Looting, pillaging, and raping by the already rich IS Communism

>> Are you assuming the only alternative to looting, pillaging, and raping by the already rich is Communism?

Pay close attention here. Listen very closely, because most people read this or hear it or even see it in front of their very own eyes in real life and miss it. Do not miss this truism:

Looting, pillaging, and raping by the already rich IS Communism.

Who runs the Marxist Central Banks of the world? Establishing central banks was one of the demands in the platforms of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, an item that Communists and socialists almost never ever talk about?

Note that the biggest theft of history, speaking of “looting, pillaging, and raping”, is the dollar devaluation by the Federal Reserve currency monopoly by “the already rich”. They are richer than rich, they own the currency and the now figurative currency printing presses, all of your money is theirs, it says so right at the top: “Federal Reserve Note“.

Pay close attention. Who gave Karl Marx $20,000 to write Das Kapital? (Back when it was real money”). The starving masses? The industrial proletariat? The dirt peasants?

Who had the time on their hands and the brainpower not crimped by malnutrion to even read Das Kapital without worrying about the next meal? The “upper crust” or the bottom dwellers?

Who gave Vladimir Lenin a train load of gold to take to Russia to finance the Bolshevik Revolution against the Kerensky republic? The union of privates and restaurant waiters?

Who provided the Bolsheviks tens of millions of dollars to save them from collapse when they were on the brink? The poor? Who bragged about saving them from losing power? Detroit factory workers, or International banker Warburg?

Who took a “vacation” to Moscow in the middle of February after the Cuba missile crisis, just about two months before Krushchev “retired” to a dachma in the Crimea?

When the “Zapatistas” had their “uprising” and took over Chiapas state in southern Mexico, the Miami Herald published a photo of one of their “soldiers”. He indeed looked like a peasant soldier, but the armament he held in his hand was a thousand-dollar piece. What kind of “poverty” purchases that kind of weaponry for an army of thousands? And that was their first public act!



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