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Clinging, Religion, Guns, Thoughtcrime, Zionism

November 19, 2015




Good day Mr. Larowitz,

Regarding your article at the following link, I had some reactions for your edification:

First I agreed with almost all of it. Thumbs up. Mostly.

First a paraphrase of one paragraph, my offerings in brackets:

“Here in America our right to criticize, investigate, report on, and discipline or shame our stupid and incompetent rulers [or any other stupid or incompetent anybody] was meant to be protected, supposedly, by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

Of course American governments being the chief culprit in First Amendment badness, especially the one in D. C., they are the biggest danger. That followed by its indoctrination operations (schools, universities, government-media complex)

And WHO SAID you’re ” not supposed to make any critical comments about Christianity or the Bible, as Obama had done during his first Presidential campaign, referring to people “clinging” to their Bible, and so on.”

What the hell? That’s EXACTLY what you’re doing. Besides you conveniently left out the word that immediately followed the Bible in Obama’s devilish turn of words to a crowd IN THE PEOPLE’S SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF SAN FRANCISCO, by the way.

Obama criticized you and me: “”It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment…”

Obama is the one clinging to the gov-media suppression of people who are not like him and his cohorts, who want to “fundamentally change” us and our culture and our respect for each other’s FREE SPEECH. He doesn’t believe in it. If he could have reinstated the Unfair [Anti-Speech] Doctrine he would have done it six years ago. He’s had his DOJ all along trying to figure out how to do it another way.

I “CLING” TO THE DESIRE FOR THE TRUTH. That led me to my own FACT-BASED faith in the Bible. What do YOU cling to? I’m a “fool for Christ” in the eyes of the world, whose fool are you?

Obama has the “right” to prattle on, but not to cage me for Thoughtcrime.

Take a memo: It was NOT the Bible. That’s propaganda for the crowd gullible Jews and “Christians”, and no doubt the motivation of many Jews who migrated there. They chose Palestine for the same reasons Napoleon did: “He who controls Palestine controls the world”.

Christians who truly believe the Bible condemn the Zionist movement, and SO DO THE ORTHODOX JEWS CONDEMN ZIONISM, who arguably believe their Bible with much more fervor and in practice than do the Zionists. The secular Jews resent them in fact.

Do a search with these keywords: “Jews not Zionists”. You get a LOT of hits. Then try “pro-life atheists”.

Give up on government media. They censor and cover up.


Is there religious persecution in the US?

July 20, 2014

Some people are still laughing in the United States at the idea that there is persecution against Christians in this country, because the Establishment Government Lapdog Media they go to for their news blacklists it. From news reports from recent years:

(1) Pro-lifers put in prison and with a record for speaking in public.

(2) A creationist in prison on tax charges because the judge censored the grounds for the defense, and because a state-loving envious Pensacola Bible College official denounced him (We pay Caesar, why not him?).

(3) Laws against street preaching.

(4) Lawsuit during Clinton years to rob a church of funds donated as tithe by a couple that declared bankruptcy.

(5) Constant IRS demands to audit Christian organizations, even when there is no statutory authority. For which reason the Billy Graham organization refused.

(6) Recognizing the attack against religious conviction in exemptions for “religious organizations” while refusing to exempt individuals.

Obamacare is only one case, where the dictates from H.H.S. “compromised” by exempting “religious organizations” but only ones with a majority of employees who are also members. Although done for propaganda and tactical reasons, it is a de facto recognition of a “legitimate” religious right by the government. But individuals are still disallowed. The Bill of Rights is a list of negative individual rights, not collectives-only rights.

–It’s equivalent to an establishment of the “exempted” religious organizations, in which a burden falls on individuals that does not hit artificial state-recognized groups.

(7) After Waco, nobody can even quote Paul to say “Ye have not yet resisted unto blood”. It was not a mainstream “sect”, but it was a brazen and violent aggressive attack on religious freedom.

(8) After the raids on a peaceful community in west Texas during which children were cut off from their families and phones confiscated, and all the children yanked away from their parents with all that trauma, on the basis of what we know was probably a bogus complaint, and the social workers were not able to get even one complaint of abuse from the children about their parents even after they confiscated phones and cut off all communications between the children and mothers, even after weeks of haranguing at them!

And the amazing thing that should shock us all is that nobody charged those abusive Texas authorities with criminal child abuse!

So we haven’t reached persecution in the scale of mass executions of Christians and probably other freedom-minded folks,  which may or may not be televised or censored.

