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1912 test for 8th graders: Can you pass it?

August 18, 2013

FYI some more:

Can you pass this 101-year old test for 8th graders in Kentucky?

The Lead Vaccine Developer Comes Clean So She Can “Sleep At Night” – (44 girls are officially known to have died from these vaccines):

….Me, I always wonder how many older folks are dying from the flu vaccine, vs. how many are dying from the flu….

The IRS Can’t Plead Incompetence –

If it’s incompetence, says Peggy Noonan, then why did they do it so well and so thoroughly?

And if it was to make it more efficient, like one of the more stupid excuses they used at first, then why did they drag their feet so much?

And if it was to treat them just like anybody else, then why did they have just conservative keywords for search?

If there was no politically motivated targeting for mistreatment, then why has NOT ONE “progressive” group complained, despite Republicans in Congress begging for EVEN ONE to come forth?

And if the IRS is concerned about political activity, then why is Media Matters a 501(c)3? A quick check of their web sites finds ONLY Republican candidates smeared, and no other subject matter.

Noonan also gives us a good explanation about why the Surveillance State should be stopped:

What we lose if we give up privacy:

Reagan is too much venerated by conservatives today, in my opinion, but if you are on the side of truth you don’t need lies to prop you up. I don’t need to lie about Obama to tell the truth, I don’t need to make up stuff about Nixon to tell the truth about him, but it seems like a great number of Ronald Reagan’s biographers are saying that this new film “The Butler” tells some lies by implication about his character.

Sounds like what they did with the Margaret Thatcher story.

You can’t trust Hollywood anymore.. It’s doing its own “McCarthy-like” witch hunts. Their statist ideas about taxation and regulation don’t have facts or logic to support it, so they can’t argue based on them. What they do lots of, though, is ad hominem arguments that don’t need facts or logic, plus throw in some lies here and there. Wrap the word “fiction” around them to avoid libel lawsuits and CYA.


Boy do we ever need Ron Paul’s homeschooling curriculum more than ever. It will even benefit government school students…


CPF9898 – Youtube collaborates with dictators, why not the American police state regime?

July 29, 2013
NSA (1971) ... NSA reveals its OWN embarrassin...

NSA (1971) … NSA lets out its OWN embarrassing secrets (14 June 2013) …item 2.. New York Times – VENONA AND THE COLD WAR (1999) (Photo credit: marsmet472)

It’s in Spanish for anybody that reads it, but it’s a note from an anti-Castro web site that notes that the Ecuadorian strong-man president told youtube to take down the channel by Ecuadorian Victor Vizcaino, and so they did:

Has anybody noticed that the so-called “Left” in the United States has stopped using the words “witch hunt” anymore? Oh, yeah, they use the word “McCarthyism“, to try to stop anti-communists from getting an audience. But now the Internet has provided a vehicle for the less powerful to learn and share that McCarthy has been vindicated by the release by the Russians of the Venona papers, which confirm the list of Communist moles that were in and out of the State Department.

And hey, have you noticed that the blacklisting of Communists in Hollywood that supposedly went on in the 1950s has turned into a blacklisting of conservative actors and Christian actors? And meantime, the producer of the true-story based Christian-context movie “End of the Spear” used a homosexual actor for the main character. (Who hates who?)

Some Encouraging Contrasts by Butler Shaffer

May 3, 2013
Gallery ~ The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet

Gallery ~ The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (Photo credit: erjkprunczýk)

Hurray. Good article… Society misses the children..

In my opinion the forced march toward feminism covered the separation of women from the nuclear family. The nuclear family —husband and wife and children– is in my opinion, the best bulwark against state control and long-lasting tyranny.

It was a basic point in Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto platform, a platform I once rallied for in college days.

Now we get women “liberated” from pregnancy worries by both the pill and abortion. We get women shipped off in the military from their babies. We already got the divorce of children from marriage a long time ago with all the Hollywood romantic movies, family caricatures like “Married With Children“, and now ridicule of the very idea of an Ozzie and Harriet family.

The whole idea is to separate children from their parents and dissolve the natural, nuclear family, so the state can control the next generation, that is, the ruling class state, greedy for power.

Morality, virtue, and a universal definition

January 3, 2013
English: Saint Patrick stained glass window fr...

English: Saint Patrick stained glass window from Cathedral of Christ the Light, Oakland, CA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Religious people” do NOT fit into any such descriptive stereotype as some put forth, not in the real world. Many have a kind of Hollywood caricature of them. Most people don’t understand Christianity. A libertarian society could only come forth from a Christian legacy, expanded on the concept of the sovereign individual. The sovereign individual was always implicit in the laws of Moses and then then the historical, poetic and prophetic books of the Old Testament (the Tanukh). God was their ruler and He was the chief law enforcer of the laws of Moses, with priests only functioning for some immediate arbitration of disputes and to serve betimes as judges in cases of criminal acts.

Those who cry foul at the limited number of “capital” crimes are the same who today scream bloody murder if anybody questions their sacred doctrines or utters some forbidden thought, like maybe homosexuality is not morally equivalent to dark skin. Like David said, “I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war”. (Psalm 120:7)

There is another lie pushed by Parrot Media and Compliant Press, relating to science. St. Patrick‘s legacy is literacy, learning, and the shaming away of slavery in Europe, Isaac Newton and his peers with science based on experimentation, observation, repeatability, Martin Luther and other such peers’ legacy is the INDIVIDUAL’s own responsibility for his own salvation and his life). Christ said he came to “set the captives free”.

The Golden Rule is universal in one form or another, to all religions and even most atheists claim a form of it when challenged for the basis of their own claim to “morality” or to “virtue”.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is pretty strong, but what can be expected of all is to at least expect reciprocity. Everyone knows, when intellectually honest, that it’s wrong to kill, because they don’t want to be killed. Everyone knows it’s wrong to steal, because they get miffed-plus if somebody robs them. And so on. And forcing a conversion is anathema to a true believer, as it is a false conversion.

The difference for truly believing Christians as opposed to the hum-drum  is that the greatest commandment (love God with heart, mind and soul) requires a recognition that they will have to answer to the Christian God for all their works and deeds.

UNFORTUNATELY in this generation the disclaimer is necessary to point out that a “Christian” by mouth and external label is no counter-example to the previous paragraph if his actions are those of one who does NOT believe he will have to answer for his deeds to a loving and merciful God.

Memphis Three? How about the Southern Sudan TWO MILLION?

December 22, 2012

Hollywood cares about the Memphis Three, accused of murder in Satanic rituals, the most darling of which, Echols, has apparently sought refuge in Salem:

There are some people who still think he’s guilty. Maybe Echols should have gone into a rock band instead and sung a sequel to “Sympathy for the Devil” on one song, and entice the adoring fans into listening to their violent and drug-saturated other songs.

You want miscarriage of justice? Yeah, let’s see a Paradise Lost sequel for Brian Terry, victim of Fast and Furious (False flag) and of the followup (no prison time for Brian Terry):

Here’s a much bigger one, only the victims are the current underclass of Official Media. Another genocide against black Africans. ignored by the Hollywood crowd that gets really mad when a Wiccan gets falsely accused:
Here’s a youtube on it, filmed by the attackers, who do not have any worries about Western Press for some reason:

The Sudanese torturers have idealogical colleagues, comrades in arms, at Guantanamo. Maybe Hollywood thinks the killing cousins in Guantanamo should not be waterboarded, but what about their comrades in arms torturing black-skinned Christians in Sudan?

There’s an Iranian-born American citizen being unjustly held in Iran because he is a Christian.

There was a Christian Iranian pastor who was under sentence of death for apostasy, released after years of prison only because the entire world kept their eyes on them and they must have wanted to avoid looking bad to even the more moderate Muslims, or enraging Americans before they’re ready.


Let’s visit the case of a “Phoenix

Fallen Border Patrol Agent Remembered - Brian ...

Fallen Border Patrol Agent Remembered – Brian A. Terry Border Patrol Station Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (Photo credit: CBP Photography)

pastor jailed over a home Bible study?
Of course the royalty of the city of Phoenix have said it’s a “safety” issue and a “zoning” issue. What they are not saying, of course, is that for them it is a matter of who is boss and who can tell you what to do in your home and where and how you can worship. And that they are the only ones qualified to know what is safe to do in YOUR home.

In that article, there’s also a mention that Pacific Justice Institute successfully drove back a law that required all groups of three or more to register before meeting:

PJI recently successfully defended a local Christian Bible group meeting in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., that was vulnerable to a controversial city code that required all religious, fraternal or nonprofit organizations of three people or more to obtain a conditional-use permit for hosting meetings, including Bible studies. The couple hosting the Bible group faced a $300 fine for violating this code. PJI successfully convinced the city of San Juan Capistrano to adopt a new policy that now allows up to 40 people to meet in a private residence without a permit.


Islamists are slaughtering both Muslims and Christians in Syria, but for the latter they have a special curse and execute special humiliations: “DIe, Christian dog, die!”

But three guys who “dabble” (wink wink) in Wicca are heroes to some in the crowd who think Christians should go to jail for ignoring government-ordered rules for their faith that force them to choose between jail, bankruptcy or giving up their faith.

Expert in killing psychology tells us how to stop a lot of these killings

December 18, 2012
US Gun Ownership Grows Under Obama Presidency ...

US Gun Ownership Grows Under Obama Presidency – FBI NICS (Photo credit: Cory M. Grenier)

On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society: Dave Grossman: 9780316040938: Books:

I just watched some of the Bill O’Reilly program on Fox News Channel. I don’t listen to him as much as before, because it seems like he presents his brand as “conservative-light”, but he tends to try to pull the audience toward more government. What gives his program value are some of the people he interviews.

O’Reilly interviewed John Grossman, who knows how soldiers are induced to kill fellow human beings. In the discussion Mr. Grossman pointed to a study done by Stanford University, a double-blind study, that showed that by turning off the television and the video games in schools would cut crimes IN HALF.

I do remember another study made around the 1960s and 1970s in northern Canada during the time that television was penetrating into areas for the very first time. They found that between 15 and 20 years later crime went up dramatically.

And now we find that friends of the mother of the Newtown shooter, that she had always been looking for ways to get help for her son without very much success. It has also come to light that the shooter had tried to buy arms at various gun shops but did not because he did not want to wait for the required checks.

That means that the waiting period and background checks were absolutely worthless in the case of Newtown.

Background checks are not a panacea either.

As a father of a late son that was also troubled albeit in a somewhat different way, I can understand what the mother went through. It’s an outrage that the ACLU and some “mental health advocates” in misguided efforts pushed for releasing mental health patients that were not ready for the wider society, despite their families’ protestations.

The real question to ask is about the people who do these things and about the American culture and psyche, and that does NOT mean the so-called “gun culture”.

Dave Grossman points out that this mass killing phenomenon is world-wide, and a lot of the blame lies on the doorstep of the socialization of killing in the movies, television series, and video games.

Even Jamie Foxx has said this. Shame on the rest of Hollywood for avoiding admitting it.

In the 1950s, there were much fewer restrictions and LOTS MORE freedom for having and using guns, and there was LOTS LESS crime.

I tire not of pointing out that a concealed weapon prevented the kidnapping of a son of mine, for which I am forever grateful.

What black Americans are saying about Ron Paul

January 27, 2012

Do Black Americans Believe Ron Paul is a Racist?:


As long as we are still able to tell the truth without incarceration, Ron Paul’s message resonates as true and makes a big contrast between him and all the Elites’ Establishment candidates.

Nobody is laughing anymore.

They all admit that Ron Paul predicted all the economic whiplash of all the decades he has made any statements at all.

They all admit that he knows what he’s talking about when he talks about economics.

They cannot deny that his point about the blowback principle in foreign policy.

Obama claims credit for killing Osama bin Laden and Hollywood is making a movie about it. But the CIA chief that headed up the search for Osama bin Laden, Michael Sheuer, says that President Ron Paul would make for a safer United States of America. And the troops, with their numbers and with their money, are telling us that they would trust Ron Paul as their Commander-in-Chief more than any other presidential candidate including Obama.

The more people hear what Ron Paul really believes, as opposed to name-calling, the more his numbers go up.

Internet Censorship: SOPA: Hollywood Finally Gets A Chance to Break the Internet « Censorship in America:

November 1, 2011

Internet Censorship: SOPA: Hollywood Finally Gets A Chance to Break the Internet « Censorship in America:

One of the Framers of the US Constitution –was it Thomas Jefferson?– said the tendency of government is to grow. People with a little bit of power tend to use all the power they got, and even the ones with good intentions see more good things they can do so they push for more power to that.

But it’s a death of a thousand cuts to freedom, because every time any government gets a little more power over the lives of its citizens, the citizens become more like its subjects instead of its sovereign as it should be. No matter the illusion of the slow incremental changes either; by the time most of the people realize what’s going on, it’s too late.

Besides some people prefer political and technical “experts” to do their thinking for them. That’s why they –we– don’t act up enough when attacks on liberty are underway.

The new battleground is the Internet. Before this new two-way medium came available, the top-down control over media by the military-industrial government-media complex was a pretty heavy grip, with talk radio of all stripes providing a spot of relief from the monotony of listening to the one-voice big-government political fodder we were supposed to buy into.

But when private industry got hold of the Internet and it came widely available, individuals that thought they were alone in their thinking began to find each other.

One result is that all of a sudden, many of us found that there were some voices all along that spoke the things we were already thinking and sometimes telling our friends and neighbors. Some of those things were spoken among groups with ugly ideas, but some were refreshing views on the world.

Ron Paul said he was genuinely surprised by the upswelling of great numbers of supporters that made him a credible candidate in 2008, despite the attempts by Big Corporate Media to ignore him.

And by 2011, they can no longer ignore him. They still try to ignore him all they can, they try to crimp his message, but it’s looking like in this case they cannot find one piece of dirt on him, because they would have uncovered it a long time ago. They’re in a bit of a quandary, I think, with him, because they’re running out of ways to stop him. Their only chance is to convince people that that he might not beat Obama, and Americans are so repulsed by the idea of more Obama that they may go with Herman Cain as the best hope for stopping the Obama administration‘s ongoing attack on America’s freedoms, who will only continue the failures of the same checkered-pants Republicans that are entrenched as the party bosses already.

What Michael Moore And Pee Wee Herman Have In Common |

September 30, 2011

Repeat it, let it echo:

Anti-capitalist movie-maker Michael Moore makes more money than most of the CEO’s he denounces.

And the gap between rich and poor? What’s he doing about the gap between what he makes and what the less-known Hollywood producers make?

And praising Chavez? What about poor little Honduras, picked on for defending its constitutional republic against Chavez-backed dictator Zelaya? And the poor that are hurting more than ever in Venezuela?

Does he complain about loan guarantees for political buddies? The Fed’s secret giveaways to the capitalist bankers he says he wants to eliminate?

When has he ever complained that a bunch of Wall Street bankers control the nation’s money? Or that their printing money and causing inflation is a theft against the poor and the middle class?