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Week recap, “tinfoil” vindicated, blacks demanding Obama impeachment, Hillary skeletons, more…..

August 17, 2013


So now the Army, or someone involved with the case, publicizes Manning’s “gender-confused” past. It reminded me of the scenes in Orwell’s 1984 when dissidents and the independent-thinking were trotted onto the tube all repentant of their sins against the state, and how they now loved Dear Leader.



Now a judge has said gays can file suit for a pastor’s speech overseas:

PIPA, SOPA, CISPA, and they’re trying everything they can to create thought-crime laws and censorship. Funny, the judge is saying that maybe this pastor did try to “suppress free expression” by certain groups. So he’ll entertain a suit that demands he suppress the free expression of the defendant. Nobody said statists relied very much on logic.



Yes, Area 51 actually exists! Now that everybody knows it anyway, the truth can finally be told.

Is anybody apologizing to the tinfoil hat crowd yet? Of course the CIA is saying it was for the training of pilots for the secret U-2 spy plane. Nothing else, I guess. Flights of secret aircraft in the sky, they are unidentified flying objects because the military brass refuses to identify them!



National Black Republican Association E-News: Black American Citizens File Articles of Impeachment Against Obama:





The Detroit transportation authority banned an ad that is not favorable to Islam, but the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) is suing for freedom of speech:

This is the second time around for Detroit, too….



Pat Buchanan: Perhaps lowering our profile and shutting up would be best approach”:

Me, I’m beginning to realize that not all cultures are ready to accept living peacefully with their neighbors, or even thinking independently. It’s hard enough for Americans in the past to do this with their tradition of small-r “republic” and free speech and the Bill of Rights. I intentionally did not say “democracy”.



The NBRA (see their web site here) has posted a list of 10 articles of impeachment against Barack Obama, which you can see here:




Mr. “kill list” Obama says:

“I am comfortable that the program currently is not being abused. I’m comfortable that if the American people examined exactly what was taking place, how it was being used, what the safeguards were, that they would say, you know what, these folks are following the law and doing what they say they’re doing.”

Yeah, what else would they say, Mr. President? Your NSA now has the dirt on everybody. Now, they get to say, after the heavy chasing after reporters, confiscation of all the communications of all the citizens, brazenly searching through the emails of a hundred AP reporters, kill lists, drones… Who is going to dare you to come after them by blowing the whistle on you now? Another hero like Edward Snowden? We can only hope. Happens in the movies all the time, after all.

This makes Hillary’s Filegate scandal look like respect for the Constitution. Right. (Filegate refers to Hillary getting the FBI files on every member of Congress, yes, every one of them). But now, the feds (who’s running the show up there anyhow?) has the goods on ALL of us.

Hey, maybe there’ll be blowback like there was against Robespierre. The people in Congress may just wake up one day when they realize that going along with the program and taking them money is not going to save their behinds or their family’s either, and do something to force them to admit out loud that their real goal is to just make all their subjects bow down and obey.

Obama also said if Snowden thinks he is right he should come back and face justice and prove his case. Right. Yeah, right. Well now. We live in a country where any judge in the country could get a self-written warrant produced by a federal agent on the spot, one of those Patriot Act orders that makes it a felony for said judge to tell anybody about it.

Like the alien said to the Steve Guttenberg character in the movie Cocoon, “You don’t know who to trust.”



Jeff Knox says we should support the banks that keep doing business with firearms companies:





At Ben Swann’s new web site, another onerous and outrageous police state provision:

Yeah. Empowered to visit home-schooling families to prevent “hate teaching harmful to the kids”, maybe, they’ve said that before, or farms to make sure Cattle Rancher Jones isn’t “harming” his neighbors by selling them raw milk, you get the picture. These are things people have lost their kids over, and for the milk thing gone to prison over. Already. In America.


See the story here:

The article says they still aren’t good enough to “print” a whole vehicle, or all the pars to it:

This capability has sparked talk of “printed” cars, and while printing your ride might be an interesting demonstration of the technology’s maturity, it wouldn’t result in a car many people would want to drive. According to Lee Dockstader, vice president of business development for 3D Systems, the ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic body parts that can be printed would likely be non-structural items like fenders, hoods, trunk lids, and door skins, as opposed to frame rails, floor pans, and other components that need to be crash-absorbent. Furthermore, printed cars would be stylistically limited, because printed ABS plastic doesn’t allow for distinctive feature details like creases and lines.

