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Last word on Zimmerman (I think); Distraction from the important stories

July 17, 2013

We all saw the photos with wounds on head and broken nose. We all saw that the Prosecution withheld evidence. We all saw that Obama did the same stupid meddling as he did when he figured a black professor and professional indoctrinator was mistreated by a white cop. We all saw the Old Media and how they formed a feedback loop to call Zimmerman “racist“, and how Obama joined in to hype the thing.

(You’ve written good stuff about other things like the suspicious Hastings “accident” but on the Zimmerman story here you’ve allied with them).

Then those that were interested facts found out, together with the FBI, that Zimmerman was NOT a racist but that he was judged in fact by the color of his skin instead of the content of his character:

(1) in his blood runs the veins of a black grandmother
(2) mentoring two black kids with the gratitude of the mother
(3) took a black girl to prom night
(4) protested to the Sanford police over the mistreatment of a black suspect
(5) a good number of black friends that testified to his non-racist disposition
(6) FBI investigation trying to pry any little sign of racism out of something like 36 witnesses and saying “there’s no evidence”.

Gimme a break. This whole thing was pushed through and played up in Media so they could avoid the real stories:

(1) the Fed continues to trash the currency and the economy with fiat “notes”
(2) the IRS continues to drain the lifeblood of the economy
(3) business -and wow, unions even- are being crushed under the weight of Obamacare and the other related regulations
(4) businesses changing employees from full-time and even overtime hours for the ones that are productive and reliable and trustworthy down to 35 and 30 hours a week to avoid the Obamacare crush.
(5) The NSA spying on EVERY AMERICAN to see who opposes the government and to see what they might get on them. (See #6)
(6) Janet Napolitano and DHS have still nether apologized nor cancelled their “watch list” for federal, state, and local enforcement officers, for including veterans, Ron Paul supporters, constitution supporters, libertarians, as potential terrorists, making them the real terrorists
(7) the Benghazi fiasco and cover-up and blatant lies
(8) the seizure of all the AP records and the naming of a journalist as criminal for his speech, and then having the gall to blame it on the lack of a law (they don’t even pretend to obey the constitution anymore)
(9) testimony to Congress by the Defense Minister that they go to war when they want to asking permission of the United Nations instead of Congress, and by the way, if we feel like we’ll tell you we’re doing it.
(10) the obliteration of a BLACK town of 10,00 in Libya by the “rebels” Obama and NATO installed in government there.. Now how about those 10,000 racist murders?

(11) the presidential kill lists.

How much will it take?
At least Mr. Duff did ask the right questions about the Hastings death.


Who bans importation of self-defense tools? Dictators! That’s who!

April 25, 2013

After Senate setback, Obama quietly moving forward with gun regulation – National gun rights |

Hollywood movies always show you a bad-guy arms dealer, never a good-guy arms dealer.

Well, ask yourself this. When the United States Army was sent by the expansionists in Washington, D.C., to subdue the native Indian populations, what do you call the guys who were selling guns to the Indians?

Remember, the United Nations Treaty did not put restrictions on arms dealings by the governments themselves, especially between governments. This is one of the first United Nations monopoly. International arms dealings by governments only.

We think maybe the only ban on arms dealing should be against governments. But the UN is a club of dictators and softer “democracies” (heh heh) that want to be dictatorships.

Eric Holder‘s Fast and Furious gun brokering for smugglers is now a UN mandate.

Be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

He that liveth by the sword, shall die by the sword.

And he (the Antichrist) shall come to his end, and none shall help him.

Florida TV station finds 30 “voters” that Nancy Pelosi and DC Justice Department say don’t exist

July 14, 2012

NBC2 in Fort Myers finds a bunch of people who got out of jury duty because they’re not US citizens but who have voted:

Illegal Alien Mass Voter Fraud Discovered in FL… – YouTube:

Who benefits from having people vote that are not citizens?

First OJ, now Zimmerman, but who can believe the media? It’s a distraction

April 14, 2012
William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Attorney General Eric Holder vows a thorough review of the Zimmerman case, but excuse me if I wonder what he’d do if a jury finds him “Not Guilty”? A JURY I said. Here we go again. The gang that feeds off dividing groups of people will no doubt tell the Trayvon parents they have a duty to all colored folk everywhere to file a lawsuit. And the people that cheered when O. J. Simpson was declared “Not Guilty”: What will they do?

Martin Luther King had a dream. A dream of a land where people are judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character..

Let’s remember the words of Rodney King who wept before the public, “Can’t we just get along?” It takes two to tango.

Let’s remember Saint Patrick, one of the first slaves in the Roman Empire who went back to the land of his slavery after he escaped and won them to the God of Love with the message of the ultimate sacrifice, all while he gave his entire life to the Irish and shamed the continent of Europe into giving it up.

Let’s remember William Wilberforce, who made it his mission field to end the abomination of slavery in the British Empire and spent decades preaching the message of freedom and natural rights to the British until finally the people understood and the Parliament abolished it.

Remember John Newton, nobody more full of sin that he, slave trader and captain, who after he accepted the love of Christ as Lord, grew in his disgust with his former life and its taint, that he saw how great God’s forgiveness can be, and wrote that eternal hymn that has inspired people of all colors with those uplifting words of “Amazing Grace”. And who went on to tell William Wilberforce that his mission field was his talent in persuading the entire British population to end slavery.

Let’s remember the Underground Railroad, God bless them, they have their mansions in heaven, made up of people of all colors who laid down their lives and risked life and limb to fight back against the monstrous violation of liberty that was said slavery.

Let’s remember that Jesus Christ himself was an asiatic Hebrew, brownish compared to the Roman soldiers who drove the physical nails into the cross, not knowing who he was, of whom Jesus himself prayed, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”.

And let us remember, even more importantly, that there are much bigger threats to our freedoms looming in the Patriot Act and its expansion under the new administration, the NDAA, SOPA (defunct for now at least), PIPA (that too), ACTA, the president renewing an old “executive order” empowering himself to take over all commerce and industry when he decides there is an “emergency” or situation that merits it, on and on.

There are these multiple wars that take too many lives of all colors but rely on disproportion of darker skinned folks..

Thank God that Jesus’ return is soon..


April 10, 2012
Eric Holder at Obama-Biden National Security P...

Eric Holder, Press Conference, 12-1-2012 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) "FRAUD? WHAT FRAUD?"

How long can the gullible take getting embarrassed by the people in power that they defend?

Watch ‘Eric Holder’ vote in stunning election-fraud videoWatch ‘Eric Holder’ vote in stunning election-fraud video:

You can bet Holder has seen this video by now and so he now has proof –we have it there– that eliminating ID requirements opens up voting to fraud. We all have also heard about the multiple places –this year and several times last year— when voter fraud and of course election fraud has occurred.

This is a back-handed way to steal elections. In Latin America it would be laughed out of town, because they already have too much fraud.

Stuff like this is turning America into the has-been laughingstock of the world.

Holder’s Injustice Department can call it a stunt (we still have freedom of speech in this country, at least for his guys, see) but it’s not quite like decriminalizing voter fraud with schemes to ban the evidence.

In St. Joseph County, Indiana, three Democratic Party officials have been arrested because they allegedly forged signatures so they could get the requisite signatures to get Obama, Hillary, and John Edwards on the ballots in the 2008 primaries.

The answer from the Central Command mouthpieces: No big deal, so what, it didn’t make a difference anyhow.

What great psych war expert picked that name, Voter Suppression anyway? Doublespeak dictionary editors couldn’t have done better even in Oceania.

So here’s a bumper sticker theme for you:


Banks require ID’s for the smallest tiny withdrawal from the bank, but attacking the right to a republican form of government that the Constitution says the federal government should protect, hey, that does not? It’s worth trillions of dollars now, and quintillions when the dollar crash comes, and it will be worthless when they consolidate the dictatorship.



Fast and Furious: Stopping Crime in America: Why did they promote gun-smugglers at “Justice”?

October 12, 2011

A hero agent with the ATF blew the whistle on this operation. The White House and Eric Holder say they didn’t konw what was going on. So they say.

So why did they go after the whistleblower instead of trying to have him shut up?

And what happened to And why did they promote the gun runners who sent the guns off to the most violent Mexican Mafia in recent history and stopped the tracing?

Anybody who in answer to Fast and Furious says we need to concentrate instead on stopping gun sales is covering for what for all intents and purposes is the same as an attempt to have and excuse for more gun control in America.

This abuse of power  shows that the power brokers are more interested in disarming decent American citizens than they are in actually disarming violent criminals. It shows the significance of the most important reason the Second Amendment was put into the U.S.A. Constitution: to protect the citizens from their own government

If you want to stop crime in America, start at the White House and work your way down: