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No one has reason to distrust our government? Nobody?

May 26, 2013
Dennis Kucinich, member of the U.S. House of R...

Dennis Kucinich, member of the U.S. House of Representatives (D-Ohio) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Camp FEMA: American Lockdown – FULL MOVIE – 86 min – YouTube:

Nobody has any reason to think the USSA government may become tyrannical….except…

Except for black folks born and raised in earlier America, the victims of the first gun control laws in the United States.

Except for the Japanese-Americans born and raised in America who were rounded up and sent to concentration camps set up by military forces. (But today’s dissidents in 2013 are paranoid when they talk about concentration camps?)

Except for black folks in Memphis that were intentionally infected with syphilis, added to the Guatemalans that were also infected for the same kind of studies with human “subjects”.

Except for the people who were secretly poisoned with varying levels of LSD by the CIA to study psychological war strategies. And the millions of hippies and students and other youth that were enticed to take lots of LSD and other drugs by cheerleaders like CIA agent (or “ex-agent”?) Timothy Leary, and other unwitting influences like rock stars. I had friends whose brains were damaged by those drugs.

Except for the native American Indian tribes whose people were harassed, exploited, moved from state to state, pushed around, oppressed, and hit by broken treaties, and became the subject of abominable caricatures. These caricatures continue today in the justifications that governments give for the “help” that has not “helped” them at all.

Except for the Mormons, who were harassed and persecuted and thrown in prisons and chased from state to state until finally they went to where they thought nobody would bother them, in the West, and even there, the federal government sent the Army to make threats to them.

Except for the people that belong to a list of categories of “terrorists” that include pro-lifers, end-time prophecies, traditional marriage advocates, constitutionalists, Ron Paul supporters, one million names on the FBI terror watch list, secretly compiled.

Except for a peaceful community of a small religious community in the town of Waco, Texas, who were cleared of any arms violations in three inspections by local law enforcement, and attacked in a raid planned during the first Bush administration and carried out under Bill Clinton and Janet Reno.

Except for “new left” organizations in the 1960s and 1970s into the 1980s, investigated and spied upon by the FBI.

Except for other peaceful religious groups of the turbulent period, one of whom was infiltrated by a young agent for the FBI, who lived with the group for about three months. One day she went back to the FBI, told them they were peaceful and non-violent, turned in her credentials, and returned to the group to join the much falsely slandered Family of Love.

Except for the Muslim-Americans who were rounded up in the year 2001, held incognito without charges, and without access to lawyers, habeas corpus, or other recourse, under indefinite detention.

Except for the people in the 1999 “report” the FBI issued for law enforcement (“Project Megiddo”?) that listed “new threats to law enforcement”. These included supporters of gun ownership rights, property rights, home schooling, U.S. Constitution, and of course those who think elections are rigged, opponents of the New World Order, and others who think old military bases are planned for future concentration camps.

Except the people who are the indefinite targets of future “government continuity” plans that some people say are included in a project named Rex84 suggesting a FEMA cover for a continuity of government plan in case of rebellion by countrymen.

Think back to your science fiction movies. Remember “Deep Impact”? Not everybody got a place in the underground refuges. Who can doubt that with so many scenarios played out in popular fiction and in popular discussions around the nation and the globe, that anybody with enough influence in Washington DC would be assured protection from mad crowds in the event of disasters or protests? In exchange for keeping quiet so as to “not to cause a panic”. 😉

Isn’t it funny, that every time some “terrorist” or madman does something, or another “terrorist plot” hatched by the FBI is stopped again by the FBI, voices of government trust demand that government do even more to watch the peaceful citizens, do more to make Mr. and Mrs. America less dangerous?

Oh yea, to continue…

Except for the wives and children of peaceful people in living in remote area of Idaho known as Ruby Ridge.

Except for people who send out emails or post blog pages that have some of the above keywords.

Except for protestors of the “anarchist movement”.

Except for private clubs of gun sportsmen that call themselves “patriots” or “militia”.

Except for sheriffs who sign off to pledges that they will not enforce violations of the constitution.

Except for Ron Paul supporters who are

Except for Constitution Party members, including black members, who are slandered falsely (and knowingly so) by the Southern Poverty Law Center of racism in code language. But the federal watch lists are almost copies straight out of SPLC lists.

Except for even people like those who support Dennis Kucinich.

Except for people who get shot by gun smugglers and Mexican cartels that were protected by the Obama Justice Department itself?

Except for groups of people around the world who want the means to defend themselves against mass murderers like in Southern Sudan and Dafar and other places where minorities are in danger.

Oh, right, nobody has anything to fear.

Try to tell Japanese-Americans they have nothing to fear:
1942 “military relocation camps”
1944 Supreme Court upheld constitutionality
1945 interns finally released with $25 and ticket home (if they still had one) 1988 Ronald Reagan signed a formal apology and granted reparations to survivors
The bill named three failures: Racial prejudice, wartime hysteria, and lack of leadership
2001: Roundup of 1000s of US citizens and residents, saying they used “immigration violations”.


For real, Cal Thomas?

February 17, 2013

Famed pediatric neurosurgeon
Dr. Ben Carson

Cal Thomas thinks the “Presidential Prayer Breakfast” is not a proper place to preach politics at the president, like he says Ben Carson did.


Obama uses every occasion  for his own political points.The field of respecting the proper forum has been dead for a long time, and it is no longer an even playing field. A rich elite class is confiscating the wealth and political machinery of the nation and the traditional means of propaganda have been subverted by them for their own purposes. Dictators always claim they’re doing the best thing for the poor and powerless while robbing them, jailing them, poisoning them.

Of course with your syndicated column, Cal, you might claim that the media is not tilted against real world vision because they often publish a letter to the editor. Can you be so naive?

It is time people who can see the catastrophe rushing toward the country from idiotic policies that have nothing to do with “politics” like the UNFAIR idea of different taxes for different people (that’s UNEQUAL treatment under the law), or the education disaster caused by the government-enforced government de facto monopoly on indoctrination of the poor.

Of course they may say it should be apolitical. In view of the media “self”-censorship blackout of conservative thought by our dark-skinned neighbors, Ben Carson decided to step out of the propaganda-handled media spin on his talk and on the prayer breakfast, and refuse to be the “house you-know-what”, played for his color. His color with his open Christian beliefs in fact made him a political choice that favored Obama in the first place.

IT’S NOT THE FIRST time, Cal, either. Mother Theresa blasted the entire Washington DC establishment and the nation to Bill Clinton’s face at this Prayer Breakfast, asking how a nation can call itself civilized or peaceful when it is waging war on the children.

Assaulting our children, dividing them from their parents, bankrupting the country and starving the poor as this regime’s actions are doing, these are not “political” issues.

And like the kings of the Old Testament, this president –and the nation– does not need a polite “feel-good” message, but a stern prophetic warning from those who care about others. Ben Carson refused to behave and call it “civil disobedience” if you want, but if this breaks through the Lapdog Media filter, more power to him.

To the NY Daily News: Blood on YOUR hands! Victims: Sue Cinemark for banning self-defense!

July 23, 2012

The NY Daily News published an editorial and blamed anybody and everybody who doesn’t immediately pass a law that infringes on the people’s right to bear arms.

They said the Police Chief was wrong in saying that the shooter acted alone, because Wayne LaPierre was there with him for defending the right to bear arms! Obama and Romney were there because they are not making it even harder than it already is to defend yourself!

Here, have a clue free of charge NY Tribune and Chicago Tribune and all you guys with totalitarian-friendly ideas about disarming any potential rebels against your oppressions!

People with guns stop crimes!

The best defense against such a purportedly “madman” is a well-armed audience in that theater!

If anybody has “blood on their hands” in the sense of what these clueless editorialists on that editorial board said (unnamed, unlisted), it’s the NY Daily Post and the Chicago Tribune and Obama and Romney for pushing so hard to make even more of us helpless to defend ourselves or without better-heroes to defend against this kind of massacre.

Some of the people in Aurora that lost their lives no doubt owned guns. Their family members should be able to sue Cinemark, the company that bans all guns from their theaters, for depriving them of the means to defend themselves.

Maybe those fallen heroes in that theater, instead of dying for their girlfriends, could have shot back and saved even more people!

14 people dead, because Cinemark did not allow even one person to go in with a gun.

Some idiot is going to say that if they let guns in, that the shooter could have just walked in with them. But of course it does not make a difference. The guy got in anyway, now, didn’t he?

How about Luby’s massacre? There’s one for you that will stand in history as a prime example of the idiotic folly of banning guns or concealed carry.

Susan Hupp reached into her purse for her handgun, and could have shot the murderer George Pierre Hennard with it, except –oh wait! she had to leave it in the car because the law said she couldn’t carry it in the purse!

Here’s a report on it:

So she had to watch her father bleed to death in front of her eyes, and she had to watch her mother bleed to death in front of her eyes, and she was not able to do a thing about it.

This angry man with guns killed 23 people before it was all over, and Susan Hupp could have stopped it with the first two or three, or anybody else who would have been legally allowed to carry the gun.

Another clueless quote on the talk shows from Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-California, who debated Senator Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, on station WKOW of Washington DC.

