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Tired of Karl Rove, the empty pontificator

March 28, 2013

I’m so sick, sick, sick of Karl Rove, a good reason to tune out from Fox News.

Such a hypocrite, who pronounces judgment on all the Republicans.

And, NO, Karl Rove, NO, George W. Bush was NOT a “social conservative“. Blah blah blah blather is not acceptable. Instead of defending the truth in statements by Republicans that are too much like normal Americans for him.

He is indeed a master manipulator, helped maneuver the country into a ten-year two-front war that is still on. They say one thing and do another. Make not mistake. There are still some 18,000 American employees still in Iraq and many more in Afghanistan. It seems that American soldiers are in Jordan training Syrian “rebels” who are fighting Assad to make the country safe for takeover by al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s what happened in Egypt and Libya.

Rove and such ilk have lost too much of America, like the 2012 elections.

(By the way, fellas, it’s NOT “marriage equality”, it’s marriage inequality they’re pushing. Even at the Supreme Court, some of the most ridiculous anti-scientific foolish pronouncements are made, such as one of these lawyers saying out loud, with a straight face, in front of the country, that homosexual behavior is an “immutable” (his word). There are hundreds of thousands of former homosexuals, including now happily married and with children in a natural nuclear family. They put the lie to this blatant misinformation. Even Fox News is covering up the truth on this one. Who is brave enough to interview someone who has left the homosexual fixation to live a heterosexual life.

“Buy the truth, sell it not”. The truth is very valuable to you, accurate information is a treasure, and it is not worth selling it out for anything.



Stories worth a mention: Newslist recap

September 18, 2012


Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Co...

Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Convention, held at Crown Center Hyatt Regency in Kansas City, MO; June 15, 2007, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Woz, the Wozniak partner of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, speaks about Apple’s patent victory, and you might be surprised, or, you might know about it already:


I was surprised, but didn’t think it was surprising…




As the prophet predicted, Russia’s hard-liners are in full resurgence now, with Putin leading the charge, not that you had to be a prophet to know it:


All things change, but there is still nothing new under the sun… Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, and I WON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN!




Now, to help you save money so you can have a little more you can use to anticipate the coming dollar crash. Whatsoever a man seweth, that shall he also reap, and like Jude wrote, all those rich men that Jude wrote about that would weep and howl, the ones that ate at the pig trough of the Fed’s printing presses. The ones that are engineering this thing, because guys at that level can’t be all that stupid, will meet their fate too, deceived and all. Bernanke is covering himself, too, even as he does things he knows will not work to save anything, because he is already hinting when he says there’s “not much” he can do.


So what does he do? Set us all up for an even bigger catastrophe with QE3.


But to save you a little now so you can save up for it, I’ll point you to Fox News. They gathered a list of a few apps that can help cut your cell phone bill:




I found an “intellectual”, who led a study of on-line web pages, and he says it means we need still more laws. More and more people in the real world are realizing it was a bunch of stupid LAWS that made raicsm ride so much longer than it could have otherwise. Ask the Latins. They’ve had their own racial preference problems but they live together and work together, and oh my gosh, they even sleep together without all the violence we had.


He thinks he’s smart because fools like to blabber on social media, and he’s able to use that to show that we need more LAWS.


We need more LAWS like we need more JIM CROW. It’s enough of LAWS.


Well, getting rid of the LAWS that institutionalized racism and told people who they could and could not ASSOCIATE with, are the ones that are killing us. And now we have guys who have TV spots saying if you disagree with a black politician, you’re racist.


News flash:




And then there are idiots who think skin color makes two different races. Now THAT’s racism!


Don’1t think they’ll stop with telling white people what to do, because they also want to block black guys from palling around with the likes of Alan West, and stop black business ladies from listening to Star Parker, and stop the black kids from listening to their pastors. The only way people will stop looking at themselves as groupmembers


“Some people have declared the present a “post-racial” era in that U.S. citizens elected a black president, maintaining that policies to address racism are no longer necessary,” Mia Moody, Ph.D., who led the Baylor study, said in a statement. “But depictions of minorities in new media show otherwise.”


How about quit kicking a dead horse? Let the dead bury the dead already!


Academics look for a hundred ways to be useful and justify their lives.. They’re looking for where they can do good with their knowledge, a moral imperative… And if they lose sight of the Golden Rule, treating others as they want to be treated, they’ll start thinking that they should be telling the authorities what laws to make, what rules to pass, and more..




NYT readership and more importantly, its influence, is going downward.and its managing editor Dean Baquet admitted that “Obama and Romney campaign officials are reviewing and exercising veto control over their coverage”:


That’s why Ron Paul didn’t speak at the Republican National Convention, by the way. Romney and company wanted to vet his speech, exercise a bit of civilian censorship. Nyet. Ron Paul was about educating us, and he did it in the most gentlemanly way possible, and nobody can fault him now.


