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Self defense equality; Do you trust your government?

May 28, 2018

Giving any organization a monopoly in the use of force is very dangerous, and this demands very strong oversight by the subject populace. Most people trust government way too much, usually when they have not been on the wrong side of abuse. most people also trust their news sources too much, and especially when they say the same things.

Police and prosecutors are human, not angels. Peace officers no more, now they’re law enforcers.

In maybe even most areas in Latin America police are useless at even law enforcement, & ill trained.

But in a few areas I know of personally, citizens do not rely on somebody else for protection of person or property or family. They openly carry really big guns, concealed ones, and may have a bunch of AK-47s stashed somewhere.

The weapons left over from the guerrilla years and the Contra years ended up in big trunks of everybody’s homes. In one incident, some combatants on either side took to crime. A group set up a roadblock to rob a bunch of cars & buses on the road.

One Pepsi trucker took out his AK-4, “I didn’t bring this for nothing’ and began shooting at the robbers. Shots started coming from the trees. Then the grannies & the daddies & the others brought out theirs, and the bad guys were getting a rotten day because a bunch of good guys brought their guns, gun laws be damned. My now-wife and her now-ex were on a tour bus. The tour bus driver took off, taking advantage of the confusion.

Bad guys got a big surprise that day by people who had the means of self defense themselves.


Prayers Don’t Work?!

November 9, 2017

Well, some people have opinions, and others have facts.

After the shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, some media celebrities decided to proclaim their foolishness, rather than keep their silence and let people doubt it.


Many double-blind studies have shown that intercessory prayer DOES work. The one recent study, just one, that got some publicity, claimed that the results were not conclusive. Even so, they admit that there were even negative results.

There was no mention in those reports about the several studies that did show that it does work.

I propose, though, that it is very hard to get a good handle on this phenomenon statistically. My first question for any such study is to ask whether they accounted for the praying people’s faith or lack of it, and how did they measure that? Barna Research has some good guidelines on such matters, because their people are committed Christians and regard it as a ministry to help other ministries and pastorates allocate resources wisely.

A lot of unbelievers reproached the calls for prayers for the survivors and families of the people killed in the massacre. A few more claimed they wanted more action to prevent such incidents, by which they really meant they wanted to make it more difficult for people like Stephen Willeford to acquire effective arms. Willeford was the neighbor who stopped the killing when he exchanged gunfire with the killer outside the church. The killer fled after that exchange, and ended up rolling off the road into a ditch about 12 miles up the road.

By the way, the Good Samaritan neighbor, Willeford, had the same type of weapon the killer had used, an AR-15. He said he would have a lesser chance of aiming properly with a lesser weapon like a pistol.

If you want to do more, you might do like some bigger churches do, who have good guys with guns ready to protect the flock in case of some wolf wanting to do damage.

Smaller churches, like the one in Sutherland Springs, often have members who do have firearms and can legally carry them. There have been previous incidents in which a killer was stopped by someone with a gun inside the church. One of them involved a terrorist attack against a mixed-race church in South Africa during Apartheid days, where one guy in the Security forces was packing and chased off all five, who had not expected anyone to shoot back.

For those who think it was all over before the hero got there, keep in mind that the killer had more weapons and lots of ammunition in his vehicle. There was another church two miles up the same road he fled on. If not chased, he might have otherwise to continue the spree.

Another relevant fact. This guy had made two posts on Facebook where he had good things to say about the violent nihilist (“neo-Brownshirt”) Antifa. He had illegally bought the guns because he was a convicted wife-beater and baby-basher (cracking his stepchild’s skull) which got him expelled from the Air Force.

The government is just too big and too slow to react quick enough or properly so with people like this guy, especially surrounded by a government-compliant media complex that soaks its audience with faint praise for street marauders as in antifa.

As the slogan goes: Remember, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.


Clinging, Religion, Guns, Thoughtcrime, Zionism

November 19, 2015




Good day Mr. Larowitz,

Regarding your article at the following link, I had some reactions for your edification:

First I agreed with almost all of it. Thumbs up. Mostly.

First a paraphrase of one paragraph, my offerings in brackets:

“Here in America our right to criticize, investigate, report on, and discipline or shame our stupid and incompetent rulers [or any other stupid or incompetent anybody] was meant to be protected, supposedly, by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

Of course American governments being the chief culprit in First Amendment badness, especially the one in D. C., they are the biggest danger. That followed by its indoctrination operations (schools, universities, government-media complex)

And WHO SAID you’re ” not supposed to make any critical comments about Christianity or the Bible, as Obama had done during his first Presidential campaign, referring to people “clinging” to their Bible, and so on.”

