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Maryland moves back in the right direction, but true paper ballots are better

November 29, 2013
English: Fractional Cumulative Voting ballot s...

English: Fractional Cumulative Voting ballot sample Created for Wikipedia, by Tom Ruen, May 2004 with MSPaint (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Maryland Will Return To Paper Ballots In 2016 – found at Liberty Crier


Paper receipts for a vote are not enough. Make the ballot to be THE OFFICIAL ballot, and then the electronic count is just a count that is verifiable by going back to the hard copy.


Going back and re-reading an electronic store of a vote tally and calling that a “recount” is an outrageous scam. Whenever the elections officials talk about these changes, they say that they have increase the “confidence” of the voters in the elections “results”, which just means they have to fool enough people with the announced figures to get away with it.


But people are learning..


Check out the work done by Black Box Voting, and read founder Bev Harris‘ book “Black Box Voting: Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century: Bev Harris”:




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April 10, 2012
Eric Holder at Obama-Biden National Security P...

Eric Holder, Press Conference, 12-1-2012 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) "FRAUD? WHAT FRAUD?"

How long can the gullible take getting embarrassed by the people in power that they defend?

Watch ‘Eric Holder’ vote in stunning election-fraud videoWatch ‘Eric Holder’ vote in stunning election-fraud video:

You can bet Holder has seen this video by now and so he now has proof –we have it there– that eliminating ID requirements opens up voting to fraud. We all have also heard about the multiple places –this year and several times last year— when voter fraud and of course election fraud has occurred.

This is a back-handed way to steal elections. In Latin America it would be laughed out of town, because they already have too much fraud.

Stuff like this is turning America into the has-been laughingstock of the world.

Holder’s Injustice Department can call it a stunt (we still have freedom of speech in this country, at least for his guys, see) but it’s not quite like decriminalizing voter fraud with schemes to ban the evidence.

In St. Joseph County, Indiana, three Democratic Party officials have been arrested because they allegedly forged signatures so they could get the requisite signatures to get Obama, Hillary, and John Edwards on the ballots in the 2008 primaries.

The answer from the Central Command mouthpieces: No big deal, so what, it didn’t make a difference anyhow.

What great psych war expert picked that name, Voter Suppression anyway? Doublespeak dictionary editors couldn’t have done better even in Oceania.

So here’s a bumper sticker theme for you:


Banks require ID’s for the smallest tiny withdrawal from the bank, but attacking the right to a republican form of government that the Constitution says the federal government should protect, hey, that does not? It’s worth trillions of dollars now, and quintillions when the dollar crash comes, and it will be worthless when they consolidate the dictatorship.



ACLU spokesman utters their contempt for constitutional guarantee for the right to republican form of government

February 10, 2012

South Carolina sues Obama administration over voter ID law –,0,4401100.story

The right to vote is thrown into the trash with sneaky tricks like electronic voting, voting by mail, and now a ban on requiring ID.

The ACLU should call itself the Anti-Civil Liberties Union:

The American Civil Liberties Union said on Tuesday it would intervene in the lawsuit on behalf of the federal government.

“The Department of Justice followed the letter and the spirit of the law when it rejected South Carolina’s discriminatory voter ID law,” Nancy Abudu, senior staff attorney with the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project, said in a statement.

“Instead of fighting for this law in court, South Carolina and other states should focus on expanding the right to vote.”

Votes by mail is the biggest violation of the constitutional guarantee of the right to a secret ballot, because there is no such guarantee. Anybody can sell a vote, or vote intimidated, whatever.

A false balance is an abomination.

This is why it should be voting on voting day in person by secret ballot, period!

February 4, 2012

Court drama at vote trial – Times Union:

This is why absentee ballots are no light thing. Voting by mail only like in one state is absolutely unconstitutional, because the Constitution says we have a right to a secret ballot.

Freedom is getting attacked from different directions. Somebody even proposed the other day eliminating secret ballots.