Contraception issue: dirty trick to distract from dictatorship fetish

I knew there was a filthy dirty pro-Obama campaign trick in there when former Clinton staffer Stephanopolous popped the stupid contraception question at one of the Republican debates. So I was not suprised to find out that this mandate was a campaign strategy to fool the American people into electing him again, besides just being another landmark in keeping Americans used to giving up ever more of their religious freedom along with their economic freedom. So with the facts that keep dribbling out, it looks like this Sandra Fluke flap is another of the same series of outrages:

Yep, there is a gang that was spawned by the radical 1960s SDS and Weathermen. I was there, I was one, and I  can tell one. It doesn’t always “take one to know one”, but I know what a Trotskyite Communist or Fabian socialist would do to sneak into the White House “under cover” if he had some zillionaire backers.

It wouldn’t be the first time. Lenin and Trotsky had their zillionaire backers for taking over Russia in the Bolshevik revolution. The Communist American John Reed in the book “10 Days That Shook the World” did not mention the super-capitalist sponsors of the Bolsheviks, because that would have exposed both the hypocrisy and the corruption at the very “highest” levels of socialist leadership, and destroyed the totally fabricated myth of spontaneous workers’ uprisings.

Books like John Reed’s, just like Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto, were mythical intellectual packaging with false labels meant to fool the “smart” people, the “intelligentsia”, into thinking Marxism was “scientific” and for bonus points, “inevitable”.

My disillusions came early on because my “leftist” thinking evolved into political anarchist philosophies. At the time I figured if you can’t trust people to govern themselves, how can you trust them to govern others?

And the truth is, human nature being what it is, you cannot trust government because you cannot trust people with power, most especially in government, because the enforcers are made of the same human flesh as everybody else, meaning the rest of us.

The truth is, what starving industrial-plant worker of Karl Marx’s day was able to even have the time to read Das Kapital, much less, understand it?

It’s the rich who foment and organize political revolutions, with a possible historically recent exception of places where there is a substantial middle class that understands principles of freedom and the importance of property rights alongside the natural human rights of free speech, free press, the free exercise of religion (not the more limited “right of worship”), freedom from arbitrary searches and seizure, etc.






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