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A long list of school shootings and the shooters’ psychotropic drugs

January 26, 2013
Cover of "Conspiracy Theory (Keepcase)"

Cover of Conspiracy Theory (Keepcase)

I came across a very interesting and very long list of school shootings in a chart that also shows the psychotropic drugs associated with them:

School Shootings List « adventlife:

The drugs were a big part of the plot in the movie “Conspiracy Theory” with Mel Gibson. The main bad guy in the movie, played by Patrick Stewart, used them to keep the confused hero under control and disconnected.


The real “golden goose” is the FREE MARKET

November 18, 2012

Memo to people who vote for their own economic ruin:

That’s because marauding looters with big guns and big gangs are after everything we’ve got. And we don’t have anything. You’re looting our bosses along with your own, and they are losing their ability to pay us.

But don’t worry, like the Patrick Stewart character channeling Captain Bligh, you “will make them pay!”

Now here comes Jim Cooper (D-Tennessee) who wants to tell us that confiscating fatal chunks of the economy is good for us, by giving the media a chance to go into fits of praise for the great things government has done for us by funding projects that have absolutely no positive benefit in mind for us at all.

Memo to Jim Cooper: The only way YOU can give out money for “basic research“, meaning research nobody else wants to pay for, is because YOU and yours FLEECE the producers in the free market, and rob the owners of the golden goose.

Science accidents happen all the time in the real world, that produce real benefits by surprise. So Jim Cooper and fellow squawkers admit that on purpose have no benefit.But funding their pet projects with money taken by force from others at no cost to them is “good” for us.

And now to praise the glories of government funding what they call “basic” research, meaning research nobody else wants to pay for, there is now a “Golden Goose” award. They want us to forget the fact that this is drop in the bucket and they don’t want us to consider that to get one golden egg, we have to pay for twenty million tons of golden fleece.

It’s just like that.

Ever hear of “honeybee colony collapse disorder“? The  research company that blew the whistle on the connections they found to genetically modified crops was bought by Monsanto.

And we still haven’t seen the biggest potential dangers from all the gene manipulation, now just beginning to go public with a new study that (finally) shows that eating genetically modified foods is a health hazard.

If you think this kind of thing is worthwhile, then fund it yourself. Lots of private companies and philanthropists still do.

Christians fund as many as half a dozen radio stations with voluntary donations in every major urban area in the United States, with no coercion at all, because it is a cause they believe in.

But some people use things like they publicize to accept the things they don’t. Like they think we should play dead when they take our money so they can spend a million dollars to actually finally prove that monkeys get crazy on cocaine.