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Ted Cruz is right — Refuse to fund Obamacare! Nobody likes it!

August 24, 2013

My response to the blast at Ted Cruz‘s strategy for stopping Obamacare:

“Obamacare will fail” refers to the fact that as marketed, even written, it will fail, and to fix it, the oligarchs will demand more steps toward overt nationalization, like Obama promised back before he was a candidate, when he said they would have to do it by steps

Ted Cruz is the only way to stop runaway government. The sequester agreement may yet still be known to savvy historians as the one chance the Republican Party blew to stop the tyrannical government before it got its legs.

If not now, when? If not here, then where?

People are SICK TO DEATH of so-called conservative “strategists” who keep demanding compromise for the sake of winning later, hoping we will forget that TODAY IS YESTERDAY’S “LATER”, and they were ALWAYS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, and wrong again!

To hell with the media scare tactics! Have these clueless “conservatives” learned nothing from the sequester scare? It came and went and the Slasher-in-Chief exposed himself as willing to cut first where it affects Americans in the street.

But the Republican Party bosses have already engineered its catastrophe. Throwaway candidate Bob Dole, for the election they obviously wanted to lose for some reason, because they’re so scared of the media I guess, instead of being scared of losing sight of principle. Then the George W Bush, who outspent Democrat Party hacks. Then they engineered the loss in 2008 with the candidate most likely to lose, John McCain. Some of their supporters began to wake up. Obama scared more of them awake, but then four freshman Republicans in Congress, elected on the tea party wave, turned tail or traitor and failed to stop runaway debt.

Since when is the government-media complex ever going to demand shrinkage of government?



Tired of Karl Rove, the empty pontificator

March 28, 2013

I’m so sick, sick, sick of Karl Rove, a good reason to tune out from Fox News.

Such a hypocrite, who pronounces judgment on all the Republicans.

And, NO, Karl Rove, NO, George W. Bush was NOT a “social conservative“. Blah blah blah blather is not acceptable. Instead of defending the truth in statements by Republicans that are too much like normal Americans for him.

He is indeed a master manipulator, helped maneuver the country into a ten-year two-front war that is still on. They say one thing and do another. Make not mistake. There are still some 18,000 American employees still in Iraq and many more in Afghanistan. It seems that American soldiers are in Jordan training Syrian “rebels” who are fighting Assad to make the country safe for takeover by al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s what happened in Egypt and Libya.

Rove and such ilk have lost too much of America, like the 2012 elections.

(By the way, fellas, it’s NOT “marriage equality”, it’s marriage inequality they’re pushing. Even at the Supreme Court, some of the most ridiculous anti-scientific foolish pronouncements are made, such as one of these lawyers saying out loud, with a straight face, in front of the country, that homosexual behavior is an “immutable” (his word). There are hundreds of thousands of former homosexuals, including now happily married and with children in a natural nuclear family. They put the lie to this blatant misinformation. Even Fox News is covering up the truth on this one. Who is brave enough to interview someone who has left the homosexual fixation to live a heterosexual life.

“Buy the truth, sell it not”. The truth is very valuable to you, accurate information is a treasure, and it is not worth selling it out for anything.


Hugo Chavez passing on; Not much will change, probably (But I remember 2009)

March 6, 2013
The sign opposes Manuel Zelaya, Fidel Castro, ...

The sign opposes Manuel Zelaya, Fidel Castro, and Hugo Chávez. It supports Roberto Micheletti and democracy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My answer to the Daily Bell article about Hugo Chavez:–Not-What-You-Think

Chavez may be loudlyChristian“, but he is NOT “unabashedly” Christian. The writing from The Daily Bell is always intelligent and pretty much grounded in reality, but that one was greatly puzzling. He’s not very Christian at all, any more than the Bolsheviks (“I was always a Leninist”-Chavez visiting Moscow) or the Maoists (“I was always a Maoist”-Chavez visiting China) or the North Koreans (“I was always a Marxist”-Chavez in North Korea)

NOT AT ALL. George W Bush is no more Christian than him, and vice versa.

He is Christian like the Cubans in Miami say about Fidel Castro in the mountains, wearing his rosary beads.

The Marxists learned a lesson maybe from the Mexican “peasants’ rebellion” against their own Marxist president.

Also, he has “redistributed” a lot of the oil revenues in social programs but he has also created a new nouveau riche class, and the POOR have already been getting very restless.

And he is NOT so popular as the American press makes him out to be. This is the same press that LIED about Honduras, where easily 85 PERCENT of the people supported the arrest of auto-coup dictator Manuel Zelaya, aspirant to lifetime presidency who promised a cabinet member (a relative of a close family friend of ours) a lifetime position.

During those theatrical “riots” in Honduras demanding the Chavez surrogate’s return, that “astro-turf uprising” fizzled so bad so fast and got so bad that it took such a whopping major infusion of Chavez money to pay a few dozen at it that the lempira went up TEN PERCENT against the dollar in a matter of DAYS.

Poverty by itself doesn’t breed Marxism. I’m sure the royalty in D.C. and in Caracas and Habana were all flummoxed to distraction by the explosive blowback from Honduras against them.

“We’re poor enough, thanks anyway, we don’t want to be like Cuba or Venezuela, we’d rather be like the US“.

Honduras put a wrinkle in the supposed forced march of Latin America toward socialism.

The mayor of Caracas publicly demanded that Honduras send them a set of cojones.

After their 2009 elections, the president of El Salvador, of the FMLN (the former Communist guerrilla fighters) came out and announced that after all, joining ALBA would NOT be in the best interests of the nation.

The president of Guatemala publicly asked Honduras to join with his country and the other Central American countries to engage in foreign relations together.

