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December 20, 2014


Farming is the future – Daily Bell interview with Jim Rogers

…He says own land.. don’t own water because the politicians will take it from you..

…Gold under $1000, recommend buy..

…Economic collapse might come by the end of next year or 2016, but of course, I don’t know…

…North Korea

…Daily Bell: To what extent is FATCA playing a role now in impacting Americans’ abilities to do business anywhere in the world, from your experience?

…Jim Rogers: FATCA’s making it more and more difficult for Americans to do business around world – to do anything around world. When you have more and more capital controls, it obviously eventually causes problems. History’s full of examples of that. I told you we’re going to have more problems in currency markets in the next couple of years. That’s partly because of FATCA. Fewer and fewer Americans can easily move their money around. When you restrict capital flows, you also make it hard to do business. FATCA’s going to be part of the problem and make things worse. There are some places where I’ve had bank accounts a long time. They just called me up and said we love you but we’ve got to close you out because you’re an American. They’re places I’ve had accounts a long time, and I’ve always reported everything. It doesn’t matter, though. They just don’t want Americans anymore. Others won’t open accounts, as you know, so it’s certainly reducing the flow of capital around the world and it’s putting Americans at greater and greater disadvantage. –

…Daily Bell: How much is this is already contributing to the demise of the dollar?

…Jim Rogers: Unfortunately, this situation is threatening the rest of the world to come up with alternatives, which in the end are going to be bad for America and Americans. I don’t like saying this, but people are already trying to find ways to compete with the US dollar and the US banking system. This is only accelerating the process. If we stop being the world’s reserve currency we’re going to be in a serious, serious bind. This is just going to accelerate all that.



..Yeah, so now anything that might promote a jury nullification even if you exclude them all is not allowed..even if it’s evidence.. like showing that without a direct link to crime there is no crime






Takeo Yoshikawa, the smoking gun that shows FDR knew what the Japanese were planning…




.. including aloe vera, ginger, garlic, chamomile (german?) – antispasmodic—relaxes muscle tension and cramps),

Witch hazel, ginkgo, ginseng (siberian), goldenseal, licorice, peppermint, rosemary (help reduce stress and relieve headaches) (don’t take the essential oil internally), sage, st. john’s wort, thyme, tumeric…




California unprepared for storms (like most Americans):

Hurricane Sandy…Katrina new orleans… Power down one year leaves 90% of americans dead…

(My note: Mormons will probably do a lot better than 90%…)




How to wrap a Christmas gift:




amazon see:: Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder (Incerto)



July 19, 2014

There was a comment on this web page that provoked my reaction below:

Daily Bell wrote a good criticism of Reuter’s article wailing that technology will make most people unemployed and promoting a universal minimum guaranteed income. Jon said he was a computer programmer who had had a job writing software that eliminated thousands of jobs.

What Jon doesn’t consider is what happened outside the view from his cubicle. I’m a computer programmer myself, and my work reduces man-hours and waste. If you view the conditions before from the perspective of after, that’s how you see it. Waste eliminated by automation and computation. (Of course consider now that depending on the industry, up to half of programmer-hours spent in “compliance” coding to satisfy government dictates).

When it gets to the other end of technology, one thing I haven’t seen discussed is the fact we can deduce from human nature that it will greatly expand the (absolute) return available for investors with capital. Think guys in garages with 3-D printers, “doing” the tedious boring stuff on waiting the product his neighbor wants. Sophisticated 3-D programming will enable a sophisticated user of it (and low-entry entrepreneur) do custom tricks with the products for his customers.

Digital technology advances did not just eliminate the jobs in factory settings for making vinyl albums, it enabled many more consumers to get much more of the “entertainment” they wanted, AND LOOKY THERE it also created a LOT more “music studios”. My son built up his savings from playing gigs and invested in more musical equipment he rented out, and then built up his own studio in Miami Beach using tools of the trade that were available to him because some programmer somewhere at some time had robbed the vinyl industry of thousands of jobs.

That’s a high school dropout (the government school fare bored him and his brother out of their heads so I let them quit) that did that. He built that! With the help of modern technology.

He had the advantage of years of home schooling first, but it just showed that this technology scare is just another excuse they’re trying out on the plebes and peasants to continue centralizing control and making their plunder complete.

More robots for less investment means more people who have enough to invest in it. If you eliminate government force, the result will be a lot more producers and production and more people who have the means to acquire the resulting consumer goods. And services.

AND BY THE WAY. Everybody seems to forget that more production, in general, as long as free trade is free, Biblical Christians will have the means to fulfill their mission of helping the poor and orphans. (Fake Christians and pious warmongers do not count).

Busted, exposed. Will people accept another lie to cover the other one?

November 2, 2013
A CNN poll conducted in March of 2010Citation ...

A CNN poll conducted in March of 2010Citation needed, days after the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law found nearly 3 in 5 Americans were opposed to the legislationClarify. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At least 15 million, per Jay Carney, speaking on behalf of Obama, quoted at Forbes (and we all know, as MANY Democrat Party shills admit now, it’s much more than the group he said):

On Tuesday, White House spokesman Jay Carney attempted to minimize the disruption issue, arguing that it only affected people who buy insurance on their own. “That’s the universe we’re talking about, 5 percent of the population,” said Carney. “In some of the coverage of this issue in the last several days, you would think that you were talking about 75 percent or 80 percent or 60 percent of the American population.” (5 percent of the population happens to be 15 million people, no small number, but let’s leave that aside.)

The Forbes article explains a bit more:

By “coverage of this issue,” Carney was referring to two articles. The first, by Chad Terhune of the Los Angeles Times, described a number of Californians who are seeing their existing plans terminated and replaced with much more expensive ones. “I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it,” said one.

The second article, by Lisa Myers and Hanna Rappleye of NBC News, unearthed the aforementioned commentary in the Federal Register, and cited “four sources deeply involved in the Affordable Care Act” as saying that “50 to 75 percent” of people who buy coverage on their own are likely to receive cancellation notices due to Obamacare.

Note that the Los Angeles Times, and NBC, have editorial policies polar opposite to what is besmirched as “right-wing”, and they were both major boosters. Because even after the bill was passed, apparently nobody still knew what was in it.


But Carney’s dismissal of the media’s concerns was wrong, on several fronts. Contrary to the reporting of NBC, the administration’s commentary in the Federal Register did not only refer to the individual market, but also the market for employer-sponsored health insurance.

And now for the “get a better one” lie, just another “oh how tangled a web we weave, when we first practice to deceive”. We get another lie to cover the other one:

Now, supporters of the law are offering a different argument. “We didn’t really mean it when we said you could keep your plan,” they say, “but it doesn’t matter, because the coverage you’re going to get under Obamacare will be better than the coverage you had before.”

But that’s not true. Obamacare forces insurers to offer services that most Americans don’t need, don’t want, and won’t use, for a higher price. Bob Laszewski, in a revealing blog post, wrote about the cancellation of his own health coverage. “Right now,” he wrote, “I have ‘Cadillac’ health insurance. I can access every provider in the national Blue Cross network—about every doc and hospital in America—without a referral and without higher deductibles and co-pays.”


In U.S., Perceived Need for Third Party Reaches New High

October 13, 2013

In U.S., Perceived Need for Third Party Reaches New High

Twenty-six percent believe Democratic and Republican parties do adequate job

by Jeffrey M. Jones

This article is part of an ongoing series analyzing how the government shutdown and the debate over raising the debt ceiling are affecting Americans‘ views of government, government leaders, political parties, the economy, and the country in general.

PRINCETON, NJ — Amid the government shutdown, 60% of Americans say the Democratic and Republicans parties do such a poor job of representing the American people that a third major party is needed. That is the highest Gallup has measured in the 10-year history of this question. A new low of 26% believe the two major parties adequately represent Americans.

