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Just How Fascist Is the US?

May 4, 2013
Big Three at the Potsdam Conference in Germany...

Big Three at the Potsdam Conference in Germany: Prime Minister Winston Churchill, President Harry S. Truman and Generalissimo Josef Stalin, seated in garden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jack D. Douglas penned an interesting article listing 10 core factors of fascism. You might call them “markers”.

Just How Fascist Is the US?:

The first three:

1. A hardcore, totalitarian party masquerading as the people’s party, but secretly working totally with the rich and powerful corporations, uniting them under the party. [Fascism, unlike
communism and other forms of socialism and so on, is above all
a corporatist form of totalitarianism.]

2. Stroking mass vanity with big lies – “Germany over all,” “America is the greatest nation in the world.” And mass greed and lust for power with utopian promises of free money and endless prosperity and great conquests over nature and nations

3. Infiltration secretly by the party of all major institutions at the top by secret take-overs, threats, bribes, co-option, etc.

I did have something to add to his number 10:

10. Foreigners, racial or religious or party groups or others used as “evil and secret witches” to stoke terror and blood lust for wars, used as threats and as conquests to fuel vanity and hubris. [Germany and the US. Used the “communists” as
witches to inspire terror and hate and blood lust in their
early rise to power, then used religious-race groups, foreign
enemies, drug fiends destroying the nation, etc.]

Just a comment about #10. You mentioned the anti-communist bugaboo in their propaganda set. But today, the bugaboo has been transformed magically, through Groupthink, into a threat by capitalism, aka “corporations”, to pollute the air again, cook the earth into cinders, rob everything you have by selling you stuff. That way corporations are subsumed into the corporate-government-media complex and bullied into staying on the plantation.

The other big “threat” they use to scare the apathetic and indifferent public into obedience is Christianity. The state rules over religions. They want to make the world safe for the elimination of religions, because religious individuals are among the strongest resisters to blind total obedience. Whatever else you think of religious faith.

But note the subtle difference in the treatment of the three major monotheistic faiths. It seems like official policy out of D.C. treats Christians as the threat but Jews and Muslims are given a pass. Oh yes, and suppression of Christian faith. This was major policy in both Hitler’s Germany and in Stalin’s Russia, was to pick fights they could win of the state over Christianity. Teutonic paganism trumped up in Germany, atheism in Russia (with subtle mixes in their media of pro-communist spirituality, manifest in some of their movies that I watched during the Cold War era).

Note that the example of China’s “stepwise” introduction of limited capitalistic structures shows us that there is really no difference at all in essence between government-enforced “socialism” and “communism”, as we know them today. Both are all about enforcing as much control and conformity as possible on the populace, whether the nominal title of ownership says “the state” or not.


This assistant principal in Pearl High School in Pearl, Miss, stopped a shooter using his own

December 15, 2012
Official seal of Newtown, Connecticut

Official seal of Newtown, Connecticut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course all the official government-media complex propaganda organs immediately went ballistic about guns with the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. But there have been several incidents where school shootings were stopped by an armed civilian, but there would have been more if not for the stupid law that says schools should be zones where the right of self-defense is not respected.

..But this assistant principal Myrick had to run to his car outside the school-area “gun-free” zone to get the gun he used to hold the shooter for the police.

What if he had been able to keep his firearm in his desk at school?

Many of the 61 school shootings they’re spouting about in Propaganda Media could have been stopped cold if more teachers had been able to bring their weapons on to campus.

Some gun control believers are even using arguments that show they do not even check there own facts. One blogger asked whether his reader “had ever heard of a mass killing being stopped by the use of guns even once”.


Why do the disinformation operatives think that the worst incidents happen in places like schools? Criminals have no problem getting guns! Heck, even if you’re the most ruthless drug-smuggling cartel on earth, you might even get the United States Justice Department to sell you some!

Guns are used much more often to stop crimes than to commit them, and they level the playing field for those who are smaller or weaker, or more often targets, like women.

