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The truth about the Pilgrims:

November 25, 2013

My reply to the Washington Post opinion about the Pilgrims:

About Point 2: In their own Mayflower Compact, they listed as a principal reason to come to America was as a witness to the Indians for salvation in Jesus Christ.

Point 3: It wasn’t “the first Thanksgiving“, exactly, but it is symbolically and significantly, because it was a thanksgiving celebration to thank first God and secondly to express gratitude toward the Indian neighbors..

Kudos for Point #4. The Pilgrims had fun, fun, fun…

About Point #5, you give too much overblown credit in your own mind to the “divine right” idea. Like one famous preacher said once about a drunk, he said “There but for the grace of God go I”, meaning he was not any better than that drunk. They were possibly thankful to God himself that the King had opened these new lands to them. And there are millions upon millions of Biblical Christians who regard it as an act of the grace of God that King James was the king during those years, because today we have the legacy, the evidence, the fruit, in the King James Bible. It is such a magnificent piece of literature, and as even the skeptical Napoleon recognized, much more than just literature, that even militant atheist proselytizer Richard Dawkins said he was honored to add his voice to a voice recording of it.

How about another great point or two:

Squanto was the first American Indian they encountered and in one of those “coincidences” he happened to speak fluent English, “the king’s English” as it is called, and became intermediary between the Indians and them, and he was Christian.


When the Pilgrims and the natives got together on that famous first at least most famous and earliest well-known day of giving thanks, to whom do you think the Pilgrims were giving thanks? Read this found at “”&#8230;

Turn your heart toward Thanksgiving

The Mayflower Compact, a painting by Jean Leon...

The Mayflower Compact, a painting by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris which was widely reproduced through much of the 20th century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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International corporate juggernauts

May 27, 2013
George Soros, billionaire

George Soros, billionaire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A “return back to international corporate juggernauts” does not deserve the revisionist history heaped upon it. People’s real incomes increased leaps and bounds from 1850 to 1900 in the USA, before a faction of “international corporate juggernauts” began to yell about those (other) “international corporate juggernauts” and “we have to stop them!” and they started passing laws to stop those (other) “international corporate juggernauts”.


Except, of course, they told us they were “one of us” and they were “helping” us stop those (other) “international corporate juggernauts”. Pay no attention to billionaire George Soros‘ billions, he’s “helping” us by financing “Obama“, please don’t look at the money, pay attention to the rhetoric please.


“Right wing” and “left wing” are from the Doublespeak dictionary from this particular subset of a faction of “international corporate juggernauts”.


The de-salination machine example is good for the illustration of the principle. The “real-world” counter-example of state-funded technology development is an illustration of stealing your money to give it to somebody, but the greatest advantages of recent centuries have been from private initiatives. The telegraph, the steam engine, the telephone, radio, telescope, movable print, vacuum tubes, microchips, cell phones, plastics, air conditioning, the PC, all these things were developed with private initiatives, not the state. The state wastes valuable resources that could be used for production, diverting them to political priorities, or the whims of the guy who likes using money confiscated from your pocket for his own whims. “Scientific” or not. Haha. Like studying whether monkeys get high on marijuana. Thank you, but no refunds.


The libertarian philosophy does not consider state funding as “free market” friendly because it is theft from somebody else. Lower taxes only means the state bosses are stealing less money from you.


Forcing you to hire somebody at more than minimum wage is neither “free market” nor “fair”. A free market of labor gives the teenager and the less-intelligent among us a chance to work for a living and contribute to production. The minimum wage tells him to go pound sand. Don’t worry, we’ll steal it from somebody else and we’ll pay you to sit on your fanny. Or we’ll steal it from somebody else who might have paid you more, so we can “subsidize” your pay.

Learn more at….


“Death with dignity” or “Useless Eaters”? Power and paternalism says “Go ahead and die!”

May 27, 2013

The title to the article found at the following link is a propaganda piece itself and a tendentious accusation, and the author is not stupid. She KNOWS that it is not true, because without even checking other articles, we know that she accuses pro-lifers of religious motivation. I don’t know, maybe she switches personalities depending on the issue. Her title: “Assisted dying isn’t contested on religious grounds – it’s about power, paternalism and control”.

