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IRS official who oversaw unit targeting Tea Party now heads ObamaCare office | Fox News

May 26, 2013
English: Henry Kissinger, at the World Economi...

English: Henry Kissinger, at the World Economic Forum’s India Economic Summit 2008, New Delhi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some news stories deserve to be cascaded all over the Net.

It’s looking every day more and more like the dictatorship that “conspiracy theorists” warned us about. Jon Stewart is having fits. I don’t watch his program but maybe it’s because now he can’t look at some of his earlier monologues that called these theories paranoid.

Kissinger once said “You’re not paranoid if someone’s really out to get you”.


June 23, 2012


Check the second Jon Stewart video to see his clip of one junior Senator blasting the use of Executive Privilege.

2006? Whoever said Bush was interested in protecting Second Amendment rights any more than Obama?

Yeah, yeah, I know, trying to find anybody more interested in violating them than Obama is hard. Like finding a needle hidden somewhere at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

So coverups are okay if Bush started the mess?

And if this is all Bush’s fault, like Colbert’s spiel says –and he sure fooled Dick it looks like, who said he “got it right”–, then why the refusal to obey the subpoena for the documents? Bush isn’t president anymore, and Ashcroft isn’t Attorney General. Why has Holder’s  Justice Department not only avoided the proper disciplinary action against the perpetrators of this massive gun-dealing operation that made sure the cartels got a bunch of guns from the U.S., but also:

Why has Holder’s Justice Department PROMOTED the bosses that told the field agents to STOP TRACKING those guns??

Let’s see Colbert make a joke out of that.

Not a so-called “partisan” issue. Natural unalienable rights are not negotiable, they are not “political” issues. Eisenhower the “Republican” invoked “Executive Privilege” 44 times.

Obama promised a transparent administration of course and blasted Bush for secrets.

Both parties have been colluding to whittle away at all protections for decades, starting with Eisenhower’s FIRST invoking of Executive Privilege to hide something.


Google caught with hands in private computer info cookie jar (Street View cameras)

May 28, 2012
Google street view car in Brighton, UK, camera...

Google street view car in Brighton, UK, camera wrapped (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Google deliberately stole information but executives ‘covered it up’ for years | Mail Online:

The programmer that did the program says he warned Google to check with privacy lawyers because the program steals information from personal computers as the Street View cars drove along, but Google says the FCC and the Justice Department gave them a pass because they determined, so they say, that Google “did not want or intend to use this payload data. Indeed, so they say Google never used it in any of our products or services.”

The programmer has also invoked his Fifth Amendment rights to refuse to answer questions about the program or about Street View. He may also be avoiding answering, in my opinion, due to some strong warnings from parties unknown.

Reading between the lines, at least from what’s in this report, we see that Google probably DID use it in some way other than directly using the information in their products or services. Did they sell any of the information to the NSA maybe, or to the Pentagon‘s now renamed Total Awareness project?

I’m going to start looking for email alternatives.

FBI wants everybody to spy on everybody

February 11, 2012
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A good perspective on a flyer from the FBI and the Department of Justice, “Communities Against Terrorism”:

Why Personal Privacy is Now Public Enemy #1:

Is this propaganda for kids, to get them to view the world as full of threats that they need the government’s SWAT teams and handouts to handle for them?

Mr. Allami was arrested last month while picking up his 7 year-old son from school in Quebec. During the next 24 hours, while he was detained, a team of police officers (heroes/patriots/national treasures) stormed Mr. Allami’s home, telling his wife she was “married to a terrorist.” Meanwhile, Mr. Allami’s colleagues, who were on their way to a conference in the Big Apple were also detained at the US border for hours due to their “connection” with Mr. Allami.

And what had Mr. Allami done to deserve this, the swift hand of justice? The Canadian Press provides the shocking details of his master plan:

On Jan. 21, 2011, Allami sent a text message to colleagues urging them to “blow away” the competition at a trade show in New York City.

According to Mr. Allami’s lawsuit, “The treatment of the plaintiff and his wife was cavalier, illegal, aggressive, accusatory, and in violation of their most fundamental rights.”

Exactly as you’d expect, in other words.

Like we said, we’d love to have spoken to you in private, away from the prying eyes and ears of Big Brother…and his thousands of officious little goose-stepping generals on the ground.