IT takes just plain people sharing the stories to tell it, since the media covers this up.

It just makes sense though. Why do cops have guns? Because they face the criminals. So why shouldn’t decent citizens have them.

Besides, who will protect us if the government turns bad? It’s happened, after all, throughout history. Germany the Jews, Turkey the Armenians. the Bolsheviks, the Maoists

And this blogger put together a list of occasions where potential mass murders were stopped cold by a civilian with a firearm:

There are many he did not list, though. In Israel, early on, guns were banned to the population, but at some point, being a nation that has an interest in stopping crimes of this nature, passed a law that legalized concealed carry.

Shortly afterward, a group of PLO militia stormed a shopping mall and started shooting everybody in sight. One elderly granny pulled her concealed weapon out and started shooting back, and the attackers panicked in confusion. One of the wounded attackers told a paramedic, “We didn’t expect anybody to shoot back!”

Another incident was in a mixed-race church in South Africa during the times of apartheid. You have to ask why a radical anti-apartheid group would attack a mixed race church, no doubt expecting no one would shoot back. The answer is that they don’t generally really care about what they say, they are commanded by leaders who only think about how to attain power over the populace, using ideology as a cloak. That church had a member who possessed his weapon, an off-duty policeman, and he stopped them.


Girl’s blood vessel grows back from her own stem cells

October 13, 2012
A girl's blood vessel was re-grown using a transplant of her own stem cells:

Girl, 10, has vein transplant using a blood vessel grown from her own stem cells | Mail Online

In America there are all kinds of procedures being done as we speak using adult stem cell procedures.

Last time I looked, HERE IN AMERICA, WITHOUT Biblical law, but according to Biblical law, there were at least 72 medical applications helping cure thousands of Americans, using adult stem cell related therapies and techniques. And that without government having to rob you and me for the research! ‘

And you wonder why the world is passing you by? Did Nazi Germany pass by the rest of the West by running cruel experiments on Jews? Or the Japanese, running experiments to study the effects on Korean prisoners of the cold while they were dying naked in the snow?

America is falling behind what it could do because it pours billions down a bottomless hole to study embryonic stem cell research that helps nobody, and funding it by robbing the private economy that is happy to invest in adult stem cell research because adult stem cell research works!

Transplanted adult dermal stem cells / Cellule...

Transplanted adult dermal stem cells / Cellules souches dermiques (Photo credit:

The Pope makes news, there they go again: Slurs against Christianity in the guise of lies about the Catholic Church

March 27, 2012

We know that the Roman Catholic Church has plenty of history to apologize for. We know that they should follow Paul’s advice to “Forbid NOT” to marry, with an eye to his prediction that in the “last days”  some would forbid men to marry… And the last Pope even apologized, in a way, for the way their predecessors treated Martin Luther, and we know that the Gunpowder Plot was not exactly a planned hit by “anarchists” a plot hatched by Jesuits….BUT…

But we also know that thousands of Catholic clergy joined thousands of Lutheran clergy in protest against the abuses of the regime.

We also know that plenty of monasteries and convents joined other Christians in giving refuge to Jews and Gypsies and other persecuted persons.

We also know that there were thousands of Christians that joined the Jews in prison camps and executions.

We also know that the Pope that the professional Holocaust industry tycoons vilify so much issued an order to all his clergy in Germany to save as many Jews as possible.

We also know that that same Pope was honored and still is to this day in Israel as a “righteous Gentile“, a rare honor bestowed on certain Christians for their service to Jews.

We also know that the chief rabbi in Italy converted to Catholicism after seeing so much compassion from so many Catholics.

We know that millions of Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals, Mormons, and soldiers from all the other Christian doctrines as well, fought alongside Jews against Hitler to stop the Holocaust.

We know that Hitler may have earlier been a nominal “Catholic” in name only, but we also know that he vowed to wipe Christianity out completely as a “bastard child” of Judaism, and replace it with the paganism of the old Teutonic gods.