What the hell? That’s EXACTLY what you’re doing. Besides you conveniently left out the word that immediately followed the Bible in Obama’s devilish turn of words to a crowd IN THE PEOPLE’S SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF SAN FRANCISCO, by the way.

Obama criticized you and me: “”It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment…”

Obama is the one clinging to the gov-media suppression of people who are not like him and his cohorts, who want to “fundamentally change” us and our culture and our respect for each other’s FREE SPEECH. He doesn’t believe in it. If he could have reinstated the Unfair [Anti-Speech] Doctrine he would have done it six years ago. He’s had his DOJ all along trying to figure out how to do it another way.

I “CLING” TO THE DESIRE FOR THE TRUTH. That led me to my own FACT-BASED faith in the Bible. What do YOU cling to? I’m a “fool for Christ” in the eyes of the world, whose fool are you?

Obama has the “right” to prattle on, but not to cage me for Thoughtcrime.

Take a memo: It was NOT the Bible. That’s propaganda for the crowd gullible Jews and “Christians”, and no doubt the motivation of many Jews who migrated there. They chose Palestine for the same reasons Napoleon did: “He who controls Palestine controls the world”.

Christians who truly believe the Bible condemn the Zionist movement, and SO DO THE ORTHODOX JEWS CONDEMN ZIONISM, who arguably believe their Bible with much more fervor and in practice than do the Zionists. The secular Jews resent them in fact.

Do a search with these keywords: “Jews not Zionists”. You get a LOT of hits. Then try “pro-life atheists”.

Give up on government media. They censor and cover up.

How about pix of crimes prevented with the use of self-defense weapons

July 26, 2015

Daily Mail just ran a feature with photos of “survivors of gun violence”. The feature did not show any of the victims who successfully shot back, or the ones who shot down the perpetrators, or the guy in a Washington state mall who stopped a shooting spree with only one down, because the shooter saw his gun.

I didn’t see Susan Hupp’s picture there either. She was at one of the worst massacres in history at Luby’s Cafeteria eating with her parents when a guy crashed his truck into the place, landing inside, and calmly began shooting. Her Dad was hit and her mother died with him.

Her handgun was locked up in her car one block away because at that time Texas had a ban on concealed carry.

She was so mad she waged a one-woman war against gun control, got herself elected to the Texas state legislature, and pushed and yelled till she got concealed carry passed..

My wife stopped a kidnapper from walking away with her son because she had her own “protection” in her purse, and she used it. He had the good fortune that it was my wife because she didn’t drop him dead.

There is one area in Honduras that has no violent gang problem. It has a violent reputation and everybody is armed there. They tried to form one gang chapter there but it was literally terminated after they killed the first father’s son.

The best prevention against bad guys with guns is good guys with guns. Best defense against tyranny especially.


Untold part of Clackamas Mall story

December 17, 2012

Virtually Unreported: CCW Holder Likely Prevented Larger Clackamas Mall Death Toll |

Turns out the killer at the Clackamas Mall took his own life after shooting only two people, after he noticed Nick Meli holding his onw weapon, who

Map of Oregon highlighting Clackamas County

Map of Oregon highlighting Clackamas County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

did not shoot because he saw people moving in the background who could have been hurt.


Fast and Furious: Stopping Crime in America: Why did they promote gun-smugglers at “Justice”?

October 12, 2011

A hero agent with the ATF blew the whistle on this operation. The White House and Eric Holder say they didn’t konw what was going on. So they say.

So why did they go after the whistleblower instead of trying to have him shut up?

And what happened to And why did they promote the gun runners who sent the guns off to the most violent Mexican Mafia in recent history and stopped the tracing?

Anybody who in answer to Fast and Furious says we need to concentrate instead on stopping gun sales is covering for what for all intents and purposes is the same as an attempt to have and excuse for more gun control in America.

This abuse of power  shows that the power brokers are more interested in disarming decent American citizens than they are in actually disarming violent criminals. It shows the significance of the most important reason the Second Amendment was put into the U.S.A. Constitution: to protect the citizens from their own government

If you want to stop crime in America, start at the White House and work your way down: