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From the Villains’ Own Propaganda Meisters: Obama-Scare Forces Nationalized Medicine

December 5, 2011

And folks, socialized medicine is not “health care” any more than nationalized “education” teaches anybody anything.

And now the shadow propaganda ministry cheer appears on Forbes of all places:

I can’t believe a “capitalist” magazine like Forbes would publish such a cheer for one of the worst things that ever happened to the American economy in history, alongside such fantastic assaults like the Federal Reserve Act and the income tax.

It is health rationing, only without the free-market system where the rich can afford the newest and riskiest experimental treatments, replaced by budget-mandated bureaucrats hired by politicians.

We already have a politicized “education” system that is a political conformist factory, where politically approved revisionist history replaces historical debate and independent thinking, and where formulas for property seizure (aka “wealth redistribution”) replace real-world mathematics.

Maybe these big corporations are being promised a cut of the socialist monopoly pie or something, to go along with this attack on prosperity, but in the end they will get a major shock, just like the rich tycoons that financed Hitler.

Who anointed Obama in the first place anyway, him coming out of nowhere into presidential politics? Kind of like Hugo Chavez, who went from exiled coup “golpista” to president of the country by “election” in about five years. Who financed him, and why were there floods of immigrants accepted into the country from the year before the election campaign?



October 16, 2011

George Soros was the keynote speaker at the Caribbean and Central America presidents’ summit in 2008, telling the presidents of the region what to do, and set Chavez and Zelaya off on their attempted coup to overthrow their Honduran constitutional republic, which they defended against the entire world.

He supported the underground organizing efforts to kick off the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt, and supported including the Muslim Brotherhood in the government. As we speak, Muslims are slaughtering Christians in Egypt and the Coptic population has already fled the country to the tune of more than 100,000 so far.

He made millions trashing the Malaysian currency, made millions almost destroying the British pound, and bragged about making millions from the hardships of the real estate bubble in the United States.

Obama banned offshore drilling in the Gulf –with absolutely no legislative authority at all– to support George Soros investments in offshore drilling in Brazil.

He supports censorship in the United States through his supported non-profits like

He is one of the criminals that made dirty money in the scandals of Wall Street and yet supports the rioters in New York protesting Wall Street. Wall Street owns a big part of the Obama administration and yet Obama blasts them and blames his own sponsors for making us poor, knowing it’s his own policies that suppress the economy —because those same Wall Street operators in his own administration are not stupid.

Soros-sponsored operatives orchestrated the intervention in Uganda by Obama, because there is a lot of recently discovered oil there.

Soros supports attacks against the solutions that would set Americans free around the world to prosper and protect political and economic freedom.

The American `allergy’ to global warming? – Oh yeah? My answer to the AP

September 25, 2011

Another article setting up another hit against dictatorship-resistance using a psy-war tactic: call them mental.

The American `allergy’ to global warming: Why? – Washington Times:

Maybe we’re allergic to bogus science. Maybe we are the skeptics that Michael Shermer claims to be.

If the author of this bogus analysis of why the denial were a true decades-long researcher into the global warming debate, he would know that the denials come NOT from oil companies but that it is CLIMATE SCIENTISTS leading the charge to yell that this Emperor Has No Clothes! Like the 100 career scientists that signed the protest letter to Obama.

So either he’s an INCOMPETENT reporter, or he’s just outright LYING. Which one is it, AP?

Not the first time AP published a falsehood. There’s one still floating around the Internet where they claimed that the biggest civil-society independent organization in Honduras supported the dictator and wannabe caudillo-for-life Zelaya, whereas in reality they, along with a certain 80 percent of Hondurans, backed his ouster and the restoration of their constitutional republic. Flawed as it is, corrupt as it is as Hondurans know it is, they knew that another Chavez would turn it again into a banana republic for the new club of tyrants.

I told them thru the first reporter’s email I could get and they blamed it on a translation glitch, but I notice their byline is still out there at their clients news sites with their attribution!

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Chavez, Insulza, Ortega these are running coup governments with elections by fraud

August 11, 2011

AP has consistently reported events in Honduras starting in 2009 and continuing today. For one thing, just like most of the controlled media around the world, reporting the constitutional removal of coup-plotting dictator Zelaya. It was the protection of a representative republic against an elected president who proved to be an enemy of fair elections.