But in another article I recently saw, metals have already been used with one 3D machine:

The Next Level of 3D printing. ” Researchers at North Carolina State University took the technology one step further with the discovery of a method for printing liquid metal (watch above)”:

And now, “The First Commercial 3D Printed Metal Gun Part”.:

Maybe it’s a sequel to “Blows Against the Empire”…



The story:

Well, bully for them. Looks like CNN and NBC saw what was happening in the real world and that their obvious tilt toward “the left” was not helping anymore.

And Hillary “screwed the pooch” as the expression goes, with her role in Benghazi-gate, heading up the team that left Americans exposed there and then joined the push to lie to the public about a video. She had to know that the narrative was false. Looks like it was some low-level CIA analyst that contributed the false “video” blame, but the CIA quashed it lightning fast, but then the order came from –who??!– to put it back in. What is pretty clear is that the order came back to the CIA to blame the video anyway.

But there’s more than Bengazi waiting for a Hillary campaign. There’s Filegate (illegal suborning of FBI files ON Congressmen and other perceived adversaries), Whitewater, Travelgate, Chinagate, Vince Foster, the insider trading accusation on her commodities market killing, the push to shut up Juanita Broaderick, the mysterious missing Rose Law firm documents she could not find to answer a subpoena, “Hillary-care” (which was even more a blatant in-your-face nationalization of medical practice),

So maybe the cover story didn’t originate there anyway. Sometimes it helps to play a modified version of “Follow the Money”.

NBC says there’s no problem because NBC News is independent from NBC Entertainment. Oh yeah, right! And they both report to whom? They’re always saying there’s no bias, but who does the NBC News staff vote for?

To read a bit more detail about a few of those scandals, click here. Yeah, email-gate too, which should have also fallen under “obstruction of justice”.

I agree with Larry Klayman, her outburst at getting exposed for her own negligence and complicity with the attacks in Benghazi, when testifying before Congress, finally gave the public a slight glimpse of her character and demeanor that Washington insiders see and tell about.

She was madder than hell that anybody would want to know how and why Benghazi happened.



He interviewed with Libby Casey on C-Span, and I listened for most of it, and it begs for an answer and some corrections:
His answer to two callers who called him on his anti-Gaddafi tilt in his assessment of the rebellion and the rebels was that, as he says it, his reporting is based on what Libyans think. To that, I say “So what?” That’s what Walter Duranty said when he was asked why his New York Times reporting about Stalin was so glowing. Of course now we know there was no way he could have avoided knowing about all the atrocities. Just the murders of all his fellow comrades on the ruling committee with Lenin should have been a clue.

Today, of course, the New York Times does not talk about that.

A good study on mass propaganda is the media coverage on Libya and especially Gaddafi and the recent American-led and American-financed overthrow and murder of this irritant to world hegemony everywhere and danger number one of international central bankers with his plan for a pan-African gold-backed currency. Ukrainians are demanding that the pro-Stalin NYT reporter be stripped of his Pulitzer Prize. That’s another “prize” whose decision committees have dragged through the mud by trying to praise the worst of human animals among us who deserve no honoring at all.

Where are the antiwar protestors from the Vietnam War era on this? Well, many of us are still around. Some of us, like me,are still today against all these American wars, but many are now very silent with this kind of atrocity. American rulers are now using not only other peoples’ money (ours) to finance these illegal wars, but now, it’s also other nations people to do the dirty work.

One really big lie was what he told about Towarga. That was where the anti-Gaddafi rebels (now in power in Libya) totally wiped out an entire town of black folks, population 10,000. They were such determined Gaddafi loyalists and refused to join or support the rebellion and fought the takeover. But this deceitful reporter says he spoke with rebels from nearby Misratha, and of course they told him all kinds of bad things the Towargans did against the rebels. This turns out to be what a European reporter had said about what the rebels did to the Tawargans.

