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Medical studies are almost always bogus

May 8, 2017

…And the headlines promise more than they deliver, according to an article at the New York Post.

The article refers to the results of research published in the book by Richard Harris:

(Begin excerpt)

“…For any study to have legitimacy, it must be replicated, yet only half of medical studies celebrated in newspapers hold water under serious follow-up scrutiny — and about two-thirds of the “sexiest” cutting-edge reports, including the discovery of new genes linked to obesity or mental illness, are later “disconfirmed.”

Though erring is a key part of the scientific process, this level of failure slows scientific progress, wastes time and resources and costs taxpayers excesses of $28 billion a year, writes NPR science correspondent Richard Harris in his book “Rigor Mortis: How Sloppy Science Creates Worthless Cures, Crushes Hope, and Wastes Billions” (Basic Books).

“When you read something, take it with a grain of salt,” Harris tells The Post. “Even the best science can be misleading, and often what you’re reading is not the best science.”

(End excerpt)

It’s not just medicine. All of science research is suffering from the same effect.

The writer does not deny the tendency is always there in the hot competition, and recognizes the shrinking budgets of taxpayer money to dole out for medical studies makes for the present crisis in which “half” of these taxpayer-funded studies (paid for by taxpayer extortion) are not reproducible.

The article describes what is happening, the symptom, but without acknowledging the “disease”. Integrity in medical research has died at the hand of the “administrative state”, unelected fiefdoms of government, less obvious because they are restricted parts of the whole, and because of the cover of mandates by laws outsourcing legislative duties to them.

If the research funds come from the organization with a monopoly of force, there is no constraint on the decisions made by the ones who disperse the funds.

In a free market, the funds would come from parties with an interest in getting results. In government the interests are politically driven careers, and personal pet projects with no personal cost.

This article makes no mention of any comparison between research funded by the private sector with no taint of government priorities, versus government funding.

But besides the difference being intuitively obvious, we have at least one example in the area of stem cell research. The media widely reported on the debate leading up to the decision by George W. Bush on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.  He eventually decided to allow continuing research with the existing embryonic cell lines that had been funded, but restrict the use of federal funding for any new cell lines. Using new embryonic cell lines means the destruction of an embryo. An embryo is a new human life, a baby.

What was not reported in “Official Media” was that this research into EMBRYONIC stem cell research had already been at full speed for decades, with at the time NOT ONE medical application.

Also not reported at the time was that there were already 72 –seventy-two– medical applications resulting from ADULT stem cell research, already widely in use, funded by PRIVATE money. A few years later there were 150, and finally one study determined that adult stem cell research couple serve for any purported application of the embryonic studies.

Meaning, when you hear that they got some good thing or another from the embryonic stem cell research, remember it easier needless anyway,  sending bad money after bad, besides the other.

But the outrageous truth is that so many new lives were needlessly snuffed out while in the first stages of growth, in the name of stuffing them out, and with the bogus cover story of interest in medical advancement and the cure, for which using ADULT cells were already proven to serve much better.

And what a colossal waste of taxpayer-extorted money, including the one BILLION dollars that California’s tax victims had to dish out for it.



The more rich there are, the better off the poor

October 1, 2013

“The more rich there are, the better off the poor are” is a consequence of allowing the free market and investment to CREATE wealth (in general terms of what people want) where it did not exist before.

Allowing people to keep what earnings they can save and then invest and therefore also accumulate, results in increased acquisition (or creation) of “capital goods“. “Capital goods” convert “natural goods” into “consumable goods”.

Poverty is by definition a suboptimal availability of “consumable goods”. When there are lots of capital goods, it’s because there are people who are “rich enough” to acquire them (or have them made). It also means that there is more demand for labor and more “money” paid out to the laborer for his work. It means there are more “finished goods” (produced using capital goods).

Every dollar any government confiscates directly from the resources available for investment in capital goods (in taxes on capital property or capital gains), kills the investment it would bring and kills the increased wealth and kills incentives for hiring labor. The poor suffers worse than anybody under such conditions.



Where does the Constitution say religious freedom does not apply in daily life?!

March 16, 2013
English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten ame...

The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dominos Pizza Founder Wins Court Order Stopping HHS Abortion Mandate |

From the article:

Mersino said Judge Zatkoff’s decision protects our freedoms granted under the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The Obama administration argued against the preliminary injunction by claiming that once a business owner chooses to enter into the marketplace, he surrenders his right to exercise his religious beliefs.

I find it incredible that an argument like this was even offered seriously in a courtroom. It’s getting crazier by the minute in America, and it shows how irrational the thinking can get when they blindly go along with whatever the Thought Police tell them to think. It’s like they subscribe to a Thought of the Month Club, and the mind benders are pushing it to see how crazy they can make it.

And since when does religious liberty only apply to groups of pastors and priests? Where is that in the First Amendment?! It. Is. Not. There. NOT!

2nd Amendment Alert: McMillan Firearms Says Bank of America VP Says Go Away

January 18, 2013

If this is true and reflects Bank of America policy, then I’m out of there! This should go viral!

Is this right? The bank official, a “Mr. Fox”, said it was a “politically motivated” decision simply because he was a firearms manufacturer now.

Bank of America responded to a related inquiry by denying that they have such a policy.

It’s good to let this sort out, there are some wild misinformation agents out there. I suspect that even though this was a credible conversation, there is more that journalists can ask, like is there a real Mr. Fox who is a real vice-president as represented in this telephone conversation by the caller.

BUT despite the Bank of America policy disclaimer, McMillan Firearms is a real firearms manufacturer, and so the first-person public testimony of its family-based ownership should be taken as strong evidence. Bank of America spokespersons refuse to talk about specific accounts, and there is good reason for that, but deny there is a company policy against dealing with firearms makers.

I agree with that, but that still does not address this question: Does Bank of America have a policy that forbids its officials from dropping customer accounts that make them? They were very silent on that. I’m sure branch managers have lots of leeway for adding and canceling accounts. Plus, who is to say they would not float a trial balloon?

But I certainly believe that customers everywhere are now asking their Bank of America officials at their local branches about this issue, and threatening to pull out their accounts if it is shown to be a company-wide phenomenon.


The real “golden goose” is the FREE MARKET

November 18, 2012

Memo to people who vote for their own economic ruin:

That’s because marauding looters with big guns and big gangs are after everything we’ve got. And we don’t have anything. You’re looting our bosses along with your own, and they are losing their ability to pay us.

But don’t worry, like the Patrick Stewart character channeling Captain Bligh, you “will make them pay!”

Now here comes Jim Cooper (D-Tennessee) who wants to tell us that confiscating fatal chunks of the economy is good for us, by giving the media a chance to go into fits of praise for the great things government has done for us by funding projects that have absolutely no positive benefit in mind for us at all.

Memo to Jim Cooper: The only way YOU can give out money for “basic research“, meaning research nobody else wants to pay for, is because YOU and yours FLEECE the producers in the free market, and rob the owners of the golden goose.

Science accidents happen all the time in the real world, that produce real benefits by surprise. So Jim Cooper and fellow squawkers admit that on purpose have no benefit.But funding their pet projects with money taken by force from others at no cost to them is “good” for us.

And now to praise the glories of government funding what they call “basic” research, meaning research nobody else wants to pay for, there is now a “Golden Goose” award. They want us to forget the fact that this is drop in the bucket and they don’t want us to consider that to get one golden egg, we have to pay for twenty million tons of golden fleece.

It’s just like that.

Ever hear of “honeybee colony collapse disorder“? The  research company that blew the whistle on the connections they found to genetically modified crops was bought by Monsanto.

And we still haven’t seen the biggest potential dangers from all the gene manipulation, now just beginning to go public with a new study that (finally) shows that eating genetically modified foods is a health hazard.

If you think this kind of thing is worthwhile, then fund it yourself. Lots of private companies and philanthropists still do.

Christians fund as many as half a dozen radio stations with voluntary donations in every major urban area in the United States, with no coercion at all, because it is a cause they believe in.

But some people use things like they publicize to accept the things they don’t. Like they think we should play dead when they take our money so they can spend a million dollars to actually finally prove that monkeys get crazy on cocaine.

Two businesses’ projections of how much more pizzas and hamburgers will cost because of Obamacare

September 8, 2012
English: Papa John's Pizza #639 at 1018 West M...

English: Papa John’s Pizza #639 at 1018 West Main Street in Durham, North Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this article:

Papa John’s Becomes First Business to Put a Price on Obamacare | Fox Small Business Center:

Of course we all knew that, although some of us didn’t say it. That would be the ones who look at it from the point of view of who benefits, who gets freebies, and who gets the privileges and the waivers…

But most people know in their gut that this thing is outrageously expensive…

Reality Check: Fiat Dollar Is The Real Reason For High Gas Prices

July 20, 2012


US gasoline prices from 1919 to 2007. Real and...

US gasoline prices from 1919 to 2007. Real and nominal prices. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I had not realized this.


And he notes toward the end of this video snippet that the price of gasoline also affects other products, like plastics, transportation, and many other things.



The “Business Insider” is a psy-war stealth socialist disinformation propaganda tool

July 1, 2012
Support HR 1207: Audit the Fed!

Support HR 1207: Audit the Fed! (Photo credit: r0b0r0b)

Keynesian Economics

Keynesian Economics (Photo credit: Seabamirum)

The “Business Insiderweb site again shows why it should find some other “business” to get into where they don’t do so much damage.

Keynesian economics and the infiltration of Nanny Government thinking has dumbed down the people that should have known better.

Here is the article that sparked this reaction:

Here is their first “brilliant” point:

“1) Corporate profit margins just hit an all-time high. Companies are making more per dollar of sales than they ever have before. (And some people are still saying that companies are suffering from “too much regulation” and “too many taxes.” Maybe little companies are, but big ones certainly aren’t).

And this is on a web site that calls itself “Business Insider”? Really?Are you kidding me?

They should go take a hint from Ron Paul and get educated in the Austrian school of economics instead of sticking to the now grossly discredited Keynesian failed models.

The “too much regulation” regime and “too many taxes” are EXACTLY factors that make the world safe for the BIGGEST corporations and kill their competition from little upstart businesses. The smaller companies may well operate as businesses more efficiently and do more with less, except Nanny GOVERNMENT caring for us so much with the ivory-tower desk-jockey masters of bureaucratic turf and all the tidal waves of legislation game the system with an advantage for the bigger guys.