On that site, they claim that the lay people of almost all religious self-identifying persuasions favor “assisted suicide”, and they point out that the clergy and other leaders oppose. They love to use a majority opinion when it suits their purpose, while saying a judge is “legally” correct in pointing out that a poll majority is no basis for law, they immediately contradict the concession by making it still sound like an elite imposition on the majority.

Polls have lost credibility a long, long time ago. Especially for making any argument for anything. I have been polled myself. The wording of the question, asking leading “questions” to change the mind of the respondent. They inflicted the same question upon me in three different ways in that poll. The “surveyor” only stopped because I stopped the questioning. They assured me my answers would count anyway.

Did they count my responses in their “results”? I’ll never know, and neither will you. The results of that poll were publicized in the obvious direction the pollsters were supposed to evoke, but they are usually useless. They certainly are real arguments for nothing at all. “Approval ratings” are also bogus, believable only when there isn’t too much at stake. Not only useless, they are in essence frauds meant to play with the public mind. Propaganda tools.

I do not have a big clergy salary or position, work as easily reporting to woman bosses as to men bosses, I hate control as a mostly anarcho-capitalist  libertarian, and I don’t think anybody should have cultural sanction to kill another person. That’s finality in the control category, killing somebody, and that’s exactly the problem that inflicts so many PATHOLOGICAL killers. No emotion at killing somebody.

Now we have advocates of “mercy” killing.  They do not deny their emotions, but here comes the “for your own good” rationale beating down on common sense.

Oh, but that stage is maybe to follow. The powers that be that are pushing this theme are not yet going to admit that their real goal is the elimination of what Hitler called “useless eaters”. For now it’s a “compassionate” [sic] concern for the desires of the suffering.

For now, they say they only want to “help” those who are of “sound mind” who want to go. Presumably who also suffer from terminal disease. That’s their main argument anyway.

Kid you not. “Help them” die instead of talking them out of suicide. Hello? Rational logic calling! Come back!

In this “Brave New World” drowning in drugs and the commercialization of pleasure and hedonist philosophies, instead of improving techniques for improving the lives of the suffering, they want you to think of just letting them die. What a psych trick to say “Death with dignity” rather than a “poor quality of life”. There is no “dignity” in either killing yourself, and there is a lot less dignity in helping someone you say you love to kill themselves. Or instead of talking them out of it, nod your head, knowing that it is your partner’s pride that does not want to be dependent for life.

The compassionate thing is to make them know that their lives are important to you, making them know that they are more useful to you alive than dead.

(Meantime, many of the same powers that be advocate dependency on strangers from government for the poor).

Not the new twist in the psych of that title. They added a new Doublespeak to the Newspeak dictionary, calling it “assisted dying” instead of “assisted suicide”. Suicide has a bad name. Suicide is a bad name. That’s because suicide is a very bad thing.

If you kill somebody else, it’s called murder. If you kill yourself instead, that’s called suicide. To some people that makes all the difference. But it is still somebody killing somebody. If it’s bad to kill somebody, it’s bad to encourage them or help them kill themselves.

But in the real world of rational discussion, the thing that makes it bad for somebody to be killed at the hand of another, is just as tragic a death if somebody is killed at their own hand.

The worst aspect of this is the degenerate drop of moral pretense here. While arguing in moral terms, the Powers That Be that want this expose themselves in that they show that they care not about life over death. They have other plans for you.

This is Pandora’s box. Their game is over, their gig is up, it’s going to start winding down. There will be some blowback from the Powers That Be that want to hold the power of life and death over the rest of us. People are beginning to wake up to their oppression, in spite of their tendency to hide in the shadows and behind secret societies, old boys’ networks and the like.

This paternalistic ruling clique wants us to believe that we the people have demanded the “right” to kill ourselves and get a doctor to turn upside down help us die instead of help us live. But there is a twist to this, just like with a “woman’s right to choose”. With a “woman’s right to choose”, it really becomes an invitation for a man’s “right to choose”.

