-president and would-be dictator-for-life Zelaya, the people spoke.

The supposed objections of nine Latin American countries to the election of Porfirio Lobo are pathetic. The candidates were selected long before June 28, 2009, while Zelaya was still president.

In Honduras, elections are organized and implemented by and independent agency of government, meaning they don’t answer to anybody else.

Zelaya’s plans to stay in office are exposed by the fact that he cut off operating funds from the Electoral Commission. This shows that he did NOT plan on having those elections.

No matter how many people want to ignorantly call the actions by the Supreme Court, the Congress, the Human Rights Obundsman, and the military a “coup”, the fact remains that it was NOT a coup.

Mel Zelaya was running his own coup-established presidency throughout 2009, by presidential decree.
..He had refused to submit a budget because Congress would have refused to fund his usurper fraudulent re-election ambitions.
..He collected and spent tax moneys on whim, supplemented toward the end of his dictatorship with stolen Central Bank cash, caught on video.
..He called for presidential re-election (find it on YouTube), a crime that the constitution he had sword to uphold defined as “treason”.
..He was reported as condemning “democracy”, claiming it never did Honduras any good. (Meaning of course his strong-man Chavez-clone dictatorship would, but don’t look at what it did to Venezuelans and Cubans).

..Fact: The “non-binding” language was a fraud to give leftist activists like Mr. Gutman a cover, and Zelaya even threw away the “non-binding” language on his official gazette entry on June 25, 2009.

His previous activities were enough grounds for removal, but precisely that act, of removing the “non-binding” language, and his removal of references to the November date, constituted the acts that irrefutably activated the clauses in the Constitution that constituted in and of themselves his removal from office. This was one of the base points for the vote in Congress to remove him from office.

Zelaya is caught on video advocating presidential re-election. The clause banning re-election, and banning even the promotion of presidential re-election, were activated, and do not require that he actually verbalize his own ambitions.

However, again, this “journalist” who has supposedly written about human rights and military issues in Central America, should know, that the Honduran people were not deceived by such semantical chicanery.

His contempt for the intelligence of the Honduran people in these assertions should be considered an outrage by every reader of hondurasweekly.

The president swore to uphold the current Honduran constitution, and by admission for the aforementioned activist, wanted to “gauge support for a redraft of the constitution”. The Honduran constitution, under which Manuel Zelaya was elected, restricts all constitutional initiatives to the Congress, not the presidency.

And why “guage support” if there is no plan afoot to engage an actual overthrow of the constitution, as Zelaya’s mentor Chavez did in Venezuela?

Of COURSE General Romeo Vasquez refused Zelaya’s illegal order to oversee the plebiscite, instead obeying the law, the constitution, and importantly in this case, Court orders to refuse participation in this illegal usurpation of powers.

So of course the firing of Romeo Vasquez was illegal, and the Supreme Court ordered him immediately reinstated.


I love this snippet from the rant: “most members of Congress ganged up on Mr. Zelaya”. Cute turn of phrase. Especially since on June 25, 2005, Zelaya led his own gang to the warehouse and illegally broke in to fetch his illegal forms for his illegal referendum.

(For which referendum he had the results ready to go, it turns out, in a computer-filled office rented with the State Department funds)

Hondurans are not “happy” with the status quo, but they were not stupid this time around at least to fall for Zelaya’s claim to act for the poor. In fact, the poor people in Honduras know that he was robbing the funds from the department that handles social welfare payments.

For those who don’t know Honduras, Zelaya was/is one of the wealthiest landowners in Honduras. Most of the poor in Honduras were not fooled by socialist rants, neither are the indigenous minorities and small farmers. Well-funded activist organizations that claim to speak for them only speak for their patrons.

Even the self-named “Resistencia” in Honduras has publicly recognized the popular support for constitutional presidency of Roberto Micheletti.

This writer (me) has relatives who received payments to participate in the marches for Zelaya. The payments kept going up as weeks went by, because they couldn’t get enough people to join in.

The supporters of the interim government included the wealthiest and the poorest of Hondurans. Parents in the poorest of areas where some teachers went on strike and made them teach again by threatening to take over the education themselves, for example. Many teachers defied their union bosses.

Money was spread all over to buy support. By the Zelaya operatives.

All the claims about “civil liberties” do not carry verifiable details. For example, when the United Nations panel on civil rights visited Honduras, led by the representative of the Venezuelan government (hello?), there was a TV station that claimed they were shut down, off the air. This panel repeated the lie, *in spite of the fact they were broadcasting that very moment*.

Their harangues would have brought immediate closure in the United States or anywhere else, but Honduras let them broadcast. It was like a radio station in Watts calling on all blacks to hit the streets and burn stores and loot and wreak havoc, day after day.

The Honduran military and police are recognized by the citizens as heroes today.

This leftist activist writer, who claims to be a journalist in the area of human rights. who let slip his contempt for Latins in general by his repetition of the racist epithet of “banana republic”. The rest of his article was a bit more careful.

Arrest warrants were indeed issued for the top six military commanders, but they have been cleared of all charges.

..The grounds for charging them have nothing to do with Zelaya’s official removal, which occurred as an act of Congress on constitutional grounds. The charge relates to Constitution Article 102 that bans expatriation of any citizen. This is the one and only legal basis anyone has for claiming improper actions on June 28 by the military.

But the fact is that the military in several other places are charged with protecting the constitution, protecting public order, and protecting the citizens. The fact remains, as came out in court on this case, that they were faced with a choice between plans by Zelaya’s supporters, including intelligence of foreign operatives infiltrated, to agitate a mob of unknown numbers (and operatives) to break him out of any prison. Or failing that, to simply send a mob to force some violence against them.

Besides, if you were Zelaya and somebody asked you whether you preferred prison or exile, what would you say? Zelaya has certainly spoken with his actions. He does not want a fair trial.

Hondurans overwhelmingly opposed any amnesty at all. Zelaya opposed amnesty in negotiations in the agreement that HE SIGNED, it was kept out at his insistence.

Treason, murder, and gross human violations have been committed by Zelaya, his Chancellor Patricia Rodas, and a number of others, including corruption of power, embezzlement and much more.

Manuel Zelaya’s Crimes against Honduras and the World

January 28, 2010

Zelaya started out as just another corrrupt politician who won the presidency, but mid-term he did an about face and took off his sheepskin and his mask, and started a long list of crimes for which he finally paid.

#1.Zelaya advocated re-election of presidents, which automatically invokes a clause that says any government officer “immediately” ceases in his functions.

#2.He condemned democracy as a form of government, saying it never did anything for Hondurans.

#3.He refused to submit a budget to Congress in November 2008 as required by law, and in 2009 collected taxes and spent them at personal whim,

#4.Including tens of millions of dollars meant for programs to help the poor and infirm, he robbed for his plan to cover his coup with a fraudulent “referendum”,

#5.robbed the Congress of its operating funds, because they did not do what he wished,

#6.threatened Congress with military tanks if they did not accept for his personal pick for the Supreme Court,

#7.Saying he didn’t have to pay attention to the Congress because they were oligarchs (never mind he IS oligarch, was supported by the US ambassador and the uber-oligarch Hugo Chavez and no doubt George Soros

#7.ROBBED the Supreme Courts and other courts of operating funds, because they emitted rulings against him,

#8.ROBBED the operating funds from the Superior Electoral Tribunal because they obeyed the constitution and the law and obeyed Court rulings against his illegal referendum,

#9.sent his followers against the chief Prosecutor (Fiscal General) of the country to threaten him for bringing charges against him,

#10.recruited foreign power Venezuela to print his illegal forms for his illegal referendum,

#11.and led a violent mob on June 25, 2009, to break into the base and the warehouse where they had been confiscated by court order, threatening the military forces there, who stood down in the interest of avoiding bloodshed,

#12.planned on sending that mob to disrupt Congress and stop all pretense toward his constitutional assembly on June 28,

#13.and as came out in court earlier this week, had brought in some 900 foreign operatives and special forces from Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Spain to break him out of prison that Sunday, with the cooperation of more mobs, a plan that was frustrated when he left the country instead,

#14.advocated that his followers die for him from the Brazilian Embassy to carry him back to power in his futile harangues.

#15.Was constitutionally deposed in Congressional vote on June 28, 2009, based on constitutional grounds and NOT any letter of resignation,

#16.Vote and deposing which the Court has judged as valid.

Amazing how many people seem to think they know what happened, just because international news media leave out some important facts like this.

These legal entities declared that his removal was completely legal, constitutional, and respectful of all civil rights:

#a.The Congress, by a vote of 124-4;

#b.The Supreme Court, voting 15-0;

#c.The Human Rights Obmundsman,

#d.The court charged with protecting fiscal responsibility,

#e.The (constitutionally independent) Electoral Commission,

#f.His own party,

#g.The opposition party,

#h.Two of the three other minor parties,

#i.The Union Civica Honduren~a, a coalition formed from dozens of civil society entities to preserve representative government by the people in Honduras,

#j.The Catholic Church,

#k.All the major Protestant churches,

#l.Most unions,

#m.Most media outlets, with some very notable exceptions who were never shut down as claimed,

#n.The poor, the rich, the middle class, construction workers, domestic workers, big city dwellers, humble farmers, owners of businesses, employees, Hondurans living in other countries, Hondurans in their own country, bakers, candlestick makers.

Even the rats in the sewers were disgusted with him by the time he was gone.

What legal entity is left to determine whether Zelaya was properly and legally removed from office?

He was constitutionally removed, and Micheletti was the constitutional successor to the presidency, and that man deserves the highest honors in history for his valiant defense of sovereignty and freedom.