We know that the SS was an occult organization that held pagan ceremonies to promote officers.

It’s amazing how prophetic George Orwell‘s book “1984” is, for the rewriting of history.


Why Jews should Support Ron Paul: from a Jewish settler:

March 18, 2012
Ron Paul supporters at a pre-debate rally in M...

Image via Wikipedia

Why Jews should Support Ron Paul:

The reason his statements don’t bother me all that much are that even though he’s wrong, I know full well that he doesn’t hate or love Israel. He really just doesn’t care and doesn’t want anything to do with it or my problems. And I don’t WANT him to care or have anything to do with it either, so Lew and I basically agree. I want to be independent, I don’t want any charity, and I want to take care of my own problems in Israel.

Why Jews should support Ron Paul (from a Jewish settler who lives in “Samaria“):

The worst thing Israel can possibly do for itself is to continue to take foreign aid from America. Aside from any other of Paul’s positions, his ending foreign aid would be the best thing for Israel since…I don’t know…sliced pita. There are three reasons for this. The first, and least important, is economic. The second, more important reason is psychological, which perpetuates the middle east conflict. The third, and most important, is moral. Let us deal with the least important first.

I think Bible prophecy indicates that it will not end very well for Israel, but clearly America should step back. The world today is NOT the Old Testament world, where nations are blessed for making peace with King David or leaving Israel alone. Besides, we are living in a post-Christian, even pagan nation that is just beginning its persecution against Biblical Christians and where we have rulers that promote apostasy world-wide, and promotes theft by majority.

How can God bless a nation or a culture that allows such rulers?

How can God bless a nation where even the leaders that call themselves “Christians” say nothing about the money changers at the Fed that have made our economy into a den of thieves and vipers?

When does a human life begin?

March 13, 2012
Six day old human embryo implanting

Six day old human embryo implanting (Photo credit: Rebecca-Lee)

The only independent and scientific way to define the beginning of the life of a human being is at conception, because that’s when the construction starts. There is no other natural cut-off point. Try as they will, breathing oxygen atmosphere directly instead of absorbing it through the placenta does not work in any way that is intrinsic to the “human organism” itself: Defining it as beginning at birth is a function of the external environment.

The heart beats at 4 weeks of conception. It grows rapidly in there.

To say it’s not “life” is ludicrous, because (1) the one cell has all the design necessary for the human adult including puberty, adolescence, and reproductions.

To say it’s not “human life” is ludicrous because it has 23 pairs of chromosomes, 50,000 from each parent, but in a unique new combination.

To say it’s not a “person” is to redefine “person”. To deny “personhood” to the baby, or to take brain waves, or breathing air, or location with respect to the womb, linguistic sophistication, all these are arbitrary, subjective judgments, and that includes this new outrage from . The courts can no more make a robot, or a chimp, or a corporation, into a real person any more than they can make a Jew or Gypsy into a non-person. Whether they abuse nature by treating them as such or not.

“180” – An award-winning documentary!

February 24, 2012

This short movie (30 minutes) will blow your mind. The first few seconds start with a big bang. Big. There are a bunch of college kids who did not know who Adolf Hitler was.

Watch this movie, it’s worth it.

___ And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

P.S. For those Jews who claim to be so indignant about comparisons between the German holocaust and the American holocaust there are a couple of things to remember:

#1. The Jews do not own the Holocaust. Much less, a small powerful handful that claims to speak for the rest of them. On the one hand, the producer of this video himself is of Jewish background, so was the founder of one of the most effective Christian missionary movements of all time.

#2. The outrage is saying a person is not a human being like Hitler did to not only the Jews, please, but abortion was legal in the lead-up to the Nazi takeover, and he also slaughtered as many non-Jews as he did Jews, according to all the estimates I’ve heard all my life of 6 million Jews and 6 million non-Jews. Gypsies, handicapped, dark-skinned people, and yes, Hitler was eliminating Christians too, tens of thousands of them, at least.

