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Reality Check: Fiat Dollar Is The Real Reason For High Gas Prices

July 20, 2012


US gasoline prices from 1919 to 2007. Real and...

US gasoline prices from 1919 to 2007. Real and nominal prices. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I had not realized this.


And he notes toward the end of this video snippet that the price of gasoline also affects other products, like plastics, transportation, and many other things.




Electric cars and coal-fired generating plants

December 29, 2011

The electric cars on the road today require recharging from sources that get power grids that in national aggregate transmit power about half of which is generated in coal fired plants.

This was a point made by Thomas Sowell in his column:

The electric car efficiency issue was used to illustrate how to think past what we are told to think by the arrogant class that thinks of the rest of us as “the masses”.

The real issue is the forcing of dictates by a group upon everyone else, whether the group is any kind of minority or majority. If one wants to talk about adapting the ideas of the Declaration of Independence to modern times, then  “Consent of the governed” must be considered as applying to each individual person.

It’s time for what I call “Golden Rule Government”. The government should be bound by the same rules that bind our neighbors, and that bind us in our relationships to our neighbors. If no one should rob his neighbor or steal from him, then groups of neighbors should be equally constrained, whether they form a mob, a Mafia, or a monarchy, or oligarchy, or elected government.

This is why Ron Paul is the only one who is making sense out of the bunch of candidates for president.



Ron Paul vs. Two-Faced Newt, Flip-Flop Romney

December 9, 2011

I can’t see why anybody would avoid considering Ron Paul. He holds Reagan‘s positions on everything everybody praises Regan for, except that Ron Paul has a 100% consistent voting record in that regard.

He is the most pro-strong-defense candidate out of all of them, and our uniformed brethren agree with their donations by donor count and by dollar count.

He has said he would bring our troops home and put them on the borders.

Israel? His policies would end the practice of giving twice as much to Israel’s enemies as to Israel, and set Israel free to do what it has to do to defend itself, instead of kissing Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama rings for permission. Ron Paul was the Lone Ranger when Congress raced to condemn Israel for taking out Iraq nuke sites, he voted against the resolution.

Education? Abolishing the federal department would free education from the shackles of central planning. Local communities and states should be free to teach their own children without interference. Home schoolers, who have proven consistently in academic competitions of all kinds, would be encouraged, as well as school choice for parents.

Foreign aid? My wife is from Honduras, and you can ask any Honduran-American whether it does the country any good. Ron Paul is “right on” when he says foreign aid robs from the poor people  in a rich country to give it to the rich people in a poor country. That’s exactly what it does. It corrupts the political class in those countries. So like one African economist said about foreign aid, “For God’s sake, please stop!”

He was and is one of the precious few in Washington to push back against TARP and Fat-Cat-Wallet-Stimulus while Dems and Rips alike rushed to pour out our money like rivers to Wall Street and to other fat cat friends like Europe‘s Central Banks and Wall Street hogs and Caterpillar Corp, while getting it out of our pockets by taxation and by robbing our bank accounts with trillions of “quantitative easing” and “injecting liquidity”, euphemisms for adding to the dollar supply.

Ron Paul is the one who can best beat Obama, because there’s no surprises like WILL come up with Gingrich and WILL come up with Romney and WILL come up with Perry, take it to the bank. Trump is another loose cannon, with he and Newt probably playing along with each other to throw the Republicans out of the race again, because dirty tricks are the only way they can keep Obama in there.

Bachmann and Santorum have shown they lack the appeal factor or the media factor.

Ron Paul has no surprises they can pull up from the past.

Right out of “1984”, here’s Mr. Romney, the guy who today “has always been pro-life”:

RP pushed until the Fed was forced to reveal the trillions it gave away to big bankers in Europe that don’t help us with anything except to get us more addicted to “quantitative easing”.

October 16, 2011

George Soros was the keynote speaker at the Caribbean and Central America presidents’ summit in 2008, telling the presidents of the region what to do, and set Chavez and Zelaya off on their attempted coup to overthrow their Honduran constitutional republic, which they defended against the entire world.

He supported the underground organizing efforts to kick off the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt, and supported including the Muslim Brotherhood in the government. As we speak, Muslims are slaughtering Christians in Egypt and the Coptic population has already fled the country to the tune of more than 100,000 so far.

He made millions trashing the Malaysian currency, made millions almost destroying the British pound, and bragged about making millions from the hardships of the real estate bubble in the United States.

Obama banned offshore drilling in the Gulf –with absolutely no legislative authority at all– to support George Soros investments in offshore drilling in Brazil.

He supports censorship in the United States through his supported non-profits like

He is one of the criminals that made dirty money in the scandals of Wall Street and yet supports the rioters in New York protesting Wall Street. Wall Street owns a big part of the Obama administration and yet Obama blasts them and blames his own sponsors for making us poor, knowing it’s his own policies that suppress the economy —because those same Wall Street operators in his own administration are not stupid.

Soros-sponsored operatives orchestrated the intervention in Uganda by Obama, because there is a lot of recently discovered oil there.

Soros supports attacks against the solutions that would set Americans free around the world to prosper and protect political and economic freedom.

The American `allergy’ to global warming? – Oh yeah? My answer to the AP

September 25, 2011

Another article setting up another hit against dictatorship-resistance using a psy-war tactic: call them mental.

The American `allergy’ to global warming: Why? – Washington Times:

Maybe we’re allergic to bogus science. Maybe we are the skeptics that Michael Shermer claims to be.

If the author of this bogus analysis of why the denial were a true decades-long researcher into the global warming debate, he would know that the denials come NOT from oil companies but that it is CLIMATE SCIENTISTS leading the charge to yell that this Emperor Has No Clothes! Like the 100 career scientists that signed the protest letter to Obama.

So either he’s an INCOMPETENT reporter, or he’s just outright LYING. Which one is it, AP?

Not the first time AP published a falsehood. There’s one still floating around the Internet where they claimed that the biggest civil-society independent organization in Honduras supported the dictator and wannabe caudillo-for-life Zelaya, whereas in reality they, along with a certain 80 percent of Hondurans, backed his ouster and the restoration of their constitutional republic. Flawed as it is, corrupt as it is as Hondurans know it is, they knew that another Chavez would turn it again into a banana republic for the new club of tyrants.

I told them thru the first reporter’s email I could get and they blamed it on a translation glitch, but I notice their byline is still out there at their clients news sites with their attribution!

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Obama’s Tough Luck –

February 25, 2011

Tough luck?

Obama’s Tough Luck –

Yes sir, Obama bragged about Solyndra as a showcase for “stimulating” the economy through “green” jobs, with the loan guarantee for more than half a billion dollars, $535 million, for a plant that would create 3,000 construction jobs and 1,000 plant workers making photovoltaic solar panels . That was 2009.

But then the day after the shellacking rebuke from the American people at the Obama-Reid-Pelosi triumvirate and runaway regime, while the world’s attention was elsewhere, Solyndra announced it was NOT going to build the Obama showcase plant and what’s more, they were closing down another plant and lay off 175 workers.

Well, now, looky here, follow the money.

The majority owner of Solyndra is George Kaiser, an Oklahoma billionaire, and a “bundler” of campaign funds for the 2008 Obama-Biden presidential campaign.

And some people really believe the indignation of the faux indignant mouthings of liberal and socialist politicians against big corporations.

Like Bush, like Obama. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

New Energy–and Crony Government

February 18, 2011

Liberal and socialist policies DO support crony capitalism in the real world. The only way to stop it is to cut off government’s power to support it, and you can NOT do that by giving government more power and more money.

The point of the new energy links, besides the fact that I proclaim it every chance I get to anybody who listens, was to expose the big crony capitalists like GE’s CEO and the big push for “clean energy” from environmentalists including their political operatives of both faces of the two-party cartel.

The big spokesmouths at the top of environmentalist movements, and most especially their paymasters who are using them to push for more top-down control over our lives, those are the BIG LIARS because they KNOW about the possibilities of “new energy” science and instead ban offshore drilling in the Gulf to support crony capitalist investments everywhere else in the world.
That’s why I said it could “gut energy”. Or at least the big-money big-government interests think so..

That’s why crony liberal government and crony capitalists and crony country-club Republicans and Democrats are treating it like leprosy. The articles I posted show how the billions-dollar HOT fusion research parasites try to suppress it. GE has investments in government-created subsidies –how’s that for big, Big-Corporate subsidies.

I am against ALL corporate subsidies.

And a better alternative to oil is the one that people will want to buy. Why not? Solar panels are probably money-savers, I’m all for it.

I’m also in favor of de-monopolizing electric energy completely. At least let local factories generate their own if they wish. That would aid in faster recovery after big natural disasters among other things, and terrorism too.

And the reason I wonder sometimes is because I post something, and say why I’m posting it and what it shows, and people reply as if they totally missed the point. I’m sorry but that’s why it’s a bit frustrating. If this new energy is a great solution, then why don’t they find private investors? Surely there is profit to be made??? You’re not screaming that the government should do something here, right? Or, are you? Why would academia be against it?

Also meaning, some people make assumptions about ME that are wrong, what with knowing where I’ve come from, and knowing that I go over these issues carefully.

Clean Energy

February 16, 2011

Nanny state rulers Big Brother Government accusation:

You act as if finding alternatives to fossil fuels is a bad thing ’cause it will gut the oil industry?!?

Speak for yourself and your own support for crony capitalism and the oil industry, and their paid political operatives in government who make you think energy-NEGATIVE things like ethanol are good.

It’s the kind of fraud they push. Oil companies LOVE ethanol in your gas tank because it takes MORE energy to produce it than what you get from it!


Don’t you listen?? Can you read?? I have posted links to the most promising clean energy alternative in the world, with IMMENSE clean-energy possibilities with NO carbon footprint, and crony government is ignoring it in cahoots with crony capitalism!! AND the so-called “environmentalists” of academia of even MIT that pushed to stop free energy alternatives like Fleiscmann and Pons’ findings, repeated in labs around the world now.

Who is ignoring what!?!

Pay attention. I have always told anybody who listens that harvesting ocean currents, for example, is simple enough and plenty available. But they “study” the thing to death. When I was in the Dominican Republic one little engineer set up a demonstration on the beach in which he showed how the ocean had plenty of available power.

On scene there was the president of the LIBERAL party then in power, Jose Pena Gomez, who said he would take this idea to his LIBERAL friends in the U.S. Congress! The U.S.! They could have cut their oil imports in half! And nobody ever heard about it again!

Why GE Pushes “Clean” Energy

February 14, 2011

GE understands New Energy, which is why they don’t invest in it any more than Big Oil does. Go back and look at WHY G.E. pushes for their agenda:

It’s easier for them to lobby for you to pay a higher energy bill out of your pocket for “clean” energy instead of theirs for Big-Corporate fascist/socialist moles in power like Obama can give them the money.

It’s easier for them to lobby for you to pay a higher energy bill out your pocket for “clean” energy instead of investing in New Energy because it’s easier for them that way to make sure they get their obscene profits. (Profits not being obscene, except when your obscenely corrupting mega-corp uses government to guarantee it from your pocket)

Investors will invest in something that reasonably gives them a return on it. As soon as the field matures enough if they can see the profit they will.

And THERE IS PRIVATE MONEY going into it. Problem is that your favorite whipping boy (big corps) is using the real villain (government power, through corruption and policies with the false labels of “poor” and “environment”) to STOP it.

THE MAIN POINT I’m asking you to actually wrap your mind around is that the biggest money going for “clean” energy and for all the lobbying is coming from your self-same bad guys, Big Capitalists, to guarantee their own profits at your expense.

In other words, like Michael Crichton said on the subject of the phony junk science the whole thing is based on, paraphrasing, When they say scientists have reached a “consensus”, reach for your wallet, because you’re being robbed…

Why Super-Mega-Corps LOVE Government Regulations

February 13, 2011

Yep. And then the Big Government operatives dutifully make it law, squawking loudly about how this is to stop the abuse by big corporations:

It’s a fact-filled four minutes from a presentation by Timothy Carney at the Cato Institute, January 12, 2010 in Washington DC.


The video snip starts with a Barbie doll recall in 2007 for having too much lead. The answer from Congress was the “Lead Free Toys Act” requiring 3rd party testing of all toys. A lobbying group that represents Mattel and Hasbro: “We were early proponents of adopting mandatory laws to require toy testing.”


Obama signed a bill in 2009 stepping up FDA regulation of tobacco, saying it will help protect the health of “the next generation” of Americans.
Altia Group, owned by Philip Morris (which sells the majority of tobacco products in the States: “We have consistently adovcated for federal regulation” in tobacco.
–They also helped WRITE this law, which could effectively ban advertising to smokers. But then they already have market share, mind share, and this suppressed competition.


They lobby HARD for Co2 taxes.
They also make all their products overseas, where such legislation will not apply. One smaller competitor makes really good running shoes in Maine, so they are effectively lobbying for more taxation on their competitors and against anybody who makes their products in the United States.

Aluminum frames for cars requires heavy energy intensive process that involve high levels of CO2 emissions. They lobby hard for limiting CO2 in the States, but they lobbied HARD in Australia successfully to KILL such a bill there. They have heavy investments in Australia.

GE makes products to make “carbon offsets”, useless except where there are “green laws” that tax carbon. They lobby hard for such laws in the United States. They also lobby hard for federal moneys going to “environmental” projects..

Luke 12:18 And he said, This will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and there will I bestow all my fruits and my goods.
19 And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry.
20 But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?
21 So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.