Sen. Johnson lost a good opportunity when Feinstein left herself wide open and gave an opening for the crucial points in this conversation, and Dianne, hey, this is a sane conversation on the side that defends individual rights!

Here’s the part of the conversation leading up to the clueless quote:

WALLACE: Let me ask you, we’re not talking about hand guns. Does something that would limit magazines and carry 100 rounds, would that infringe on the constitutional right?

JOHNSON: I believe so. People will talk about unusually lethal weapons. I mean, that could be potentially a discussion you can have.

But the fact of the matter is, there are magazines, 30-round magazines that are just common all over the place, and you simply can’t keep these weapons out of the hands of sick, demented individuals that want to do harm.

WALLACE: Let me —

JOHNSON: And when you try and do it, you restrict our freedoms.

Okay, that’s my setup. Wallace flips the conversation. Some say there were just not enough guns in that place:

WALLACE: Let me flip around though here, because I’ve heard more and more people, surprising number of people, to me in the last couple of days, say the problem isn’t too many guns, it’s too few. And if somebody in that theater had been armed, they could have stopped the shooting —


WALLACE: Let me — stop carnage, taken down the shooter and defended themselves. Do you agree with that?

JOHNSON: Well, it’s certainly one of the rationales behind conceal and carry, where criminals actually have to be a little concerned before they commit a criminal act that maybe somebody could stop them. And I think that is the truth. That somebody, a responsible individual had been carrying a weapon, maybe — maybe — they could have prevented the death and injuries. I mean, that’s just the truth.

FEINSTEIN: And maybe you could have had a firefight and killed many more people. These are people in a theater. This is a —

WALLACE: You had a massacre as it with him undefended, Senator.

FEINSTEIN: That’s right. That’s right, because he had such a big clip.

Look at this. Feinstein says “maybe you would have had a firefight and killed many more people.” This quote should live in infamy, because we DID have a firefight in AURORA Colorado and we DID have “many more people”, except ONLY THE BAD GUY was allowed to do any shooting!

I say “allowed”, because Cinemark has kept decent citizens from carrying arms into the theater..

Susan Hupp forced this massacre into everybody’s conscience, and burned into their memories the WHY this one shooter was able to kill 23 people at Luby’s that day.

The ban on concealed carry in Texas was DIRECTLY responsible for the killing of 23 people at that cafeteria that day, and the truth of it was so obvious that the next year Susan Hupp shamed the legislature into legalizing concealed carry in Texas.

But in Cinemark theaters, and for private concerns everywhere, they have a right to tell their customers they cannot carry into their property. But they bear responsibility for the deaths for that reason, and indirect responsibility falls on the voices of control freaks who want to leave the people as defenseless as possible in the face of dangerous people.

And among the most dangerous of all is the federal government which should NOT be controlling ANY aspect of the arms market. When they do, they just make sure the most dangerous people of all have them.

If you think the shooter in Aurora was dangerous, just think about the Justice Department moving thousands of guns to the most dangerous killers of all, the Mexican cartels, and getting hundreds and probably thousands dead in the process.

Billionaire tax hike advocates: Shut up and just hire us instead!

July 3, 2012

This shows what’s wrong with believing the polls without thinking between the lines.

Similarly, a mid-April CBS News/New York Times poll found that 56 percent of all voters (and 57 percent of independents) said the “best way to promote economic growth” was to raise taxes on the wealthy and “spend more on education and the nation’s infrastructure.” A CNN/ORC poll conducted around the same time found 68 percent of voters (and 67 percent of independents) agreed “the tax system benefits the rich and is unfair to the ordinary working man or woman.”
These polls are rigidly consistent with every internal Obama campaign poll and the overwhelming reaction of focus groups. With an assurance that may startle hand-wringing Democrats, Team Obama doesn’t believe the campaign has been fully joined and Romney has not been remotely tested on his fidelity to GOP tax orthodoxy. Obama and his top advisers are certain—and they exude airy nonchalance in the face of intra-party vapors to prove it—that Romney is the perfect vessel for their tax-villainy argument

You might think it also shows how inept Republicans are on the tax issue, but credibility and hidden lines in legislation and enforcement have themselves wrapped around it tighter than a professionally gift-wrapped box of goodies.

Most big-name Republicans are thinking that if they blew the whistle on Obama’s weakest points on the subject of taxes and the rich and poor, they would expose themselves.

Major Garrett missed the point in the linked article, I think.

But a lot of pollsters don’t miss it. They could blow the whistle on the scam but that would be biting the hand that feeds them.

Okay, okay, here’s the trick, and the irony, and the sarcasm, and the scam.

If you ask me whether “the tax system benefits the rich and is unfair to the ordinary working man or woman”, you bet that in less than one instant I would agree as fast as I could. I don’t know who could honestly disagree with it, for one reason or the other, except a few who might recognize the use somebody’s going to make of the answer. By that I mean there might be some people who recognize that if they say they agree, it will be viewed as saying they are for “raising taxes on the rich”.

The whole thing is unfair to everybody when government is in the middle, because they are the absolute worst middleman between somebody with money and somebody without it. A lot of Mafia dons do better work with the money they steal from other people, and a lot of that is money they get from people voluntarily, like with the drugs and illegal betting and such things. Taxes are not voluntary.

But it’s worse than all that.

The tax system we have in the USA right now is unfair and benefits the rich because while the middle class has to pay them, many of the very biggest and richest investors do not. Warren Buffet blew the whistle on himself, if fact, but he left out some of the most important factors.

He pays a lower percentage than his secretary for two reasons. He has an army of tax attorneys at beck and call, who it is fair to presume not only know how to squeeze the best for the boss out of the “tax system”, and his companies, but also presumably help write the laws.

And note the lying deceit in Buffet’s demand for more and higher estate taxes from this tycoon. In Nebraska, higher estate taxes would kill off family farms faster than anything, as they already do, along with a tax and regulation system that big agribusiness has little problem with.

When CNBC or FBC want to know how something will affect businesses, they interview the CEO’s of the very biggest companies. But where it counts most is for the small businesses. Sure, some of the tax and borrow revenues in government, all of them in fact almost, hurt business big and small, but not equally.

So, we agree, the present tax system isn’t fair, we need more investment and innovation in areas like laser technology, medicine –especially natural remedies and nutrition-based preventive education, good academic education in general, housing, cold-fusion technology, and the economy in general. But most of us among the poor and middle class do not have the resources for it. So we need to unleash the investment power of those who have it.

To invest, though, they won’t know how much they’ll be able to actually use, unless they reasonably know they will have it. So if they are sitting on it, the fastest way to get them to actually invest it is to let them know you’ll leave them alone.

If they can invest it, they’ll hire the rest of us. Why wouldn’t they? Does that sound so complicated?

It’s not our money anyway, unless it is ours. Tell Buffet that’s all nice and good, but he doesn’t speak for the rest of us. We want hypocrites that preach at us to tax them more along with the other billionaires to SHUT UP AND USE THAT MONEY TO HIRE US AND INVEST.

After all, not all his billionaire peers make so much money from the largesse of politicians and demagogues. The Buffet business style has lost all its shiny glory.

And to tell their lobbyists to get the politicians to get their hands off and leave it alone!

“Thou shalt not steal.” That should have been the Republican Party answer to Buffet’s millionaire tax plan. But they can’t because they believe in the same taxation policy for their own ends.

Except for the ones that don’t. There are a small handful in Congress today that want Washington DC to stop stealing so much from the economy. They deserve attention, and they deserve more like colleagues.

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April 10, 2012
Eric Holder at Obama-Biden National Security P...

Eric Holder, Press Conference, 12-1-2012 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) "FRAUD? WHAT FRAUD?"

How long can the gullible take getting embarrassed by the people in power that they defend?

Watch ‘Eric Holder’ vote in stunning election-fraud videoWatch ‘Eric Holder’ vote in stunning election-fraud video:

You can bet Holder has seen this video by now and so he now has proof –we have it there– that eliminating ID requirements opens up voting to fraud. We all have also heard about the multiple places –this year and several times last year— when voter fraud and of course election fraud has occurred.

This is a back-handed way to steal elections. In Latin America it would be laughed out of town, because they already have too much fraud.

Stuff like this is turning America into the has-been laughingstock of the world.

Holder’s Injustice Department can call it a stunt (we still have freedom of speech in this country, at least for his guys, see) but it’s not quite like decriminalizing voter fraud with schemes to ban the evidence.

In St. Joseph County, Indiana, three Democratic Party officials have been arrested because they allegedly forged signatures so they could get the requisite signatures to get Obama, Hillary, and John Edwards on the ballots in the 2008 primaries.

The answer from the Central Command mouthpieces: No big deal, so what, it didn’t make a difference anyhow.

What great psych war expert picked that name, Voter Suppression anyway? Doublespeak dictionary editors couldn’t have done better even in Oceania.

So here’s a bumper sticker theme for you:


Banks require ID’s for the smallest tiny withdrawal from the bank, but attacking the right to a republican form of government that the Constitution says the federal government should protect, hey, that does not? It’s worth trillions of dollars now, and quintillions when the dollar crash comes, and it will be worthless when they consolidate the dictatorship.