Peru’s subsequent elections kept the nation’s distance from Chavez.

One Zionist Israeli settler speaks out about America and Iran

May 23, 2012

Far from me to say Dick understands anything about Iran or about foreign policy, since he also doesn’t understand that sanctions easily fall under the category of “acts of war” themselves, and more often than not cause a blowback effect like that of war:

But at the website you can read what a Zionist settler says about Iran and sanctions and aid to Israel:

Vote Ron Paul and let my people go once again! Stop meddling here and stop trying to buy influence by giving me money. Stop trying to be the all powerful Peace Maker and let us work out the problems here on our own! If we think Iran is a threat, we can handle it and we’ll take the consequences. It’s not America’s problem and you can’t afford another war.

Now repeat after me (him): “If we think Iran is a threat, we can handle it and we’ll take the consequences. It’s not America’s problem and you can’t afford another war.”

Rafi Farber lives in “Samaria” (that’s occupied Syrian land by the way) and he also manages the “World of Judaica” website:

What I question is they hypocrisy of many who claim they are for peace in the Middle East and question supposedly “pro-Israel” positions. George W Bush dictated at Israel just as much as Obama does.

Were they bothered by Clinton’s bomb-throwing at pharmaceutical factories in the Sudan and some hillside in Afghanistan, or his bombing of civilians in Serbia and later the civilian caravans of “Kosovars”? No, they cheered wildly when Obama sent bombs raining on Libya, and when it didn’t work fast enough because so many Libyans loved him so much and enthusiastically went to the front to defend him, they started demanding more bombs and even ground troops.

And they themselves demanded that we throw away our own natural rights by shredding the constitutional ban on wars without declarations of war from Congress.

But maybe we’re just jaded, and our brain cells faded.

Clint Eastwood, Chrysler ad, and the real issues

February 9, 2012

The buzz is on about Clint Eastwood lending himself to the Superbowl Chrysler ad, but a lot of reaction is missing the point.

It’s true that there’s a subtle pro-Obama effect in this, but the whole brouhaha also exposes establishment Country Club Republicans‘ ugly weak big-government underbelly. It’s ugly as sin, just as bad as the Dems they are criticizing.

Americans absolutely hate the Wall Street bailouts, with a passion. Big Money-Big Corporate Press is happy to forget all that and help Americans forget it, but they STILL hate it.

George W. Bush started those bailouts but Obama even skipped out from the campaign to go to Washington to vote for it, so none of them can criticize the other guy for that one.

But Obama’s minions do it anyway, but not directly, by talking a lot against Wall Street while not doing one thing to press for prosecution of the ones who engaged even in criminal fraud. I’m sure they’re protecting the system from collapse by trying to shore up public confidence, eh, wink wink?

But the Chrysler and GM bailouts were money from government for companies, but at the expense of the creditors who actually put up the money, and a freebie to the union bosses and payoffs to them and their worker bee subjects to keep them pacified.

It’s not a formula for future growth, depending on government.

Bankruptcy still would have hurt creditors to the auto companies, but then the union bosses and Big Money Unions and their Big Money Lobbyists did not want to lose their money.

Big Money Unions nowadays at least are just like the big corporations their executive bosses are always ragging on about, with the $300,000 salaries for executives while the assembly line guy gets leftovers.


New York Lawmakers Reportedly Ask For Mercy For Tourist Arrested With Gun At 9/11 Memorial | Fox News

December 31, 2011

There they go again:

Add to that this persecution of “Tea Party leader”, charged with no less than a FELONY using an unjust law in a manner that is unreasonable and unjust both, besides the law and the application both being unconstitutional anyway:

It makes one wonder whether maybe his name was on Janet Napolitano‘s enemy list. Remember that one? Half the population of America is on her hit list. With the Obama-Clinton foreign policy now clearly in favor of facilitating the assassination of American citizens whenever the Assassin-in-Chief says so, that means half of us are possible targets.

A lot people feel like “It can’t happen here”. A lot of Jews in 1930’s Germany said the same thing, while a minority of them with the means and with their eyes open got out. Half of us have a foreboding about this; a lot of my fellow Christians, again those with the means and with their eyes open, have found homes elsewhere.

There were lots of Germans, Jews and Gentiles both, in the 1930s, whose response to the warnings was the same as we here today from many people, “I stop listening to an argument when somebody mentions the Nazis, the discussion is over”.

The American Legion feels targeted in the Obama-Napolitano hit list, for good reason. Right-to-lifers and Constitutionalists are on there, feeling crosshairs on their backs, hoping that their fellow citizens will do what’s right and help stop the march toward tyranny, and practice a true “tolerance” like one would expect from the meaning of the word.

The land of free speech is turning into the land of hate speech–speech they hate and are trying to ban.

Pooh pooh they say, but one of Teddy Kennedy‘s last efforts before he went to meet his Maker, was to try to set up a Thought Police that would watch for banned “hate speech”. Things like “Choose Life”, “In God We Trust” in the wrong place, like “We should follow the Constitution”.

Her hate list/hit list was almost plagiarized with variations from the SPLC hate list of “patriot” organizations:

Constitution Party is on there of course. John Birch Society is there of course. Oath Keepers (who swear they will obey the Constitution). And “Truth Radio” whatever that is. I guess they’re going to use radio waves (maybe TCP-IP packets) to do damage.

The Constitution Party denounces the “war on terror” as an excuse to increase government power, something that was almost an official Democratic Party platform during the George W Bush presidency. But like in 1984, the “Inner Party” rulers seem to decree what the media and populace, and so in lockstep, suddenly under what they call the “other” major political party, what was too much scary government power became now a subversive thought.