A few women do jump into hedonistic behaviors and abortion is their “safety” net for avoiding motherhood (so they’ve been told). But nature tells them in the back of the mind and in the region of the heart that having a baby in the womb makes them a mother. The desire is there and the “Silent No More” movement of women who publicly confess and denounce their own abortions is a demonstration of this, along with the fact shown in surveys of the symptoms of post-abortion syndrome.

In one pro-abortion movie, in fact, it made light humor of one young girl bragging that she had told FIVE different guys that it was their baby so she could get the money not only for the abortion but a trip to Hawaii. Real funny.

A few women do jump into hedonistic behaviors and abortion is their “safety” net for avoiding babyhood (so they’ve been told). But surveys have shown that in the majority of cases, the women “choosing” abortion did it under pressure of a father, a mother, an uncle, or the boyfriend.

So it is a lie that abortion is simply a “choice” for women. It has made them more vulnerable to the demands of men, in fact. It has added pressure for them to approach sexuality in the same way as men. The long-term blowback is felt by the older feminists who yearn for motherhood. Connie Chung is one of the most famous of these, not exactly a “feminist”, but one who bought into the myth that a woman could have a fulfilling career same as a man without the naggings of motherhood. Too late, she sought motherhood. It is not paternalistic to understand this.

Denying your nature, denying who you are, denying the physical and natural testimony of your physiology, this is not a simple matter of “choice” or “law” or “decree”.

There is one more road to hell here, whether you want to think it’s paved with good intentions or not.

In a moral society, we expect doctors to heal us when we’re sick, alleviate our pain, and help us avoid death as much as possible. Doctors enter the profession with this orientation in mind. Part of the horrors of the Axis powers during World War II was the turning of this on its head. Medical knowledge was applied to death instead.

To legalize this will end the universal expectation of doctors. Some have already been indoctrinated by the fact of death in the baby-killing business, as in the Gosnell case in Philadelphia. Not even playing the race card saved him from the horrified reaction even from the partial-birth abortion advocates. Unsaid in the coverage was the fact that now President Obama uttered one of his few voiced opinions in the Illinois State Senate against strengthening the penalties for the kind of things that Gosnell did as a matter of course.

May God save us from this pro-death propaganda. That’s what it is.

I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live: – Deuteronomy 30:19



Parents: Tell Your Children the Truth

January 5, 2013

First off, I don’t like practical jokes, and this was an example of it, and get this into your brain: there is nothing “practical” about them at all. And raising my children, I cannot remember even once ever lying to them. I told them plainly all along there was no Santa Claus.

Fox and Friends‘ panel this morning (January 5, 2013) discussed the video of a mother doing a practical joke on her son.

Dr. Susan Lipkins said that the parent should not have punked her child, and there is Dr. Robert Epstein who says it’s okay because from his studies with thousands of families, the most important factor is an environment of big love and affection for the children.

She was interviewed on Fox and Friends Saturday about the viral video of that Mom who did this with her child. For context, she wrote a book condemning practices of bullying and hazing among groups of kids, at schools and in other contexts.

First, emphasize this, it is true that loving your kids, spending time with them, having fun with them, is the most important factor in raising your children. Some parents are better at this than others.

I think the mother is targeted too harshly though by some, as this is good gossip fodder for busybodies who like to criticize others and jump in against them. Not that I would count Ms. Lipkin among them. She was asked her opinion, and used the occasion to give it. Of course. As did the other psychiatrist they had on.

But in one brief moment during the interview it was mentioned that another thing that Lipkins says is that parents should never lie to their kids. Yay!

This is something I always have said, and of course that applies to Santa Claus and other such myths. When the name came up, I always told my kids there was no Santa Claus.

I sat behind one of our my oldest two boys on a bus trip once, and there was a girl who was in a seat next to him asked him what Santa Claus had brought him, because it was just after Christmas. He replied that there was no Santa Claus. I was delighted to hear this. Then she echoed the the meme they push every Christmas season, saying he represents a spirit of the season, or something like that. I was compelled to come in at that point: “Yeah, the wrong one”.

Think about the trauma of kids that spend the first few years of their awareness of life being told something by their parents that they later find out –likely from peers about their own age at school– that there is no Santa Claus. When they go back and ask their parents, the parents confess up, although some of them argue about it because some pop psychologist that they have seen on Pop Media have told them it’s good for the kid to believe the myth.

