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For real, Cal Thomas?

February 17, 2013

Famed pediatric neurosurgeon
Dr. Ben Carson

Cal Thomas thinks the “Presidential Prayer Breakfast” is not a proper place to preach politics at the president, like he says Ben Carson did.


Obama uses every occasion  for his own political points.The field of respecting the proper forum has been dead for a long time, and it is no longer an even playing field. A rich elite class is confiscating the wealth and political machinery of the nation and the traditional means of propaganda have been subverted by them for their own purposes. Dictators always claim they’re doing the best thing for the poor and powerless while robbing them, jailing them, poisoning them.

Of course with your syndicated column, Cal, you might claim that the media is not tilted against real world vision because they often publish a letter to the editor. Can you be so naive?

It is time people who can see the catastrophe rushing toward the country from idiotic policies that have nothing to do with “politics” like the UNFAIR idea of different taxes for different people (that’s UNEQUAL treatment under the law), or the education disaster caused by the government-enforced government de facto monopoly on indoctrination of the poor.

Of course they may say it should be apolitical. In view of the media “self”-censorship blackout of conservative thought by our dark-skinned neighbors, Ben Carson decided to step out of the propaganda-handled media spin on his talk and on the prayer breakfast, and refuse to be the “house you-know-what”, played for his color. His color with his open Christian beliefs in fact made him a political choice that favored Obama in the first place.

IT’S NOT THE FIRST time, Cal, either. Mother Theresa blasted the entire Washington DC establishment and the nation to Bill Clinton’s face at this Prayer Breakfast, asking how a nation can call itself civilized or peaceful when it is waging war on the children.

Assaulting our children, dividing them from their parents, bankrupting the country and starving the poor as this regime’s actions are doing, these are not “political” issues.

And like the kings of the Old Testament, this president –and the nation– does not need a polite “feel-good” message, but a stern prophetic warning from those who care about others. Ben Carson refused to behave and call it “civil disobedience” if you want, but if this breaks through the Lapdog Media filter, more power to him.


Even liberals and atheists are outraged at this attack on religious freedom

February 10, 2012

Let’s hope the outrage lasts:

How much is too much, people?

When are Americans going to get sick and tired of getting told what to do in every moment of their lives in everything they do? Where is the limit?

We have federal legislation crammed down our throats against the will and demand of 70 percent of Americans that abdicated legislative authority to a federal branch of government, carte blanche to make up laws as they go along, and now they have made a rule that violates the First Amendment.

Read our lips, read the Constitution: The First Amendment says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, NOTHING! about any COMPROMISE of religious freedom.

Somebody complained to me about the “In God We Trust” motto the other day! As if it were a law that established religion! What religion, I asked her, which one? The Catholic? The Protestant?

Egads. Then they answer “the Christian religion“! The Judeo-Christian religion, as if!

It’s an abomination as a motto on the currency anyway. In God we (as the USA) do NOT trust!

Obviously with this outrage it’s not just we do not trust God as a nation, our high-and-mighty rulers are telling us we have to put our money where their mouth is and pay for things we do not agree with.

Before I go on, let me say that in my doctrine, I do think it’s better for couples (and women) to have faith in God for the children he permits with conception, but it’s also “According to your faith be it done unto you”. In other words, I don’t think chemical contraceptive methods violate Biblical faith.

However, when one man’s religious freedom is attacked, it is ALL of us who are being violated including atheists! The ACLU protests when a PRIVATE party expresses itself with a symbol of faith in public land, in cases where NOT ONE PENNY of government money is expended for it, and in fact they force governments to spend MILLIONS of dollars keeping crosses out of public parks.

So now you have a decree from federal dictators that says you have to spend private money to limit your own private free exercise of your religion.

And they act like the First Amendment only applies to cloisters that are almost nunneries and monasteries.

If the United States accepts this forcing of payments on people without allowing free exercise then it’s a lost cause and America is dead, dead, dead, and there is no chance of recuperating it. That and the whole federal nationalization of medicine.

Revelation 17 and 18. No wonder.