And he was right, and he is right.




The IRS says it will go easy on enforcing insurance mandate – at first – but how about later, and why did the legislation add 16,000 more enforcement agents? This article interpreted them as saying, almost, that they won’t enforce it, except it does say they might keep back the penalty tax from a refund:


Does that mean they’ll pretend the uninsured will not get the bill for this?


Raise your hand if you think they’re telling us everything. You do? Ladies and gentlemen, meet the man who was born yesterday.




Compare credit unions vs. banks:




Cafemom uses a really really bad guy to call for killing the the innocent baby.


Um, yeah. Guys that get really young girls pregnant can expect all the consequences, but to use the bad guy for an excuse to kill the innocent baby, and telling the mother it’s okay to do it, creates two victims and two crimes.


Is it a baby, or is it not a baby? THAT is the question, and we all know down deep what the answer is.


Is a human being that is wanted the only human beings there are?





Neil Cavuto lets Ron Paul explain why the gasoline price is going “up”

March 17, 2012
Ron Paul

Ron Paul (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Ron Paul on Fox News with Neil Cavuto | Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee,

With more dollars around, and some foreign countries beginning to lessen their use of the US dollar as their reserve currency and for international trade, the dollar weakens in value and gasoline is one of the first things that “feels the heat”.

Say it loud, repeat it often, say it clear: Religious freedom belongs to INDIVIDUALS NOT RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS

February 17, 2012

Catholic Charities Denies Endorsement Of Obama Administration’s Contraceptive Coverage Policy | Fox News

In the years before President Nixon ended the draft in the United States, when the draft was in full force at the height of the Vietnam War, an individual could opt out of mandatory military service by claiming a religious objection, or even a conscientious objection.

But now, you can’t even get out of a measly little charge for contraceptive coverage in insurance policies, because insurance companies are going to pass on the charge for the coverage as part of their own cost to provide the policy, because the Commander-in-Chief has issued a mandate! And that’s an order! Or else!

And the rights of not only clergy but all lay persons are being assaulted with this. Some may think it a little thing, but there has to be line drawn in the sand somewhere. The Obama administration is talking like they only have to respect the religious freedom of religious organizations (for awhile longer) but the truth of the matter is the Catholic Church has no inherent right to religious freedom at all, it only “inherits” it from the individuals who are members or their faithful, whether clergy or not!

And don’t believe the spin that it’s just the Catholic bishops fighting this. It’s just another round in the attacks on religious freedom.

And add another idiotic outrage: The anti-faith crowd is yelling it the wrong way around, saying that it is Catholic bishops pushing for recognition for an organization as a person! A top-down mandate, an order from your Ruler-In-Chief, to insurance companies to include the cost of providing contraceptives –including some abortifacients– as one of their base costs of doing business, and passing that cost to all buyers including those who have a religious or conscientious objection to it.

This shot across the bow was meant to look like a little thing, and take advantage of the confusion that some of the electorate is in about the abortifacients they call “contraceptives”.

But most of all, in my opinion, the purpose was a sneaky attempt to drive a wedge between Catholic laypersons and Catholic clergy. Witness the often-repeated droning chant that supposedly 98% of Catholic lay women use contraceptives.

That figure may or may not be right, but it is irrelevant. For one thing, even if it right, the 2% have much more of a right as individuals to religious freedom as the 98% has to our money.

Never mind the bigger issue that even though our political rulers have been accelerating their assault on respect for the Constitution and for the rights therein for over 100 years, this entire nationalization of the medical industry is one of the most flagrant.

Republicans have to share the blame too. They also have been flaunting the Constitution themselves with undeclared wars and their own unconstitutional expansions of redistribution programs –robbing wealth from one subject of the realm to give to the other subject of the realm.

If you “love thy neighbor as thyself”, you won’t want to rob him to help the homeless. You might ask him to help please, but a tax is where you bring the entire body of police to force it out of him. Makes the extortion look good when the gang can claim that most of the neighborhood is doing the robbing (eh, “taxing”).


Gays do not have a monopoly on the bully victim market

February 16, 2012

Recently they got their own no-bullies high school if they “outed” themselves. I was chased around the schoolyard when I was in the 3rd grade by an older boy.

Georgia Student Sues School Over Strip Search In Front Of Classmates | Fox News:

Dishing out “rights” by group is a slight against the rights of individuals, i.e., everybody else.

It’s not like the powers that be that push such things actually care about “gays”. Today’s “Brownshirts” become tomorrow’s massacre victims after they are used and abused by power-hungry autocrats.