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Is it a baby, or not?

October 13, 2012
English: Anti-abortion demonstration "Eac...

English: Anti-abortion demonstration “Each life matters” in Madrid – Spain  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Biden again repeated the false “balance” of politicians that claim to be pro-life, Biden going so far as to say he believed in the doctrine of his Catholic church, which is that life begins at conception, but he “won’t impose” his beliefs on others.

The reaction from the opposition in media is to expose the fact that the Obama-Biden administration is indeed imposing its views on others buy forcing the entire country to pay for abortions.

But here’s the question that should bug the hell out of anybody that comes up with that dubious distinction between private and public personas:


If it is a human life same in the womb as out of the womb, then you cannot say infanticide is bad but prenatal infanticide is okay.


Jesus a socialist? He rather took a whip to the thieving lying money changers!

April 8, 2012
Keynesian Economics

Keynesian Economics (Photo credit: Seabamirum)

Chavez was praying publicly to Jesus at an pre-Easter mass at the Catholic Church where he took communion from the priest there, despite many years of harsh criticism of the Church.

And from reactions, it seems he repeated the old myth pushed by leftists everywhere that Jesus was some kind of radical leftist.

It’s a myth because he certainly was not. He went about everywhere HIMSELF healing the sick and helping the poor and comforting the broken-hearted. Yes, he condemned the hypocritical Pharisees and those who have this world’s goods and who know to do good and do it not.

That’s why he would most certainly be a plague upon today’s version of the money changers who corrupt the churches and the political class. He took his whip to the thieves and robbers who had profaned the temple in Jerusalem and drove them out, the only time he took physical action against the oppressors of the poor and innocent. In spite of the ubiquitous quote about rendering unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God, there is a less-known passage in Matthew chapter 17 that shows what he thinks about the people who tell you what you have to give in taxes.

Matthew 17: 24 And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute [money] came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute?

Today, he would go after the Federal Reserve and they would send “fellows of the baser sort” against him to testify against him, attack him, again, and they would call him all kinds of names, just like the Sanhedrin and money changers did then, and the Romans to his followers later when he threatened the livelihood of idol makers that live off pagan superstitions that they themselves promote.

Yes, that privately owned (not “federal”) currency printing and manipulation enterprise (no real “bank”, just cartel executives), and no reserves of real value to stabilize the value of the currency.

Bernanke said 2 percent inflation is “not so bad”. Yeah, not to him, because multiply that “2%”by all the dollars that the middle class and the poor have in hand, and he gets a pretty penny just by electronically “printing” enough dollars to make it 2%! And favor whomever they will with it. Who do they favor? We don’t know except for the revelation of some of the TARP and stimulus money that Ron Paul‘s bill forced them to divulge, so now we now that the richest banks and hustlers of Europe and the United States got it, while the middle class lost their homes and the poor lost even more hope.

But what about the housewife? Now she has to give up this, give up that, and we in the hinterlands, we know that the inflation is already higher than 2% and that the low-ball figures they give us from their perch above the masses is a bunch of hooey. The housewives and providers of America know that it’s more than that, because we are watching prices go up and the value of our dollars go down.

Gas prices are among the most volatile and visible barometer of inflation and the direction it’s headed, and it’s double what it was just a couple of years ago. Not so much due to less supply, or even speculators counting on less supply, though that is surely a factor, but it’s more dollars circulating as people are told to be more confident in the economy. When there is more confidence, there are more enterprises that stop sitting on money so much and invest it more.

But the problem of the central planners and the clueless Keynesian graduates of central-control indoctrination centers, is that NOBODY can accurately and precisely predict how any economic measure is going to affect the zillions of decisions of individual people going about their lives.

When the government uses its threat of firepower to take a big chunk of your livelihood for some “good cause”, it distorts the picture for all of us and throws a wrench into the way it would work out.

A lot of the actors that push this scheme are well-intentioned, just gullible. I used to be one so I know.

On the other hand, there are some of the vilest schemers in history who know that these measures kill prosperity and tell us lies about it to get us to go along.

Such a one was Karl Marx, who made a big platform point for the Communist Manifesto of establishing central banks in every country in the world.

