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“180” – An award-winning documentary!

February 24, 2012

This short movie (30 minutes) will blow your mind. The first few seconds start with a big bang. Big. There are a bunch of college kids who did not know who Adolf Hitler was.

Watch this movie, it’s worth it.

___ And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

P.S. For those Jews who claim to be so indignant about comparisons between the German holocaust and the American holocaust there are a couple of things to remember:

#1. The Jews do not own the Holocaust. Much less, a small powerful handful that claims to speak for the rest of them. On the one hand, the producer of this video himself is of Jewish background, so was the founder of one of the most effective Christian missionary movements of all time.

#2. The outrage is saying a person is not a human being like Hitler did to not only the Jews, please, but abortion was legal in the lead-up to the Nazi takeover, and he also slaughtered as many non-Jews as he did Jews, according to all the estimates I’ve heard all my life of 6 million Jews and 6 million non-Jews. Gypsies, handicapped, dark-skinned people, and yes, Hitler was eliminating Christians too, tens of thousands of them, at least.

#3. There is an undercurrent of ingratitude in some quarters, too, with respect to Christianity. The most Protestant-influenced nation in recent centuries  is the United States, and as Dennis Prager, well-known Jewish writer and speaker and talk show host points out, there has never been any such pogroms as there were in some episodes of European history.

And tens of millions of Christian soldiers from the United States and England and France and the Resistance and inside Germany itself gave their lives fighting the Nazis and to end the Holocaust.

Let us (and them) never forget that either, okay?


Simon Wiesenthal Center disrespects Holocaust victims

February 16, 2012


Mormons Apologize For Posthumous Baptism Of Jewish Rights Advocate Simon Wiesenthal | Fox News:

I wouldn’t bother with any “posthumous baptizing”, that’s a Mormon thing, but they’re squawking too much. See here the kind of disrespect they have for Holocaust victims themselves:

Wiesenthal died in 2005 after surviving the Nazi death camps and spending his life documenting Holocaust crimes and hunting down perpetrators who remained at large. Jews are particularly offended by an attempt to alter the religion of Holocaust victims, who were murdered because of their religion, and the baptism of Holocaust survivors was supposed to have been barred by a 1995 agreement.

Maybe it’s an oversight by the reporter, in the generalization, but “Holocaust victims” has a meaning when I’ve seen in used that includes the Holocaust survivors.

As to any religion that means anything, in my opinion, and here again there might be something missing in the reporting, but any religion that subjects its doctrines to “agreements” with other religions does not respect either the truth or its own religion. In this case, though, it seems as though this went against official church doctrine, going by the reaction of the hierarchy, and I’ve never heard of anything similar, either…

The truth is the truth no matter what.


November 5, 2011

This book was apparently meant as a warning against a rightist takeover in the USA like the one in Germany happening at the time, in 1935, but it turns out that the same warnings apply to the danger of leftist tyranny.

Just like the National Socialists (note caps) were “no danger to democracy” to some gullible anti-conspiracy ideologues at the time, today’s apologists for the growing massive police power over our persons and property today claim it is no danger….