Honduras stopped Zelaya’s Coup: Remember that

December 13, 2009

Beware of news and media reports that repeat lies about Honduras under cover of quotes from the coup plotting dictator Manuel Zelaya and his allies among the “Resistencia” liars.

Manuel Zelaya had already overthrown constitutional government, and ruled over his own coup d’etat.

The self-coup dictator Zelaya broke the law and Constitution when he refused to submit a 2009 budget to Congress, and spent tax receipts at whim.

He tried to extort “democratic” cover from Congress by threatening tanks, mobs, and cutting off their funds.

He tried to extort judicial cover from the Supreme Court by cutting off their funds.

He tried to extort cover from the Superior Elections Tribunal by cutting off their funds.

He violated the Constitution by calling for presidential re-election as part of a fraudulent constitutional assembly.

(The Honduran Constitution declares explicitly (Article 239) that any call for presidential reelection in any way, or support for it, direct or indirect, has automatically and immediately removed himself from any government post.)

He multiplied his violations by refusing to obey several Supreme Court orders to cease and desist in his illegal activities. (He said he didn’t have to follow any orders from pipsqueak judges).

He refused to implement any laws passed by Congress.

He employed foreign powers in his efforts to consolidate his overthrow of the government and subvert the Constitution and the republican form of government, printing his illegal and fraudulent “forms” in Venezuela.

He demonstrated his willingness to take his dictatorial ambitions to civil war when he defied the Supreme Court order confiscating the illegal “forms”, leading a violent mob to break into the warehouse where they were stored as evidence.

On June 25-26, he changed the title of his June 28 “referendum/survey” to eliminate the connection to the November 29 elections, and to cover for his plan to send a mob at the Honduran Congress that Sunday to prevent any countervailing action from there.

These are all things the golpista dictator Zelaya did in the open and publicly.

And now the entire world can see that Manuel Zelaya is an unmitigated liar who signs an agreement and then refuses to abide by it. One day he says one thing, the next day he says another.

The Brazilian Congressmen who visited Honduras said they were extremely surprised to find an almost totality of support for the consitutional transition government among Brazilians resident there.

You cannot trust the government-media complex anymore, because it shows itself beholden to the de facto powers that are working to establish their rule over the nations of the world. Honduras is just one case in point.

delighted to be the husband of a girl proudly Honduras,
and at another example of God’s defense of a little people that trusted in him…

Zelaya was caught on camera advocating re-election!

October 24, 2009

My answer to Abraham Lowenthal of the LA Times article…

Zelaya was caught on camera advocating re-election!
This “Democracy Now” paid disinformation group should tell their real goal, which is to End Democracy Now.
Zelaya was also caught in the Honduras press saying democracy never did any good for Honduras. (He didn’t tell that it’s a lot better than CastroChavismo).

He was legally and constitutionally deposed. There is a constitutional defense for his exile, but if the expatriation was what the clubs of dictators and dictator-aspirants that call themselves the “international community” was really concerned about– meaning clubs of dictators– then they would bundle him up and return him.

Fact is, the people that these dictators and their friends rule over, they are not so concerned with Honduras, the little country that said, “We will keep our constitutional democracy!”

Truth is these LIARS would have condemned his arrest as a coup. Any excuse will do, but please don’t confuse their victims with the truth eh?

If Honduras at some points suffers the imposition of a dictator from outside, or a dictator from inside –like Zelaya– with the help of an outside force to oppress the Honduran people –like the Castro-Chavez cabal–, or whether it is a home-grown threat, it will be like Micheletti said, an invasion force only.

Mel Zelaya and Patricia Rodas and Hugo Chavez are the golpistas, they are the dictators, they are the coup plotters, they are the robbers of the people, they are the murderers, they are the abusers of human rights!

Hey liars, what about the “human right” of the Honduran people to self-determination? The Honduran people are going to vote on November 29, 2009, in numbers and percentages never seen before in the history of this brave little democracy. They will vote with more enthusiasm than ever before. They will have more hope for GOOD change than anybody ever had true reason to hope for in the USA. Why? Because before their very eyes they saw even their corrupt and sometimes cowardly of their congressmen join the honest and brave ones to defend them against tyranny and surrogate invasion.

The Castro-Chavez-Zelaya coup plotting cabal was not able to buy off anybody but a few hand-picked cronies. The entire government gave a blow against the Empire that is still resonating around the world. The whole world is waking up to the treason against democracy perpetrated from “high places” against this little mouse that roared in real life.

And they want Honduras to cover for their stupidity! Like King Saul in the Bible, pleading with Samuel to bless him for his sins before the people so he won’t be exposed publicly!

The Castro-Chavez-Zelayista coup plotting dictators and interventionist imperialists will try to disrupt them, but they will not succeed. Not this time.

To succeed, they would need to arm an invasion force and pretend it is a Honduran movement. But this will not succeed for a long, long time. With the entire legitimately constituted government united against tyranny,