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Why the Bible is libertarian

December 31, 2012
Memorial statue of William Wilberforce in West...

Memorial statue of William Wilberforce in Westminster Abbey, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rothbard had an opinion on “The Politics of the Apocalypse”, and quite a few had some comments to make on the subject.

Wow. All this talk about Christian doctrine variants more especially in the comments from people who don’t know very much about the subject, and repeat talking points from others who don’t know very much either.

Rothbard did understand some of the nuances of the doctrines and how they would relate to libertarians, especially with respect to Gary North, but there was some lack there. And he seemed to completely leave my views out, but then my Biblical views are not too well known even among Christians. (But for those who do it’s closest to “post-Trib”.)

Stay tuned, the only set of laws God mandated for a nation on the planet, was based on no earthly political government at all, and had no enforcement arm except the people themselves (who did a poor job of it in fact). And FORBAD taking a free man slave by the way.

Almost all of us alive today were robbed of the knowledge that THE “father of modern science”, Isaac Newton, was a young-Earth creationists. Oh, and NOW we have science. (Newton didn’t I guess haha).

And robbed of history. St. Patrick‘s legacy is literacy in Ireland, the end of slaving raids between Ireland and England, the saving of Greek and Roman classics by the Irish who learned to love Christ and books from Patrick, the re-introduction of learning and culture to Europe by the Irish and British monks.

And the one man identified with the end of slavery in the British Empire, William Wilberforce, who was sent back to the mission field of the British Parliament for that purpose by the repentant former slaver John Newton (“Amazing Grace”).

Europe’s history of Roman-heritage slavery faded away with the influence of former slave St. Patrick’s legacy, led an entire island of chiefs and serfs, and demon-worshippers and human sacrifices, Druid treat or tricksters, into the people that loved Christ and loved learning and saved many of the pagan Roman and Greek classics we have today.

Libertarianism itself that owes much of its philosophy to the influence that Christ has had in culture for two millennia. The “Golden Rule” has taken a very long time to get to the place where we are now at, and has had the obstacles of many identity thieves who took the credentials of the Prince of Peace to make war on their own people and their neighbors –though never with the savagery of pagans and unbelievers gone before and after.

And this may come as a shock to some Christ-haters, and some who are not so hostile, but the only government God ever really ordained directly was NONE AT ALL, outside the sense in which God is in ultimate control of it all (except where he lets you destroy yourself). Yep there were gobs of rules, and those rebellious and murmuring persnickety Jews in the Exodus that kept whining for how good they had it back in Egypt when they were slaves, they needed them.

There were some penalties ordained that we see today as harsh but you can go read for yourself how fast they quit obeying them and did NOT apply those penalties. And when they demanded a government, God told Samuel to tell them they had rejected HIM.

That’s a real theocracy, with no human mediator except Christ.

There’s more but this is too much already. You can see more of the reasoning when my book comes available on the subject. (Which just needs editing, but that takes a budget of time or money).

As to the relationship of millennial doctrines with political application, please observe that there are LOTS more atheists who are hell-bent on implementing their varied political philosophies and imposing their ways of life on the rest of us –lying platitudes from some of them notwithstanding– than there are Christians trying to run a guerrilla operation to take over. We are still tortured around the world by Christ-haters, along with other dissidents in whatever political geography, while the very loud “fag”-haters and “dominionists” can’t get more than a few dozen followers now.

And I know many devout Christians, born-again believers, who believe the Bible cover to cover, who are some of the most reliable libertarians there are. They have both the spiritual, the Biblical, and the political truths on their side. Some of them condemn homosexuality with the most emphatic language when congregated but exhibited the love and grace of God with homosexuals in their support for Ron Paul, for example.

Jesus did say “Go and sin no more” to the adulterous woman but just before that he said “Neither do I condemn thee”.  Like the early Christians, those who understand among the people shall instruct many, and instead of killing the infidel to spread their message (like pagans, fascists, socialists, and many atheists have done) they lay down their lives like their Christ.


jesus Christ: Enemy of Satan, and two thousand years of moral legacy, benefit to mankind

December 21, 2012

In reply to the news that the shooter in Newtown was a Satanist who had a web page so dedicated, according to a fellow high school student, one response was that we should therefore squash “all religious fundamentalism”…

So to stop Satanists from blowing away little kids (who would not stop anyway) they would instead blow away

#1 Mother Theresa caring for the dying poor,

#2 William Wilberforce getting slavery abolished in the British Empire,

#3 David Livingston for stopping a massacre of Africans by Arabs in the jungle,

#4 the Abolitionists campaigning against slavery in the U.S.,

#5 Saint Patrick sharing the love of Christ and a love for books and a hate for slavery with the Irish,