But, as you can see, we can’t. He is everywhere. He is everyone and anyone. We know he is listening. And now, so do you.

Read more: Why Personal Privacy is Now Public Enemy #1

Thank you, Joel Bowman for the Daily Reckoning.

ACLU spokesman utters their contempt for constitutional guarantee for the right to republican form of government

February 10, 2012

South Carolina sues Obama administration over voter ID law –,0,4401100.story

The right to vote is thrown into the trash with sneaky tricks like electronic voting, voting by mail, and now a ban on requiring ID.

The ACLU should call itself the Anti-Civil Liberties Union:

The American Civil Liberties Union said on Tuesday it would intervene in the lawsuit on behalf of the federal government.

“The Department of Justice followed the letter and the spirit of the law when it rejected South Carolina’s discriminatory voter ID law,” Nancy Abudu, senior staff attorney with the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project, said in a statement.

“Instead of fighting for this law in court, South Carolina and other states should focus on expanding the right to vote.”

Votes by mail is the biggest violation of the constitutional guarantee of the right to a secret ballot, because there is no such guarantee. Anybody can sell a vote, or vote intimidated, whatever.

A false balance is an abomination.

Megaupload Details Raise Significant Concerns About What DOJ Considers Evidence Of Criminal Behavior | Techdirt

January 25, 2012

A friend in a forum of one of my subscriptions posted this link and a quote from it:

Megaupload Details Raise Significant Concerns About What DOJ Considers Evidence Of Criminal Behavior | Techdirt:

Comment: “Mega is no Saint that is for sure but I worry that this is only the beginning.I have no trust and pretty much zero approval of this Government and this Government has shown itself to be liars,hypocrites,and money takers.If you ask me I will state that Washington is full of worse crooks than Megaupload…”

I think maybe the author doesn’t quite get a finger on the essence of what is really bothering him.

It used to be that it was just specific actions that were said to be illegal, and you did it or you didn’t. Now there are “intentions” that are illegal. Certain patterns of bank withdrawals that are around say $9,000, was used as “proof” that somebody was avoiding the reporting requirement that forces banks to report any withdrawal of amounts exceeding $10,000. The pattern itself was defined in court as proof enough, by itself, of the crime of intentionally withdrawing less than $10,000.  This should be no business of the government.

but with some of the legislation of recent decades especially, ambiguity rules and too much power is given to enforcers this way. Too many petty mini-dictatorships with too many little government fiefdoms that arbitrarily make life miserable for any given citizen, all in the name of “protecting” the citizens.

In this case, it just looks like a little of this and a little of that and a little bit of mind-reading and it adds up to criminal infringement even though each particular item in the list when taken alone is legal. Presumably that’s why it’s described as “evidence”, not a factual lawbreaking. So what is the actual illegal act that was done that does not depend on a list of legal activities?


See Jonathan Coulton’s blog post on the subject here:

Feds slam Megaupload with indictment and racketeering charges, Anonymous retaliates | ExtremeTech

January 21, 2012

The authors here favor the execution of this indictment.

As usual, the “state” does not care about the collateral damage, and “liberals” who complain about collateral damage to the innocent in overseas bombings and the death penalty don’t seem to get the connection here.

If bank officials are caught in outright fraud, do the Feds just wipe out the dollar accounts and say Sorry no can have it?

But here there is no promise that legitimate users will get anything back.

Of course there is a principle of buyer beware. There is too much of an attitude these days that the government should not let anything bad happen to us. That’s a stupid idea, and it’s dangerous too, because it puts too much trust in the people that run the government, and gives them power over us.

What if the ones we trust decide that something we did is harmful –like “hate speech” that they don’t like, or a demand for constitutional government— and shut us down?

Here we have an example of that. This time, maybe the site owners were not innocent little angels. Next time, maybe they’ll just be political dissidents..

Blows against censorship

December 17, 2011

Free speech and blogger intimidation now.

Like said:

Why are they investigating the bloggers on the fraud rather than the fraud itself? – no I don’t use that word very often.

That’s a good question. Whistleblowers blow the lid off the fraud, and the perpetrators are blown by their own words. There are supposed to be laws to protect whistleblowers, but I guess that just depends on who the abusers are, eh?

Oh, and here’s a good one, from

The notification apparently asks them not to make the information public or else… they may terminate their wordpress account.

