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Mockingbird Media, CIA fake news

December 20, 2016

Operation Mockingbird has turned the media with 90 percent of the audience and readership into a branch of the CIA. So this rogue runaway secret agency has been co-opted by Deep State.

They made “conspiracy theory” into an insult in Mockingbird Media but that has lost its sting because so many proved true.

So now they got this new one, “fake news”. That one is even easier to lobby back at them, because they have put out some much fake news and even the item “fake news” hit list is so obviously bogus disinformation they had to back off already, though the political robots will continue for a while before they get the message it’s backfiring.


Rep Party Bosses and Bigshots call on Trump to resign; Who Cares?!

October 9, 2016

A bunch of Republican party mafia bosses and power brokers are calling for Trump to resign. Blomberg pretends that we care:

They don’t have a reader commentary section. Bloomberg doesn’t like getting called on their spin stuff.

Crony Media given. I don’t think anybody who takes a minute to think about it can believe that 52 percent of the population gave Obama a favorable rating.

Not for nothing they don’t cover big news like the cancelled Hillary Clinton appearance in Hollywood, California the other day, where the Blacks For Trump protestors outnumbered the people that came to see Hillary.


Government has a slow-down, Wall Street rejoices

October 3, 2013

After all, can’t let the peasants find out that stopping runaway debt is a good thing!

In typical government-shill propaganda mode, ABC reporter said (or read) that “anger is growing across the nation” over the government slowdown. They then put on two sound bites from interviews supposedly with “the man on the street” (really?), that didn’t like it.

That was the morning. On the way home, there were so many callers on local talk shows that blasted the Obamacare law and cheered the cutting of funds that these local yokels (here on a couple of Miami, Florida stations) started begging people to call that actually liked it. Right after that, on the show where this gal who usually just reads the news, a guy called in who had lost his job because of Obamacare, along with nine other guys. Bet you everybody who isn’t a D.C. insider has a family member who’s been forced down to part-time jobs, too.

Of course there are lots more people who are mad about them forcing nationalized control of medicine against the will of the American people and who are angry at the ones who did it –and changed the rules to do it—and angry at what it’s doing. And THAT is the big news for two years now.

Lots of people are also mad at the Big Corporate news media for acting as government propaganda organs. And at local media guys who are saying they don’t like it either but “it’s the law” blah blah, as if the House has never defunded anything before.

Not for nothing the engineers of the US Constitution gave the House the responsibility of originating funding legislation. That’s because it most directly represents the people in local districts, and therefore are closest to the taxpayers.

The longer this goes on, the more that Americans will see that life goes on, and life goes on maybe even better, the world did not end, the economy did not crash.. And what’s better, Clapper is complaining that the NSA can’t spy on us like it wants to. Some IRS auditors have had to stop working (for the time being).

The big news of the day was that a bunch of WW2 veterans broke through a line of yellow tape to view their monument. So they don’t have enough money to keep this open-air monument “open”, but they have enough to send a bunch of cops to keep people out. Right.

By the way, the narrative that the Republicans are “holding the government hostage” is such a laugh riot. Anyway, they’re funding all kinds of stuff and sending the bills to the Senate, but IT IS HARRY REID who is refusing to let any of them through for a Senate vote. So who’s holding who hostage?

And Wall Street rejoiced with a rally! Hope that this train wreck might be stopped! People in the financial world maybe figure that this kibosh on runaway spending and this blocking move against dollar dilution is good! That this forcing on the emergency brake is good!

Maybe these RINO’s are just doing theater, though. The longer this slowdown keeps going, this time, Americans are going to blame the Democrat Party and Obamacare. It is an attack on the economy that al Qaeda could only dream of, that will do a million times more damage in infrastructure and lives than even crashing the towers.

No wonder Morsi and other dictators figure he’s on their side.

English: Crude drawing of the "No RINO&qu...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next stop: End the Fed.


Ted Cruz is right — Refuse to fund Obamacare! Nobody likes it!

August 24, 2013

My response to the blast at Ted Cruz‘s strategy for stopping Obamacare:

“Obamacare will fail” refers to the fact that as marketed, even written, it will fail, and to fix it, the oligarchs will demand more steps toward overt nationalization, like Obama promised back before he was a candidate, when he said they would have to do it by steps

Ted Cruz is the only way to stop runaway government. The sequester agreement may yet still be known to savvy historians as the one chance the Republican Party blew to stop the tyrannical government before it got its legs.

If not now, when? If not here, then where?

People are SICK TO DEATH of so-called conservative “strategists” who keep demanding compromise for the sake of winning later, hoping we will forget that TODAY IS YESTERDAY’S “LATER”, and they were ALWAYS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, and wrong again!

To hell with the media scare tactics! Have these clueless “conservatives” learned nothing from the sequester scare? It came and went and the Slasher-in-Chief exposed himself as willing to cut first where it affects Americans in the street.