The only coup plotters are the Resistencia, an alliance between (1) what Lenin called their “useful idiots”, and (2) the ones who just want to get in good with the new dictatorship.

The only coup that the socialist new world rulers will accept today is a socialist one, like Hugo Chavez’ coup or Daniel Ortega’s. Is AP reporting on Daniel Ortega’s coup in Nicaragua? Is the UN voting to condemn it?

Honduras remembers its national hero Micheletti…

Remembering Honduras’ Defense of Freedom

July 30, 2011

Whatever you say about politicians in general, Micheletti was indeed the man for the hour in Honduras and they were blessed that it was him and not some other easy traitor. Zelaya was obviously preparing a fraudulent “referendum” and there would be no fair elections. The Chavez-style leaders knew this and joined the scam, and gladly used some of the ignorant gullible –Lenin’s “useful idiots”– who thought that helping a few elites –like Zelaya and his sponsors– confiscate the material wealth of the other elites– they would get some of the bounty. Or just make it “fair”. Or something. In reality, they just go along with the droning chants.

I’ve been reading about how Chavez consolidated power in Venezuela and it reminded me of the contrast with Honduras.

Some of the leftist disinformation media tries to make the leftist street protests that supported Zelaya as if they were massive uprisings, but they were piddling few, blocking traffic, throwing rocks and burning tires and scaring the rest of the citizens.

Beware and take a lesson, Americas: a lot of the people on the streets and taking part in the violence were teachers on strike. Lobo, the current president, seems to be ceding to demands from citizens to fire any teacher who doesn’t teach, but back then they got almost no schooling.

And they blame the rich and capitalists for the kids’ ignorance? Hello?

The search engines are no good anymore. Leftist lies are positioned at the top, and if we ask Google they’ll tell you, “Our formulas and algorithms are fair. TRUST US.” We need some competition in search engines.

But here is a quick 50-second shot on youtube of the demonstration by citizens in just one city in Honduras repudiating the auto-coup master Manuel Zelaya, supporting the constitutional ouster of the renegade criminal. The so-called Resistencia, which is nothing more than a front organization for a sociaalist-imperialist takeover of the country that wants to give it up to international Chavista-Stalinist socialism.

“Fuera Mel!” “No fue golpe!”

San Pedro demonstrations, huge:

This one includes a snapshot of Patricia Rodas with an overlay of her quote that “I am not the ‘power behind the throne’!” She was the brains, Zelaya was the puppet. She was the evil intelligence and manipulator behind the power, Zelaya’s high school classmates remember him as one the slowest learners there. They remember one day when he announced in class one day that he was going to president one day, and they all got a good long hearty laugh.

More than 100,000 gathered in the capital to demonstrate in favor of Zelaya’s ouster and supporting the constitutional presidency of Micheletti:

That’s at least 10% of the entire population of men plus women plus children! Meaning it could have been more than half the entire adult population!

Across the country it was the same kind of turnout. The people were furious at CNN’s blatantly biased coverage.

It is a learning experience to note that in the earliest hours following their coverage of the vote in Congress that culminated the impeachment proceedings that were already underway before Sunday June 28, 2009, CNN-Spanish changed their “coup” banner at the bottom of the screen to “forced succession of power” because of something noted in the evening by one of their news anchors. She said that CNN had received thousands of calls from Hondurans supporting the constitutional removal of Zelaya and NOT ONE IN FAVOR OF ZELAYA, and if there was anyone who supported Zelaya could they PLEASE call?

It did not take long for the disinformation agents to kick in their schtick, though, and after about a day of a slight nod to the truth, and they went back to the “coup” designation.

Meantime, Hondurans on June 30 spilled out into their central plazas to protest the disinformation against them in international media and the unfair treatment of international political organizations that were themselves upset that an upstart banana republic dared to challenge the socialist narrative.

Honduras said NO to Chavez.

They said they DON’T want to become another Cuba or Venezuela.

They said they are NOT fooled by class warfare demagoguery.

Let us hope they stay firm against the slow infiltration by ememies of freedom.

They will have their Beast of Revelation, their one-world coming dictatorship, but there will be some nations that will refuse to bow.

July 23, 2011 They’ve been reporting all spin and disinformation since 1994..

Their piece on Honduras is all spin, framing the constitutional removal of golpista Zelaya and preventing his planned coup de grace of June 28, 2009. Letting him choose exile over prison was dubious (which one would you have chosen) but the Congress was already into impeachment process, formalized that Sunday, in full view of everyone in the audience of CNNE (CNN’s Spanish channel).

…The PR attack on Honduras’ defense of freedom began when Zelaya changed into pajamas for the press conference in Costa Rica that day. Neighbors to the Palace saw him in a suit and tie leaving as arrested, and photos of this were used as evidence in the trials of soldiers later.

The American Ambassador said it was a coup, but the guy’s name is mud in Honduras because he had his own shady financial dealings in Honduras. With all the government money Zelaya was robbing and giving to his sicarios who knows but maybe Hugo “Mud” Llorens had an iron in the fire?

Cut to the OAS, whose secretary-general Insulza began his political career telling Salvador Allende as his “political adviser” in Chile how to destroy the private economy and with it any financial base for opposition. He was also an enthusiastic supporter of Allende’s ambitions to become a president for life —oh they hate that when it’s a “rightist”, meaning not their own brand of rich, don’t they?.

Surprise, surprise, they found tens of thousands of arms stashed away in GOVERNMENT warehouses across the country in Chile under Allende’s rule.

And speaking of PR spin, when members of Allende’s Marxist regime attacked military squads and engaged in full-scale battles with them, the fallen among the guilty was reported outside the country as mysterious “disappearances”. The real victim was the international public that was fed spin.

And they are still doing it. They claim to attack evil corporations and evil oil speculators, but guess where some of their major funding comes from. George Soros is only the most visible face of the ones who are the real genuine capitalist pig, trying to game the system around the world including here, which will, of course, guarantee his own profits and our own losses.

The truth is that when it’s all said and done, it’s the Mom and Pop owners of the little store down the street and the barber shop that are the ones who are hurt when the supposedly “anti-corporate” demagogues get their control freak measures enforced against the private sector. The idea is that after they destroy all the profits in profit motives they’ll be the ones in charge of the public treasury.

How did that work out for Russia? How did that work out for China?

The fact is, Hondurans did NOT want to be another Venezuela, they did NOT want to be another Cuba. ESPECIALLY the poor, who had the most to lose, because when all you have is a little bit, it’s a lot when you lose it.

Let’s just hope they don’t wear down under the relentless pounding of the liars in the media and their enablers in “media watchdog” front groups like this well-funded organization.

Let’s hear it. Where do THEY get THEIR funding?

Robbing from your neighbor to “help the poor” is not “charity”

June 25, 2011

Private charity is one thing. Robbing from your neighbor’s pockets to do “charitable work” is self-contradictory. Private contributions to social causes in the poorest countries are TRIPLE government-to-government aid, of which the poor see NOTHING.

Ask Hondurans how much the poor got after Hurricane Mitch or how the auto-coup dictator Mel Zelaya robbed the UN money for the poor to get himself “elected” (wink wink) dictator-for-life. I’m sick of the rich-pig control freak cliques that use the poor for cover for their own abuse of the poor, like Hugo Chavez, where the poor aren’t getting government food distributions or streets fixed and sleep on hospital floors.

Beware of liars supporting ex-dictator and coup runner Mel Zelaya

March 6, 2011

Beware of speakers from Honduras trying to justify ex-dictator Manuel Zelaya’s auto-coup in Honduras. Somebody reported in another forum about a “Garifuna” woman –that’s an Indian tribe in Honduras– singing the praises of that wannabe tyrant and narco-socialist. They say that enemy of freedom was helping them, but I’ve never heard of any real help except to rob foreign aid moneys and Honduran tax receipts to pay off the gang that tried to made stick their coup d-etat against constitutional order.

Honduras was VERY fortunate to have a man like Roberto Micheletti to stand in the gap against the imperialist interventionist efforts to force this Communist back into power –against the Honduras constitutional protections against such caudillo takeovers.

She’s on the “social justice” tour backed by lots and lots of money. Where does a humble Garifuna woman, especially complaining about how much poverty they have to suffer, get all that MONEY for all these endless TOURS!

They get it from the same rich plutocrats that want to set up their fascist/narco-socialist oligarchy in Honduras just like Hugo Chavez is doing in Venezuela. If they can’t have that they’ll get propaganda mileage for next time.

Here’s a hint.

My wife was once a poll-watcher, an observer, in Honduras. The political parties get their representatives to watch the counting, like they’re supposed to do here (in the United States). (By the way, that’s something you can’t do when it’s one of those abmoninable e-voting machines; take it from a software engineer).

One of the other ladies there noticed she had instant rapport with people, she’s like that, and a leader type. That lady was working for a small party, the most leftist of them.

She gave her a talk something like this: “Why don’t you join us? Look, you get $X a month (a LOT), you get to travel around the world, go to conferences and meetings, you get free training, you get this, you get that, don’t have to worry anymore.”

It was when the so-called “Cold War” was still hot, but notice with this “Garifuna” woman the money spigot is still flowing rivers, so the same mega-super-rich that pushed so-called “socialism” before are still around and they’re still pushing it.


Defund leftist government-funded propaganda arm

February 13, 2011

No wonder Goosestep Leftist Media including its printing arm has drastic losses of readership, so wildly they insult the readership, expecting total gullibility:

What kind of reality-challenged mentally can say NPR is a “demagogue-free zone” where “all points of view are welcome”.

Their product included a major stink of effluence when they treated the restoration of constitutional order in Honduras as a “coup”, and the fiction that restoring Zelaya without imprisonment for criminal charges would be restoring “democracy”, whereas in truth Honduras had stopped Zelaya’s Castro-Chavez backed coup cold. Even after calls from Honduran-Americans themselves setting them straight to facts!

I have heard their guests aplenty deriding some of the most important scriptures of the Bible and I’ve never heard them interview a good articulate representative of the evangelical point of view.

Government propaganda media have no place in a free society, and stealing our money to tell us we’re wrong is an invitation to dictatorship. You may agree with their editorial point of view today, but what of tomorrow? What if George W. Bush had put in all Presbyterians or Lutherans? Or thrown out the bosses and replaced them with imports from Fox News?

Government funding for NPR, PBS, steals money from my pocket to push agendas that are inimical to my point of view. And funding art under rules that get exhibits of crosses in urine but bans venerations of the cross just show that government has no business in media or arts.

And being taxpayer and government financed, it attracts the journalists and editorial staff that thinks the government should be telling the sheeple how to think. So what if they speak in academic monotone?

Example #1: I happened on one PB radio program once when they were discussing Honduras. Despite HONDURANS calling and correcting the LIES they were parroting, the official White House lies about Honduras, they kept on going.

–One guy there he “understood” Obama’s position because he was trying to change America’s “image” in Latin America as the bully that tells them what to do! But Obama, Hillary, and U.S. Ambassador Hugo Llorens WAS doing ALL he COULD to BULLY Honduras into putting the coup-running golpista Manuel Zelaya, back in power, AGAINST the wishes of easily 80 percent of Hondurans. How sick!

Liars Media never told you about the 200,000 demonstrators in Tegucigalpa alone, city of only 850,000! That’s almost twice the ratio of the marchers in Cairo against Mubarak!

And that’s the most “left-leaning” population in the country! Hondurans even demonstrated against CNN, demanding they stop LYING about their restoration of constitutional order after Zelaya had destroyed it! That’s a ratio of 1:4.5 of the population of the city!

Compare that to the marchers in Cairo, where the highest estimates for the most populous demonstration they had was nearly a million in this city of nearly 8 million, making a ratio of 1:8.

Obama favored the marchers in Cairo, but he is STILL favoring the tyrant in Honduras!


More Dirty Leftist-Plutocrat Trickery in Honduras

January 19, 2011

Looks like the enemies of freedom are at it again in Honduras.

Constitutional Reforms Slippery Slope

Taking a cue from those who have played fast and loose with the language of the U.S. Constitution, they are trying to do a two-step to open changes to the public, supposedly.

But just like the fraud that Zelaya had read to go before, everybody knows that this kind of subterfuge will not be a fair vote, and dark shadowy forces operate in the background with their own agenda to overthrow republican democracy in Honduras.

it should be a cause for consideration that the military is the most trusted institution in Honduras.