Now, more than ever, all the people that value their freedom need to stick together. Whistleblowers and radio personalities need blogger back up, big bloggers need small bloggers, every blogger needs commenter and emailer support, with letters to editors and friends. Every link in the chain helps. The establishment need to know that we will not be intimidated, there are many of us, and the more they push, the more we will tell the world.

Amen to that, sister Joanna.

I wonder, did they even have a warrant? If somebody refuses such a request in the absence of a warrant, will that bring an unconstitutional charge of obstructing justice?

This shows that the AGW religion is not about “saving” the earth, nor is it about “saving” mankind, and since when did these actors care about rising sea levels wiping out beachfront property values? They have their own, “What me worry?” They don’t care about human families’ rights to be left alone, how can they care about polar bears? Really? These are the hustlers that make the money from taxing us to death for Gaia, what do they contribute back? They’ll talk to your organization for how much was that?

Raw climate change data: Now stamped “Classified”, eh?

Just trust us.

Some people say they can’t trust anything at all from a source that got one little datum mixed up, but then when the liars who were exposed in climategate, they were “vindicated”? Yep, it’s a matter of whom you choose to trust.

Somebody else said once, Trust but Verify.

Who Is C. Wilfred Jenks? | Jlue’s Weblog

November 2, 2011

From this link:

Who Is C. Wilfred Jenks? | Jlue’s Weblog:

jlue says:

The US is a nation whose rights are derived by the consent of the governed from the Constitution, which is the law of the land.

She seems well-intentioned, and as a matter of fact there is some truth to it, as a written Constitution is the only way to provide a standard for a nation to govern itself. Besides which, a return to actually obeying the Constitution and applying it as the true “Supreme Law of the Land” as it says it is, would be a great gigantic leap forward in favor of the natural human rights mentioned therein. But…

Actually the rights enumerated in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights were rightly regarded by the Framers as rights held by men “endowed by their Creator”, some of which were articulated specifically therein. This is seen in not only the “endowed” phrasing in the Declaration, but also in the language of the Bill of Rights.

Congress shall make no law prohibiting “the free exercise of religion”, or “abridging…”, the right to bear arms “shall not be infringed”, etcetera. The list refers to natural rights held by virtue of natural law, the laws of nature and of nature’s God, that exist independent of any Constitution or law anywhere in the world at anytime.

Common law is different. It grew “organically”, and what was known as common law during the times of the American Revolution was a body of understandings that had grown over centuries of jurisprudence in Britain, and that were generally based in Christian understandings of such concepts, such as fair and equal treatment.

In other words, the attempt to take  the “common law” concept we have inherited from our forefathers and from the Framers, and trying to hide it behind confusion with the idea of homogeneity with the way laws were applied elsewhere is ludicrous, and it should have been laughed to scorn by colleagues when some international socialist (just like national socialist) in the Justice Department proposed it.

“Common law” elsewhere did not embody such concepts of individual rights as in the West, and the move to bend our minds into thinking collectively (“graduated” income tax, central bank, fiat money, nationalization of the boom-bust cycle, taxes on groups) is a trick to subjugate our minds to orders from collective “leaders”– self-appointed of course.

But such is now the sign of the times, when the country’s leadership want to make the Bill of Rights and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness into a distant memory of the past. Well it won’t be because “We can do nothing against the truth but for the truth”, and nobody can stop the rain of the refreshing waters of liberty, for “Whom the Son of Man sets free, is free indeed”.

Fast and Furious: Stopping Crime in America: Why did they promote gun-smugglers at “Justice”?

October 12, 2011

A hero agent with the ATF blew the whistle on this operation. The White House and Eric Holder say they didn’t konw what was going on. So they say.

So why did they go after the whistleblower instead of trying to have him shut up?

And what happened to And why did they promote the gun runners who sent the guns off to the most violent Mexican Mafia in recent history and stopped the tracing?

Anybody who in answer to Fast and Furious says we need to concentrate instead on stopping gun sales is covering for what for all intents and purposes is the same as an attempt to have and excuse for more gun control in America.

This abuse of power  shows that the power brokers are more interested in disarming decent American citizens than they are in actually disarming violent criminals. It shows the significance of the most important reason the Second Amendment was put into the U.S.A. Constitution: to protect the citizens from their own government

If you want to stop crime in America, start at the White House and work your way down: