Keynes’ Nutcase economics

“Poor people are mostly poor because they are lazy.”

In welfare states like exists in the USA and Europe, the poor people are PAID TO BE LAZY. This creates what economists call “moral hazard”.

But Keynesian economics is based on demanding conditions of “moral hazard”. When politicians can no longer squeeze more money out of the economy in taxes, they turn to borrowing (the twin sibling of printing money).

Every million dollars of deficit, every rise in the debt ceiling, is a theft that robs the poor and middle class. We need a new category for this scale of vipers and thieves, like “grand theft nation”. But don’t dare use real money to buy or save, they’ll put you in jail.

That’s the Keynesian Way to prosperity: Confiscate productive capital that could be used to acquire capital goods and labor to produce more actual wealth and give it to government cronies for their favorite friends and family and tit-for-tat deals. Oh yeah, and a few crumbs left over for the poor to buy them off. Like the Prussians, keep the poor loyalty with subsistence pensions and train the next generation by giving them free schooling.

Again. Keynesians say giving out more money creates wealth. Fake money is the best way, say the Keynesian welfare-state fanatics. That makes who the nutcase!*

Yes, the word “arrogance” rings a bell. A few genius economists sitting in an office in the Imperial Capital of the Americas are so omniscient they can tell the rest of us what to do and what we are not allowed to do.

And after 100 years of failure and on the brink of a dollar crash that will unleash the worst demons in the “richest nation on Earth”, they still insist that we just need more of the same poison.

After Bastiat’s satire, von Mises’ academic treatises, Murray Rothbard’s expansion on what happens to a command economy or a command-and-control state, and Ron Paul’s easily-understood books, craziness in economics is even more crazy than ever.


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