But we are definitely already at the stage where “First they came for the Polygamist cult..” as quoted in the Wikipedia:…


And to talk like it’s some preposterous idea in the illusory America, let’s add another from history:

(9) The Mormons were hounded out of state after state, with laws passed by legislatures specifically aimed at their unorthodox practices that harmed no one outside of themselves; their founder was arrested and then shot in cold blood by a mob whipped into a frenzy in Iowa; and after they settled in the remote areas now known as Utah, the government sent the Army to threaten them into changing their doctrines.

(10) Suppression of the best defense evidence in the trial of well-known Christians, such as Jim Bakker

(11) In the raid on the Northeast Kingdom Community Church in Vermont, the judge issued a scathing rebuke against the state and the government operatives found no evidence at all in the children of the accusations of child abuse after a raid in which they stole away the children:

One comment from a parental victim: “What? Our children are ‘culturally deprived’ because they don’t watch Mickey Mouse?’ Come on, guys!

See, when the apologists for government indoctrination centers talk about home-schooled kids missing out on being properly “socialized”, they really mean socialized into the way THEY want them to be.

And they always say it’s “for the children”.


Simon Wiesenthal Center disrespects Holocaust victims

February 16, 2012


Mormons Apologize For Posthumous Baptism Of Jewish Rights Advocate Simon Wiesenthal | Fox News:

I wouldn’t bother with any “posthumous baptizing”, that’s a Mormon thing, but they’re squawking too much. See here the kind of disrespect they have for Holocaust victims themselves:

Wiesenthal died in 2005 after surviving the Nazi death camps and spending his life documenting Holocaust crimes and hunting down perpetrators who remained at large. Jews are particularly offended by an attempt to alter the religion of Holocaust victims, who were murdered because of their religion, and the baptism of Holocaust survivors was supposed to have been barred by a 1995 agreement.

Maybe it’s an oversight by the reporter, in the generalization, but “Holocaust victims” has a meaning when I’ve seen in used that includes the Holocaust survivors.

As to any religion that means anything, in my opinion, and here again there might be something missing in the reporting, but any religion that subjects its doctrines to “agreements” with other religions does not respect either the truth or its own religion. In this case, though, it seems as though this went against official church doctrine, going by the reaction of the hierarchy, and I’ve never heard of anything similar, either…

The truth is the truth no matter what.

Even liberals and atheists are outraged at this attack on religious freedom

February 10, 2012

Let’s hope the outrage lasts:

How much is too much, people?

When are Americans going to get sick and tired of getting told what to do in every moment of their lives in everything they do? Where is the limit?

We have federal legislation crammed down our throats against the will and demand of 70 percent of Americans that abdicated legislative authority to a federal branch of government, carte blanche to make up laws as they go along, and now they have made a rule that violates the First Amendment.

Read our lips, read the Constitution: The First Amendment says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, NOTHING! about any COMPROMISE of religious freedom.

Somebody complained to me about the “In God We Trust” motto the other day! As if it were a law that established religion! What religion, I asked her, which one? The Catholic? The Protestant?

Egads. Then they answer “the Christian religion“! The Judeo-Christian religion, as if!

It’s an abomination as a motto on the currency anyway. In God we (as the USA) do NOT trust!

Obviously with this outrage it’s not just we do not trust God as a nation, our high-and-mighty rulers are telling us we have to put our money where their mouth is and pay for things we do not agree with.

Before I go on, let me say that in my doctrine, I do think it’s better for couples (and women) to have faith in God for the children he permits with conception, but it’s also “According to your faith be it done unto you”. In other words, I don’t think chemical contraceptive methods violate Biblical faith.

However, when one man’s religious freedom is attacked, it is ALL of us who are being violated including atheists! The ACLU protests when a PRIVATE party expresses itself with a symbol of faith in public land, in cases where NOT ONE PENNY of government money is expended for it, and in fact they force governments to spend MILLIONS of dollars keeping crosses out of public parks.

So now you have a decree from federal dictators that says you have to spend private money to limit your own private free exercise of your religion.

And they act like the First Amendment only applies to cloisters that are almost nunneries and monasteries.

If the United States accepts this forcing of payments on people without allowing free exercise then it’s a lost cause and America is dead, dead, dead, and there is no chance of recuperating it. That and the whole federal nationalization of medicine.

Revelation 17 and 18. No wonder.