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Gridlock – The storm is almost upon us

September 25, 2013

“The grid” will go down, especially if they have to do a false flag, the question is when:

The outgoing Homeland Security Secretary has a warning for her successor: A massive and “serious” cyber attack on the U.S. homeland is coming, and a natural disaster — the likes of which the nation has never seen — is also likely on its way

A book about it from former N. Dakota Sen. Byron Dorgan:

Former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett has been preaching the dangers of EMP, whether deliberate or natural, for many years:
We could have events in the future where the power grid will go down and it’s not, in any reasonable time, coming back up. For instance, if when the power grid went down some of our large transformers were destroyed, damaged beyond use, we don’t make any of those in this country. They’re made overseas and you order one and 18 months to two years later they will deliver it. Our power grid is very vulnerable. It’s very much on edge. Our military knows that.
There are a number of events that could create a situation in the cities where civil unrest would be a very high probability.
I think that those who can, and those who understand, need to take advantage of the opportunity when these winds of strife are not blowing to move their families out of the city. (source)
Don’t forget the veiled warnings implicit in predictive programming entertainment. One of last year’s biggest television hits was the show “Revolution“, which portrayed life 15 years after a deliberate take-down of the power grid.


Oh yeah, and now also we got CENTCOM contracting with a California company to enable a soldier to create 50 identities around the world to engage in chat rooms, forums and the like, complete with false backgrounds.


The U.S. Department of State reports that only 17 U.S. citizens were killed worldwide as a result of terrorism in 2011. That figure includes deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq and all other theaters of war.
You are 35,079 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack
– You are 33,842 times more likely to die from cancer than from a terrorist attack


This novel is going on my read-list queue, Gridlock:


Contempt and satire for the No-Such-Agency


One last note.

Spiritual preparation is more important than physical preparation.

Make sure you are have made your peace with God, through His Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.


Last word on Zimmerman (I think); Distraction from the important stories

July 17, 2013

We all saw the photos with wounds on head and broken nose. We all saw that the Prosecution withheld evidence. We all saw that Obama did the same stupid meddling as he did when he figured a black professor and professional indoctrinator was mistreated by a white cop. We all saw the Old Media and how they formed a feedback loop to call Zimmerman “racist“, and how Obama joined in to hype the thing.

(You’ve written good stuff about other things like the suspicious Hastings “accident” but on the Zimmerman story here you’ve allied with them).

Then those that were interested facts found out, together with the FBI, that Zimmerman was NOT a racist but that he was judged in fact by the color of his skin instead of the content of his character:

(1) in his blood runs the veins of a black grandmother
(2) mentoring two black kids with the gratitude of the mother
(3) took a black girl to prom night
(4) protested to the Sanford police over the mistreatment of a black suspect
(5) a good number of black friends that testified to his non-racist disposition
(6) FBI investigation trying to pry any little sign of racism out of something like 36 witnesses and saying “there’s no evidence”.

Gimme a break. This whole thing was pushed through and played up in Media so they could avoid the real stories:

(1) the Fed continues to trash the currency and the economy with fiat “notes”
(2) the IRS continues to drain the lifeblood of the economy
(3) business -and wow, unions even- are being crushed under the weight of Obamacare and the other related regulations
(4) businesses changing employees from full-time and even overtime hours for the ones that are productive and reliable and trustworthy down to 35 and 30 hours a week to avoid the Obamacare crush.
(5) The NSA spying on EVERY AMERICAN to see who opposes the government and to see what they might get on them. (See #6)
(6) Janet Napolitano and DHS have still nether apologized nor cancelled their “watch list” for federal, state, and local enforcement officers, for including veterans, Ron Paul supporters, constitution supporters, libertarians, as potential terrorists, making them the real terrorists
(7) the Benghazi fiasco and cover-up and blatant lies
(8) the seizure of all the AP records and the naming of a journalist as criminal for his speech, and then having the gall to blame it on the lack of a law (they don’t even pretend to obey the constitution anymore)
(9) testimony to Congress by the Defense Minister that they go to war when they want to asking permission of the United Nations instead of Congress, and by the way, if we feel like we’ll tell you we’re doing it.
(10) the obliteration of a BLACK town of 10,00 in Libya by the “rebels” Obama and NATO installed in government there.. Now how about those 10,000 racist murders?

(11) the presidential kill lists.

How much will it take?
At least Mr. Duff did ask the right questions about the Hastings death.

TSA Help Wanted – hilarious satire animation about TSA perverts, Janet Napolitano and the Bill of Rights

February 11, 2012
English: Official portrait of United States Se...

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TSA Help Wanted – hilarious satire animation about TSA perverts, Janet Napolitano and the Bill of Rights –

New York Lawmakers Reportedly Ask For Mercy For Tourist Arrested With Gun At 9/11 Memorial | Fox News

December 31, 2011

There they go again:

Add to that this persecution of “Tea Party leader”, charged with no less than a FELONY using an unjust law in a manner that is unreasonable and unjust both, besides the law and the application both being unconstitutional anyway:

It makes one wonder whether maybe his name was on Janet Napolitano‘s enemy list. Remember that one? Half the population of America is on her hit list. With the Obama-Clinton foreign policy now clearly in favor of facilitating the assassination of American citizens whenever the Assassin-in-Chief says so, that means half of us are possible targets.

A lot people feel like “It can’t happen here”. A lot of Jews in 1930’s Germany said the same thing, while a minority of them with the means and with their eyes open got out. Half of us have a foreboding about this; a lot of my fellow Christians, again those with the means and with their eyes open, have found homes elsewhere.

There were lots of Germans, Jews and Gentiles both, in the 1930s, whose response to the warnings was the same as we here today from many people, “I stop listening to an argument when somebody mentions the Nazis, the discussion is over”.

The American Legion feels targeted in the Obama-Napolitano hit list, for good reason. Right-to-lifers and Constitutionalists are on there, feeling crosshairs on their backs, hoping that their fellow citizens will do what’s right and help stop the march toward tyranny, and practice a true “tolerance” like one would expect from the meaning of the word.

The land of free speech is turning into the land of hate speech–speech they hate and are trying to ban.

Pooh pooh they say, but one of Teddy Kennedy‘s last efforts before he went to meet his Maker, was to try to set up a Thought Police that would watch for banned “hate speech”. Things like “Choose Life”, “In God We Trust” in the wrong place, like “We should follow the Constitution”.

Her hate list/hit list was almost plagiarized with variations from the SPLC hate list of “patriot” organizations:

Constitution Party is on there of course. John Birch Society is there of course. Oath Keepers (who swear they will obey the Constitution). And “Truth Radio” whatever that is. I guess they’re going to use radio waves (maybe TCP-IP packets) to do damage.

The Constitution Party denounces the “war on terror” as an excuse to increase government power, something that was almost an official Democratic Party platform during the George W Bush presidency. But like in 1984, the “Inner Party” rulers seem to decree what the media and populace, and so in lockstep, suddenly under what they call the “other” major political party, what was too much scary government power became now a subversive thought.