But the Republican Party bosses have already engineered its catastrophe. Throwaway candidate Bob Dole, for the election they obviously wanted to lose for some reason, because they’re so scared of the media I guess, instead of being scared of losing sight of principle. Then the George W Bush, who outspent Democrat Party hacks. Then they engineered the loss in 2008 with the candidate most likely to lose, John McCain. Some of their supporters began to wake up. Obama scared more of them awake, but then four freshman Republicans in Congress, elected on the tea party wave, turned tail or traitor and failed to stop runaway debt.

Since when is the government-media complex ever going to demand shrinkage of government?


Tired of Karl Rove, the empty pontificator

March 28, 2013

I’m so sick, sick, sick of Karl Rove, a good reason to tune out from Fox News.

Such a hypocrite, who pronounces judgment on all the Republicans.

And, NO, Karl Rove, NO, George W. Bush was NOT a “social conservative“. Blah blah blah blather is not acceptable. Instead of defending the truth in statements by Republicans that are too much like normal Americans for him.

He is indeed a master manipulator, helped maneuver the country into a ten-year two-front war that is still on. They say one thing and do another. Make not mistake. There are still some 18,000 American employees still in Iraq and many more in Afghanistan. It seems that American soldiers are in Jordan training Syrian “rebels” who are fighting Assad to make the country safe for takeover by al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s what happened in Egypt and Libya.

Rove and such ilk have lost too much of America, like the 2012 elections.

(By the way, fellas, it’s NOT “marriage equality”, it’s marriage inequality they’re pushing. Even at the Supreme Court, some of the most ridiculous anti-scientific foolish pronouncements are made, such as one of these lawyers saying out loud, with a straight face, in front of the country, that homosexual behavior is an “immutable” (his word). There are hundreds of thousands of former homosexuals, including now happily married and with children in a natural nuclear family. They put the lie to this blatant misinformation. Even Fox News is covering up the truth on this one. Who is brave enough to interview someone who has left the homosexual fixation to live a heterosexual life.

“Buy the truth, sell it not”. The truth is very valuable to you, accurate information is a treasure, and it is not worth selling it out for anything.


Happy New Year? (Thomas Sewell) – “Prophet of the Year”

January 1, 2013

Thomas Sewell’s article, pretty good:


With that in mind, my choice for the prediction of the year award goes to Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal for his column of Jan. 24, 2012, titled: “The GOP Deserves to Lose.”

Despite reciting a litany of reasons why President Obama deserved to be booted out of the White House, Stephens said, “Let’s just say right now what voters will be saying in November, once Barack Obama has been re-elected: Republicans deserve to lose.”

To me, the Republican establishment is the eighth wonder of the world. How they can keep repeating the same mistakes for decades on end is beyond my ability to explain.

Bret Stephens said, back at the beginning of 2012, that Mitt Romney was one of the “hollow men,” and that voters “usually prefer the man who stands for something.”

Yet this is not just about Mitt Romney.

Sewell goes on to explain things in a way that’s easy to understand, but one thing I don’t know if he understands is that it’s not a matter of Republicans pulling punches and mouthing empty platitudes. The problem with the Republican establishment is that it is part of the same Establishment as Democrats and they are LYING because they do NOT want to get rid of big government, they do NOT want to stop entitlements, and certainly don’t want to get rid of all that lucrative military spending.

Republicans shoot themselves in the foot to make sure they don’t upset all that crony capitalism they love.

Look at this:

With that in mind, my choice for the prediction of the year award goes to Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal for his column of Jan. 24, 2012, titled: “The GOP Deserves to Lose.”

Despite reciting a litany of reasons why President Obama deserved to be booted out of the White House, Stephens said, “Let’s just say right now what voters will be saying in November, once Barack Obama has been re-elected: Republicans deserve to lose.”

To me, the Republican establishment is the eighth wonder of the world. How they can keep repeating the same mistakes for decades on end is beyond my ability to explain.

Bret Stephens said, back at the beginning of 2012, that Mitt Romney was one of the “hollow men,” and that voters “usually prefer the man who stands for something.”

Yet this is not just about Mitt Romney.

That was stupid advice. In public opinion, you have to have a better PR strategy than plead the fifth by silence. When they use real bullets to shoot at you, use real bullets to shoot back, and if the bullets are just lying accusations, you shoot them back.

To that I would add you shoot back with extra power added on. What I mean by that is, use every opportunity they open up for you, to drive your big Mack truck through.

If Warren Buffet demands they raise his taxes, don’t just tell him to “donate” for an example, ask him if he really wants his neighbors to put the gun of the law to his head to take his property. Ask him if he means we should rob from his peers that disagree. Make big hay of the fact he is admitting that HE is being unfair by making all that much more money than the rest of us.

Ask Warren Buffet if he is going to order collective bargaining rights for the elected representatives of all the workers in ALL the companies he owns. Cut out the federal middleman.

Does he really want a “Robin Hood” to run the country?

Buffet, Put up or shut up. Invest in something that results in permanent job growth instead of voting to take money from Mom and Pop investors. And instead of HIDING the WHY your secretary pays a higher rate than you, EDUCATE the people who don’t know the subject. I once thought you were an honest investor. Now I’m quite sure you’re not so honest.

But mostly it’s education. If you think your neighbor should not be able to muzzle you or rob you, or tell you what to do, and make you pay by force for his ideas, then don’t vote for a government or a politician that does it.

Alert: Boehner joins the dictatorship

December 7, 2012

There is a purge on. The plutocrats saw a crack in their control network when Ron Paul brought a flood of young folks and all kinds of other freedom-minded adults into his demands for sanity and individual liberty, so they blatantly abused them at the convention without even trying to hide it, and then changed the rules to make sure they don’t have another chance. Top-down control is now in-your-face.

The Dems got exposed too, telling their rank-and-file to line up and give God at least a bit of lip service.

Now Boehner seems to have forgotten that Americans (apparently) not only reelected Obama, but they also re-elected Republicans to the House on a platform of stopping the spending madness and the taxing madness.

It made no sense at all. Just passing on what’s going on…

They’re pushing sanity out of the way and making way for the dollar crash at full speed ahead.

Chris Wallace: Unfair and unbalanced

December 2, 2012

Just watched Chris Wallace‘s interviews with Tim Geithner and Speaker Boehner.

The way he grilled Boehner, who he had on after Geithner, contrasted with the way he let Geithner slither by the “hard questions”.

Even just with the question of “Are you willing to go over the cliff” (if they don’t get their minimum requirements).

Neither of them are serious about attacking the “fiscal cliff” problem, because the real fiscal cliff is the dollar crash.

Even so, at least the Republican politicos are mouthing the right things about the spending problem.

We went through the big noise about the debt limit when there was the best chance to get something serious in getting things in order and enforcing a beginning of sanity.


CPA-USA is all giddy over Obama’s plans –same as their plans

December 2, 2012
Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of Representatives from Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But get this, the Communist Party USA is having multiple orgasms over Obama getting (putatively) elected again:

And the word “war” appears nowhere at all on this glowing basking in the fact that their platform got elected on –so they say– the issues they advocate.

Of course they ignore the elephant in the room, the fact that the genuine lovers of liberty abandoned the Republican Party in great numbers, after their brutal suppression of Ron Paul delegates both in the local and state levels and at the national convention itself in Tampa, and that many Tea Party types also decided not to vote for a fraud that would do the same things as the worse of the two evils.

And get this jewel of tortured lack of logic:

The Republicans were quick to say that no sweeping mandate emerges out of this election — people voted for the status quo. Look at the results in the House, they say.

But apart from the House, where Republicans retained their majority (in part because of gerrymandering), there is no evidence to support their claim.

By golly is that all? Republicans kept the House? And gerrymandering is all you got? So votes for Republicans don’t count? Phht, such hypocrisy.

Not that I believe in the “majority vote” as some bequeathing of divine wisdom, after all, Obama was re-elected. And Scott Walker got re-elected even after winning the first recall vote of a sitting governor in the history of the United States.

So the secret is out, and no longer secret. The Communist Party USA agenda and policy is the same as the Obama administration‘s. Sorry Newsweek, that still does NOT mean that we area “all socialists now”. That stupidity was knocked down in 2010, wasn’t it. All? By force?

Millions of us still appreciate it when our natural individual rights are respected. And some of that number are preparing to defend it.

Watch for a campaign against dissident Americans who dare to defend themselves against attacks by federal authorities or even local authorities. Already the police forces across the country get lists of bad guys where Ron Paul bumper stickers share a place on the same list with Aryan Nation.

When they do that, while they still let us run around with those stickers, it is a psychological preparation for more to come later.

$16 Trillion Giveaway

November 21, 2012

Campaign for Liberty

After nearly 30 years of fighting the out-of-control Federal Reserve in Washington, my time in Congress is rapidly coming to an end. But what a way to go out!

I am so pleased to tell you about what could be the crowning achievement of my legislative efforts – passing Audit the Fed and exposing its corruption of our money supply and economy.

Earlier this year, my “Audit the Fed” bill passed the House 327 to 98 and had a record number of cosponsors in the Senate.

And because of its overwhelming popularity, Audit the Fed has been added as an official plank of the Republican Party platform.

Our chances of passing Audit the Fed are the best they’ve ever been.

You and I can make history – and help change the course of the country – by passing Audit the Fed through Congress.

Please take a look at the email below from Campaign for Liberty President John Tate for more details.

Campaign for Liberty is on the frontlines of this battle, so I am personally asking you to help them finish this fight with an incredible victory.

Afterwards, please forward this email to your friends and family.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul