ACLU spokesman utters their contempt for constitutional guarantee for the right to republican form of government

South Carolina sues Obama administration over voter ID law –,0,4401100.story

The right to vote is thrown into the trash with sneaky tricks like electronic voting, voting by mail, and now a ban on requiring ID.

The ACLU should call itself the Anti-Civil Liberties Union:

The American Civil Liberties Union said on Tuesday it would intervene in the lawsuit on behalf of the federal government.

“The Department of Justice followed the letter and the spirit of the law when it rejected South Carolina’s discriminatory voter ID law,” Nancy Abudu, senior staff attorney with the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project, said in a statement.

“Instead of fighting for this law in court, South Carolina and other states should focus on expanding the right to vote.”

Votes by mail is the biggest violation of the constitutional guarantee of the right to a secret ballot, because there is no such guarantee. Anybody can sell a vote, or vote intimidated, whatever.

A false balance is an abomination.

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