He says it’s because of what Gaddafi had promised the Tawargans they did these things, but wait a minute, he promised good things to everybody who would fight on his side.

Maybe there’s a good explanation for why he thinks the way he does. There are no more Tawargans left. Some few survivors might be too afraid to venture outside certain camps where they are kept.

Tawarga is a testament to what even this reporter admitted was among the good things he had to say about Gaddafi. He treated blacks better than any of the other Arab or Muslim leaders. He treated women magnificently, they were treated as equals in his government. This Robert Draper acknowledged this when a caller demanded whether he thought anything Gaddafi had done was good.

What he did leave out was that Gaddafi had stood before the Libyan parliament and had actually repented for his supporting of terrorism previous, and renouncing it for good, and demanding that Israel and Palestine make peace, and then invited the Western nations to come and take away all his nuclear weapons.

Let’s see YOU do that. Will Obama renounce clones, or the financing of hits on enemies or stop spying on Americans?

Here you’ll find a better report on what happened to Tamarga, and in fact, what is happening to blacks all across Libya:

Sure enough, if he would have spoken to some of the Tawargan survivors of the “cleansing” (their word) that the rebels had done, he would have gotten a different story.

But then again, maybe he did talk to some of them and isn’t telling.

Tawargans are demanding that NATO and the West is to blame for their plight and that they should therefore provide protection from them. Won’t hold my breath. Now wonder some Muslims think the West is waging another Crusade. Only the warmongers among us that do the sending are not Christians.


From the web page:

While James Rosen and Fox News did nothing wrong in reporting on North Korea, Obama and Biden both committed actual crimes in releasing classified information that resulted in the death of 22 SEAL Team 6 special ops forces and harmed U.S.-Israeli military operations and war plans concerning Iran. For this they both should be tried, convicted and thrown in prison.

Klayman has an interesting perspective on what he calls “Obama’s Mein Kampf”, meaning Obama’s press conference where he tried to spin around the Massive Surveillance State:

None of that “See nothing, hear nothing, know nothing” stuff. In Washington it’s “Total Information Awareness” (search it): “See everything, hear everything, know everything”.

Dig this bit:

Ironically though, by raising the defenses of “phony scandals” and his alleged attempts to reform “intelligence” gathering by the NSA, and create more so-called safeguards for the American people, Obama underscores the hard reality that he has been using and intends to continue using our intelligence services to obtain information to coerce and blackmail the citizenry into pliant submission.

Indeed, during the Clinton years, while Bill and Hillary vociferously disclaimed any role in the deaths of more than 80 key witnesses and others with some involvement in their myriad of scandals, they were happy to have their henchmen leave a list of these dead persons on the office chairs of inconveniently “alive” witnesses like Linda Tripp and other White House whistleblowers, who had the goods on their various crimes. On a smaller scale than Obama’s unbridled massive abuse of government power, this was a not-too-subtle attempt to intimidate and silence them from spilling the beans and providing evidence to send the Clintons to prison, which is where they belong. Outrageously, today, 13 years since the Clintons left the White House, we, the more than 300 million Americans whose confidential communications have been violated by this Muslim megalomaniac, are now the hands-on witnesses of Obama’s attempt to rule and transform the nation as he alone sees fit – by fear. And, we, the American people, are in danger.

But despite last Friday’s dog-and-pony show, We the People increasingly can no longer be fooled.

A growing number of patriots – white and black – people of faith, Christians, Jews and concerned citizens are in the process of waking up from their long slumber of the last five years in particular. We are no longer willing to be made to feel ashamed of our heritage and who we are and are thus losing our sense of guilt that Obama and his ilk have tried to instill upon us, and are preparing to legally fight back.



She was fired from the Nixon impeachment committee in Congress:



Free people own guns, slaves don’t

March 24, 2013
Dred Scott

Dred Scott (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

Found at the Libertarian Christians web site:

This is an excerpt from the Supreme Court Dred Scott decision, that declared blacks cannot be real people because then they’d be able to bear arms and defend themselves, and then slaves of the same color then would see them with them, and this would encourage “discontent” among the slaves and might result in insubordination among them. This would be a danger to the “state”, said the Court.



Fiscal Cliff: The Reality

December 6, 2012
Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Co...

Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Convention, held at Crown Center Hyatt Regency in Kansas City, MO; June 15, 2007, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The analysis of articles like this one is basic Keynesianism, which means it’s an ignorant piece of crap that it takes a bunch of years in college to learn how to make it sound sophisticated:

The article made it sound like a “compromise” between taxes and spending would solve the problem coming up on January 1 of 2013.

When has such a “compromise” ever solved “the problem” in the 100 years since the Fed got hold of the currency and banking systems? This is the same problem that has come back again and again every 10 or 20 years, it is the same circular route they’ve gone over, again and again, all these “compromises” only kicked the can down the road some more.

Here’s a real breakdown with details in the clear about what’s really wrong and what’s going to happen on January 1:

(Another perspective comes from not just Patrick Buchanan but others who agree with telling the House to just call the White House bluff. The President is pointing the new media gun at them to extort his will, that’s why all the campaigning after the campaign, but he has a LOT more to lose in the long run, if the Republicans had any guts, or any genuine honesty about all this).

The real “fiscal cliff” is the (for now) slow plummeting in the value of the US dollar, a process that’s been going on from the time the U.S. Congress gave a private bankers’ cartel monopoly control over the United States currency.


The real problem is too much government spending. Letting the rich invest their resources is NOT the problem. The real problem is too much government doing what government should never do.

Government spending robs the economy of whatever it would otherwise produce with those resources. Instead of the people making their individual decisions to mutual benefit, this government wealth confiscation to get resources to non-sustainable demand, private economy and jobs lose out.

Republicans are addicted to this too, which is why they rush to “surrender” to the Democrats so much to avoid the crises. They pontificate and posture until there is a very public and publicized crisis so they can get cover for caving.


The Republicans had two opportunities to prove they were honest.

One was in the debt ceiling “crisis” of 2011. The Republicans in the House could have said “Just say no”. In fact they did until the Powers That Be (Boehner) got four of the holdouts to cave in, including the “controversial” Allen West. Maybe they told them if they didn’t they’d cave in their head for them.

Surrender did not suit the (retired) Colonel Allen West very well in the debt ceiling fight, and it did him no good in his re-election campaign. It could be he won in his district in the real numbers, how do 4,000 votes suddenly appear on one side of an election to flip the results?

In fact, the presidential vote looks suspicious. Note that the voters did NOT give any win to the President like the yappers on televised yap shows say, it gave Washington the same stalemated situation they have had.

Boehner is pushing to cave and they will pretty much.

And we will continue our fall off the real fiscal cliff, the fall of the dollar combined with the attack on the economic prosperity engine undertaken by Imperial Washington, now occupied by political enemies of the free market and political liberties…

The other chance they had was the candidacy of Ron Paul and his realistic, pragmatic program for addressing the root problems in Washington. The Party adopted a couple of the most important economic platform points as a nod to reality, the audit of the Fed, and a nod to the gold standard.

In other words, as a Party, if the platform means anything, they admitted they were NOT doing the right thing.

But they also showed they were not serious about being honest with the way the chair broke their own rules to ride roughshod over the Ron Paul delegates and changing rules to keep them down and keep real conservatives out.

Help the Poor By Lowering Taxes on Investors

November 16, 2012
2006 Tax Forms

2006 Tax Forms (Photo credit: herzogbr)

There goes Obama again with that same stupid argument that he knows is bogus:

The president went on to insist that any agreement that deals with the so-called “fiscal cliff” allows taxes to rise for households making more than $250,000. “When it comes to the top 2 percent, what I’m not going to do is extend further a tax cut for folks that don’t need it,” he said.

Read more:

Keeping the taxes from going up for the “rich” includes the people who own the small businesses that hire the LITTLE GUY.

I say he knows, because he knows that we want to KEEP TAXES AS THEY ARE and HE wants to RAISE them by doing nothing. That “we” is not Republicans, it’s the ones who are aware that THE problem with the budget is the SPENDING problem.

We want our employers to have more money for OUR paychecks. I want them for the POOR, so that the people who have the money to invest get to have it long enough to invest, so that the POOR can have more jobs available, and so the POOR who have the persistence and understanding have a chance to build more wealth.

Why should we let somebody else get in the middle and take a cut?

Government already takes nearly half our production, it’s already too much!

Billionaire tax hike advocates: Shut up and just hire us instead!

July 3, 2012

This shows what’s wrong with believing the polls without thinking between the lines.

Similarly, a mid-April CBS News/New York Times poll found that 56 percent of all voters (and 57 percent of independents) said the “best way to promote economic growth” was to raise taxes on the wealthy and “spend more on education and the nation’s infrastructure.” A CNN/ORC poll conducted around the same time found 68 percent of voters (and 67 percent of independents) agreed “the tax system benefits the rich and is unfair to the ordinary working man or woman.”
These polls are rigidly consistent with every internal Obama campaign poll and the overwhelming reaction of focus groups. With an assurance that may startle hand-wringing Democrats, Team Obama doesn’t believe the campaign has been fully joined and Romney has not been remotely tested on his fidelity to GOP tax orthodoxy. Obama and his top advisers are certain—and they exude airy nonchalance in the face of intra-party vapors to prove it—that Romney is the perfect vessel for their tax-villainy argument

You might think it also shows how inept Republicans are on the tax issue, but credibility and hidden lines in legislation and enforcement have themselves wrapped around it tighter than a professionally gift-wrapped box of goodies.

Most big-name Republicans are thinking that if they blew the whistle on Obama’s weakest points on the subject of taxes and the rich and poor, they would expose themselves.

Major Garrett missed the point in the linked article, I think.

But a lot of pollsters don’t miss it. They could blow the whistle on the scam but that would be biting the hand that feeds them.

Okay, okay, here’s the trick, and the irony, and the sarcasm, and the scam.

If you ask me whether “the tax system benefits the rich and is unfair to the ordinary working man or woman”, you bet that in less than one instant I would agree as fast as I could. I don’t know who could honestly disagree with it, for one reason or the other, except a few who might recognize the use somebody’s going to make of the answer. By that I mean there might be some people who recognize that if they say they agree, it will be viewed as saying they are for “raising taxes on the rich”.

The whole thing is unfair to everybody when government is in the middle, because they are the absolute worst middleman between somebody with money and somebody without it. A lot of Mafia dons do better work with the money they steal from other people, and a lot of that is money they get from people voluntarily, like with the drugs and illegal betting and such things. Taxes are not voluntary.

But it’s worse than all that.

The tax system we have in the USA right now is unfair and benefits the rich because while the middle class has to pay them, many of the very biggest and richest investors do not. Warren Buffet blew the whistle on himself, if fact, but he left out some of the most important factors.

He pays a lower percentage than his secretary for two reasons. He has an army of tax attorneys at beck and call, who it is fair to presume not only know how to squeeze the best for the boss out of the “tax system”, and his companies, but also presumably help write the laws.

And note the lying deceit in Buffet’s demand for more and higher estate taxes from this tycoon. In Nebraska, higher estate taxes would kill off family farms faster than anything, as they already do, along with a tax and regulation system that big agribusiness has little problem with.

When CNBC or FBC want to know how something will affect businesses, they interview the CEO’s of the very biggest companies. But where it counts most is for the small businesses. Sure, some of the tax and borrow revenues in government, all of them in fact almost, hurt business big and small, but not equally.

So, we agree, the present tax system isn’t fair, we need more investment and innovation in areas like laser technology, medicine –especially natural remedies and nutrition-based preventive education, good academic education in general, housing, cold-fusion technology, and the economy in general. But most of us among the poor and middle class do not have the resources for it. So we need to unleash the investment power of those who have it.

To invest, though, they won’t know how much they’ll be able to actually use, unless they reasonably know they will have it. So if they are sitting on it, the fastest way to get them to actually invest it is to let them know you’ll leave them alone.

If they can invest it, they’ll hire the rest of us. Why wouldn’t they? Does that sound so complicated?

It’s not our money anyway, unless it is ours. Tell Buffet that’s all nice and good, but he doesn’t speak for the rest of us. We want hypocrites that preach at us to tax them more along with the other billionaires to SHUT UP AND USE THAT MONEY TO HIRE US AND INVEST.

After all, not all his billionaire peers make so much money from the largesse of politicians and demagogues. The Buffet business style has lost all its shiny glory.

And to tell their lobbyists to get the politicians to get their hands off and leave it alone!

“Thou shalt not steal.” That should have been the Republican Party answer to Buffet’s millionaire tax plan. But they can’t because they believe in the same taxation policy for their own ends.

Except for the ones that don’t. There are a small handful in Congress today that want Washington DC to stop stealing so much from the economy. They deserve attention, and they deserve more like colleagues.

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CBS Caught Lying About Results of Colorado Caucus!

April 23, 2012

Mat Larson exposes another mainstream media lie about Ron Paul:

Romney gets to look increasingly like a throwaway candidate. He’s avoiding talking about his Massachusetts health care law, which requires individuals to purchase health insurance, because Americans hate hate hate the Obama nationalization of the medical industry and its co-ownership with Big Pharma and the semi-socialist AMA (which gets 70% of its funding from the federal government). They hate it at the rate of 70% to this day.

But even if he is a throwaway, Obama’s sponsors will not find much difference. Romney won’t throw out the Unaffordable Health Care Act, he’ll keep it and pretend to change something big by changing something meaningless. Romney will continue the endless Bush-Obama wars. Romney would continue to throw goodies to his Wall Street sponsors while criticizing them, just like Obama has done. Romney will continue the attacks on our freedoms, expanding on the most abominable and unconstitutional parts of the Patriot Act, NDAA, ACTA, police state power for federal agents to write their own secret warrants to search anywhere they feel like it, and to detain anybody the president deems a threat (where is that automatic signature machine?).

Make no mistake: Romney would also continue whatever efforts they’re doing under the radar to form a national civil federal police force akin to Hitler’s Brownshirts.

So Romney will avoid it, and Obama campaign will avoid it, but if -IF- Romney gets the nomination –and despite the spin, it is NOT settled yet– you can bet it will be a debate question and Romney will get plastered on it! “It was your idea, Romney!” And when they ask Romney what he’d do different, his answer will show his hem haw position straddles both sides of the fence and expose him as the same thing.

Romney’s corporate raids and offshore holdings will also kill him.

Neither of them can criticize their backers, both of them have Goldman Sachs and Wall Street in the list of their topmost supporters. Obama formed a PAC to answer the Republicans he said, but the media is covering by telling us Obama’s not getting the money the Republicans are. But what they don’t tell you is that Obama is going to get trillions worth of campaign donations “in kind”, in their own media reports.

But ever more people are waking up. You meet ex-Romney supporters, ex-Santorum supporters, ex-Gingrich supporters, ex-Obama supporters, but an ex-Ron Paul supporter is more rare than skin on a hen’s teeth!

Look at this:

Roughly 48,000 people in the state were subject to penalties for not having coverage in 2009, the latest year for which figures are available, down from 67,000 in 2007. The maximum penalties range from $228 to $1,212 a year, depending largely on income. (Anyone with an annual income of less than 150% of the federal poverty line pays no penalty.) The penalties are paid on state tax returns.

Guess who isn’t getting Big Bank donations?

Found: Graphs showing economy’s “performance” 2009-2012

April 7, 2012

Obama Bashes Bush & Says Election Will Be “Fun Debate” …(Between Socialism and Freedom) | The Gateway Pundit:

I was quite impressed at the collection of graphs on the web page. They quote him saying “It’s always good to have the truth on your side”.

That much is true, but it’s out of context, because the truth does not help his message at all. “The truth is lies” one might say. Oh well…

Look at this quip they included from the AP:

Obama revisited many of the same arguments he made earlier in the week during a speech to newspaper executives, in which he framed the election as a choice between his work to use government to help people prosper and Republicans who would let average Americans struggle while pushing policies that help the wealthy few.

The charts they generously shared with us show how much his policies are helping crush the middle class.

A Christian writer once said, “God must really love the poor, he made so many of them!”

But it seems socialists and leftists don’t think God made enough poor people, because they are making so many more of them.

