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Movie “No Greater Love”: One thing missing

March 3, 2013
No Greater Love (2010 film)

No Greater Love (2010 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The writers of this movie wanted to lift up the idea of lifetime monogamous marriage and the idea of forgiveness. Of course this always gets into the romance of it too. But they did one thing wrong in the script.


They set it up so that after ten years of abandoning the husband with the child, the husband had found another woman who really loved him. When the ex-wife shows up, he breaks up with the new love and she is devastated. None of the Christians in the context are concerned about her at all. And that is the end of her in the whole thing.


That is a real shame. Sure it complicates the plot, but if you want to show Christian love in a movie about Christian love, marriage, matters of the heart and hurt, you go into that too.






The Pope makes news, there they go again: Slurs against Christianity in the guise of lies about the Catholic Church

March 27, 2012

We know that the Roman Catholic Church has plenty of history to apologize for. We know that they should follow Paul’s advice to “Forbid NOT” to marry, with an eye to his prediction that in the “last days”  some would forbid men to marry… And the last Pope even apologized, in a way, for the way their predecessors treated Martin Luther, and we know that the Gunpowder Plot was not exactly a planned hit by “anarchists” a plot hatched by Jesuits….BUT…

But we also know that thousands of Catholic clergy joined thousands of Lutheran clergy in protest against the abuses of the regime.

We also know that plenty of monasteries and convents joined other Christians in giving refuge to Jews and Gypsies and other persecuted persons.

We also know that there were thousands of Christians that joined the Jews in prison camps and executions.

We also know that the Pope that the professional Holocaust industry tycoons vilify so much issued an order to all his clergy in Germany to save as many Jews as possible.

We also know that that same Pope was honored and still is to this day in Israel as a “righteous Gentile“, a rare honor bestowed on certain Christians for their service to Jews.

We also know that the chief rabbi in Italy converted to Catholicism after seeing so much compassion from so many Catholics.

We know that millions of Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals, Mormons, and soldiers from all the other Christian doctrines as well, fought alongside Jews against Hitler to stop the Holocaust.

We know that Hitler may have earlier been a nominal “Catholic” in name only, but we also know that he vowed to wipe Christianity out completely as a “bastard child” of Judaism, and replace it with the paganism of the old Teutonic gods.

We know that the SS was an occult organization that held pagan ceremonies to promote officers.

It’s amazing how prophetic George Orwell‘s book “1984” is, for the rewriting of history.


Pope Pius XII and Historical Revisionism

April 17, 2010

I have read yet another diatribe against Pope Pius XII, repeating the official line of shadowy plutocrats who soon after WWII wanted to stop the influence of all Christianity in general, both Catholic and Biblical, against their own dictatorial takeover of the world’s culture and political reality.

So says Rabbi David G. Dalin wrote in the Weekly Standard of February 26, said all this criticism of Pius XII “…have less to do with the truth and history than “an intra-Catholic argument about the direction of the Church today, with the Holocaust simply the biggest club
available for liberal Catholics to use against traditionalists….”

He also says “…it has less to do with truth and history than “an intra-Catholic argument
about the direction of the Church today, with the Holocaust simply the biggest club
available for liberal Catholics to use against traditionalists….”

What he left out is that it is also a club used against all followers of Christ, who have traditionally been the ones who stood during these 2,000 years against human brutality against fellow humans, slavery, against the apostasy of the rulers of the Catholic Inquisitions, against the slaughter of innocent babies, on and on goes the list.

The Roman Catholic Church has plenty of historical atrocities to lay at its doorstep without making up total fabrications like this one is, including behind-the-scenes work before, during, and since WWII to bring Protestants back into their hegemony.

Injustices are many, like those perpetrated on Protestants, the Jesuits’ attempt to destroy King James and stop the work on the King James Bible in the Gunpowder Plot, and the historical Inquisition so prominent in textbooks but whose main target was Bible-preaching Christians. Now THAT’S something they didn’t make so prominent in those books.

But the only logical purpose for such disinformation on recent history about the then Pope is to game the current body politic for some purpose, and to do it they have to tell lies.

None other than Albert Einstein actually LIVED in Germany during the ascendancy of the Nazi Party, and left in protest and self-preservation in 1933 when Hitler came to power.

Consider these historical facts laid out by someone who is an actual professional historian, as opposed to some opinionated writer, here:

“…In 1940, Albert Einstein defended the Roman Catholic Church as the only institution in Nazi Germany that “stood squarely across the path of Hitler’s campaign for suppressing truth.” Rome’s chief rabbi, Israel Zolli, converted to Catholicism at the end of the war. Pius received delegations of death camp survivors who came to thank him for saving lives. The founders of Israel, including Chaim Weizmann, praised him repeatedly, and when he died, Israel’s foreign minister, Golda Meir, saluted him for having spoken out when “fearful martyrdom came to our people.” Among those who have described Pius XII as a “righteous Christian” is distinguished historian Sir Martin Gilbert, probably the world’s greatest authority on the Holocaust and the official biographer of Sir Winston Churchill. …”

Einstein cannot be called stupid, nor can he be slandered as gullible, nor as some kind of shill for Catholics. Yet that is the consequence of this revisionist effort reminescent of pages from George Orwell’s 1984. Rather Vladimir Lenin would be proud of the way they have manipulated his “useful idiots”.

Nor the CHIEF RABBI of Israel during those dark days, who CONVERTED TO CATHOLICISM after witnessing what that Pope had done for the Jews. Golda Meir is another, who praised the Pope after hearing from thousands of Holocaust survivors and rabbis who witnessed events inside German-occupied lands, doubtless including some of the 7,000 Jews that were protected inside the VATICAN ITSELF.

The main detractors emphasize the “sins of omission”, meaning that the Pope did not get on a platform and send all his priests into the streets with signs, which certainly would have destroyed everything they could have done for both Jews, Gypsies, and ahem–priests who DID publicly denounce the monsters. This is why Oskar Schindler publicly and loudly proclaimed his loyalty and membership in the Nazi Party.

Oh yeah, wait a minute, he and his supposed anti-semitic aide DID denounce the Nazis, who called him a “Jew-lover”.

Contrast this record with Oskar Schindler’s. Mr. Schindler, properly noted as a “righteous Gentile” in Israel with all the honors, kept his mouth shut tight about his true intentions, much more so than any Catholic. And yet these same historical revisionists do not go after him for his manufacture of munitions for the Nazi war machine, because he used them to work against that machine, just as many Roman Catholic operatives smuggled Jews to safety in defiance of German authorities.

We get a glimpse of the true perspective of this author with his postiive reference to Liberation Theology, which was a trick used to get Catholics on the socialist bandwagon, and to get the poor to smoke Karl Marx’s opiate of the people. Like Ernesto Cardenal in Nicaragua, brought into the Sandinista cabinet but kept powerless by the Communist dictator Daniel Ortega. And don’t forget that biggest of Sandinista heros, Comandante Zero, Eden Pastora, who quit the government in disgust after the true masters had to expose themselves to start his own movement against them.

And the poor in Nicaragua are worse off than ever, and would rather live in Honduras today.

(axerator to lies)

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