I also have a post in which I explain a big about Ron Paul’s endorsement of the Republican Party candidate for Virginia governor:

There are a few upcoming mavericks within the Republican Party.. I know some of them personally…. The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America (9781586489120): David A. Stockman: Books

May 25, 2013
Kirkpatrick (left, in red) among the Reagan Ca...

Reagan Cabinet, 1984 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lots of positive reaction to this book. Add it to your reading list.

A fellow missionary friend of mine who went to college with this guy, David Stockman, pointed out his amazing ability to get the grasp of loads of detail, including specific numbers, in his appearances before Congress in the Reagan years, and his impressions from their college days.

A previous book analyzes why, in his words, the Reagan administration “failed”, and in conversations at the following link from CSpan‘s, he points out that many Republicans have some wrong ideas about the Reagan years, myths. Democrat Party cheerleaders and partisans my like those quotes, but even before I read the book, which I plan to do, I suspect those partisans will not like his reasons for saying it.

Gene patents are theft; NY hates the 2nd amendment; REPEAL OBAMACARE NOW!, AP misinformation spin on imperialist Chavez

April 17, 2013
English: Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice of...

English: Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Supreme Court is deciding whether human genes can be patented:

This is gone crazy, crazy. The very worst about it is that we CANNOT TRUST the Supreme Court to rule justly, and according to the law and the Constitution. They provide cover for the Congress now, when they can determine that they can get away with pushing the envelope toward the world government they want.

The gene is already there in nature, it is NOT a “new invention” by this company. None of the genes that exist are. You found it maybe, and you get credit for isolated it, so what? Take credit for it, like a biologist taking credit for discovering a new species, but the biologist cannot take credit for “inventing” it.

In fact, anybody walking around with this gene embedded in their chromosomes, are they going to have to pay royalties? This is insanity!

In the late Michael Crichton’s novel, “NEXT”, he added an essay where he attacked gene patents ferociously but with an abundance of logic. I was accepting of patents at the time, but since then I subscribe to the position that all so-called “intellectual property” is not a legitimate use of power over natural individual rights.


Fight on against New York state’s gun control arrogance:

I say arrogance because it violates the right to bear arms, which is also the right to self-defense. Cuomo is the extremist who cares not for individual rights, just the right of the government to rule its subjects. No longer treated as the citizens from whom government gets its marching orders, they want to claim a dictatorship of the 51%, BUT ONLY WHEN THEY WANT SOMETHING.

In other words, if they can get it from legislators who

Beware, background checks are only precursors to the necessity for a national registration database –distributed or not—and that is one of the most dangerous aspects of this.

What idiot ever said you can trust any government to remain “benign” forever, even if you think yours is currently nice?


Now this:

“” is full of baloney with the headline that the Obamacare debate is over. Their central piece of evidence? Governor Scott in Florida “throwing in the towel”. Presumably that means he signed on to creating a state-based exchange as prescribed in this 30,000 page unconstitutional “law”. Yeah, guys, I know the Supreme Court said it was constitutional, but that was based on the “temporary insanity” of self-contradicting vocabulary, saying that although they know a penalty is not the same as a tax, and Congress knew what it was doing when it said “penalty”, no matter, it’s a tax because he wanted to declare it constitutional.

No matter that if any of us, or any group of us the people, forced you to buy something, or “confiscated” your property if you didn’t, this would be illegal. That’s what “protection rackets” are.

I don’t believe any of the election results out of Venezuela for the Chavistas, including the one he “lost”, at least especially after the first one:

Venezuela’s elections are done with electronic voting machines. They cannot be trusted at all. All software engineers know this, because you cannot protect any such machine from the coders (“Trust us!” they say) or the salesmen that push it (“Trust us! It’s safe!”) or the elections officials that manage the elections. That’s anywhere, including Stalin’s Russia, Putin’s Russia, Venezuela, and the United States.

Thank God in my county of Miami-Dade they stopped using e-voting machines!


Crime was already really bad in Venezuela before Chavez seized power, but it got so much worse after he won control that they stopped reporting the numbers early on in his reign. The infrastructure is decaying from negligence and programs for the poor are sputtering. Chavez poured money into spreading his revolution and his own oligarchy. He poured millions of dollars into Honduras to try to get a plastic uprising going but even the poor were tired of Zelaya’s attempt at consolidating his de facto coup.

In spite of reporting the challenge to the vote by Capriles and the declaration by Capriles that their own independent tally from the voting showed an opposite result, AP still talks about how the Chavez heir Maduros “rode to victory” blah blah.

And then a big lie: “Millions of Venezuelans were lifted out of poverty under Chavez”. Based on what??! Who said so? Venezuelan government statistics? Fox News has to find a more reliable news agency.

A glimpse of reality in the middle, even AP has to cover its rear:

Venezuelans are afflicted by chronic power outages, crumbling infrastructure, unfinished public works projects, double-digit inflation, food and medicine shortages, and rampant crime — one of the world’s highest homicide and kidnapping rates — that the opposition said worsened after Chavez disappeared to Cuba in December for what would be his final surgery.

Also, apt wording for Americans here:

“We can’t continue to believe in messiahs,” said Jose Romero, a 48-year-old industrial engineer who voted for Capriles in the central city of Valencia. “This country has learned a lot and today we know that one person can’t fix everything.”

Chavez and his band of fascists (he made enough millionaires himself) tried to take over Honduras. Not nice. Honduras said no, No way Jose!


“Facebook lost 6 million U.S. users in May”, they report.


Here’s a new one:


Federal Reserve Awareness Day: Every 5th

March 3, 2013

I’m reposting a note sent to me by one of the stewards of “Federal Reserve Awareness Day”. More information is at the link which I repeat here for your convenience,

I deleted myself out of Facebook sometime ago already, but if you have a presence there, you might want to refer to the web page to spread the word. It’s a good conversation starter on the subject of liberty too..

If you’re wondering why I quit, here it is:
“This is Why I Quit Facebook”:

Hi trutherator,

I’m starting a monthly effort to generate more awareness of the Federal Reserve system, alternative currencies, sound money, etc. and if you’re interested I would like your help.

The idea is every fifth of the month I will post information each hour to this Facebook page: (please like this page!) so that those who are following the page can easily share the information and (hopefully) reach a large amount of people who still do not understand the Federal Reserve system and how it operates.

I’m also asking for suggestions on content and materials to share on the Facebook page in this open thread:

If you know of something (a video, article, image) that should be shared on the 5th I hope you’ll post it here. Any questions you might have and/or ideas for improving the effort are also greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration and thanks in advance for your participation.

-Trevor Lyman

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Happy New Year? (Thomas Sewell) – “Prophet of the Year”

January 1, 2013

Thomas Sewell’s article, pretty good:


With that in mind, my choice for the prediction of the year award goes to Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal for his column of Jan. 24, 2012, titled: “The GOP Deserves to Lose.”

Despite reciting a litany of reasons why President Obama deserved to be booted out of the White House, Stephens said, “Let’s just say right now what voters will be saying in November, once Barack Obama has been re-elected: Republicans deserve to lose.”

To me, the Republican establishment is the eighth wonder of the world. How they can keep repeating the same mistakes for decades on end is beyond my ability to explain.

Bret Stephens said, back at the beginning of 2012, that Mitt Romney was one of the “hollow men,” and that voters “usually prefer the man who stands for something.”

Yet this is not just about Mitt Romney.

Sewell goes on to explain things in a way that’s easy to understand, but one thing I don’t know if he understands is that it’s not a matter of Republicans pulling punches and mouthing empty platitudes. The problem with the Republican establishment is that it is part of the same Establishment as Democrats and they are LYING because they do NOT want to get rid of big government, they do NOT want to stop entitlements, and certainly don’t want to get rid of all that lucrative military spending.

Republicans shoot themselves in the foot to make sure they don’t upset all that crony capitalism they love.

Look at this:

With that in mind, my choice for the prediction of the year award goes to Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal for his column of Jan. 24, 2012, titled: “The GOP Deserves to Lose.”

Despite reciting a litany of reasons why President Obama deserved to be booted out of the White House, Stephens said, “Let’s just say right now what voters will be saying in November, once Barack Obama has been re-elected: Republicans deserve to lose.”

To me, the Republican establishment is the eighth wonder of the world. How they can keep repeating the same mistakes for decades on end is beyond my ability to explain.

Bret Stephens said, back at the beginning of 2012, that Mitt Romney was one of the “hollow men,” and that voters “usually prefer the man who stands for something.”

Yet this is not just about Mitt Romney.

That was stupid advice. In public opinion, you have to have a better PR strategy than plead the fifth by silence. When they use real bullets to shoot at you, use real bullets to shoot back, and if the bullets are just lying accusations, you shoot them back.

To that I would add you shoot back with extra power added on. What I mean by that is, use every opportunity they open up for you, to drive your big Mack truck through.

If Warren Buffet demands they raise his taxes, don’t just tell him to “donate” for an example, ask him if he really wants his neighbors to put the gun of the law to his head to take his property. Ask him if he means we should rob from his peers that disagree. Make big hay of the fact he is admitting that HE is being unfair by making all that much more money than the rest of us.

Ask Warren Buffet if he is going to order collective bargaining rights for the elected representatives of all the workers in ALL the companies he owns. Cut out the federal middleman.

Does he really want a “Robin Hood” to run the country?

Buffet, Put up or shut up. Invest in something that results in permanent job growth instead of voting to take money from Mom and Pop investors. And instead of HIDING the WHY your secretary pays a higher rate than you, EDUCATE the people who don’t know the subject. I once thought you were an honest investor. Now I’m quite sure you’re not so honest.

But mostly it’s education. If you think your neighbor should not be able to muzzle you or rob you, or tell you what to do, and make you pay by force for his ideas, then don’t vote for a government or a politician that does it.

Ron Paul says QE3 is “detachment from reality”

September 15, 2012
Ron Paul

Ron Paul (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)


Ron Paul says the Fed‘s announcement of QE3 (more massive money printing) shows a “detachment from reality”:

Some comments on some of the sites reporting Paul’s comments are not so polite, one commenter saying he thinks it’s on purpose, asking how could guys like that be so stupid…

Of course Ron Paul predicted this barely after QE2 was done, he said, because of course QE2 would not fix anything any more than QE1.


At least three Republican Party electors are saying so:

Certainly the RNC and the actions of the official Romney campaign deserve the strongest contempt and deserve this. Most of

90% bracket

September 8, 2012

Abusive taxation policies cheat the poor and mostly the middle class. Obama‘s own billionaire and Wall Street sponsors (how do you think he out-raised McCain in 2008?) like George Soros and the former CEO of Progressive Insurance, billionaire Peter Lewis, they help Congress write the tax laws together with their supposed “enemies”, other billionaires and Wall Street banksters, and their Wall Street-hatched buddies running the Federal Reserve print them all the money they need.

And the inflation that devalues the dollar for these fat cats means the housewife gets 10% of her grocery bill robbed right out of her hands just by their printing these “Federal Reserve Notes”.

And you thought they got rich by just cheating on taxes??!

Why are neither Romney NOR Obama talking about the Fed?

And consider. Does your next door neighbor have more than you? The most common excuse heard from robbers who burglar the mansions is, “They can afford it”. Even in a recent movie, the mastermind told the doubter the bank wasn’t going to lose anything, because the “FDIC insures it” all. (Since about a generation agone already, Memo to screenwriter: they insure one individual account per user up to only a hundred grand)

If you vote for taxes for you at 10% (or give me EIC$ back), and vote for taxes on a quarter-millionaire of 40%, what is fair about that? Said another way, if you tax a millionaire just because he’s a millionaire, and you’re not, explain to us how this is not “taxation without representation”.