But since are mostly in the employ of a selected group of super-rich, aided by idealists who are deceived by the academic demagoguery like I once was, they can’t really touch those super-rich. So they push their potential rivals back down, using glass ceilings crimping small business made of regulations, a legal counterfeiting operation that robs the poor and middle class every time they “print money”.

Ron Paul gets one of his strongest results so far, and the count still might beat Romney’s

February 12, 2012

“Breakthrough in Maine! Ron Paul exceeds expectations yet again”:

It looks the party bosses have “officially” declared Romney the winner in Maine, even though not all the votes are counted from all the precincts, and the (heh heh) “unofficial” actual count will still change with the pending votes.

And it’s a virtual tie. But is it? Romney only has 194 votes on Ron Paul so far with 83.7% of precincts reporting.

Washington County (pop. 32,856) postponed its caucuses due to the threat of 1-3″ of snow (which did not materialize). They will be voting next Saturday. However, Maine GOP Executive Director Michael Quatrano announced that the official results are permanent and will not be changed when the new votes come in.

Washington County GOP Chairman Chris Gardner objected, saying he had known his county’s tally wouldn’t be included in Saturday’s announcement but didn’t realize it wouldn’t be counted at all. He said he had called state party leaders and “expressed my complete and utter dismay.”

Some have called Washington County a “Ron Paul stronghold” that could have propelled Ron Paul to a Maine victory. Ron Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton suggested that the Romney campaign was involved in the cancellation of the caucus as Paul’s campaign had expected to do well: “It’s not completely insidious, but they knew we were going to swamp it up there.”

In 2008 Ron Paul got 8 out of 113 votes (7%) while Mitt Romney received 40 out of 113 votes (35%) in the county. If Romney had remained stagnant at 40 votes and Ron Paul had received an additional 227 votes (+ in Washington County, Paul would have won Maine.

Paul camp cries fraud over Nevada Caucus results

February 11, 2012
Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

Image via Wikipedia

Is this why Romney seemed so smug and confident for so long?

Paul camp cries fraud over Nevada Caucus results – National Independent |

The Controlled Media complex has told us what to think.

We’re supposed to think that Romney is a front-runner and favored by party bosses, but that he has the best chance to defeat Obama out of the four major Republican candidates. Favored by the boss-man, that much is credible. Best chance to defeat Obama, they ALL know that Ron Paul is the best one to beat Obama. Early polls that matched up the candidates with Obama all showed this, but it looks like they’ve learned how to skewer those numbers too. Not that polls are that much believable either way, in my opinion. In some “respected” polls in the not-so-distant past, the results were totally and obviously wrong.

The Nevada results do not pass the smell test. They do not pass the smell test. Repeated for emphasis. The Nevada results do not pass the smell test.


Clint Eastwood, Chrysler ad, and the real issues

February 9, 2012

The buzz is on about Clint Eastwood lending himself to the Superbowl Chrysler ad, but a lot of reaction is missing the point.

It’s true that there’s a subtle pro-Obama effect in this, but the whole brouhaha also exposes establishment Country Club Republicans‘ ugly weak big-government underbelly. It’s ugly as sin, just as bad as the Dems they are criticizing.

Americans absolutely hate the Wall Street bailouts, with a passion. Big Money-Big Corporate Press is happy to forget all that and help Americans forget it, but they STILL hate it.

George W. Bush started those bailouts but Obama even skipped out from the campaign to go to Washington to vote for it, so none of them can criticize the other guy for that one.

But Obama’s minions do it anyway, but not directly, by talking a lot against Wall Street while not doing one thing to press for prosecution of the ones who engaged even in criminal fraud. I’m sure they’re protecting the system from collapse by trying to shore up public confidence, eh, wink wink?

But the Chrysler and GM bailouts were money from government for companies, but at the expense of the creditors who actually put up the money, and a freebie to the union bosses and payoffs to them and their worker bee subjects to keep them pacified.

It’s not a formula for future growth, depending on government.

Bankruptcy still would have hurt creditors to the auto companies, but then the union bosses and Big Money Unions and their Big Money Lobbyists did not want to lose their money.

Big Money Unions nowadays at least are just like the big corporations their executive bosses are always ragging on about, with the $300,000 salaries for executives while the assembly line guy gets leftovers.