So they go on telling the kids a lie and finally the gig is up anyway.

For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth. – 2 Corinthians 13:8


People, stop going along with what you’re told to think

June 1, 2012

But some people think everybody should think all the same cookie-cutter groupthink like they’re told and get with them.

Boy Scouts get petition to reinstate lesbian den mom | www.wdbo.comL

So what if 90% of Germans go along with Hitler?

Scouts spokesman Deron Smith released a statement saying there are no plans to change the policy but the group values freedom of expression.

Statement from the Boy Scouts of America:

Scouting values the freedom of everyone to express their opinion and teaches its members to treat everyone with courtesy and respect at all times. The BSA sets polices that are best for its organization and membership. The BSA welcomes all who share its beliefs but does not criticize those who wish to follow a different path.

The groupthink phych engineers tell us about those who think the Boy Scouts are wrong but they should go start their own groups, except they know parents would not rush to join their boys.

Instead they’re trying to force us to do what they want and by the way, cut to nothing scouting, which teaches good survival skills that will be needed badly in the coming years.

And for knee-jerk reactionaries ready to answer indignantly with the canned hypnotized talking points from the Ministry of Truth is Lies, remember that I would vote for this guy Michael Cargill over Romney:

The ones who rush to say the Boy Scouts should be forced to use “gay” scoutmasters, even the ones who lied by claiming the position against the rules of the position, are the ones who have the phobia, afraid of a different opinion, a moral standard. Maybe they’re afraid that their position of forcing people to act the way they want them to is a wrong position.

The Boy Scouts is NOT a monopoly. They could all go start their own scouting organization. So maybe their phobia is that parents will not come flocking over, they will not be eager to move their kids along. Nobody’s stopping them. Their natural right to assemble with whom they please is the same natural right of the Boy Scouts to do the same thing.

And infiltration tactics, where somebody infiltrated the assembly pretending to be something else, even if it’s with the help of some of the local scout leaders, is something that affects the scouting organization nationwide.

A similar thing happened with many so-called “mainstream” Protestant churches and to some extent the Roman Catholic. Instead of starting their own organizations, dissidents who did not believe in the precepts required of members and leaders in many denominations, instead of starting their own groups, they coveted the established resources of existing fellowships and infiltrated and pushed and pushed until they pushed it over the edge.

And all that irreverence is one of the reasons that the younger set among the congregants are disappearing from them, and for the sprouting up of upstart fellowships everywhere.


Live longer: Heart care habits

May 15, 2012

The Worst Habits for Your Heart:

Shut off the TV!

Get a positive attitude! A merry heart doeth good like a medicine! Laughter boosts blood flow! Make it a belly laugh!

Stop snoring, there are ways, because it wakes you up at night and interferes with the rest you need…

Eat your fiber!

Floss! Prevent gum disease!

Quit smoking!

Live right, eat right,

Find more good pointers:

Jesus a socialist? He rather took a whip to the thieving lying money changers!

April 8, 2012
Keynesian Economics

Keynesian Economics (Photo credit: Seabamirum)

Chavez was praying publicly to Jesus at an pre-Easter mass at the Catholic Church where he took communion from the priest there, despite many years of harsh criticism of the Church.

And from reactions, it seems he repeated the old myth pushed by leftists everywhere that Jesus was some kind of radical leftist.

It’s a myth because he certainly was not. He went about everywhere HIMSELF healing the sick and helping the poor and comforting the broken-hearted. Yes, he condemned the hypocritical Pharisees and those who have this world’s goods and who know to do good and do it not.

That’s why he would most certainly be a plague upon today’s version of the money changers who corrupt the churches and the political class. He took his whip to the thieves and robbers who had profaned the temple in Jerusalem and drove them out, the only time he took physical action against the oppressors of the poor and innocent. In spite of the ubiquitous quote about rendering unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God, there is a less-known passage in Matthew chapter 17 that shows what he thinks about the people who tell you what you have to give in taxes.

Matthew 17: 24 And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute [money] came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute?

Today, he would go after the Federal Reserve and they would send “fellows of the baser sort” against him to testify against him, attack him, again, and they would call him all kinds of names, just like the Sanhedrin and money changers did then, and the Romans to his followers later when he threatened the livelihood of idol makers that live off pagan superstitions that they themselves promote.

Yes, that privately owned (not “federal”) currency printing and manipulation enterprise (no real “bank”, just cartel executives), and no reserves of real value to stabilize the value of the currency.

Bernanke said 2 percent inflation is “not so bad”. Yeah, not to him, because multiply that “2%”by all the dollars that the middle class and the poor have in hand, and he gets a pretty penny just by electronically “printing” enough dollars to make it 2%! And favor whomever they will with it. Who do they favor? We don’t know except for the revelation of some of the TARP and stimulus money that Ron Paul‘s bill forced them to divulge, so now we now that the richest banks and hustlers of Europe and the United States got it, while the middle class lost their homes and the poor lost even more hope.

But what about the housewife? Now she has to give up this, give up that, and we in the hinterlands, we know that the inflation is already higher than 2% and that the low-ball figures they give us from their perch above the masses is a bunch of hooey. The housewives and providers of America know that it’s more than that, because we are watching prices go up and the value of our dollars go down.

Gas prices are among the most volatile and visible barometer of inflation and the direction it’s headed, and it’s double what it was just a couple of years ago. Not so much due to less supply, or even speculators counting on less supply, though that is surely a factor, but it’s more dollars circulating as people are told to be more confident in the economy. When there is more confidence, there are more enterprises that stop sitting on money so much and invest it more.

But the problem of the central planners and the clueless Keynesian graduates of central-control indoctrination centers, is that NOBODY can accurately and precisely predict how any economic measure is going to affect the zillions of decisions of individual people going about their lives.

When the government uses its threat of firepower to take a big chunk of your livelihood for some “good cause”, it distorts the picture for all of us and throws a wrench into the way it would work out.

A lot of the actors that push this scheme are well-intentioned, just gullible. I used to be one so I know.

On the other hand, there are some of the vilest schemers in history who know that these measures kill prosperity and tell us lies about it to get us to go along.

Such a one was Karl Marx, who made a big platform point for the Communist Manifesto of establishing central banks in every country in the world.

As yourself: Why would Karl Marx want a cartel of the Wall Street-type and international bankers to have a total monopoly on all the currencies of the world?!

The only reasonable answer I can figure out, and I don’t seem people asking this, is that it is the easiest way to control the people, manipulate their economic life, and establish a dictatorship. BUT! If he knew it would lead to his Communist dictatorship, then this baloney about the poor and this fraud about bringing down the mean greedy capitalists was a ruse to put some special group of them in power!

Yes, Jesus would go to Washington and preach it from the hilltops: Throw out the money changers, thieves and robbers!

Adoption is a win-win-win for mother, baby and loving parents

March 18, 2012
Português: Bento XVI durante encontro com os j...

Brazilian youth for life (Image via Wikipedia)

Soviet poster circa 1925. Title translation: &...

Adoption by Choice, Erie, PA (Image via Wikipedia)

Adoption by Choice, Erie PA

Adoption by Choice, Erie PA (Photo credit: hbimedialibrary)

If you know a  young woman (or not so young) considering induced abortion, let her know she can put the baby up for adoption to one of the thousands of couples on waiting lists and so still have “her” life, and bless the baby and bless two loving parents who would like to have a child, and avoid the emotional wounds and pain and regrets and the increased health risks for an artificially induced termination:

Tell Stan to have ready this for the co-worker to pass on to this niece in case of remorse, which happens frequently:

It is a web site put up by women and for the tens of thousands of women who repented of their abortions, and plead with those considering induced abortion to reconsider for their own sake, as well as for the sake of the baby in the womb.

The web site links to the horrifying experience of Julia Holcomb, who was coerced into a saline abortion at 17, result of a dalliance with the Aerosmith lead singer.

If the champions of “choice” and “women’s reproductive rights” and “sexploitation” would demand an end to the force abortions in China and would work harder to expose the cases of heavy-hand of male pressure on women to terminate their babies’ growth inside, they would leave themselves less exposed to the obvious charge of hypocrisy and false flag ideology. They assault women’s rights every time.

Pictures of babies in the womb here (a rose by any other name):

The baby has a heartbeat at only 18 days from conception.

The feminist case against abortion:


More, four stories that represent tens of thousands of others across the country, just among pro-life activists, who are adoptees that were conceived in a rape:

One is Laura Tedder, whose biological mother made several attempts to abort her and who suffered from birth as a result from a form of cancer that lost her one eye, plus a number of surgeries and treatments. The birth mother dropped her off at two days old at her brother’s house, who adopted her, and she said this:

When Laura was able to speak with her birth mother years later, she told her, “I’m just calling to thank you so much for giving me to your brother. What a wonderful life I’ve had! I just want to thank you so much for giving me life; God bless you!” Though Laura’s birth mother has repeatedly rejected her efforts at reconciliation, Laura said in her online testimony, “I have forgiven her and harbor no resentment. Any people in similar circumstances with a parent should let go of their resentment sooner so they can reconcile before it is too late.”

Nobody, absolutely nobody, has been able to tell me what is different about a baby that is two inches apart from point A to point B where killing it at point B is killing a baby and at point A it is a “choice”.


Open letters from women who have had abortions and want to encourage other women who are pregnant:

The link between abortion and breast cancer has been shown in several medical studies:

“MasterCare International an international group of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists was presented with the evidence of the link between abortion and breast cancer at its international conference in Rome in October 2004 by Dr Joel Brind’s research group.  The medical explanation and the epidemiological evidence convinced our  group that there is a significant increase in breast cancer risk after induced abortion, especially before the first full term pregnancy.  This evidence has been denied by the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) and other researchers.  Recently ten studies have been published in an attempt to discredit Brind’s conclusion.

“In turn Brind has examined these ten studies and in a peer reviewed paper published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (Vol 10, No 4, Winter 2005, <>) he  has shown that they have serious methodological weaknesses and flaws and therefore do not invalidate the conclusion that there is a increased risk of breast cancer.

“Women have a basic right to know of this increased risk of breast cancer and it is unacceptable that the information should be denied to them by the medical and cancer research  establishments. MaterCare International as an organization of women’s health specialists  recognizes its responsibilities in this matter and will do all it can to publish this evidence.”

Twins, Science, ESP, Music, Messages

February 12, 2012
Landing of the Pilgrims by Cornè, Michele Feli...

Piglrims landing in Massachussets

I’ve always suspected that twins would be the most sensitive –at a distance– to each other’s feelings, desires, thoughts…

This reminded me of my intellectual travel through my college and post-college years.

I am a “child of the 1960s”, that agitated generation that was among the first affected by court decisions that declared that America was no longer a “Christian” nation. It had been culturally Christian since the Pilgrims landed, something even the never-“BiblicalTime magazine recognized once upon a time in an edition that the Bible had been the dominant force shaping the cultural and political landscape from the time of the Pilgrims.

But in my first class in high school, the teacher first thing he said was, Let us get one thing clear, right now, he said, the Bible is wrong, period. He didn’t say it like that of course, what he said was that we were created by “evolution”, nothing more, it’s a fact, period, and he would not tolerate dissent.

What a clueless know-it-all idea! I’ve learned since then that the same group of religiously and fanatical Darwinists accuse believers of claiming to “have the corner on truth”!

That was the first volley in the attack on my simple childhood faith and by the time I had gone through my years of college I was not only atheist, but had been a mild agitator in my own right against the Vietnam War and against capitalism.

But thank God my mind did not shut down in stupor like some of my peers.

Because I knew about phenomena like the twins article at the aforementioned link, I began to think about the related science. High school-level physics tells us electronic impulses generate electromagnetic fields, and high-school biology tells us that our nervous systems depend on constant firing of electric charges in combination with chemistry.

One plus one is two, but the next question was, why was research into the obvious possibilities at absolute zero??

It became evident over time that the reason was that the group of people who would be the researchers had decided it was “unscientific” and just refused to go there. Actually there was a subtext there too: such things were “religious”, “spiritual”, too hot to touch for “science”. After all, “science” supposedly proved all religious ideas wrong. Pressed on it, they might invoke “lack of evidence”, by which they really meant, they were not interested in exploring any evidence.

