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Anarcho-capitalism vs. Government

August 11, 2013
English: This image is of economist Walter Blo...

English: This image is of economist Walter Block teaching economics in a Loyola University New Orleans classroom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let me help with understanding what I’m going to say here. First off, I had once gone from Marxist/Communist to syndicalist-anarchist (something like the “anarcho-communist” idea) precisely because I couldn’t trust people to govern themselves. My reasoning back then articulated like this: if you can’t trust people to govern themselves, you can’t trust them to govern other people. About that time I became a missionary, more concerned for the poor than ever, and all people that needed the truth.

So let’s see:

Q (Question or Comment): With no government than anyone (or group) who has more than others can buy more armed security to enforce their will on those who have less resources. There is nothing to stop bad guys from forming coalitions to gang up on smaller communities and take them over by force since there is no governmental power to stop them.

A: The Second Amendment debate should bring to clarity the principle that self-defense is much more effective than giving up your freedom –even some of it– in exchange for security. Give ’em an inch, they take a mile. Like Ron Paul said, the only legitimate purpose of any government is to protect its jurisdiction from violation of individual rights.

The problem is that you are trusting a band of strangers with protecting you from other bands of strangers. If it’s a “government”, however, you get protection the same way you get protection from a “Mafia”. If you pay, you get some protection –often not very good because who else can you call, so it is with monopolies– and you get to keep both your legs. Unless one of the rulers needs one.

Q If one does not want to use the term “mercenary” they can invent whatever euphemism they wish and call it a third party mechanism…

A-Euphemisms like “government”, except that’s involuntarily imposed force. And just like with the Army “volunteers”, many “mercenaries” are driven by other than monetary considerations. In self-defense, many of the “volunteers” will be just like the revolutionary militia, and today’s independent militias, people defending their lives, their families, their own children, like the independent militias that Mexicans are now forming to defend themselves against the gangs. Like some citizens of Detroit who have armed themselves for protection, because the police force are now useless. Precisely because under the “democratic-republican” Detroit government not everybody played fair. Especially the elected legislators and executives, and now even the judges are ordering the city to stiff the creditors that trusted them and pay the taxation without representation that previous city officials and unions colluded to burden them with. 

Q The fact is they fight for money and not principle and can be paid off by your enemies.

A [Ed-Like moles, or governments of corrupt sellouts like in Congress. The fact is, all of us have wrong reasons we do many right things. This
thought also ignores the fact that giving you good service for
your money is a principle worth more than money. Protecting
people is a good career. It is the first early motivation of
may policemen, in fact, who make a career of it, paid for
their services. Yet the very police is who we are talking
about. If they were more directly beholden to the people they
ahem, “serve”, we would have much less abuse and corruption in
their number.

A In a democratic republic you are free to hire your own self
defense so there is no denial of freedom.

A [Ed-Unless you have to defend
yourself against that government. Try buying raw milk in a
co-op and get arrested in the “Republic” of California.

Q One is free to dream that they can provide their own security on
either a personal or community basis against any threat but they
are assuming everyone else will play fair and continue to ignore
the myriad of scenarios that can develop in a world without

A-No assumptions at all except that all central planning scenarios come with all those flaws built in.

Who really believes they can defend against a foreign invasion
with an army of locally hired of rent a cops thrown together by
few communities who decide they will participate?

A- The farmboy revolutionaries that defended the USA against British attacks are an excellent example. A rag-tag band of “backward” mountain men are
defeating the most powerful Army in the whole world as we speak. Bill Maher said once that the Second Amendment is moot because the government has tanks. Tell that to the Taliban. The militias in Iraq say Phooey too.

Otherwise, why would our own “democratic republic” government
of the USA have such a fanatical fixation on disarming the
entire civilian population?

Government can become oppressive. True. People with no government can also form groups and become oppressive. Also true. The fact that anyone can be corrupted is hardly a case for ” no more rules”. It seems better time would be spent working on small government within a republican ( small “r”) model following constitutional principles.

A – Who said “No more rules”. That’s a straw man argument. The rule that counts more than any other should be the “non-aggression principle“. See:

Walter Block explains it well:

Someone who does not believe in government of any kind has no reason to quote the Bill of Rights since without a government to enforce it, it is just a piece of paper.

A – I quote the Bill of Rights because they actually support the position, because if you read them properly, they are not grants of privilege by government, but they are declarations of what are universally held rights in the sense articulated in the Declaration of Independence as “unalienable”. It was a compromise demanded by patriots that did not want a strong federal government.But as we can see from events and history in the real world, if you disqualify my arguments on that basis, yours are disqualified by the proof in the real world that your very government is ruled by that Constitution as “the Supreme Law of the Land“, but that very same government has broken almost every one and in the most massive scale possible:

The First: “Free-speech zones

Second: Gun control laws. Supreme Court legalized “reasonable” infringement legislation. In New Orleans the police went door-to-door confiscating arms without warrants or due process at all. The first gun control laws in the U.S. were Jim Crow-motivated laws meant to prevent even free blacks from owning them.