As yourself: Why would Karl Marx want a cartel of the Wall Street-type and international bankers to have a total monopoly on all the currencies of the world?!

The only reasonable answer I can figure out, and I don’t seem people asking this, is that it is the easiest way to control the people, manipulate their economic life, and establish a dictatorship. BUT! If he knew it would lead to his Communist dictatorship, then this baloney about the poor and this fraud about bringing down the mean greedy capitalists was a ruse to put some special group of them in power!

Yes, Jesus would go to Washington and preach it from the hilltops: Throw out the money changers, thieves and robbers!

The Pope makes news, there they go again: Slurs against Christianity in the guise of lies about the Catholic Church

March 27, 2012

We know that the Roman Catholic Church has plenty of history to apologize for. We know that they should follow Paul’s advice to “Forbid NOT” to marry, with an eye to his prediction that in the “last days”  some would forbid men to marry… And the last Pope even apologized, in a way, for the way their predecessors treated Martin Luther, and we know that the Gunpowder Plot was not exactly a planned hit by “anarchists” a plot hatched by Jesuits….BUT…

But we also know that thousands of Catholic clergy joined thousands of Lutheran clergy in protest against the abuses of the regime.

We also know that plenty of monasteries and convents joined other Christians in giving refuge to Jews and Gypsies and other persecuted persons.

We also know that there were thousands of Christians that joined the Jews in prison camps and executions.

We also know that the Pope that the professional Holocaust industry tycoons vilify so much issued an order to all his clergy in Germany to save as many Jews as possible.

We also know that that same Pope was honored and still is to this day in Israel as a “righteous Gentile“, a rare honor bestowed on certain Christians for their service to Jews.

We also know that the chief rabbi in Italy converted to Catholicism after seeing so much compassion from so many Catholics.

We know that millions of Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals, Mormons, and soldiers from all the other Christian doctrines as well, fought alongside Jews against Hitler to stop the Holocaust.

We know that Hitler may have earlier been a nominal “Catholic” in name only, but we also know that he vowed to wipe Christianity out completely as a “bastard child” of Judaism, and replace it with the paganism of the old Teutonic gods.

We know that the SS was an occult organization that held pagan ceremonies to promote officers.

It’s amazing how prophetic George Orwell‘s book “1984” is, for the rewriting of history.


White House claim that 98% of Catholic women use contraception a ‘damned lie’: Lutheran author

February 18, 2012

White House claim that 98% of Catholic women use contraception a ‘damned lie’: Lutheran author |

Never mind that the statistic is irrelevant to an individual’s right to religious freedom and his right to be free of dictatorship anyway.

Hemingway cites an analysis by writer Lydia McGrew, who observes that the study was designed to measure contraceptive use exclusively among women who would have some reason to use contraception.

Because of this, it included only women of child-bearing age, and excluded those who were celibate, pregnant, post-partum, or trying to get pregnant.

McGrew points out that unmarried Catholic women who are faithful to the Church’s teachings are disproportionately more likely to be celibate, and married Catholic women faithful to the Church’s teachings are disproportionately more likely to be pregnant, post-partum, trying to get pregnant, or simply not trying to avoid pregnancy.

For those who are trying to paint a picture that Catholic women do not follow the teaching of their church on contraception, “these statistics are bogus,” she says.

However, she also points out, at the end of the day, the statistic is actually irrelevant.

“If a bunch of Quakers turn out to have gun licenses, employees of an expressly Quaker organization are not therefore entitled to have their fees paid to a shooting range or their ammo provided at no cost through an employer plan,” writes McGrew.

___ And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Say it loud, repeat it often, say it clear: Religious freedom belongs to INDIVIDUALS NOT RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS

February 17, 2012

Catholic Charities Denies Endorsement Of Obama Administration’s Contraceptive Coverage Policy | Fox News

In the years before President Nixon ended the draft in the United States, when the draft was in full force at the height of the Vietnam War, an individual could opt out of mandatory military service by claiming a religious objection, or even a conscientious objection.

But now, you can’t even get out of a measly little charge for contraceptive coverage in insurance policies, because insurance companies are going to pass on the charge for the coverage as part of their own cost to provide the policy, because the Commander-in-Chief has issued a mandate! And that’s an order! Or else!

And the rights of not only clergy but all lay persons are being assaulted with this. Some may think it a little thing, but there has to be line drawn in the sand somewhere. The Obama administration is talking like they only have to respect the religious freedom of religious organizations (for awhile longer) but the truth of the matter is the Catholic Church has no inherent right to religious freedom at all, it only “inherits” it from the individuals who are members or their faithful, whether clergy or not!

And don’t believe the spin that it’s just the Catholic bishops fighting this. It’s just another round in the attacks on religious freedom.

And add another idiotic outrage: The anti-faith crowd is yelling it the wrong way around, saying that it is Catholic bishops pushing for recognition for an organization as a person! A top-down mandate, an order from your Ruler-In-Chief, to insurance companies to include the cost of providing contraceptives –including some abortifacients– as one of their base costs of doing business, and passing that cost to all buyers including those who have a religious or conscientious objection to it.

This shot across the bow was meant to look like a little thing, and take advantage of the confusion that some of the electorate is in about the abortifacients they call “contraceptives”.

But most of all, in my opinion, the purpose was a sneaky attempt to drive a wedge between Catholic laypersons and Catholic clergy. Witness the often-repeated droning chant that supposedly 98% of Catholic lay women use contraceptives.

That figure may or may not be right, but it is irrelevant. For one thing, even if it right, the 2% have much more of a right as individuals to religious freedom as the 98% has to our money.

Never mind the bigger issue that even though our political rulers have been accelerating their assault on respect for the Constitution and for the rights therein for over 100 years, this entire nationalization of the medical industry is one of the most flagrant.

Republicans have to share the blame too. They also have been flaunting the Constitution themselves with undeclared wars and their own unconstitutional expansions of redistribution programs –robbing wealth from one subject of the realm to give to the other subject of the realm.

If you “love thy neighbor as thyself”, you won’t want to rob him to help the homeless. You might ask him to help please, but a tax is where you bring the entire body of police to force it out of him. Makes the extortion look good when the gang can claim that most of the neighborhood is doing the robbing (eh, “taxing”).


Even liberals and atheists are outraged at this attack on religious freedom

February 10, 2012

Let’s hope the outrage lasts:

How much is too much, people?

When are Americans going to get sick and tired of getting told what to do in every moment of their lives in everything they do? Where is the limit?

We have federal legislation crammed down our throats against the will and demand of 70 percent of Americans that abdicated legislative authority to a federal branch of government, carte blanche to make up laws as they go along, and now they have made a rule that violates the First Amendment.

Read our lips, read the Constitution: The First Amendment says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, NOTHING! about any COMPROMISE of religious freedom.

Somebody complained to me about the “In God We Trust” motto the other day! As if it were a law that established religion! What religion, I asked her, which one? The Catholic? The Protestant?

Egads. Then they answer “the Christian religion“! The Judeo-Christian religion, as if!

It’s an abomination as a motto on the currency anyway. In God we (as the USA) do NOT trust!

Obviously with this outrage it’s not just we do not trust God as a nation, our high-and-mighty rulers are telling us we have to put our money where their mouth is and pay for things we do not agree with.

Before I go on, let me say that in my doctrine, I do think it’s better for couples (and women) to have faith in God for the children he permits with conception, but it’s also “According to your faith be it done unto you”. In other words, I don’t think chemical contraceptive methods violate Biblical faith.

However, when one man’s religious freedom is attacked, it is ALL of us who are being violated including atheists! The ACLU protests when a PRIVATE party expresses itself with a symbol of faith in public land, in cases where NOT ONE PENNY of government money is expended for it, and in fact they force governments to spend MILLIONS of dollars keeping crosses out of public parks.

So now you have a decree from federal dictators that says you have to spend private money to limit your own private free exercise of your religion.

And they act like the First Amendment only applies to cloisters that are almost nunneries and monasteries.

If the United States accepts this forcing of payments on people without allowing free exercise then it’s a lost cause and America is dead, dead, dead, and there is no chance of recuperating it. That and the whole federal nationalization of medicine.

Revelation 17 and 18. No wonder.



The Shroud, the patch from the wrong area, and the new UV-image effect

December 25, 2011

The Shroud, the patch from the wrong area, and the new UV-image effect:

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