#3. There is an undercurrent of ingratitude in some quarters, too, with respect to Christianity. The most Protestant-influenced nation in recent centuries  is the United States, and as Dennis Prager, well-known Jewish writer and speaker and talk show host points out, there has never been any such pogroms as there were in some episodes of European history.

And tens of millions of Christian soldiers from the United States and England and France and the Resistance and inside Germany itself gave their lives fighting the Nazis and to end the Holocaust.

Let us (and them) never forget that either, okay?

What’s crazy about opposition to Ron Paul

January 21, 2012
Ron Paul's blimp

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A controller where I once worked was very much Jewish but confided that he had challenged a friend of his on dual citizenship to make up his mind. The friend was a dual citizen of Israel and the USA. To say that a Jew or a Christian or an Israeli cannot challenge American foreign policy without being “anti-Semitic” is what is crazy, just crazy.

All that buzz from a disgruntled employee who was fired for performance issues, but even Dondero admitted that Ron Paul is not anti-Semitic and is not racist. Sounds like he had personality issues too.

Ron Paul voted against the congressional resolution that condemned Israel for bombing Saddam Hussein‘s nuclear plants. How is this compatible with the idea of wanting Israel wiped off the map?

> I just get the idea he’s like the crazy uncle no one invites over > anymore because he’s obnoxious and embarrassing.

And the “crazy uncle” theme is an invented Goebbels tactic, an image that has nothing to do with the real issues, like saying Newt is an old fat man or Obama has funny-looking ears.

Sure his ideas are crazy in Flatland, but what’s crazy about

(1) actually making a real cut of one trillion out of the budget, instead of increasing it less than you want to and calling that a cut, or

(2) ending the endless and fruitless wars and war machines, or

(3) a foreign policy that had roaring success for a hundred years (until Truman and Dulles decided to get us into international entangling alliances all over the place), or

(4) returning to a precious-metals based currency that worked great without robbing value from your savings by inflating the money supply, or

(5) ending the monopoly over fiat currency and thereby half of every single economic transaction enjoyed by a cartel of Wall Street banks who have fully “legal” counterfeiting monopoly too (we would be put in jail for what they do), or

(6) as a step to rational economics, forcing an audit on the Fed to find out what they have been doing,

(7) forcing them to tell us where they gave out money all over the place, like the five or six trillion they gave to European central banks, no doubt to bail out Greece (oh, maybe you thought we didn’t help their bail out of Greece)

(8) ending the foreign aid that only serves to steal from the poor in rich countries to give it to the rich in poor countries,

(9) cutting off aid to both Israel and Israel’s enemies (who get THREE TIMES more aid from us than Israel does), especially since Netanyahu said we don’t need your aid anyway, we can defend ourselves anyway, and the most Jewish of Israelis now demanding an end to all aid and the way it ties their hands,

(10) expecting people to take responsibility for their own actions


And as to “no one invites”, even Ron Paul’s political detractors and competition for the nomination have agreed that they would like to have followers with the enthusiasm of Ron Paul supporters.

Pro-Israel Christians and Jews take note: From Samaria (the West Bank) for Ron Paul

January 21, 2012

“Why Jews should support Ron Paul“:

My wife is from Honduras and Hondurans know that foreign aid has not helped them one bit in all the half-century that it’s been flowing to that country. It’s a farce and the poor hate the idea that so-called “rich countries” and international bankers are giving their politicians so much.

The poor want a chance to do business, too.

Pro-Israel Christians and Jews take note: From Samaria (the West Bank) for Ron Paul

January 21, 2012

“Why Jews should support Ron Paul“:

My wife is from Honduras and Hondurans know that foreign aid has not helped them one bit in all the half-century that it’s been flowing to that country. It’s a farce and the poor hate the idea that so-called “rich countries” and international bankers are giving their politicians so much.

The poor want a chance to do business, too.