Third: To my knowledge, the military has not commandeered quarters in any house, even as “prescribed by law”.

Fourth: Recent revelations by Edward Snowden and the brave reporters of The Guardian have exposed the blatant and still now unrepentant violation of the right of the people “to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects” in the unconstitutional seizure of the “effects” of EVERY ONE of the regime’s subjects in the United States. Having been exposed, they say “So what? It’s to keep you safe from bad guys”. The Fourth also says must have a warrant –from a genuine independent court, not a kangaroo court, and not a self-written– naming the person and things to be seized. And there’s nothing about allowing the right to a censorship on the target of such a warrant, as we now face with the Patriot Act. A librarian was charged with a felony for just showing one of these warrants to an assistant.

Fifth: They had this guy in Boston how many hours? As soon as he knew his rights he shut up. But the same Justice Department that was so worried the FBI might find out something from this violation of rights is the one that violates every American’s “Fourth Amendment” right all day every day.

Sixth: Speedy trail, confrontation of witnesses: Not just the rubber-stamp FISA courts (NSA director: You can’t lie to us anymore, we all know they’re kangaroo, else they would not approve the unconstitutional requests for blanket coverage, seizure of all those records). There is the case of the U Florida professor arrested (and convicted? deported?) based on what the government called secret evidence that they could not even show the judge in the case.

Seventh: The president, we now know, issues regular kill orders against anybody he wants to. Rand Paul forced the Attorney General to admit the government has no legal authority at least to kill Americans on American soil if there is no imminent danger, but the history of lies and conviction for Contempt of Congress shows we cannot trust their word. Not to mention executing acts of war (like drone attacks overseas) without the constitutionally required declaration of war by Congress.

Eighth (Cruel and Unusual Punishment): Now the president who as candidate opposed the interrogation techniques used at Guantanamo, now defends them as necessary. Nothing like a political campaign to bring out the liar in the worst characters. (Not to mention that the nests of rape, murder, assaults on prisoners convicted for non-violent offenses themselves, in my opinion, themselves constitute cruel and unusual punishment.)

Ninth: Ha, the Congress over the last twenty years, with the happy cooperation of the worst of the bankers, has violated every other natural right that got in their corrupt way, including that of property, with the Fed, the New Deal, The Great Society, the right to free trade and free exchange of goods and services.

Tenth: Of course the Congress has used the carrot-stick approach and a blatantly unconstitutional perversion of the interstate commerce clause to entice and coerce the states to doing things that were not in the jurisdiction of the federal Congress to influence. Holder tried a pathetic attempt to stop the flood of states declaring it illegal for anyone to cooperate with federal officials in violations of the Second Amendment. Holder used the “supreme law of the land” argument, by which he meant that the federal government has a “right” under the “supreme law” clause to become a dictatorship whenever it feels like it.

So yes, in the real world, I believe using the Constitution is a good way to educate the people, and by golly, if we can agree to push at least for respect and obedience to the US Constitution, that would be better than the present condition by astronomical scales.


Whistleblowers tell – Wiretapping one Watergate office, now wiretapping everybody!

June 13, 2013
NSA Spy Center

NSA Spy Center (Photo credit: JamesArtre)


What if the Republicans or Democrats had called for prosecution against Deep Throat? What if the CIA had brought charges? Nixon had an enemies’ list, what if that were a kill list?


What if he had wiretapped not only the Democrats but the Republicans too, and not only political operators but their families, their friends, their acquaintances, and spies, and criminals, and cops, and governors, and Supreme Court justices like Robert Brown, and not only all of those, but every single person living in the United States?


What if this had some connection to Justice Roberts’ sudden change of attitude on the Obamacare decision? Before you answer, remember, PRISM was still called a “conspiracy theory” just ten years ago, and even after the New York Times ran a short article on it.


EDITORIAL: The Whistleblower – Washington Times:


There are a couple of paragraphs that bring out clearly the difference between Watergate and the more recent revelations:


(A couple of editors’ notes -mine- are in [brackets])


The latest revelations will have no pernicious effect [ed: on
terrorists and enemies] because our enemies assume Uncle Sam has been listening. Al Qaeda operatives use codes, dead drops and encryption to carry out attacks, such as the Boston bombings, under the nose of the mass surveillance. That’s what spies and terrorists do.


[The official record of events is that it took ten years to get at
Osama bin Laden, because he did not communicate using the media that
PRISM grabs.]


Google, Facebook and the other companies play along, denying that the government is directly tapping into their servers. This is an empty assurance, considering that these companies could never legally admit to allowing a tap. The court order authorizing blanket interception of “all call-detail records” from Verizon instructs that “no person shall disclose to any other person that the FBI or NSA has sought or obtained tangible things under this order.”


The next paragraph is a point that has not yet been made:


Such extreme secrecy isn’t about making sure that China or the Taliban never learn about U.S. surveillance capabilities, but about keeping ordinary Americans in the dark about what’s going on. The Nixon administration was brought low by the bungled bugging of the Democratic National Committee headquarters 41 years ago. Now every telephone in the country is tapped. A lot of people are unhappy about it, and we can be sure that the unelected bureaucrats in charge of these powerful surveillance tools will say whatever it takes to keep them.

A few analysts operating in secret have access to every embarrassing photograph, incriminating text message and off-color remark ever made on a telephone or over the Internet. The lesson here, so far, is that if the government won’t tell the public what’s going on, someone will. It’s not the way to run a government, but this government brought it upon itself. The Founding Fathers would never have entrusted power over such information to a handful of men. Neither should we.

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The cat is out of the bag, now we all know, the American government has now admitted it, the truth is on the loose and in the wild, wild, untamed wilderness of the Internet. No wonder the president doesn’t like the New Media, Bush didn’t either of course.




In 2012 Old Media was still denying what some of us were protesting against what we knew 20 years ago. As long ago as a six months, the ignored warnings were called “conspiracy theories”.


Nixon was impeached and pushed out of office for covering up the operation to wiretap the phones of the political opposition to listen in to their conversations.


Now, we have a case of two administrations connected with two different political parties, engaging in wiretapping everybody in the nation, not just around the world, and intercepting the communications of ALL of us.




Europe is of course acting all indignant, like they would never do such a thing, but the same watchmen who warned about what the NSA is doing have also fingered the Europeans.


Europeans, Echelon is yours too. Western nations trade intelligence, but they also spy on each other. We know this. But this puts some meat to those bones.




No wonder exposed political operatives and politicians don’t like the New Media. The cyber-security flap is all about getting control, however they can. Copyright, patents, security, they’ll use anything to be able to have the Chinese-style “flip switch” that Joe Lieberman pined for, to be able to shut down the Internet with a button controlled from the White House.


The Chinese had a Cultural Revolution too, were upwards of 20 million were killed for thinking different, with a bunch of personal grudges thrown in, no doubt. What makes the Lieberman think he can get an Internet switch without a cultural revolution government?




Proverbs 15:3
The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.


Luke 8:17
For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.


Galatians 6:7
Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.


Isaiah 1:18
Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.


Revelation 3:20
Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.



See what was really transpiring inside doomed compound

May 28, 2013

You see, it is governments like the United States government, that are the biggest small and big arms dealers in the world. The United Nations small-arms treaty would want to create an arms dealing cartel made up of the most ruthless arms dealers in the world, its member governments.


Why they don’t want our children to learn the classics

December 29, 2012
English: American author and speaker Michael C...

English: American author and speaker Michael Crichton speaking at Harvard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The classics of literature, the ones that have gone through the test of time,  provide examples of how to think, different ways to think about things, often lift up the best of the principles of living with your fellow man. They stabilize the language.

That’s why people who want to control the masses would want to suppress them. The justification behind these so-called “Core Curriculum” controls issued from the Imperial Capital of Washington D.C., is to prepare the student for the workplace.

That’s not all of it, but even just based on that, you can conclude that the idea is to turn them into good little worker bees.

The better emphasis would be to teach them how to be good little entrepreneurs, good little inventors, how to balance their books and run a business, along with technology. And the limits on what power can do. And the principles of individual rights.

Unionization is a method that socialists and fascists all have found is an excellent method for making the worker bees satisfied with working for their employers, or masters, be they corporate or state or both. With collective bargaining, same as with collective anything, the individuals have to surrender to the “collective” groupthink. For that, they all have to follow somebody, someone, some “one”.

Collective thinking is by definition collective surrender and can only lead to command government that controls the collective thinking. A “queen bee” group arises out of the “collective” that looks a lot like the “oppressors” they overthrew.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss:

Like the unionized soldiers and workers that fought, bled and even died to put the Bolsheviks in power, once they succeeded, they turned around and realized that they had lost all power to demand anything, and that they now had be good little worker bots or else. Their old (Bolshevik) union bosses didn’t have any power like before either, but they got good benefits to keep their charges in line.

The children need to learn to think, but this new curriculum shows that my term for “public schools” has become a perfect fit: “government indoctrination centers”.

Parents, teach your children how to think independently of everybody. I’m glad I had determined during college days to have an “open mind”. You heard that all the time then, because the kids coming into college had been reared by parents who had been through the World-War-II years. My mother drove a cab during that war, because they had taken some 18 million boys for the war. When you take that many laborers out of the workforce, new opportunities open up.

(As a sidenote, the streets were a lot more peaceful in the United States urban areas back then, but me and my sister have joked that with our mother, anyway, anybody who tried anything with her would likely end up regretting it and maybe missing a few appendages..)

The kids have got to be skeptical, especially of government propaganda and “social-justice” organizations that are lifted up by officials praised by politicians and Big-Corporate-Media. Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex, but now there’s this government-media complex.

So when the big bloated federal government comes in and wants to “help” you with your children, beware, and like Michael Crichton said about the climate-gate racket, reach for your wallet.

Forget about Ebonics, they are going to now teach them to read, write and think like bureaucrats and good little servants. They’ll teach them all those good things government does “for the people”, when the reality is, that everything government does is by definition something they are doing to the people, and in almost all cases, against the people.

Because the more power the government has over private lives, of course, the less power the individual person –you, and me, and the other guy– has over his own life.


Regulations hurt workers and poor more than profits

July 10, 2012

Regulations are guilty of many more deaths at their hand than all the corporations.

Government doesn’t know what they’re doing, or worse yet, maybe they do know. They tell natural healthy food vendors that they cannot tell people about the healing properties of their bread.

Why? Because BIg Pharma writes the regulations! Big Agribusiness writes the regulations! Their little marionettes in Congress take the payofffs —“legally”— and (1) make the laws that (2) turn the FDA and the FEC and the Commerce Department into little fiefdoms that make up their own arbitrary laws and call them regulations. A grand unspoken (or at least quiet hidden) understanding between BIg Corporations, Big Government Congress, Big Government Executive, and Big Little Dictatorships.

Big Pharma wrote big sections of Obamacare. Big insurance probably did too!

The family farm is more endangered than any whale or shark or spotted owl, or exotic fauna.

Janet Napolitano showed her love for Big Agriculture Corporatocracy when she tried to criminalize the family farm using the fraudulent cover-mask of “the children”. The worst thing for the children –and for all of us–
is if the family farmers have to lose their farm to the BIg Corporatocracy we have in the Federal Government and the White House today.

It was a difficult emotional transition for me when I realized that the leftist sputtering so much demagoguery were really operatives for the worst cartel of their own parodies of “the rich”.

Got to get rid of the warmongering thieves that justify their robbery from the citizens with excuses of war and “helping the poor”.

Uncle Joe (remember Stalin) out of our doctors’ offices, out of our pockets, chase them off our family farms, our natural food stores, and send them packing.

Theft is theft, even if it’s by majority vote.

Deliver the captives! Set at liberty them that are bruised!

More Federal Government Orwellian Privacy Invasion

January 29, 2012
English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten ame...

Image via Wikipedia

The United States Supreme Court.
Image via Wikipedia

Legal team tells Census Bureau to back off:

Accusing the U.S. Census Bureau of “stalking” and “harassment” against dozens of Americans, officials with the Rutherford Institute have asked the federal agency to explain how its “American Community Survey” questions related to information the government is authorized to request.

Or perhaps it should just stop sending out the forms with dozens of questions that demand information about fertility, martial history, utility costs, vehicles available and health insurance coverage, a letter to the federal agency says.

“The right to be left alone has been characterized as ‘the right most valued by civilized men.’ By compelling responses to invasive, personal questions that go far beyond the type of census mandated by the United States Constitution, the federal government is intruding significantly into the ‘zone of privacy’ the United States Supreme Court has recognized as being protected by the Bill of Rights,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute.

This is another demonstration that citizens need to demand Congressmen that respect the United States Constitution, and they need to demand of its judges, most of all the Supreme Court judges, that they also respect the Constitution.

Get Politicians’ Grubby Hands Off Our Children!

January 25, 2012
education online

Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

The reason I want the federal government out of education is because it is making kids dumber and it is a wasteful burden on the body politic, besides pushing dumb-down programs like W Bush’s cookie-cutter push with No Child Left Behind. Which, by the way, Rick Santorum voted for.

I want all government out of education because it should be the parents educating the kids or deciding where to put them. Vouchers is the issue that expose the control freaks that want to indoctrinate our kids at the mercy of teachers’ unions, but tax deductions and prosperity are the things that will set families free from the stealing of kids’ minds.

Education, real, true, free education (free of indoctrination by political mandates from oligarchies) is in the hands of parents. Having government teach our kids and telling us we have no choice in the matter is an attack on education, and that’s exactly why they are failing our future generations.