That was the unspoken context of government education. Still is. Genesis One is wrong, goes the narrative, and Christians were among the worst abusers of power of history, blah blah blah. Now, after talk radio was unleashed from the “Unfairness Doctrine”, and a few years of Internet free speech market, the word is out, that it is okay to recognize the obvious: That the worst abusers of all history have been the officially atheist Marxist regimes of the 20th century and even the 21st century. The worst abusers of the last half of the 20th century in second place are some of the Islamic nations, though not necessarily all of them, and historically they were not so consistently totally brutal as the atheist regimes.

Okay, anyway, on goes my story.  Undeterred by the lack of interest by “scientists” in following the confluence of physics and biology where it would lead, I decided to see what materials were out there about ESP (“extrasensory perception), “psychic” phenomena, and other things beyond the “edge” of science. “Tachyons” were already a subject for science fiction, a major hobby interest of mine as well.

I remembered prophecy as a real thing from my Dad’s sermons. I couldn’t find stuff on these subjects except the ones that tended on the “spooky” and crazy stuff. The most promising was an experiment at Stanford University (I think it was) that found they could get people to control the type of brain waves enough to type on a remote keyboard.

Prophecy, what is also called “premonition” or “clairvoyance”, was another thing to think about. This led to memories of sermons about prophecy from childhood days.

I had read one of Isaac Asimov‘s multitude of writings, where he had talked about Bible prophecy and concluded for you that it was all a bunch of nonsense. Self-fulfilling or vague he said.

Not an expert, but I knew that was wrong, vaguely remembering some of the things from earlier. That is now a blur, but ever since then I’ve learned of thousands of very specific predictions in the Bible and outside the Bible.

So that led me to do some research in the Bible, though I was still atheist, thinking there might be something there to learn about growing some ability in this area or find out more about these phenomena.

It led to thinking about everything again.

Hats off to my very liberal Geography teacher in high school, Cleveland High School in St. Louis, we all loved that guy. He emphasized at every turn that we should all think for ourselves about all things. He provoked us in political discussions too, and moderated class discussion about how to decide our vote in elections. He explained why he voted a straight Democratic Party ticket, but he was not a demagogue about it and he didn’t call dissenters names, and he made us feel that we would not be ostracized or humiliated if we dissented.

What a contrast with the religiously Darwinian fanatic, the Biology teacher.

So not necessarily just because of that Geography teacher, my mind began to wander outside the strictures pounded into us by government education, that we were not to take the Bible as history.

Boy oh boy what a ride it was after that.

I decided that the truth was the goal, no matter what it looked like. As in, open your mind to the truth even if it looks like a narrow truth.

Once that closed-minded barrier broke, following facts, science, history, and logic where it led, it became a road back to a lonely faith. Lonely because it was faith in God but all my peers were now steeped in the anti-faith indoctrination, and did not very open then to reason or rationality.

Other things were going on in my life too at the same time, other slow-forming epiphanies.

I was also getting sorely disillusioned with the fellow anti-war demonstrators and fellow leftists. None of them were much interested in my desire to join forces with the unions to overthrow capitalism. Unions were middle class by then. I remember some of the construction worker wildcat strikes in the news when I was a kid in the 1950s, and remember thinking that the hourly pay they were demanding was astronomical.

And working Americans at the time were heavily patriotic, too. We called them “hard-hats”, and in the early years they were furious over anti-war demonstrations. At one point, there was a pro-war march about half a million strong through central St. Louis, my home town.

But it didn’t take too much to see through the elitist leftist leaders. During those days, Pacific Gas and Electric raised the rates in the area for electricity, and their members, union workers, went on a wildcat strike, demanding they roll back the rates as their top demand!

At the time, a student body leader known as a leftist, led a group of us to something I think he needed to do for academic credits. It was a study of poor people of some theme or another. We went to East St. Louis, on the other side of the river, and went down to the riverbanks of the Mississippi River, and he did his oral interview with a black fellow there who was tending to a few hogs he had there.

About a hundred feet downriver there was a big electric tower, and there were two hard-hats there, remember, these were workers for PG&E. I suggested hey, look, these are the workers we need for revolution, let’s go talk to them. These rich kids –it was an expensive Ivy League university (I was there on 100% scholarship and loan)– starting with the “leader”, could not have snorted any more pig-like than the pig farmer’s hogs when he spit out his epithet: “hard-hats”.

That was my disillusion with that movement. Plus, with seeing the capitalists behind every bad thing happening, why did the Communist “alternative newspapers” treat the JFK assassination like it was nothing to think about, ho-hum?

Then there was rock music. A friend who was a “Trotsky” Communist who also loved the Beatles told me he thought there was a subtle pro-revolution (of the violent kind) message in the Beatles song that seemed to denounce violence for changing the world, which to us seemed a contrast to another one (“A working class hero is something to be”).

Wow. I was at my favorite group the Rolling Stones for singing about everything BUT revolution. Even “fighting in the streets” seemed to be for biker gangs, not us. So after that tidbit about the Beatles, I put on the headphones and started listening to all the Rolling Stones records my radical sociology professor had, because I was renting a room from him at the time.

It was a frustrating few weeks looking for a hidden revolutionary message, until finally one song’s “message” became clear, an exhortation to overdose without care, a message to welcome that “monkey on my back”.

The disillusion became outrage. From there I listened to the other albums I had liked so much. Jefferson Airplane told you “your mind is a thoroughbred” –if you could get through “baby you’re dead”, stroking the ego into eugenics, breed the race. Then there was “The Band”, telling us out loud we were puppets on a string, if you could undo the subtle psychology of the lyrics preceding that used association tricks to sublimate the conscious.

Some readers by now are thinking, Yeah, I knew that. Others are going, Wow, that’s right! Some others stopped thinking back at “monkey on my back”. But then there are psychologists saying “Yep. Light hypnotic state”.

My disillusion turned into frustration because none of my friends thought it was any big deal.

Shortly after that, my college years were over, and I moved my pre-induction draft physical to where the U.S. Statistical Abstract said there were the most medical deferments, North California. I had friends already in Berkeley, California.

The day after the doctors failed me in the exam for medical reasons, I met some street missionaries from the street missionaries that lit fire to the Jesus People movement and spent the afternoon with them.

A couple of months later, I returned to California from St. Louis to join this movement to change the world.

And that’s how it can be done. One heart at a time. You can’t wave a wand and impose goodness and light and  “democracy” on people who are not used to it, even if they yearn for the freedom that comes with a republican form of government. East Germans went through a lot of pain when they merged with their richer cousins of the West. Russia went through some pains with the partial privatization of their economy.

And the “Arab spring” is turning into an “Arab caliphate” ruled by mullahs of the Muslim Brotherhood, thanks to meddling. Better to support the Christians behind the Muslim Wall, and show them the God of love, and the life of resurrection, that wins hearts and minds to the truth.

Sports and politics: Pick your team; Ron Paul fans want a fair game

February 10, 2012

Coach in my son’s soccer team led them to Number 2 in the state  out of dozens of teams. One parent afterward started denouncing the coach in front of everybody and I was able to stop it, maybe too politely. That was quite an accomplishment for the coach, still studying engineering. He didn’t even favor his own son,  and one parent from the other team acknowledged afterward that ours was the better team even though they let the other team get two goals in the first couple of minutes.
I’m from St Louis, a baseball town.

I fondly remember Marvin  (God bless him) probably in heaven now. When I was a young boy he used to come to take me to baseball games and Gospel singing concerts and bowling. Grown up and gone “intellectual” and then missionary, though, I don’t even know the rules for football (I do like the Tebow Christian witness).

Elections in the U.S. have been contorted into a spectator sport where you pick your favorite team and hope you outnumber the other team’s fans. The way they set it up is each team gives you a list of permitted reasons to cheer for them instead of the other guy.

But the rules in the political cheering game have been rigged. The powers that be don’t know what to do with the one guy who is calling for a return to when the rules were fair to the fans, the maverick that they keep trying to pretend isn’t there. But there is an increasing number that once they realize what’s up with that, the epiphany sticks.