#6 the Irish sharing the love for books with the English and a hate for slavery,

#7 the Irish and the British restoring learning and sharing their books with the European continent invited by Charlemagne after the pagans burned them all,

#7a the centers of learning that evolved from Charlemagne’s into the universities of today,

#8 Martin Luther liberating the minds of millions from the servitude of penance and the idolatry of relics,

#9 Isaac Newton, father of modern science, who said science was “thinking God’s thoughts after him”,

#10 orphanages that evolved from the practice of Christians in the Roman Empire raising children from the abandoned infants at their doorstep,

#11 Saint Francis tending to lepers and protesting the military Crusades and making peace with the king of Egypt,

#12 the Amish that never blow anybody away and are very zealous about their faith to the extent of caring for each other and even the family of a deranged individual that blew away several of their children,

#13 the Salvation Army feeding, clothing, and housing tens of thousands of indigents and poor for a century and a half,

#14 Charles Darwin rebuking critics of missionaries, thankful that world travelers had to worry less about cannibals in the far-flung islands, expressing great relief at seeing the cross atop a building as they approached those isles,

#15 missionaries who taught the Chinese to abandon the practice of throwing babies into the “baby ponds”,

#16 missionaries who founded the first schools many places ever saw around the world,

#17 the major Ivy League universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, in the United States today that were founded by Christians to advance the knowledge of the Bible (taken over now by demagogues who defend witches and Satanists from criticism by Christians, go figure)

#18 the founders of almost all the major branches of modern science who were Genesis-believing creationists,

#19 the Red Cross founded and named by Christian believers,

#20 the Christian pastors that put pressure on the atheists and Darwinists, demanding that the New York zoo free Ota Benga go free, the Pygmy that they had kept in a cage as the “missing link”,

#21 Russ Humphreys, who predicted a bulls eye calculation for the magnetic field strengths of the planets Uranus and Neptune based on Genesis One, with the NASA scientists orders of magnitude off,

#22 Ron Paul, champion of the Constitution, indisputably the most honest Congressman the United States has had in our lifetimes and who never traded his vote for material advantage..

#23 the champions of individual rights, devout Christians like Patrick Henry and Gouverneur Morris who made the Bill of Rights a condition for union…

…and so many more outstanding lights of love and sanity in American history who showed examples of the love of Jesus Christ in their works…

First OJ, now Zimmerman, but who can believe the media? It’s a distraction

April 14, 2012
William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Attorney General Eric Holder vows a thorough review of the Zimmerman case, but excuse me if I wonder what he’d do if a jury finds him “Not Guilty”? A JURY I said. Here we go again. The gang that feeds off dividing groups of people will no doubt tell the Trayvon parents they have a duty to all colored folk everywhere to file a lawsuit. And the people that cheered when O. J. Simpson was declared “Not Guilty”: What will they do?

Martin Luther King had a dream. A dream of a land where people are judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character..

Let’s remember the words of Rodney King who wept before the public, “Can’t we just get along?” It takes two to tango.

Let’s remember Saint Patrick, one of the first slaves in the Roman Empire who went back to the land of his slavery after he escaped and won them to the God of Love with the message of the ultimate sacrifice, all while he gave his entire life to the Irish and shamed the continent of Europe into giving it up.

Let’s remember William Wilberforce, who made it his mission field to end the abomination of slavery in the British Empire and spent decades preaching the message of freedom and natural rights to the British until finally the people understood and the Parliament abolished it.

Remember John Newton, nobody more full of sin that he, slave trader and captain, who after he accepted the love of Christ as Lord, grew in his disgust with his former life and its taint, that he saw how great God’s forgiveness can be, and wrote that eternal hymn that has inspired people of all colors with those uplifting words of “Amazing Grace”. And who went on to tell William Wilberforce that his mission field was his talent in persuading the entire British population to end slavery.

Let’s remember the Underground Railroad, God bless them, they have their mansions in heaven, made up of people of all colors who laid down their lives and risked life and limb to fight back against the monstrous violation of liberty that was said slavery.

Let’s remember that Jesus Christ himself was an asiatic Hebrew, brownish compared to the Roman soldiers who drove the physical nails into the cross, not knowing who he was, of whom Jesus himself prayed, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”.

And let us remember, even more importantly, that there are much bigger threats to our freedoms looming in the Patriot Act and its expansion under the new administration, the NDAA, SOPA (defunct for now at least), PIPA (that too), ACTA, the president renewing an old “executive order” empowering himself to take over all commerce and industry when he decides there is an “emergency” or situation that merits it, on and on.

There are these multiple wars that take too many lives of all colors but rely on disproportion of darker skinned folks..

Thank God that Jesus’ return is soon..